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Spring (Party) Fever


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got a serious case of spring fever.  And what’s worse, I have spring party fever.  It might have been the patio planning, or it might be that I’m spending a week in a very snowy landscape, but I cannot stop thinking about spring.

When I was looking for patio inspiration, I found this styled shoot by Jen Huang for Green Wedding Shoes and just loved the natural, springy vibe. I haven’t had a good party in a few months with all of the traveling I’ve been doing and am getting an itch to throw a little shindig.  Waiting for the patio to be complete and having a nice little spring gathering has gone from being just an idea to being pretty high up on my to-do list.



Aren’t all of the watercolor pastels mixed with spring brights just melting the snow around your cold winter heart?  They sure are mine!

I am pretty excited about the possibilities for upcoming spring events, especially if we can get this patio done asap!


Are you yearning for spring yet?  What makes most excited for the upcoming season?


Valentines Day Party for Emma Magazine


About a month ago, I worked on a Valentines day party shoot for Emma Magazine and I was just dying to share the outcome of the shoot with you!  The full issue went live last Friday and I loved seeing my concept come to life!  It was really the first styled type shoot I had done and although I learned a ton of do’s and don’ts, I am happy with how it turned out.

Emma Mag - 1

emma mag1

emma mag - 2

These are just a few snapshots from the shoot, but there are tons more and printable invitations by graphic designer, Sarah all over at EmmaMag.com! Please go check it out and let me know what you think!


Amazing photography by Benjamin Lowry, Ice cream provided courtesy of Jeni’s Ice Creams.


Hand Made: Accordion Hearts


I love a fun gift topper, and these little accordion hearts are both fun to receive and fun to make (believe me, I made about ten of them)! I think the three dimensional aspect of it is what makes it stand out – literally.

accordian heart toppers - 2

accordian heart diptych

 It’s early enough to make a few for Valentines day (or any day) and stash them away for when you’re wrapping gifts.  The heart toppers only use one half of a piece of construction paper so get out your scissors and get going! (PDF template to print included!)

Continue Reading…


Party Style Secrets: Wooden Skewers

skewers for party - www.houseofearnest.com

It’s no secret that I love to throw a good party, and one of the things that helps me get ready in a flash is the use of skewers.  Yes, those thin little pack of wooden picks you can get in the grocery store.

I keep a pack on hand at all times and you wouldn’t even imagine the use they get.  They’re longer than toothpicks, so they make a great choice for whatever you event calls for – cheese markers?  yes.  Drink stirrers? yes.

As you can see, I have multiple pretty and easy ways to dress up this unassuming kitchen tool  using a little washi tape, printer paper, sparkle pom or fruit.  It’s just one of those simple little things that help to create a unique addition to whatever party siutation that may arise!

Stock your pantry and break out your party shoes – because now you’re ready!


Busy and Bustling


Every week I talk about it being crazy busy and ‘oh what a whirlwind’, and on and on. After saying it a few times I get the feeling that this is just how life’s going to go for a while.  I wanted to give you guys a little peek on some of the things going on here behind the House of Earnest Scenes this week, other places you can find my work, and what’s down the road (since my very vague New Year’s post).

  • I’ve just finished up a big photo shoot for Emma Magazine to go in their February issue.  A graphic designer, photographer, and a few very special sponsors donated their efforts, products, and talents to the shoot.  It was like producing a movie and planning a wedding rolled into one day and I absolutely loved it!  I’m crazy excited to see how the professional photos turned out this week, but above are a few glimpses from my and other attendees’ instagram.
  • I turned around yesterday and had a wonderful meeting with a future bride about her destination wedding in Savannah, which I am really looking forward to.  I am putting together a proposal/design direction for her and will give you guys a sneak peek next week!
  • I got a very new business card stamp which is more service/business geared rather than blog geared.  I plan to use both – one to spread the word about House of Earnest and one to spread the word about my freelance DIY, styling, and floral work.
  • I’m writing regularly on Etsy (check out some of my posts!)
  • I’ve begun to brainstorm more ideas like this one for Style Me Pretty’s new ‘At Home’ blog.
  • I have two other (really big) projects that are in the planning stage that I can’t tell you right now (so mean of me, right?)… but believe me when I say they’re huge. huge.
  • I’m preparing for Alt Design Summit which is just in two weeks! I’m speaking on a social media and technology in blogging.
  • I turn 30!!! this week!

I don’t want to come off all “look how busy I am”… so don’t get me wrong.  I wanted to give you guys some sneaks into what’s going on behind the scenes here, what you can expect to see more of in the future, and why I run around like a chicken without a head (wait, where did I leave my head?).

There are so many exciting things going on right now, I feel like I’m living in a flurry of ideas all the time and I love every second of it.

Let me know what you’re up to?  Anything exciting on the horizon?

Photo Credit: Floating Hearts from Benjamin Lowry’s Instagram, Caprese and Cheese from Simply Vicky’s Instagram, all other from House of Earnest Instagram.




Easy, Quick New Years DIY


If you’re looking for a little last minute pizzazz for tonight’s festivities, make your own confetti following my easy DIY posted over on Style Me Pretty! There is little excuse not to make some as all it takes is a hole punch (or just some scissors for square pieces) and some ribbon.  You probably have both left over from Christmas, so let’s get going!


What’s more, Style Me Pretty has a whole new little adventure with the SMP Home which is going to be getting even more awesome soon – Check it out here!

Have a SPARKLY evening, all!


Simple Seasonal: Cocktail Party Prep

party prep 1

It’s the eve of Christmas! Like in previous years, Matt and I host a cocktail party on Christmas eve for both sides of our family to be able to get together and come over for a little bit of food, wine, and festive socializing.

We’ve had lots of stuff going on this weekend, and I am in the office working today, so my preparations yesterday were important.  I made a quick list (I live by lists) and got to preparing for the party.  One of the biggest time savers is to set up all of the serving areas prior to cooking anything.  This will naturally help to establish a plan for what goes where, what needs cooked, what doesn’t, and so on.

Like so many of my projects this season, I focus on simple elements with a cohesive theme to make a big impact.  This year, since my theme was a neutral palette grounded mostly in white, I’ve used the same scheme for my table. Mixing colors and textures all within the color scheme gives interest, but keeps the look tight as well.

party prep vessels

party prep - list2

party prep 4

On the menu is simple, easy to prepare foods that have a lot of flavor and texture.

  • Beef tenderloin mini sliders with assorted mustards and horseradish sauce
  • Spinach & Artichoke dip with veggies and chips
  • Sliced pear wrapped in bleu cheese and prosciutto
  • Roasted butternut squash topped with goat cheese and cranberry sauce
  • Drunken fruit tart
  • Assorted Cheeses, Olives, and nuts
  • Coffee and Cookies
  • Beer, Wine, and a signature bubbly cocktail

party prep diptych

party prep 3

Now, when I get home from work (let’s hope it’s an early day), I can just get started cooking and lay everything out in it’s designated spot as it is ready.

The whole party is a bit more manageable when broken down and labeled, so use this method during your next soiree and I know you’ll see what a difference it makes!

Have a FABULOUS Christmas Eve out there, guys!


p.s.  The Ferm Living and Son of a Sailor giveaways close tonight at midnight!  Hop on over to enter if you haven’t already!

p.p.s.  the last day in the 24 Merry Days (24 days of giveaways) is today over at Oh,Hello Friend!  Check it out!



Brown Paper Packages

packages 1

If you haven’t yet noticed, my whole decor scheme this Christmas is all about very simple, easy execution, focusing on layers of color and texture.  There aren’t too many complex projects, but that doesn’t mean that details aren’t important.  Sticking with my color scheme has lent my entire house to a very cohesive holiday feeling, without causing too much work.

My Christmas wrapping follows the exact same strategy.  Solid papers in white, brown, and kraft are tied up with black, white, and gold bows to reflect a clean, simple, but luxe look.  Since my tree has a ton of shine, going really basic with the gifts is a nice complement.

packages diptych

packages 3

I splurged a little more on the satin ribbon and saved money on the paper, but what I also love about using the satin ribbon (aside from the luxury it conveys) is that it won’t smush in the car!

Do you have a specific gift wrap strategy?

Have a PRETTY Thursday!


p.s.  if you want to take a look at my handmade giftwrap from last year, it was so so fun and you still have time!


Caramel Gingersnap Icecream

caramel gingersnap icecream 1

Get ready to blow the minds of everyone at your Christmas gathering.  Not only does ice cream (in December) sound extremely impressive, but the tastes going on in this caramel gingersnap creation are seriously going to win you lots of respect from the family who is devouring it.

It really couldn’t be more simple, so this delish dessert keeps things easy for your holiday cooking because it’s more about assembly than actual cooking.  My secret is to use store-bought vanilla bean (it’s gotta be the kind with the flecks of vanilla) ice cream to give a great foundational flavor, then I add a really wonderful combination of textures and tastes with crumbled gingersnap cookies and caramel.

caramel gingersnap icecream 2

carmel gingersnap icecream workflow
 ONE empty out your quart of vanilla bean ice cream into your mixer with the paddle attachment. TWO with the mixer on low speed, add in the crumbled gingersnap cookies. THREE spread one third of the ice cream into the bottom of a freezer-safe dish. FOUR drizzle caramel ice cream topping onto the first layer and repeat with two more layers of ice cream, separated by drizzled caramel sauce.

Wrap or cover the ice cream and place in the freezer until you plan on serving, but at least for two hours to reharden.

caramel gingersnap icecream 3

You and yours will literally fall of your chairs, it’s so good.  I cannot say enough good things about this ice cream, so you’re going to have to make it to believe it.  The great part is that it takes few ingredients and can be prepared ahead of time.  I’m making a few batches this week for next week’s festivities!

I hope you’ll give this a try – and let me know if you do!

Have a DELICIOUS Tuesday!


p.s.  I lied to you yesterday.  Although I did do two posts for today, I had a slight technological issue and was only able to get one up!  I hope you can forgive me!

p.p.s. If you entered the 24 Merry Days giveaway on House of Earnest yesterday, Thank you!  Today’s giveaway is over at Lolalina and is for a set of really cute Rifle Paper Co. notebooks!  Check it out!



A Happy Little Hostess

Everyone wants to share something meaningful and fun with their party hostess and a bottle of wine (although surely useful around the holidays) won’t help you to stick out from the other party guests.

Here are a couple of fun, unique gifts that you’ll be happy to give and any hostess would be more than happy to receive.

ONE chic Kate Spade ornament will be a yearly reminder why they love you. TWO mulling spices for a warm winter night in later this season THREE not just your normal calendar for the new year FOUR good olive oil FIVE quirky fun diary SIX a little pizzaz for their Christmas sweater or ‘do

With simple gifts, presentation is key.  Get some pretty ribbons, glittery tissue or whatever it takes to show that what’s inside is special!

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