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Just a Splash {of Aubergine}

*photo from design sponge – Irina Graewe Sneak Peak

Okay, so maybe it is a bit more than ‘just a splash’ but aubergine is one of my favorites this time of year.  Late summer into early fall signifies the harvest of blackberries, blueberries, and well – aubergines! It is still such a fresh, outdoors time of year with a hint of cool – just like the color!

*photo by style by emily henderson

*photo from picsdecor

Interested in adding a little splash of aubergine to your home? Use pretty feathers or gourds, paint an accent wall, how about a cozy knit throw? – either way it will make such a fresh pretty addition!

 *photos from top left: sewn natural, kimono, elle interior norge, luna yarns

What are your feelings on aubergine?  Love it or hate it?

Have a PLEASANT Wednesday!


An Inspiration Display to Inspire {Part Two}

I showed you guys my vintage wooden hangers when I posted a couple of months ago when I posted about my take on displaying information and inspiration pieces.  Then after I showed pictures of my total office redesign, I felt that the ‘organization’ area of the office was looking slightly sparse.  It needs a little something extra and something a little more user-friendly than the hangers (it is really difficult to actually hang things on those hangers).  This prompted me to use the clipboards. 

Aside from the askew one on the left, they’re so much easier to use than the hangers!  I decided to put things that are not as temporary on the hangers (photos, art) and keep my constant rotation of inspiring clips and swatches on the clipboards.

Initially I was going to do something cool to the clipboards like cover them in awesome fabric or paper, do some sort of stenciling design or painting treatment. However, when it came down to it, I just wanted something that would tie back to the hangers and not upstage them or look out-of-place. 


It sounds silly that it was actually a big decision for me to add the clipboards to the wall.  I am a sucker for simplicity and a minimalist approach so I was really afraid of cluttering up the wall.  With the addition of a little faux milk glass vessel and some dried lavender, I think the area still looks easy and natural – what do you think?

Where do you guys display your inspiration?

Have a PRODUCTIVE Tuesday!


House Tour: Exterior

Our home 2009

Last week when I told you guys about starting the house tour by doing a photo a week, I wasn’t thinking about my porch or the exterior of the house.  This is (so far) my most embarassing moment on the blog.

Our home is old.  On the auditors website, instead of saying the year it was built, it literally just says, “old”.  The age of the house shows most on its exterior.  There are so many things we need to do, but most of them are big and overwhelming… So let’s get started.

2006: Upon moving into the house in 2006 we painted the front porch and spruced up the front landscaping.

2009: The above photo was taken in 2009.  The front porch paint still looks nice. There are a couple broken window panes, from bad storms and 120 year old glass wearing out.   Since then we’ve just switched out the broken porch swing for some rockers, and fixed the broken window panes (which are hard to see from the photo).

 our house current (2011)

2011:  The house is in desparate need of several things:

  • Repainting the porch
  • Replacing lattace
  • Repainting the window trim
  • Power wash exterior siding
  • New roof (meeting with roof man tonight!)
  • New gutters
  • New house numbers and porch light
  • Thin out and spruce up landscaping (hostas can really take over!)
  • Paint front door exterior (maybe a fun color?)
  • Remove door ‘shutters’

our house current 2011

I bet you wonder why we’ve put this off so long?  In truth, this house is a rental.  We technically rent from my mother-in-law and the idea of putting tons of money into the exterior was not quite appealling to me. We’ve recently decided to buy the house from her, so now we need to get to work!  As you can see, there is a lot to do!  It is so easy to get overwhelmed, but we’re going to start digging in.

Do you guys have a long list of to-do’s for your homes exterior? Anything you’ve been putting off? I would love to hear that I’m not the only one!

Have a SMOOTH Monday out there!


Friday Faves 8.26

* all items from Trader Joe’s no. 1 multiseed corn crackers, no. 2 grassfed sheepsmilk gouda, no. 3 rosemary and olive oil parmesan cheese, no. 4 feta stuffed spanish olives, no. 5 deluxe salted mixed nuts, no. 6 sliced gala apple, no. 7 maytag blue cheese, no. 8 mini chevre (goat cheese) medallions, no. 9 honey mixed with dried apricots and cranberries. **Cheese Markers from Pottery Barn, Platter from Crate and Barrel


With so many weekends of travel this past month, I am rejoicing that I get to stay home this weekend.  I’ll have a few friends over and some house guests, so my faves this week are a few of my favorite go-to items to keep on stock for just such an occasion.  Packaged cheese will keep in the refrigerator for a few weeks, so I buy several varieties in advance and have them on hand. When stored properly, nuts, olives, honey, and dried fruit can keep in the pantry or freezer for several weeks.  Keep them on hand so that you can look awesomely prepared next time guests stop by.


Have a DELICIOUSLY wonderful weekend!



Greenhouse Galley Kitchen

* photo: from greenwich

I was originally planning on posting some cool new office organization today, but I was cruising through some photos last night and when I came across this one I almost fell off my chair.  There is no other way to describe it.

The amount of windows, natural light and greenery speak volumes in this beautiful kitchen.  I’m in love.  There are a few elements I would do a tad different to make the space slightly more industrial/modern but overall it takes the cake – put it on the top of my list.

I’m very clearly smitten… what about you?

Have a TREMENDOUS Thursday!


Quiet Lazy Morning + Updates and Upcoming Projects

*photos from top left: tasty hotels, weheartit, a well traveled woman

Maybe it is that I wake up too late on the weekends, but for some reason, weekend mornings just aren’t the same as a quiet weekday.  There is something about being up early when things are so quiet and still that makes me want to play hookie from work and enjoy the early morning light from the comfort of my home.

This might be one of the reasons why bright, light spaces, early morning sun and clean white cups full of coffee appeal to me so much- it’s almost like quiet incarnate.

A couple of things on the agenda to share with you:

1.House Tour:  I am going to start next Monday sharing one room from my house each week along with the ‘want list’ for that room.  This will continue until all of my rooms are cataloged and then you’ll have a full house tour (which I’ll also make into a link on the blog with all the photos in one place).

2. Projects:  I have some cool new projects coming down the pipeline: another handmade pendant light,  some more office organization, a few furniture projects and the planning for a Halloween party that is in the works.

3. Floral School: I start formal training in floral design on Monday- for which I am SO excited!  This is just meant to be a side project in addition to my normal 9-5 (or shall I say 8-8?)

I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!  Have a RELAXING Wednesdsay!


A Case for Black – Walls!

*photo: Adore Home Magazine August/September 2011

Ok – so you’re thinking I’m nuts,  and a few months ago, I would have been on that bandwagon with you.  I thought black walls were totally a no-go in my place – or honestly in the real homes of anyone I know.

But this photo above from Adore Home Magazine’s Aug/Sept 11 issue really does it for me – and I could see it done in my own house. I know the ‘black’ wall is technically chalkboard paint, but I think even a regular black would be very pretty.

I’ve put benjamin moore’s ‘black satin’ in the below interpretation of this office

Ikea Vika Amon/ Vika Lerberg, $60
ADVICE RECTANGULAR TRAY | tabletop | accessories | Jayson Home, $75
White Punctuate Office Storage Boxes, $9.99
Woods Wallpaper, $198
Signal Zig-Zag Floor Lamp SI433 – Jielde – Horne
Lighting New York | Kenroy Coral Table Lamp in White Coral 32166WH
Linen Club Chair | theFoundary.com
Sexy Paint Colors – Designer Recommendations – House Beautiful

but I already have an office, which I love… but I do have a guest bedroom which I don’t love.  It has been on my list of things to get done since I moved into this house, but since sometimes it is slow going,  the room still remains untouched. I decided to turn this inspiration into a bedroom.  If I keep the black wall (just one or two) along with the birch wallpaper and white washed floors, I still love the result.

Scholar Bed in Beds | Crate&Barrel
Ikea Alvine Ruta, $179
Natural Tree-Stump Side Table | west elm, $199
Ikea Kvart, $9.99
Woods Wallpaper, $198

Signal Zig-Zag Floor Lamp SI433 – Jielde – Horne
Linen Club Chair | theFoundary.com
Sexy Paint Colors – Designer Recommendations – House Beautiful
1STDIBS.COM – B Gover Limited – Shanghai Trunk 


What are your thoughts? Would this be a ‘guest getaway’ you’d like to stay in? Did I win you over with the black wall?


Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!


Easy Entertaining: Gems and Juice {Part Two}

I’m back with part two of the ‘Gems and Juice’ post sharing photos from the actual party! Overall, it went very well!  I didn’t manage to leave work as early as I would have hoped, so I was still prepping food when my guests arrived, but they were good sports and dived right in to help get everything out.

The door and bar were adored with silver and gold paper doily garland which I made by just stringing together the mini-doilies with thread.

Food was casual and portable so that friends could mingle and chat without being too distracted by an elaborate dinner.  I focused on cheese, nuts and some fun and festive desserts to keep things simple.

Red and white sangria was embellished with some fresh fruit and a colorful straw.

*house of earnest entertaining tip: put a veggie steamer in the bottom of your ice bucket!  This separates the ice from the water, keeping your ice bucket from getting all sloshy!

*all photos in the post by house of earnest

Although the food and decor was just as I had hoped, the best part of the night was certainly getting together with friends and having some girl time!

Have a FABULOUS Monday!


Friday Faves 8.19

one – danish wool blanket from marmarco £69; two – chisel gold glassware from zgallerie $40 for four; three – dakota dining table from jayson home and garden $1195; four – colossal dots curtains from anthropologie $158 per panel; five – lumina acrylic chairs, baxton studio for kmart $234 for the pair.

My faves this week are making me feel like spending a cool summer evening sitting outside sipping something bubbly and chatting with friends – oh just to relax!

But, back to reality – I have to clean up after my gems and juice party, and go out of town for a wedding! It will be lovely to see everyone!


What do YOU have on your agenda? Relaxing, or something else?


Have an INSPIRED weekend!



Let me have a lie down in Joanneberg

 *photo from Stadshem

I rarely post about living rooms (not quite sure why not), but this light airy space in the urban Gothenburg suburb of Joanneberg just hits the spot today.  It lifts my spirits and makes me want to have a lie down at the same time.  It is like a breath of fresh air on this beautiful summer morning.

A white couch and white walls are blank palettes and they’re not filled up with much.  Just a couple occasional tables with contrasting style (one modern, one french country) add interest while few colorful accessories give just the right amount of pop. It is so simple, bright and comfortable with such a beautiful little patio.

Sometimes it is the simple things in life, huh?

What are your feelings on this space? What does looking at the photo make you feel?


It’s go time!  I’m heading to work then back home to put the final touches on the party tonight!  You’ll be exited to see what I have been up to with the help of my mother and sister!

Have a LOVELY Thursday (wait, is it thursday already?)!


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