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It’s a Sunny Day

sunny day vintage



You guys might notice a little bit of the activity of sponsors that come and go in the side bar, but I wanted to call special attention to one that is a constant source of support and of vintage goodies as well.  Sunny Day Vintage, run by entrepreneur, Sunny, is filled with such sweet finds ranging anywhere from antique labels and glassware to vintage craft supplies like buttons, ribbon, bobbins, and more.

In my DIYs, I’m always talking about picking up a vintage this or antique that and Sunny Day Vintage is the type of store I’m describing.  I love to pick up little baubles and bits that are just plain pretty and these are the things that inspire me most of the time to make the projects that I share with you guys.

Sunny has been such a wonderful sponsor and support for House of Earnest and is active in our community, lending her thoughts on comments and sharing posts on social media.  I am beyond thrilled to have her and Sunny Day Vintage as a H of E sponsor.

To top it all off, through the end of April Sunny is offering 15% off any Sunny Day Vintage purchase for House of Earnest Readers! Enter in coupon code EARNEST at check out to take advantage!

Pop over and say hi to Sunny for me!


p.s.  I’m relaxing on vacation right now in sunny Colorado, but will be blogging all week and instagramming up the joint.  Follow @Houseofearnest on instagram to keep up!


Friday Faves 2.22

nesting bowls, pendant light, sewing kit, desk set, trays, arrow pillow, wood side table, occasional table, faceted wood table


ONE Raspberry glass pendant light is a perfect mix of feminine and vintage.  I think it would make the perfect addition to a small space entryway! $42 from BootsNGus. TWO This brass desk set by Futagami is calling my name!  I love that its shine is a little tarnished and it’s angles are reminiscent of a faceted gem. Cost starts at $50 for the small, so they’re not cheap! THREE I originally pinned the image of this Merchant & Mills sewing kit because I love the type and the  packaging, but now I’ve realized that it comes with amazing little treats like scissors, a needle threader and notions galore – not to mention would make a wonderful gift, $75.  FOUR Sweet and unique painted geo nesting bowls can scatter around the house holding everything from nuts to jewelry.  The set of three from Furbish is just $24.  FIVE what’s not to love about a faceted wooden side table? It’s sculptural  fun, and won’t break the bank. $298 from Urban Outfitters. SIX I’m not sure why arrows are cool, but I love that they are.  This simple embroidered pillow would look just as good in a living room or in a little boys bedroom.  $128 from Terrain.


I’m not sure if I am happier that it’s Friday, or happier to be back at home.  Either way, this weekend is going to include lots of relaxing, unpacking (and then repacking), and hanging out with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while.  I think I’m leaning toward loving some of the cleaner lines and angular shaped things above partially because my house is such a disaster and these things make me feel quite orderly. I’ve got two giant unpacked suitcases, a few vases of dead flowers, and piles of mail just waiting to be tended to… but maybe I’ll go for happy hour first!

Tell me, what is on your agenda this last week in February?



Splurge and Save: Navy Velvet Sofas

splurge save navy velvet sofa

I love navy velvet sofas and have always wanted one, but I’m just so afraid they’ll go out of fashion (although that seems like a preposterous idea) so I’ve never wanted to purchase a real pricey one.  As absolutely stunning as the Mitchell and Gold sofa is, West Elm also has a style for about half the price.

What do you guys think?  Is this something you’d go all the way on, or save?


p.s. I like a little nailhead trip like I used here would be perfect on the West Elm sofa!


Step into Spring with Illume

Illume 2
I’m not gonna lie to you guys, after being in Delhi, I’m ready for bright colors and the spring weather to follow me back to Ohio.  I feel like I can’t get antsy just yet because I still have a vacation in snowy Telluride next week, but it’s definitely on my mind.

The wonderful people at Illume sent me a whole sampler let of their new spring items and it’s certainly not helping my spring fever. The colors are bright and vibrant, the patterns are reminiscent of summer and the scents are just what I need.  How cute are these little matchbooks?

After Christmas, I need fresh, clean smells wafting through my house (I’m not a food/sweet scent type person) and so I was so excited to try a different scent each day from the sampler to see which I liked most.

illume 1

illume diptych

The verdict?  Cactus Verde is the winner.  It’s clean, light and herbal smelling which makes my house feel just as ready for spring as I am!

Speaking of winners… We have TWO winners of the Birchseed giveaway and both winners will be contacted via email!


Have a FRESH Wednesday, you guys!


disclosure: Illume kindly provided the products seen here, but all opinions are my own.


Hand Made: Lacquered Animal Bookends

bookends 3 font

I was bursting at the seams to share this project and today is the day!  I love lacquered anything, but this cute little animals in a lovely deep blue are such a welcome addition to my office.  They were so so simple to make and the options of animal, object, and color are endless.  I think I might even make a few for gifts!

bookends 1

bookends diptych

bookends workflow

I simply used Gorilla Super Glue to adhere a plastic toy to a brick, painted with a high gloss paint and finished it off with a high gloss lacquer top coat. Easy, huh?

I had so much fun playing around with styling them and thought the monkey’s faces were humorous.  I really wanted to find horses or a lion, but truth be told, finding the toy to use was the hardest part of this project.  I ended up using dog toys, but I think a trip to a large toy store probably would have yielded good results as well.

So what do you think?  Silly? Fun? Can I say chic?

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Birchseed Giveaway – CLOSED

Birchseed Pillows giveaway

We are giving away TWO pairs of down-filled art inspired pillows today!  First, I’m so excited to share a relatively new company with a passion for putting emerging artists in front of the proper audience.  Birchseed‘s goal is to provide exposure for new artists to the general public through building each artist’s name and reputation.  They focus on giving these young artists a chance to develop their artistry in a finacially supportive way which I just think is phenomenal.

birchseed giveaway

Birchseed not only carries the original art by these new talents,  but also helps them to get their names out into a world of consumers by making the art accessible through their line of art inspired textiles.  The pillow covers are such a wonderful idea for regular joes like you and I who may not want to splurge on some original art, but may really want to integrate the look into our homes and support new artists as well.

To gain even more exposure for these artists and their craft, House of Earnest is teaming up with Birchseed to do a give-a-way with not just one, but TWO possible winners.  Each winner will get a PAIR of beautiful art inspired pillows made from high quality materials and they come with the down feather inserts (how many pillows do you buy now-a-days that come with the insert?).


1. Pop over to Birchseed.com and have a look around.  Come back here and comment below, telling me which item is your favorite.   We will choose one random winner for each one of these comments.

2. SHARE the love!  If you share Birchseed or one of their products via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, (and come back here to leave a comment letting me know that you did so) You’ll be entered to win the second set of pillows.  (make sure to include Birchseed’s site link in your share!)

Official Rules: Open to all U.S. residents, no purchase is necessary.  This giveaway begins at 5am EST on 2/13/2013 and closes at midnight EST on 2/19/2013.

Good Luck!!


Breathtaking in Brooklyn


My goal is never to just pick photos out of other websites and plaster them here, but I will say that these photos truly moved me.  I was originally drawn into The Brooklyn Home Company when researching stone walls (as I wrote about last week), and was blown away by all of the loveliness was around ever single corner throughout the rest of the portfolio for the Brooklyn-based home builders.

I talk a lot about my goals for when Matt and I build on our land, and I was really impressed by how this company builds homes by gutting skeletons of buildings in an area where fresh land to build on isn’t really an option. I spent about an hour pouring through each project, each page and reading up on how each project began.









Impeccable taste, no?  You can certainly tell that even through differences in homeowners, each home reflects a certain eye for design and taste level that are consistent throughout.  I really couldn’t narrow down the photos I wanted to show you any more than this, but there is TONS more inspiration on their site.

Are you as blown away as I am?


p.s. If you’re curious about Alt – I’ll have a recap up next Monday!  I wasn’t original going to post about it since I like to write to people (and not geared specifically toward other bloggers), but enough of you wrote to me curious about the conference and some insight, so I’ll post a little recap that will be both fun for bloggers and non-bloggers alike.  Get Ready!

p.p.s. Like the eye candy in today’s post?  Follow me on Pinterest for more filed away goodness of homes, parties, and products that I love. Go ahead, Snoop around!


Style Splurge – Murano Glass

House of Earnest - Green Murano

I’ve been to Italy a couple times and each time I could not get over the Murano glass chandeliers in most of the (very classic) Venitian shops, hotels, restaurants, and so on.

Although I loved them from a sheer beauty standpoint, I certainly did not think they belonged in my house. My house is simple, clean (from a lines standpoint, not an orderly standpoint), and certainly not capable of housing such a striking element in classical design. That is, until I did a little more research. I found three really great examples of authentic Murano glass Chandeliers in homes that are far less fancy than where I’m used to seeing them..

We did a little tour when we were in Italy and learned that authentic Murano glass comes only from the island of Murano off the shore of Venice (similar to how Champagne is just from the Champagne region in France). This makes the real stuff more sought after and the history of the pieces richer.

House of Earnest - Murano Chandeliers

They really are a splurge, but you don’t have to go hog wild right to the ornate lighting fixtures. There are tons of other beautiful Murano pieces that can make a statement without costing an arm and a leg. YourMurano.com has tons of beautiful pieces and gives a little bit of information on making sure the origin of the piece is authentic. I just love that all of the glass is hand made in on the beautiful island of Murano, Italy and that is definitely part of the appeal (and the splurge!)

Do you like Murano? Convinced it could be done in an unfussy way? Tell me what you think!


p.s. this isn’t a fashion blog, but I have a few murano cocktail rings which are really awesome. If you love the look but aren’t in for the splurge right now, you should check them out!


Stone Cold Awesome

brooklyn home company den rock wall white sofa silver lamp tree trunk coffee table

Have I ever told you that Matty and I used to live in Colorado?  Just for a little under a year, but we stayed out there for a full ski season and I learned to ski, he honed his pretty amazing skills and we both just soaked in the lifestyle that living out west could offer.  It seems silly, but one of the things that sticks with me the most was the natural materials used in the ski homes and how warm and luxe it all felt.  Every time I come back out west (particularly to a ski town) I can’t help but ogle over the possibilities in my home (out east).

I really want to incorporate some stone into our house, but a full-scale stone makeover is not quite feasible in our current home – unless you go the veneer route.  I discovered that you can do some pretty awesome natural stone veneers on existing drywall in your home and get a similar look, and guess what?  It’s a pretty easy DIY (about as easy as tile).

stone bathroom veneer rustic

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 1.28.03 PM


Now, I’ve gone a bit overboard with my inspiration photos, but the stone veneer panels I’m thinking could be a great solution to a smaller space – maybe a fireplace or mantle?  I think I’m going to have to give it a try, at least in a small way.

There are just a couple big brands out there who do this type of veneer, but the Ivory color at Norstone is calling my name, and looks like it would be pretty easy for Matt to install (wink!).


What are your thoughts on stone accents?  Love it?  Stone Cold Awesome?

p.s. I was laughing out loud when crafting the title to this post.  I just kept thinking about boys in middle school who used to wear stone cold steve austin shirts.  I don’t even know who that guy is, but it cracks me up.


photo credit from top: 1 – The Brooklyn Home Company | 2 – Vik Hotels | 3 – Alemanys 5


Strength in Numbers

strength in numbers1

Whenever I go to the store, I pick up flowers for a two week stint in my home.  My goal is always to have several different arrangements to go in every room in the house and cheer things up.  All white tulips in the winter are just the right bit of greenery while still being serene and reminiscent of the frosty outdoors.

Breaking the market bundle into one large, a couple smaller groupings, and two bud vases means that I have enough to go around.  A bud vase for the bathroom and the bedside, a smaller arrangement for the kitchen and office, and the largest one for the entry.

strength in numbers 2

strength in numbers diptych

This tactic works well with any type of flower and is a good method if you’re not awesome at arrangements.  Beware of your vessel too – something with a small opening like a stemless wine glass works awesome, but if you’ve got a more difficult shape, like a cube, tie up your flowers into a nice little bundle and lean them to one side – tres chic!

I hope you’re having a lovely and beautiful Tuesday!

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