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I’ve been holding out on you all for so long, and now is finally the time to divulge all the details! I already dropped a total bomb on this post that House of Earnest and Grandiflora are both going away.  That freaked some people out and, to be quite honest, freaked me out too!

House of Earnest is where I got my start in the blogging world.  It was my first step into this wild wild ride and I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for it.  As I said, however, running two websites, two social media accounts, to email accounts, two or everything got very very consuming.  Originally, I wanted to keep the brands separate to give Grandiflora it’s own personality and room to grow, but the double work and the inability to really market myself under one brand was so hard.  It’s for that reason, I am so happy to announce that both brands will be merging under one namesake:  Earnest Home co. and all of my work will be in one place.

That’s not so scary is it?!  Here is what you can expect: Continue Reading…


Kale, Sausage, and Cous Cous Stew

kale stew

During the winter months, I eat soup almost every single day for lunch and a fair amount of dinners as well.  Soup is such a wonderful way to get loads of veggies into a meal and it doesn’t hurt than the ‘one pot’ aspect of it is pretty appealing as well.  The last thing I want to do on a cold winter night is do a ton of dishes (dry hands!)

This soup came about totally by accident. Continue Reading…


Tutorials: Hand Lettering on Photos

hand lettering

Most of you all know that I love hand writing.  I hand letter lots of my projects, but today’s tutorial is a first for me because I’m taking it digital!  I have never shared any tutorials or projects that are geared more toward tech and blogging because I don’t want to just be blogging to other bloggers and didn’t want to isolate my other readers with web or online projects.  I am sharing this project, however, because I feel that it can really appeal to anyone who does some computer-based creating.  With this tutorial, you want to add hand writing to photos for things like wall art or scrapbooks.  I know a lot of designers have tablets (like the wacom tablet) which can easily capture hand writing onto the computer, but I don’t love using my tablet.  I have one, but it makes my writing look so crazy! I might just need to practice, but in the meantime, I have created this work-around. Continue Reading…


Website Inspiration


Happy Monday, guys!  Did you have a lovely weekend?  I wanted to share with you all today a sneak peek at my inspiration board for the new website!  This is a small selection of the images I wanted to guide our site design.  They all portray a feminine outdoorsiness with a classic foundation and a hand hewn touch.

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long and narrow

I chose these photos to guide the inspiration of the design because of how they relate to what goes on here on our farm. The new site will focus a little more on the day to day life here at the farmhouse and how we’re making this property and this type of lifestyle resonate with with new trend as well.  Although the land we live on isn’t farmed anymore, we still relish in the open fields, the gardens, and the wooded trails.  Our house is a victorian, so it’s hard not to notice the classic undertones of everything we do here. It’s all about blending the old with the new, respecting and re-vamping tradition, and working with our hands.

So, in the meantime, I’ll be working on more of the ‘behind the scenes’ website work over the week, but I wanted you all to have a little dose of what’s inspiring me today! More to come!


photo sources:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


The List wk. 1

the list header wk 1 the list 1

Hello Friends!  Welcome to a little peek of my first column that will carry over into the new space!  I know people love the ‘friday faves’ but I felt like I wanted to share more from what’s piquing my interest during the week, more so than just shopping picks.  The List will be a gathering of the little things that I encounter and stash in my memory bank throughout the week. It might be a DIY I like from another site, maybe a room I love, maybe just a haircut I want (clearly). Also, you’ll hopefully be comforted that similar posts will still be shared on the new site.

Side note:  I am so sorry to continue being cryptic about it!  We are ironing out some details this week/end and next week I’ll be sharing a sneak peek of the branding, the new URL and all of the new social handles.  In the meantime, let’s enjoy these last couple of weeks on my baby, House of Earnest.

The List no. 1

PRETTY PERFECT: Today I am getting my hair cut!  This photo is the favorite of the group, but you can see all of my short wavy bob inspiration here. I will probably also keep my ombre. I am still a pretty big fan of ombre for the self employed (less frequent colorings!!) Expect a selfie promptly upon completion. Another side note & ridiculous story about my life: I used to have serious anxiety about getting my hair cut. My mother is a hairdresser and cut my hair my whole life, and in high school I worked at one of the best salons in the city and always had crazy talented people cutting my hair.  When I went to college 6 hours away, I tried out a new person who gave me ‘the Rachel’ just about 10 years late. I cried so hard, that when I called my mom she thought I’d been in a car accident.  Nope, just a botch job of a hair cut.  Anyway, I didn’t cut my hair again for 3 years until I found Stephanie. The first time she cut my hair I had to take small breaks to quell the nauseousness and shortness of breath (seriously).  After a whopping 8 years of her cutting my hair, I think my anxiety is mostly cured and plus I have pretty hair.  Thanks, Steph!

COZY & MARLED: On an impulse yesterday, I bought a sock loom.  I am actually pretty excited to see how it works and make myself some cozy and marled masterpieces (hopefully).  I’ll keep you all in the loop (haha).

UPDATED CLASSIC: Ever since the theft last year, I have been looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses to replace my favorite Prada pair that was lifted. They were a very stylistic take on the classic wayfarer.  This style from Rowley Eyewear might be perfect.  Lucky for me, then have free shipping & 30 day returns so I can find out with little risk.

ALL THE RIGHT DETAILS: The Cooper stool pretty much sums up my esthetic. It’s a little bit of a throwback to campaign style while having an updated modern shape.  I love the veg tanned leather and tiny gold studs. It’s a huge inspiration for some of my upcoming spring/summer designs.

ME TIME: So, tomorrow is my birthday (Eee!) and I am hoping to spend a little bit of it reading 10% Happier by Dan Harris.  I’ve heard great things and look forward to the ‘Erin time’ during which I’ll get to consume it.

Enjoy your weekend!


Style Evolution

lucite w: natural

With a birthday coming up this weekend, and the changes taking place in this blog space soon, I’ve been thinking a lot about the evolution of myself and my style.  In a world where our senses are constantly hit with the new, the trendy, and the cool, it’s easy to kind of lose yourself in the excitement.  I mean, it is exciting, after all. But to think back on some of the things I pin, or buy, or wear, I often know in hindsight that those things aren’t me. I want to like them, but it just doesn’t fit. I used to beat myself up about not being cool enough for a certain look, but now I know that maybe I’ve just evolved past it.  It’s comforting to know that my style is evolving and becoming more true to my nature.

This evolution is true with the blog as well.  I was working on the direction of the new site and really wanted to pinpoint who I am as a blogger and as a designer (I actually hesitate to even call myself a designer at all because it seems a bit presumptuous, but really, there isn’t much else to define what I do). Anyway, I wanted to really pinpoint what makes me tick. What do I love?  What makes me feel something?  Continue Reading…


Tutorial: Fur Pom Hat

fur pom hat diy

Over my winter break, I did a fair amount of thinking about the DIYs that I post here on House of Earnest (soon to be something else!).  I determined that I hate the idea of making things for the sake of a post. Although I really love just making something creative for the hell of it, it doesn’t seem like a great use of resources or time. I decided that going forward (because there will, of course, be DIYs going forward) the projects and tutorials I share will be for one of two reasons.  Either because it’s something I really want/need on my body or in my house, or because it’s a new skill or technique that I’m trying to explore. I’m trying to be mindful of living simply and getting rid of superfluous *stuff*, so the DIYs will follow suit.

Today’s project is a perfect example of creating to fill a need.  I bought this slouchy hat a while ago, but it didn’t quite ‘slouch’ on me and always looked like a dunce hat or something from the movie Elf.  I needed to add some weight to the top of the hat to get it to lay properly. I had a bit of fur left over from the throw I made last month, so I decided to take action and make this hat work for me!





Making fur poms is just too easy not to put them on everything you own, let’s get going on this simple tutorial!  Continue Reading…


Quick Tips to a Beautifully Made Bed

make your bed better

Matt kind of laughed at me when I told him that I was creating a video about how to make the bed, but I feel that a few of my tips make having a beautifully made bed much easier and quicker than most people are used to.  I wouldn’t call myself lazy, but sometimes I develop processes based off of a desire to shorten a task that I think takes too  long. Making the bed is one of them. I actually pride myself in the ability to continue with traditional housekeeping tasks in a modern, quick way.

When we got our new mattress from Tuft & Needle (which we love and I’ll discuss that more below for those of you who have been asking about it!), I felt that getting everything straight was a lot more difficult since the size of a king was so much bigger than a queen.  I used to just pull the sheet toward me and it came, but now it just caught up in the giant wasteland that is the center of the mattress.

I developed this ‘half & half’ technique to minimize the amount of time I spent running from one side of the bed to the other. This works best when your sheets are on nice and straight as well, so if you aren’t familiar with a the ‘hospital corner method’ of tucking your sheets, familiarize yourself. Re-adjust your sheets each weekend (ideally when you wash the sheets) so that maintaining the nicely tucked sheets throughout the week is simple.  I actually am working on a really short little video blurp showing my two favorite methods for getting sheets on the bed nicely.  One of my methods I’ve creatively dubbed, “Fist in Corner” method.  Just you wait for the video for that guy.

bed styling video 1

bed styling 2

throw pillows

I hope you enjoy the video and my revolutionary (haha) half & half method as well as the trick to making your sheets look really smooth and flat!

Now, for the mattress.  We got the Tuft & Needle mattress at the end of last year and talked about it here.  Tons of you emailed and commented about how you loved the idea of Tuft & Needle, since they’re much lower priced than traditional mattresses and they come all rolled up in a box that actually fit up my stairs (we never thought a king would fit!). At that point, I’d only had the mattress for about a second, so I didn’t feel that I could fully let you guys know how I felt about it. At first, I was totally worried because it was very firm.  I’d moved from a memory foam (which is a totally different beast) and getting used to a different style of mattress was a learning curve.  Both Matt and I have terrible backs, so we do require a firm mattress, and knew that if we could get used to the new mattress, it would be good for us.

I can happily tell you that three months later, I love the Tuft & Needle mattress.  It softened up a lot in the two weeks after, but still has a firmness to it that makes my back feel good in the am. It is so much cooler than our old memory foam (hello night sweats), and enabled us to upgrade to a king without spending a fortune. If you’re in the market and like firmer beds, I highly recommend it.  If you’re a feathery pillow-top kind of person, it might be too firm for you!

Sweet Dreams!


Source Guide:  Mattress, Tuft & Needle | Headboard, House of Earnest |  Euro Shams, West Elm  |  Duvet & King Sham, West Elm  |  Sheets, West Elm  |  Throw Pillows:  Black and White Large Geo, Ikea  |  Mongolian Sheep Pillow, West Elm |  Small Cross, (no longer available from West Elm) Alternate Option, Target


Winter vs Christmas

living room

I’m always a little sad the day that I take down my Christmas decorations and this year was no different. The tree, garlands, and wreaths had been deconstructed and our tree had been planted (we buy a bulb tree with the roots in tact so that we can add it into our one day wooded land). When I was finished putting it all away, it felt stark and without personality.

I remember thinking about when we lived in Vail, Colorado and the cozy feeling of Christmas would stay with us throughout the winter.  Snow stuck around until May and with it stayed the twinkling lights and lush greenery.  I got to thinking about winter decorations vs Christmas decorations.  What is it that keeps us feeling cozy and wintry and keeps spirits bright and warm throughout the coldest months of January and February?

chunky knits

front door

A quick scan of Pinterest showcased some of my favorite winter looks.  Lots of white, twinkling candlelight, natural branches, antlers, and sheepskins.  In my house I began pulling out the sheepskins and draping them on furniture. I put lights under a cloche instead of on a tree.  I removed the tartan ribbon from by boxwood wreath only to replace it with an oat colored one. A feeling began to come together that was decisively non-hoiday, but was still warm and sung. I honestly don’t even think that having a couple of small evergreens flanking the door would be off base.

There was something about living it the mountains that made all that woodsy decor totally ok during the non-holiday months.  I miss that mountain feeling and throughout this week will still make some changes to implement it in my house.

I told you in a previous post about my love for boozy hot chocolate that one day I would tell the story of Matt and My adventure moving to the great west. Today seems like a perfect opportunity because each year the post-holiday time period has me totally missing the mountain life.  Continue Reading…


Happy 2015 + Looking Back

emma watson

Happy 2015 everyone! I’m back after what has been the longest (and only) break I’ve ever taken from this blog.  During the holiday break, I spent a lot of time with friends and family, watched more TV than I probably have cumulatively in the past year, and actually spent one full day laying in bed and reading. I’ll admit that the first few days of the break I was a little restless and still jumped up and wandered around my office looking for stuff to do (not that I had to look hard, when you own a business, there is always stuff to do), but then after Christmas, I really felt that I could decompress without guilt. Yesterday, Matt said he’d never seen me be so still for such a long period of time.  I took that as a sign of a successful break.

During this time off, my mind (which is usually a constant flurry of buzzing ideas and thoughts) was able to settle as well.  I was able to take a step back and really look at the year, but also at my full career as a blogger and think about what 2015 has in store and what shape this blog will take as we advance into the next phase. I’m so so excited about where it’s headed, but it took a bit of looking backwards to understand where to go in the future. Let’s look back and this blogs history, shall we?

Continue Reading…

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