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A bohemian choice

light and dark

I’m a big fan of the boho influence in everything from interiors to fashion.  Although I definitely take more of a classic approach, there is always a little boho thrown in there.

That aspect is what initially attracted me to both of these rooms.  A mix of cool and comfortable furniture, beautifully colored rugs, and a fair bit of natural elements keeps them cohesive, but there is one very big difference.

Where does your preference lie when it comes to these two boho spaces?  Dark? or Light?


photo source: dark, light


Fall’s Perfect Purples

amethyst to oxblood

This weekend, I bought a beautiful succulent with just a tinge of amethyst on the tips.  It got me thinking about how I’ve seen purple everywhere this season and how many different iterations there are (all that I love).  Although I’ve completed designing my holiday collection for Grandiflora (which I’m ECSTATIC to show you) I’ve already moved to designing my spring collection as well and I’m using a ton of different levels of purple.  I’m really obsessed with all things plum, amethyst, eggplant, wine, and violet at the moment.

amethyst to oxblood.fall colors

What are your thoughts?  People usually have such strong feelings about purple – one way or the other way.  What’s your way?



Color Trend: Dusty Blue

dusk blue

While Emerald has it’s time in the spotlight, I’m loving the dustier blue that is one of the supporting Pantone colors of 2013.  It can be bold, quirky, serene, or trendy and I also love it as a wedding color for this spring as well.  Even Diet Pepsi is getting in on the action with a can that was specially designed by Vern Yip (HGTV Designer) to reflect the trend.

I was inspired initially by the dusky blue overcast April sky here in Hong Kong and thought this color was perfect for a fresh spring home update.  What do you think?

I’ll be back here tomorrow with another Beginner Blooms post, so get excited!

Photo Credit: Frames | pillow | wallpaper | rug | diet pepsi

*this post is sponsored by pepsi




Behind the Scenes Painting

House of Earnest for NPW

Things have been brewing behind the scenes here at House of Earnest.  I’m working on a few projects that you guys know about (the patio) and a few projects that are new.  One of which is a really fun and summery project in collaboration with Sherwin Williams for National Painting Week which starts next Monday, encouraging people around the country to get into the DIY spirit.

Now, you guys know I will paint anything that doesn’t move, so it was natural that I be so excited about this particular project.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m in a totally nesting mood lately (spring fever?) and wanted to add a bright pop to my dining room which I felt needed a little something.  I actually uploaded a picture of the room to the Chip It application on the Sherwin Williams website to find a color that went well in the space, and was bright enough to satiate my need for something that stands out!

chip it from SW

What popped out was exactly what I was looking for.  There were three good colors to consider, I was really split between an orangey-coral and a bright yellow.  Although there is a little sneak peek above about which color I chose, you’ll have to come back next Tuesday to see the full reveal (I know, it’s mean, isn’t it?).

Don’t fear, there are other NPW projects from blogs around the country that will knock your socks off before mine goes live.  Next Monday we’re starting with Little Green Notebook and Coco + Kelley (can you guess which color they both chose?) but there a total of 14 bloggers participating so follow along with the action next week!

Tell me about the paint projects in your future!


p.s.  Our current giveaway the beautiful ‘Truly Mexican’ cookbook and other south of the border inspired prizes ends tonight at midnight! Go enter!


Reader Favorites: Neon Pink Love

We’re back again for another reader favorite!  I posted last June about the emergence of neons (specifically pink) and how to incorporate them into everyday life.  The original post incorporated neon upholstery, art, and more, but this tray is what got the most buzz. 

This stenciled tray was so easy – just cut any desired shape out of contact paper and place in a pattern onto your surface, then use an acrylic paint to cover the area around and over the stencils! Peel off the contact paper once dry and enjoy!

It’s an awesome way to get some neon into life without making a big commitment – and a bonus – it was cheap, easy, and home-made!  Throw in some serene blue, nautical elements, and you’ve got yourself the perfect little mix.  Not too over the top, but still perfectly on trend.

oh yeah, and I love hot pink nails, but this isn’t a beauty or fashion blog, so I’ll leave it at that.

Have a BRIGHT Thursday!


Just a Splash: Emerald

I came across this beautiful sunroom design by Emily Henderson and loved the way two bold chairs and fun punchy pattern in emerald green made the entire room come alive.  White walls,  white flowy curtains, and bright open windows certainly keep the emerald from overtaking. It is fresh, pretty, and makes a statement.

How do you feel about the splash of emerald?  Is it something you’ll willing to try this spring?

Have a BRIGHT Tuesday!

Photo 1, Round-up 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |


White Out

Strolling through Target this weekend, there was a whole display of white ceramic kitchenware with my name all over it.   Although this morning we woke to show covering our back field, I couldn’t help but think about how all of this lovely white leads my mind to spring.

Maybe it’s the promise of farmers markets that are sure to be popping up soon, but for some reason these photos I shot yesterday of the all white kitchen accessories don’t make me think of the winter that is passing, but the spring that is arriving.  And they’re making me think about how I’d like a big omelet this morning!

What’s got you thinking of spring?

Have a SIMPLY SERENE Tuesday!

*all photos in this post by House of Earnest.  Ceramic egg crate, milk jug, and milk box creamer from Target; mortar and pestle from Ikea, wooden spoon by House of Earnest


Indigo + Blush

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Happy Tuesday, guys!  If you’ve had a winter like me, it’s been strangly warm.  It’s had me itching for spring already, but I’ve got to keep reminding myself that late February in Ohio is still very much Winter. For this exact reason, I’m  loving this mix of navy with blush.

The navy is grounded and classic while the blush is light, new, but still cozy.   Are you feeling antsy to add a shot of something new to your home for early spring?  Or will you wait until full blown spring has arrived to layer on the color?

Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!

P.s. You can also see a feature on my and my kitchen on Unstitched today!  Miss Lillian was so sweet to include it in her regular series, Kitchen Comforts.  Enjoy!


Toning it Down

In trend reports and design forecasts, pastels are slated to be big for 2012. Since we’re coming off of a few years of brights, jewel tones, and neons (and I’m sure we have a ton of these colors gracing our homes and closets), I think mixing in some pastels and toned down hues is so pretty.

I love the incorporation of pastels with brights in these spaces!  You don’t have to get rid of the bright accessories you’ve been buying these last few years and replace everything with a pastel. A little mix and matching not only gets the trend across just beautifully, but actually makes the pastel stand out.

photo credit: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


How are you feeling about this pretty pastel trend? How do you think you’ll incorporate it into your home?

Have a FABULOUS Thursday!


Hidden Treasures: Antique Reproduction Mirror

Me again, Lacey Anne here for my monthly post to reveal one of my favorite hidden treasures!  Each month I’ll be sharing something special for you!  A cool find, a favorite place for home décor or gifts, some before and after diy projects, and some ramblings about my adventures and addiction to my main source of steals, my main man… Craig!  Or his list, to be exact…

This month I want to share with you a bit of a before and after of my dining room, which has been in production now for roughly two years.  I’m still undecided on a few décor dilemmas, but for now, we’re going to focus on the huge wall to the rear/side of the room that I couldn’t figure out how to tackle.  But, I digress.  This is how the dining room and I began our relationship…


(*Ok, disclaimer:  I am not a lover of red, or beige.  I know there are many-a-rooms living out there with a similar color scheme, and while I’m not completely knocking it… ok I’m knocking it…)

Then we moved on to step two:


Still lacking window treatments… which I made.  But let me warn you, making pinch pleated, lined, linen drapes that are 101” long will quickly turn into a headache, and much wrangling  and cursing of hems.

So while still trying to decide what to do about that huge wall, I came across a post for an antique reproduction mirror for $75 and I could not believe my eye balls.  This guy is over five feet wide and close to four feet tall and it is more than perfect for visually extending the room and reflecting light in a beautiful way.  I was thinking a mirror of this size would run me over $500.  No?  No.


To become a master Craigslister, make sure you’re searching for your item in all the ways someone could possibly think to list it.  In the title, in the body, spelled wrong, or maybe even letters transposed.  Search all items, search your drilled down category, or even search for the color!  I found this one by searching “champagne.”  True story!

I know I promised to post about last month’s iron bed all set up… but I have yet to tackle the guest room any further since I’m only 10 weeks away from the arrival of my sweet baby girl!  And the nursery takes priority of course!

Have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you next month!

Lacey Anne

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