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Slip into Something More Fashionable

Last fall I fell in love with this photo of an eclectic natural dining room which I found in my obsessive scouring of remodelista.  I especially loved the linen slipcovered directors chairs.

I had my eye on the Liege slipcovered armchair from restoration hardware, and although it was similar, it didn’t quite have the casual de-constructed look I found appealing about my inspiration photo above.

I felt that with a structured chair, this dining room would transform from eclectic natural to eclectic traditional… I very much wanted to keep the natural vibe.  So I decided to stitch one up myself. My thought process is always that if I make something myself, I’ll not only have the ability to customize it to my liking but, I’ll have the satisfaction of loving and living with something I created.

And this was the outcome. I purposefully made the edge seams exposed to even further accentuate the de-constructed natural feeling of the original inspiration.  Keeping the side seams turned in, however kept that feeling balanced with a tidy, straight line.

The best part about it, I got exactly what I wanted, and it only cost me $30!

Any new projects on your horizons this weekend?

Sadly, I won’t have any new DIY’s for a few weeks… I’m traveling to China on Thursday for two weeks! I will still post from the other side of the world, but I don’t think the W Hong Kong will be all that happy with me running around deconstructing, painting, or re-vamping anything!

Have a WONDERFUL Monday!  It looks like its going to be a good one!


On My Radar: Isabelle Abramson Ceramics


I cannot help by look at these beautiful ceramics and smile.  I pour over each style and have been contemplating (for a while now) which one I want.  All of these bowls are handmade by Isabelle Abramson,  a self-taught artist who works in porcelain, silver, gold and platinum.

The lacy, delicate details are almost as appealing to me as the natural handmade imperfections that make these bowls and vases so unique. I’m headed off to NYC today for a wedding and I am wishing I would have bought one of these for the bride and groom… maybe the next wedding!

Which one is your favorite?

From top left: woven lattice vase, lace cut bowl, porcelain fruit bowl, silver berry bowl, lotus bowl.


Old World Meets New Room

I like to find inspiration for home decor from a million different places.  I was inspired by a beautiful Colombian photo shoot by Grant K. Gibson in High Gloss Magazine.  The old buildings painted in rich vibrant color are somewhat of an ‘old world meets new world’ twist. These colors are inherent to South American culture – lively and spicy.

I was similarly inspired by this bedroom photo.  After I went back and pulled this photo off my wall, I realized it designed by Grant K Gibson as well – what a coincidence!  I love this room’s old world vintage touches – the canopy bed with velvet headboard, brass lamps, and heritage prints – all sit against a foundation of rich, new vibrant blue.  If you look close, you’ll see this photo was a huge inspiration for my master bedroom vision!

How do you guys feel about it? Maybe this bedroom needs just a splash of orange like Grant K Gibson’s Colombia photo?  Let me know your thoughts!

Have a good (rainy) Wednesday!


Fresh Finds: Lilac

Lilacs have long been my favorite spring flower.  Growing up we had a lilac bush right outside our kitchen window and the smell of lilacs always signified  the end of school, then proms, and later my summer arrival home from another year away in college.

Now, I am lucky that our home has a lilac bush right outside and within smelling distance from our back door.  It is technically on our neighbors property, but since that neighbor is our grandmother, she encourages I snip all the blooms I need.

Even with all the memories the smell of lilacs brings to mind, these lilac finds will help me begin to associate lilac with this new home – even if this new home is over 100 years old!  Here are a few of the things I think look fresh and moved on in lilac!

1. Robert Abbey Delta Table Lamp In Lilac – Robert-abbey-948 | Candelabra, Inc. $136 – shopcandelabra.com, 2. Lilac Fouta Beach Towels $65 – scentsandfeel.com,
3. Decorated Nooks – At Home – Anthropologie.com$128 – anthropologie.com, 4. Flowery Frost Vase – Anthropologie.com $14 – anthropologie.com

I hope your Monday is filled with something as beautiful as the scent of lilac!


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