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Strength in Numbers

strength in numbers1

Whenever I go to the store, I pick up flowers for a two week stint in my home.  My goal is always to have several different arrangements to go in every room in the house and cheer things up.  All white tulips in the winter are just the right bit of greenery while still being serene and reminiscent of the frosty outdoors.

Breaking the market bundle into one large, a couple smaller groupings, and two bud vases means that I have enough to go around.  A bud vase for the bathroom and the bedside, a smaller arrangement for the kitchen and office, and the largest one for the entry.

strength in numbers 2

strength in numbers diptych

This tactic works well with any type of flower and is a good method if you’re not awesome at arrangements.  Beware of your vessel too – something with a small opening like a stemless wine glass works awesome, but if you’ve got a more difficult shape, like a cube, tie up your flowers into a nice little bundle and lean them to one side – tres chic!

I hope you’re having a lovely and beautiful Tuesday!


Fresh Clean Rustic

clean rustic4

I love a feeling of unrefined age and warmth in a house, which I translate as rustic.  This home is a slightly different take on most people’s perception of rustic however, because it’s clean, bright, and fresh – but if I go by my aforementioned description, it totally fits the bill.

This Gotland home is a true example of the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Each piece of furniture or decor isn’t necessarily awe inspiring, but the whole is so beautifully put together.

clean rustic1

clean rustic2

clean rustic3

clean rustic5

My two favorite things are the office with the all white campaign desk or the little kids bedroom with the sweet little twin beds!  It’s a comfortable looking home with tons of natural light, and what more could you ask for?

What are your thoughts?

Have a BRIGHT Thursday!


Photo Source – Lantliv

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Old is New

blue and white - pillow pattern

What goes around definitely comes around in both fashion and in home style.  If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I’d be wearing bright cobalt jeans to work I’d probably laugh at you, but here I am sitting in my cobalt jeans (and polka dot chambray shirt) just thinking it’s the coolest.

There has been a huge resurgence of the antique methods of dying and printing lately with woodblock, shibori, tie dye and the like.  I saw one of these pillows from Luru Home on Horne yesterday during some completely unrelated research and just was enamored by how bright and pigmented the blues can look in some areas, but dark and rich in others.  I also love how easy it would be to integrate these types of prints into the home – adding a global flare while still keeping a relatively tight palette.

I would just love to have a giant couch topped with a mix off these pillows – how fun would that look?

Have an amazing Tuesday out there, friends!


Inspiration Adoption: Crated Photos

design idea - crate photo - house of earnest

This weekend during my trip to Pistacia Vera in search of super photogenic food, I saw a little crated photo they had hanging and just loved it.  I loved how in the midst of a very modern, sleek shop, this hit of nostagia was highlighted.

I had a crate at home and wanted to see if I could pull off a similar look.  Although I do love how their black frame was set off against the light, aged wood, I went with a chrome frame in mine with a little burlap matting (frame from West Elm here).

Although mine does have a different look, due mostly to its surroundings, I still like what it lends to my living room.

crate photo - house of earnest

crate photo2 - house of earnest

It wasn’t too hard to do – just hammer your photo frame nails to the crate prior to hanging the crate, then assemble it all together.  I’m preparing to start another mini gallery cluster on this wall and thought this crate and photo would be a nice anchor – or starting point - for some other homemade art I have coming down the pipe.

It’s just a really simple way that any idea can go from mere inspiration to adoption stat!

Have an INSPIRED Tuesday!



Etsy Four: Rustic Winter

etsy four1

 I hope you all had an amazing holiday!  We’re back in action to bring you the best in home decor and DIY over here at House of Earnest.  Some amazing tips, tricks, DIYs, eye candy, and party style are all coming your way!

Today, I’ve picked four of the things I’m lusting over from Etsy, so if you’ve received any Christmas Cash, these sweet shops might just be the place to spend it. 


etsy four2

etsy four3 etsy four4

First (and Second), one of my absolutely favorite shops is One Haus Press.  Both the pretty hand pressed art above stating ‘When My Ship Comes In’ and the monogram card below are from IHP.  There is always something classically unique in this shop and all in mostly neutral hues (which you know is my favorite).

Third is a shop I’ve featured before, but I still just love to oogle at.  Sydney Hale Co has the most beautiful typography on their labels, but it’s the combination of scents – warm and earthy – that keep my lingering through the store. 

Lastly, there is something about the foot of snow we have on the ground here in Ohio that has me itching decorate my house like a ski lodge.  I’ll hold off for now, but I’m still loving the aged wood in these vintage childrens skis from Mojomerchantile.

Have a lovely Wednesday out there, friends!


p.s.  If you’re just getting back into the real-life swing of things, there are a few things you might have missed around here!  We’re doing a giveaway with Sierra Mist, gave thoughts on resolutions, and had a party DIY featured on Style Me Pretty’s new ‘at home’ blog!


Holiday 2012: Our Exterior

holiday 2012 Exterior - 1

I promised I’d show the outside of my house and how my holiday decor theme stretched its way to the exterior.  The winter whites, gold, and brown continue outside through the use of pinecones, ribbon, burlap and a couple of trusty bronze planters.

It is easy to switch out color schemes from the previous year by purchasing plain greenery and updating the ribbons and sprig wreath accents.  Those little picks from the craft store are just about a dollar a piece and will be a lot more versatile than a buying specifically colored wreaths and greens.

holiday 2012 Exterior - 3

holiday 2012 Exterior - 6

Adding burlap to the mix is a bit more rustic than I went indoors, but the burlap isn’t going to disintegrate as much in the winter weather.  I kept the pretty metallic bows in just two small hits atop my mini Christmas trees which flank the door.

For more photos,

Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 12.14

ONE Sycamore Platter on sale for just $15 from Crate and Barrel, TWO Wooden lanterns in two sizes, small is $59 and large is $129 from West Elm, THREE Instant collection of winter white $24 from Elizabeth Rosen Art, FOUR Mercury glass hurricane $13 from Target, FIVE Letterpress coasters $10 for a set of 8 from Type A Press, SIX heart mug $8 from West Elm, SEVEN White Fur Pillow $20 from Target.

Whew… it’s been a week! I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the Christmas spirit that has been going on around these parts because it’s not going away anytime soon.  The holidays are my favorite time of year and I’m going to pack as much in as possible.

This weekend we’re headed to a few holiday parties and I’m going to do a little decor work for a friend.  I am hoping to get enough time on Sunday to make a few batches of Christmas cookies as well.  What is on your agenda?

Have a FESTIVE Friday and weekend guys!


Home for the Holidays!

I’m back home!  Did you have a great week of giveaways while I was taking a little R&R? I sprung into Christmas action as soon as we landed trying to get caught up with my holiday decor.  We spent Saturday morning picking out the perfect tree, and just like last year went with the root ball tree to replant in our yard after the holiday.

True to my predetermined Christmas decor theme, I stuck with winter whites, gold, silver, and browns/copper for this year.  Although I don’t feel like a ‘theme’ is always necessary, it definitely helps me to keep focus as I roam aisles of christmas cheer and reel in my thoughts to remain cohesive throughout the season.

The main change I made this year was to remove red from my palette and include levels of brown, bronze, and copper.  It meant that I didn’t have to splurge on new decorations, but just swapped out one color for another.  Adding some luxe texture like fur adds another level to this snowy theme that isn’t just represented on the tree.

How do you think the theme executed from concept to reality?

I have a ton of fun decor DIYs and tips to layer onto this foundation which I’ll be sharing over the next two weeks – Get ready for some fun and exciting new ways to amp up the holiday in your home (some you won’t even have to make a trip to the store!).

Have a LOVELY Monday!


P.S. We have giveaway winner!  I’ve contacted each winner by mail if you’ve won, so check your inbox!

P.P.S. Can’t get enough giveaways?  I’m participating in 24 Merry Days - a big event of 24 days, 24 bloggers, and 24 amazing giveaways.  Today head over to Oh the lovely things to check out the prize!


Before & After: Holiday Pop-up Bar

There’s nothing quite like some of the sweet, spicy, rich drinks that lure us through the holiday season and definitely put some of the ‘fest’ in festive.  If you don’t have a bar area in your home, but are entertaining this holiday, don’t feel underwhelmed and set up a quick watering hole of your own.

In my house, the kitchen is a little tight and rooms are closed off (no open concept here).  To help prevent bottlenecks in the kitchen, I move the bar into another room to help keep people moving around and mingling. All you need is a couple of Command hooks and some garland to define the perfect space to wet your whistle during all of that carolling (wait, you don’t carol?)

I showed this pop up bar that I’d created in my Holiday Style Challenge post for The Home Depot and got a lot of feedback about where in my house this gem was located.  Don’t be afraid to make some moves in your house for the holidays, and think of creative ways to get people moving and mingling.


Now, how about that drink, shall we?

Have a SPLENDID Wednesday!




Holiday 2012: Color Direction

It’s that time!  I’ve been waiting for it, and it’s finally here – Holiday decorating time! I spoke last year about decorating ‘themes’ and although I don’t like a lot of kitsch, I do think that establishing a theme helps maintain focus when overwhelmed with possibilities.  In the past few years, I’ve taken a rustic, woodland approach and although this year, I’m not making a big departure from that theme, I do have a swing in my color choices.

My theme (if you will) this year is Woodsy Gilded White.  I want to use a lot of white, but not in a fancy way.  The theme will utilize textures like felt, fur, and birch to create layers of cream and white and the ‘gild’ will come in the form of rich browns and metallics.

The whole look will be grounded with woodgrain and green (the tree) to keep it from getting to formal or serious.  Gifts wrapped simply in solid colors will further reinforce the color scheme.

I’m so excited to share my projects that support Woodsy Gilded White over the next few weeks.  I’ll have a mixture of hands-on projects, really simple style (that anyone can do), and some tips, treats, and ideas for a perfect holiday!  Get excited!

Now, how’s that for a happy Monday?

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