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Two Step Back Porch Revamp

copper lantern repaint

For whatever reason, I always decorate the front of my house, but never the back door.  The reason this is odd to me is that the back door is the one people use.  I know the only person who steps foot on my front porch is the UPS guy.  Even the FedEx guy knows to come to the back!

With holiday guests coming into town this week, I wanted to jazz up the back just a bit to make it feel welcoming and autumnal, but I didn’t have much time to work with.  I wanted to start with my old lanterns which were galvanized (silver), so against a grey house, they just disappeared.  I’d been eyeing some beautiful copper lanterns from Terrain and thought that I could stave off the inner desire to spend over $300 on new lanterns by painting my old ones.

copper lantern upcycle

Although I realize that they don’t quite look identical, I did manage to save some money and get an almost instantaneous change by just using some ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape and hammered copper spray paint.  A few flowers and some colorful leaves that I stole from the neighbors yard, and we were visitor ready. See the ugly ‘before’ and then what a difference 30 minutes made next!

copper outdoor lanterns

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Flea Market Find: Brass & Bamboo

brass tray flea market

It’s kind of a weekend tradition for Me and Matt to sit in bed drinking coffee and watching HGTV until we’re both inspired enough to get off our buns and do something productive.  This past sunday, we were recovering from a rather exhausting Saturday night of eating take-out Chinese and binge-watching Scandal, so we stayed in bed a little later than usual watching Flea Market Flip.  I’m not gonna lie, I had never seen the show before, but I was hooked.  I loved the competition aspect of the show and was immediately inspired to head to our yearly flea market in town which just happened to be that day (coincidence?).

Anyway, at the very first tent, there were tables of random old-lady things and I spotted this brass bamboo detailed tray right away.  Armed with the new bartering tactics I’d learned from a morning of flea market watching, I asked how much it was and she said, “one dollar”.  I was so shocked I just yelled, “sold!”


It was a bit tarnished and dirty, so I brought it home, scrubbed it with my secret weapon. Continue Reading…


Guest Bedroom Three Year Refresh

guest bedroom design

This post is going to be such a blast from the past for some of you! It was three whole years ago that I laid out some design plans for my guest bedroom and it was three years ago that I touched one detail in that bedroom (aside from stuffing it with random craft supplies and castaway furniture). The room was also home to all of our linens, towels, and extra bathroom supplies. It was a hodgepodge mess and here is the proof… The Before Pictures (eek!)

I had a grand plan for cleaning out the room, but there were so many moving parts. To get the room cleaned out, I needed to clear out all of my work and craft supplies, but I needed to move them into the office. As many of you will recall, the office closet held my clothes. So, just this year after Matt and I created a master bedroom closet space, I was finally able to move my clothes out of the office and therefore move the supplies out of the guest room (were you able to keep all of that straight?)

Now, the room is cleared out and cleaned up which is a starting point for a bigger redesign which will come soon enough, but right now, I’m really enjoying what a huge difference the small changes made to the room all without spending one penny.  Before it was dark and was an odd combination of colors.  It had all of my old college furniture (and still does) but the reconfiguration makes it a much brighter and refreshing place for a guest to spend a weekend.

spare bedroom design

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“Iron” and Marble Side Table DIY

iron base marble table diy

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Rust-Oleum® via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Rust-Oleum®.

Let’s get this Monday kicked off with a little Before & After action!  This project has been a long time coming.  I bought a round marble tabletop at a flea market almost four years ago knowing there would be a perfect opportunity to use it, an opportunity which didn’t come until this weekend.

I was at Matt’s mother’s house looking through her collection of entertaining gear for cutlery to use at our luau (more on that Wednesday) and this beige and gold stone faux finish table base caught my eye.  Sure, the finish was a little dated (hence why it was in her basement) but I loved the shape.  If you squint your eye and look at just the shape, you can tell it would make a great candidate for a paint project.

side table diy spray paint


I had initially wanted to do a fun pop color in a high lacquer finish, but after closely investigating the texture on the table, I thought the stone texture in a bright color would look odd, so I went the total opposite way.  Plus, you guys know how I am with color…

While at the hardware store, I found this soft, slightly metallic iron finish by Rust-Oleum® Universal® .  I’ve used Rust-Oleum® Universal® Gloss & Flat Enamel Sprays on pretty much every spray paint project that I’ve ever done since the inception of this blog.  The metal paints have a wonderful realistic look and they have primer in them.

spray paint table diy

Funny story – I started buying the Rust-Oleum® Universal® paints way back when firstly because of the trigger nozzle, then the preference for the paint stuck.

After it dried and I got my marble top on it, I knew the color and finish were the right decision.  It looks like something you’d get at Restoration Hardware! I was so happy with the result and all for just the price of a bit of spray paint. The whole thing took under 15 minutes.  How’s that for instant gratification?

How do you like the outcome?  I have the table in my stairway landing, the perfect sunny spot for my orchid plant and now it has the perfect table to sit on.


Rust-Oleum Universal Logo


Pop of Yellow Bar Tray

painted tray table

Spring has sprung.  After all of the waiting, we’re finally in the depths of some warmer weather and I’m celebrating by getting out the bright, cheery drinks and snacks to enjoy outside on the patio.

I hinted last week to a project I was working on with Sherwin Williams in conjunction with National Painting Week and today, I’m finally revealing the finished product! The best part of the whole project is not only the color change, but also the bar tray itself.

I used the base of an old directors chair that I’d had and simply removed the arms and set a wooden tray on the top.  There you go!  Base, tray, a new coat of paint, and I’ve got myself a tray table worthy of any bar area and was able to use an old piece of furniture that had been sitting in the guest room.

Sherwin Williams Before and After

yellow bar table

yellow bar cart - house of earnest

If you’re not a huge DIYer, I swear you can still do this project.  I didn’t use a primer, but I did sand off any clear finish that had previously been on the stool base and used two coats of Lemon Twist paint with a sponge brush to reduce brush strokes (and make for easy clean-up!).  I finished off the table by painting the hardware gold and adding some painted gold ‘L’ brackets to the corners for a more polished look.

bar table yellow - house of earnest

yellow tray table - house of earnest

I LOVE the way it turned out and the extra pop it lends to my (mostly neutral) dining room.  What do you think?  Are you inspired to do your own home paint project yet? Head on over to Sherwin Williams’ National Painting Week site to see color inspirations, painting ideas, and expert tips all week!  If you think you’d like to see more projects like this one, there are thirteen other bloggers using paint to transform their spaces.

Today, Cassidy and Justin over at Remodelaholic are sharing another yellow project, but tomorrow painting with blue is Amanda from Recycled Consign and Design as well as Emily from Decor Chick.

I cannot wait to check out the full week of projects and I hope you follow along as well!

*this post is sponsored by Sherwin Williams, but thoughts, photos, and ideas are all my own.


Before & After: Tanner Stools

I just got in late yesterday from a wild weekend in Las Vegas, but I’m here for a quick before and after transformation for your Monday.

Last week, I stopped by my mother-in-law’s house to recover these Pottery Barn ‘Tanner’ stools for her with a really funky and fun pattered faux leather. Her house has a lot of really fun touches, and these stools are no exception.  The rest of this room is relatively free of pattern, so the stools make a big statement for being so small.

Also, I get a lot of questions about the upholstery gun I use, and to all of you who have an air compressor, buying an upholstery gun for the compressor is a quick solution and makes projects like this really fast (I did two stools in an hour), but is moderately pricey at around$100.  For people who either don’t have a compressor, or for beginners who don’t want the financial investment, I highly recommend this Power Shot Pro for about $20.

Have a GREAT Monday!


P.S. For those of you who were following along on instagram this weekend, I had a fabulous time in Vegas, but could have used a tad more sleep before getting my week started.  I suppose I’ll have to catch up this weekend!



Hidden Treasures: Antique Reproduction Mirror

Me again, Lacey Anne here for my monthly post to reveal one of my favorite hidden treasures!  Each month I’ll be sharing something special for you!  A cool find, a favorite place for home décor or gifts, some before and after diy projects, and some ramblings about my adventures and addiction to my main source of steals, my main man… Craig!  Or his list, to be exact…

This month I want to share with you a bit of a before and after of my dining room, which has been in production now for roughly two years.  I’m still undecided on a few décor dilemmas, but for now, we’re going to focus on the huge wall to the rear/side of the room that I couldn’t figure out how to tackle.  But, I digress.  This is how the dining room and I began our relationship…


(*Ok, disclaimer:  I am not a lover of red, or beige.  I know there are many-a-rooms living out there with a similar color scheme, and while I’m not completely knocking it… ok I’m knocking it…)

Then we moved on to step two:


Still lacking window treatments… which I made.  But let me warn you, making pinch pleated, lined, linen drapes that are 101” long will quickly turn into a headache, and much wrangling  and cursing of hems.

So while still trying to decide what to do about that huge wall, I came across a post for an antique reproduction mirror for $75 and I could not believe my eye balls.  This guy is over five feet wide and close to four feet tall and it is more than perfect for visually extending the room and reflecting light in a beautiful way.  I was thinking a mirror of this size would run me over $500.  No?  No.


To become a master Craigslister, make sure you’re searching for your item in all the ways someone could possibly think to list it.  In the title, in the body, spelled wrong, or maybe even letters transposed.  Search all items, search your drilled down category, or even search for the color!  I found this one by searching “champagne.”  True story!

I know I promised to post about last month’s iron bed all set up… but I have yet to tackle the guest room any further since I’m only 10 weeks away from the arrival of my sweet baby girl!  And the nursery takes priority of course!

Have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you next month!

Lacey Anne


One Step Beyond Mercury Glass

I love the vintage feminine look mercury glass can instantly add to a room, and wanted to bring a layer of that into my woodland wonderland.  I had a plain apothecary jar on hand (originally $6.99 from Home Goods), and decided to dress it up.  There are so many mercury glass tutorials out there, but I have never felt like you can get exactly the same this-just-came-from-an-antique-store look. 

To give my mercury glass a little extra vintage umph! I added some etched laurel leaves onto either side as well.  It’s barely there, but perfectly subtle.

I filled my new vessel up with some soil, rocks and lightly layered in my paperwhite bulbs! They’ll be just the perfect feminine touch to a woodland Christmas!

Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!


It's a Long Story

It’s been on my Master Bedroom ‘to-do’ list to change out the curtains, although, in a normal world, this would occur after the renovations we want to complete in this room, I went ahead and tackled them.

The long part of the story is how I finally came around to the fabric for these curtains, and the short part of the story is how I was recently inspired by Molly over at The Nesting Game to add a roman shade into the mix.

I had been looking for a good master bedroom curtain fabric for some time (which is part of the reason why my army green, grommet top tarps were still hanging until this point in time).  I wanted something light, airy, and with some type of pattern that didn’t overtake the room.  My long term plans for this room have some built-in shelving, a new headboard, wood flooring, and an awesome global/vintage patterned rug.  Eventually there will be a lot of texture going on and keeping it simple on the curtains (but not boring) was important.

First things first, after removing the old curtains and mini-blinds, we mounted a piece of wood painted white above the window.  We did this not only hold the weight of the curtains and blinds, but also to enable us to hang them taller, making the windows appear larger.  

*H of E Tip: If there wasn’t a roman shade, this wouldn’t be a good idea because the wood would be visible.  Make sure you have some sort of blinds or shade to cover the extra piece of wood before going this route.

The story can get long about my searching fabric websites and fabric stores and home stores and on and on, but I’ll save you the reading.  Eventually, I found a duvet cover in a linen vintage ticking stripe pattern that I loved at the Pottery Barn Outlet.  King duvet covers are around 110″ wide and 96″ long.   It was just wide enough for two panels and the perfect length.  Since the duvet cover was patterned on the front and back, I could get four panels out of it for just $75.  These very similar Pottery Barn panels cost $109 each!

The the only issue with this plan was the sunlight that these loose weave linen panels would, no doubt, let in at the crack of dawn.  As mentioned above, The Nesting Game made some pretty amazing roman shades out of mini-blinds, and since we don’t have a shortage of mini-blinds in this house, I jumped at the chance to transform them into something prettier and more sun-repellant.

You can get the full how-to scoop over there since I followed her instructions (minus the decorative greek key). The only difference is that I used black out curtain liner instead of fabric.  It was cheap, and since I already had the PB-esque panels, using nice fabric wasn’t necessary.

It was actually pretty enjoyable, the first one took me a while just to figure out the logistics, but the second one took just a quick 45 minutes. I think it only took me that long because the fabric glue bottle was really hard to squeeze!

Completing it all took pretty much my whole weekend.  Overall it was pretty simple stuff, just time consuming to wait for the glue to dry on the shades and rip out all of the original seams on the duvet cover.  I love the way it turned out too! Hopefully I can get some better photos to share when I have more daylight.

Have a WONDERFUL Monday!


Front Porch Tri-Fecta

Sometimes you don’t realize the condition of something until you have to show it off.  In my very first post for our House Tour, I realized that our exterior needed some TLC.  Although I’ve known this subconsciously for a while, I decided that it was really time to act.  My to-do list for the exterior includes:

  • Repainting the porch
  • Replacing lattice
  • Repainting the window trim
  • Power wash exterior siding
  • New roof (meeting with roof man tonight!)
  • New gutters
  • New house numbers and porch light
  • Thin out and spruce up landscaping (hostas can really take over!)
  • Paint front door exterior (maybe a fun color?)
  • Remove door ‘shutters’

I’d wanted a solution for our house numbers before the winter because it is really rough for new people to find the house in the dark. I wanted something that went with the age of the house, while being visible from the street.  Incorporating the transom was something I wanted to do also, since it’s definitely one of the positive features of the door. I landed on doing some adhesive numbers on the transom and found some pretty inspiration from Apartment Therapy.  I ordered some adhesive numbers from Do It Yourself Lettering and it was so easy! I also was able to pick a reflective silver lining for my numbers so that drivers can easily see the address.

Along with adding the house numbers for better visitor visibility, went changing the light.  What was the purpose of adding new numbers if they can’t be seen! Similar to the house numbers, it was important to me to use a light which is updated, but could possibly fit in around the turn of the 19th century when our house was new.

I replaced our rusted gold shell of a light fixture with basically the same exact fixture.  Why?  I felt that it wouldn’t take much stylistically to achieve the cleaned-up old-school look I was going for.  As it turned out, painting a $5 light fixture and a little ceiling medallion was all I needed to showcase a pretty vintage globe.

I’m happy with how things turned out.  Not only do I like the little facelift my front porch has received, but I learned something new too!  The light fixture was actually the first one which I’ve completely installed myself with no husbandry help! Woo Hoo! I think I’ll still use his help in the future, because I like doing projects together, but now when he’s otherwise occupied, I can still forge forward.

They’re just three little changes, but they make me feel pretty accomplished.  Did you gets get your hands dirty this weekend?

Have a REWARDING Monday!

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