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Kitchen Conundrum

exposed or closed

So, it’s clear by my pinterest that I love white kitchens (there’s a little grey and black thrown in there too) but one thing I just cannot decide between is the open shelving or closed cupboard look.  Open shelving is, in fact, beautiful, and appears less formal, but boy do you have to be clean.  Closed cupboards mean that what’s behind them is ‘out of sight out of mind’ (or at least out of visitors’ eyesight)!

Please weight in.  Closed?  Or exposed?

photo credit: closed  |  exposed 


Layer it on

layered copy

Guys, today I am ecstatic to tell you something!  Are you ready for it? I’ve written an article for Better Homes & Gardens and it’s going up on their website today!  The concept is how to layer trendy design pieces into your (existing) more traditional home decor.  I know it’s a topic that a lot of people struggle with, so facing the subject head on by showing folks what colors and items to layer together in order to execute these stylish trends in our homes.

Head on over to the Better Homes and Garden Style Spotters page today to see the post (I think it will go up around 9am), let me know if you like the concept and if so, what ‘trendier’ design pieces would you want me to tackle in the future?  Is there any one home decor item or piece of furniture that you want to work into your home?  Tell me!


p.s.  in other news, we have a WINNER of the $50 home depot gift card and P&G outdoor cleaning products!  I’ll shoot you an email so watch your inboxes!

p.p.s. The beautiful room above as absolutely nothing to do with my BHG post, but isn’t it SO pretty.  I love everything about this look.


Friday Faves 5.31

Friday Faves 5.31

ONE Mod Sunburst pillow by Trina Turk is bright, cheery, and not too funky to be at home in our houses! $109 from Colom and Brit. TWO Buying amazing original art is so easy these days.  This beauty is from Georgina Vinsun of the UK(© georgina vinsun) and is available in prints too! Buy paintings at Saatchionline.com THREE sonesta magnets from Anthropologie are too pretty for boring paperwork.  They’re like a piece of art all on their own.  $14. FOUR I love textured glassware and I love carafes.  This turquoise vintage piece would be amazing to add to my ever-growing collection. $17 from Colom and Brit. FIVE a campaign dresser and nightstand for just $375!  I want them to be mine so badly!  Anyone else want to snag these bad boys from ModCenturyVintage??

I’m serious about the dresser and nightstand.  Someone must get them if I can’t! Anyway, This week was a short, sunny, and good one for me.  I have literally nothing on my agenda this weekend and couldn’t be happier about it.  I was telling someone yesterday that I have no plans to leave town until late August and that made me oddly happy.  I’m usually restless after just a couple weeks at home and ready to get up in the air again.

So, I’ll do all sorts of random things around the house and enjoy some time with my husband and friends.

Don’t forget!  We have a $50 Home Depot giftcard and some fab Mr. Clean products in this month’s giveaway!  Enter here!


(Italian) Farmhouse Retreat


Now, you guys know I travel a lot for my job, but when it comes to actual vacation – without email, meetings at every meal, and crazy receipt filing – those aren’t as plentiful. So many places sound like a good idea, but when push comes to shove, I tend to be so split between the idea of cultural experiences and relaxing retreats. I came across something yesterday that I thought would be an awesome solve, in an even more awesome place.

This vacation property is listed as a ‘farmhouse’ which is obviously what I live in here in Ohio, but this one is all of the way on the other side of the world in the Chianti region of Italy. Now, that’s more like it.  Relaxing, cultural, close to lots of things to do. Love it.






Isn’t the property just gorgeous? I think I’d love this mix of culture and relaxation, but I’ve never stayed in a house abroad for vacation.  Have you guys?  Did you love it? Tell me about it!

I’ll just be over here longingly gazing across Tuscany!


Source: Flipkey




Lost in Kitchen Dreams

customish black

So, it’s probably no surprise that I do my fair share of web browsing with the blog, and I am consistently drawn to kitchens.  It doesn’t matter what my original online intent was, I end up seeking out the kitchen of my dreams and getting all wrapped up in how I’ll execute said non-existent kitchen.  Many of you will remember that just a few years ago we renovated our little kitchen from an 80’s rental to something a little more chic and bright.  Still, four years later, I find myself seeking out ideas for my next kitchen.

Which is where this story takes a turn for the worst.  I found a site called Magnet Kitchens and pretty much got swept into a dark hole of designing my own totally custom space with appliances, drawer dividers, the list could go on.  This site was a serious derailer whilst at work, but dreaming of such an exclusive range of fitted kitchens  – and how to create my own masterpiece got me thinking of all the things I want in a kitchen. I am a sucker for really needing to see my options laid out there in front of me, so I think that is why I was so intrigued (ps if you’re in the UK, check it out!)

cabinet diptych

navy cabs

From navy cabinets to farmhouse sinks, I could get lost in this world.  What rooms are you always drawn to?  Any dreaming you’d like to share?

photo credit: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


*this post was sponsored by Magnet Kitchens, but all dreams and schemes are my own, clearly.


A Space to Create

bright home office

So, I maybe mentioned a little blurp on twitter a few weeks ago about a few meetings that Matt and I had to work on a new venture that we’re exploring.  It’s still so preliminary, but we’re to the point where we need some space to get some serious work done.

Although I LOVE my home office, the desk is small and there is very little storage.  We need something that works for the both of us and has enough opportunity for organization for this new secret adventure (it won’t be secret for too long!  We’ll let you guys know soon!).

home office - must have

home office 4

Storage is key here as we’ll have a fair amount of samples, swatches, papers, and whatnot that comes along with such an endeavor. We currently have just a small bookshelf – not nearly enough to help keep us organized. You know how much I love the library look – I even modeled by bedroom after a similar look!

But back to the office – a big desk with enough room for two of us to have computers and space to create is so important.  I love the dual desk which doubles as a work table.

home office 2

home office 5

Here’s the thing, though.  Being a part of our home, I want it to still be incorporated in the decor – to be warm, cozy, and approachable.  So to strike to perfect mix of efficiency, organization, and homey-ness, that is the challenge.

I found an awesome site that does lots of beautiful, bespoke, made to measure home study furniture, but they’re only in the UK, so those of you in England – you’ve got a resource!  For me here in the US, I’ll keep looking for something to help me get the look I’m going for.

So, I don’t want to be such a jerk and give you so many cliff hangers about our next steps, but the idea is just a little too young to bust out.  Soon though…Soon!

What are your thoughts?  Do you have a home office?  How does it work for you?

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Introducing our patio


We ate our first al fresco dinner last night on our new patio and I am so excited finally to share it with you guys today!  It was meant to be an old world, natural, organic feel which will only improve with wear and the increase of foliage once our plants get going.

al fresco dining diptych

These photos are just a sneak peek, but you can head on over to the Patio Style Challenge on The Home Depot’s site today to catch the FULL BEFORE & AFTER.  Let me know what you think!

How do you think it compares to the feeling of my inspiration?


Minted Master Bedroom Art

bedroom art - minted

After updating our bedroom sconces a couple of weeks ago, I was on the lookout for some art to go above the headboard.  With the shelves on both sides and small space of the wall, I didn’t want anything to big or busy.

I usually think of Minted for paper party goods and invitations, but I realized that the same community of designers that create the invites make art too.  I found something simple and unique by graphic designer Annie Clark and featured it in a frame that has a large matting for a little more white space.

bedroom art

master bedroom art


I knew I wanted my bedroom to have a curated library look, but still be airy and calming.  I think I’m getting closer!

If you get a chance, look at all of the amazing art on Minted… It was pretty hard for me to make a decision, there were so many great runner ups!


Artfully Serene


It’s not really often that I feel as blown away by an artist as I did when I found out about the stunning art by Hillary Butler. Her landscape abstract paintings are so soft and pretty, capturing the feeling of moving color, which isn’t what I usually think about when I think about abstract art. Hillary’s talent is evident in how she acheives such bright, fresh color in a mellow serene way.  I just love her pieces.

Hillary Butler

Hillary has a love of interior design as well which is what drives some of her on-trend colors, styles, and what gave her the idea for a new (completely awesome) tool.  You can actually email her a photo of your home and she’ll photoshop the art into your space so you can see what it looks like before you buy it.  I think that people are often overwhelmed by abstract art and have a hard time envisioning it in their homes, so this is a wonderful tool.



I am so excited to introduce her work to you and she is so excited also to meet you guys!  For House of Earnest readers only, she is offering a complimentary 12 x 12 painting for any purchase over $250 until May 12th.  We’re thinking that this could be a great opportunity for Mother’s day!  Buy a beautiful painting for your mom (over $250) and get a 12 x 12 for yourself!  It’s perfect! Just enter HOUSE250 at check out.

I hope you’ll hop over to her shop.  I’m considering two different paintings at the moment and would love to see which ones you guys love. Let me know!


Media Shelving Update

shelving - 4

In our living room, we had initially created a console out of pallets for our media components and although I loved the idea, after switching to a new receiver and new electronics, they didn’t fit into the openings in the homemade console.  I’ve been on the hunt for something that was unique and had some height to it. Everything else in the living room sits lower and creating contrast in height and leading the eye up was my goal.

I finally found something that I liked, and the bonus was that it was only $70 from Ikea.  I didn’t expect to find something there that had a more unique look to it, but I found that the basic, cubic look of these metal and glass shelves, dressed up with metallic and neutral accessories made all the difference.

media shelving diptych - House of Earnest shelving - 2

It fits all of the media components perfectly and allows for enough storage for my books and accessories to be displayed. The shelves provide a great mix of modern and vintage casual when mixed with the other pieces in my living room.

I’ve actually been thinking of this little nook in my house the whole time I’ve been traveling and I’m excited to get back home and play with it a little more, adjusting some of the decor and maybe adding a pop of color.

What do you use to corral your electronics?  Do you like the change from rustic industrial pallet to the cleaner glass shelves?

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