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Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving

I am so very thankful for you, my dear readers today!  I wouldn’t have this fabulous of a time blogging if it wasn’t for you!

I hope you all have a wonderful, delicious, and safe holiday!  See you back here tomorrow for some killer deals in a special ‘Black Friday’ edition of our faves!



On My Mind Lately


cant shake that feeling

Regardless of what’s going on here each day, I’ve always got a bazillion other things on my mind to ensure that I’m thinking ahead enough for blog content or just thinking ahead enough for where my career is going or just managing the household (and all of the changes that are a result of the blogging).  There are things that can be put on a to do list, then there are those beasts of ideas that have entire to-do lists of their own.  Those are the things haunting me this week.


This is something I was adamantly against when I launched the Grandiflora Home + Decor online shop last fall. I didn’t want to be ‘tied down’ to a shop or manage employees or pay the overhead.  Since then, however, it’s been seeming more and more appealing to me. Maybe it’s the general nesting feelings that come with the fall, but it’s just been a thought that looms in the back of my mind and fogging my ability to sort out the future steps for the business.  I find myself dreaming about what my shop would look like or what it would offer.  Maybe it’s a dream, maybe it’s something more, but it sure it taking up a bit of space in my brain. I need to actually make a legit plan of what steps and finances a store would take so that I can know if it’s an idea to act upon or an idea to shelve.

King-Sized Upgrade

This seems so silly, I know, but I’m actually nervous about the change.  I feel like I just got my bedroom where I like it.  The grey pin tucked duvet from Crane & Canopy, the lemony yellow ikat shams, the DIY linen nailhead headboard… I love it all!  But, it is time for an upgrade.  Our mattress is a queen and is the first model of temperpedic, which means it get’s blazing hot. We decided that if we’re going to get a new mattress, we should go ahead and upgrade to a king, but that means starting over with my decor – from the headboard right down to the sheets. I’ve started to brainstorm what I’ll do this time around and I’m definitely going to have a few DIYs involved (which will need to be sooner rather than later if we want to sleep on the new bed coming next week EEK!).  I have a WHOLE post on Monday with my preliminary ideas.

The holidays are upon us

I know it’s still October.  I know it’s probably the last thing you guys want to hear, but I’ve got holidays on the brain. I keep thinking of all of these awesome projects, but since I’m still working on some big projects for November (and now pile on the new bed projects) I can’t quite get my ideas in any sort of tangible order for Christmas.  As a blogger, we’ve got to post early and plan earlier and I’ve got a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach for a reason I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe I’ll devote some time this weekend to brainstorming and putting pen to paper with the ideas.

change is in the air

Maybe the rebrand topic is why the thoughts of the storefront has been prominent.  I can’t envision the future of my branding with out thinking about the future of where the brand will BE.  I can’t discuss too many details right now because working out details is what’s giving me anxiety.  All I can say is that I’m working toward making what currently feels like two totally separate jobs (the blog and the shop) into one cohesive career.  Although I’ve taken the first steps, I’m currently paralyzed with fear about making a wrong move for either brand. It’s difficult stuff and my current strategy has been total avoidance.


When tasks or ideas loom overhead, I am usually comforted by writing down the big picture on a giant post-it note, and then writing down the to-do list that goes with the task.  Since I’ve been traveling for the past week, this anti-anxiety exercise isn’t something I’ve been able to do, which is why a few things have built up. I have looming deadlines for lots of projects not listed here as well (including flowers for a wedding this weekend!), so I’ll need to get my organizational butt in gear.  After the flowers are done on Saturday, I think I’ll take some alone time on Sunday morning to organize, do my list-making exercise, and try to focus.

What do you do when each item on your To-Do list has it’s own To-Do list?


Sources: Storefront  |  Bedroom  |  Frontdoor  |  Branding


A Fall by Any Other Name

fall feelings in warm weather

I have a bit of a bomb to drop on you guys today.  I’m in the Florida Keys. Why did I keep this from you?  Well, it just didn’t seem very fall-y to be jetting off to the Keys (albeit for work).  I wasn’t getting any crisp, pumpkiny feelings about it and didn’t want to be posting fall, fall, fall, palm trees.

Juliet said, in the famous Shakespeare play, that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I’m wondering if fall in any other area is still be as… fall? This seems trivial and silly, but hear me out.  The entire four years that I lived in Nashville, I never really felt Christmas. It just didn’t get cold enough there for me to trigger any nostalgic feelings of the traditionally snowy holiday.

Similarly, in Florida, I am not feeling the fall.  It made me wonder, do people that live in warmer climates year round feel the shift? Are there minutiae in the seasons that trigger memories and feelings of warmth?

It’s an interesting thought, that the temperature change brings with it the ebbs and flows of the year.  We feel vibrant in the summer, cozy in the winter, and transition during the spring and fall.  This is something I’ve lived with my whole life, so it’s not surprising that a brief stint in Nashville threw me for a loop.  Although Nashville did experience a (warm) fall complete with changing leaves, I didn’t see the difference that location made on my holiday psyche until winter rolled around. I often said to anyone who would listen that I just didn’t ‘feel’ Christmasy.

Now, in ninety degree weather surrounded by sand and sun, I certainly don’t feel the fall, but maybe that’s just because I don’t know the subtle nuances. I’m happy to be here for the weekend, but eager to be back in the crisp northern air soon.

So, tell me…. have you ever lived in an area where you had trouble triggering holiday feelings?  Was it weather based? Did you adjust over time? I’d love to know!


Have a fabulous Thursday!!



What’s in a (house) Name?

castle howard

Good Monday morning! We got back last night from a fabulous weekend in Williamsburg and I’ll have all the details and photos up for you soon!

During the weekend, however, something that’s been in my mind for a while came back to the forefront.  All of the beautiful estates and family homes we toured had names.  Now, most of these names were probably given to the homes by the folks who run the Williamsburg conservation for the purposes of keeping track of goings ons with the homes, but naming a home isn’t uncommon in other areas as well. We usually associate house names with giant rolling estates or opposite with college hangouts (just ask anyone from Miami University), but now and again you see a regular house with a name.  Sometimes it’s a farm, or out west it’s a ranch, but it isn’t totally abnormal.

I think about this a lot because Matt and I always think about naming our farm.  We’ve spent loads of time thinking up names that either describe the terrain around the home, describe the home itself, or describe us and our family. Over the years, only a few names have stood out, but nothing has been an epiphany. Names like, Whitetail Farms (for our white-tailed deer, fox, dog, and one albino squirrel that lives in our woods).

Right now, our home is lovingly referred to as just ‘The Farmhouse’.  We’ll be out with friends and someone will inevitably say, “let’s just grab some beer and go back to The Farmhouse’  or, “let’s do happy hour at The Farmhouse”.  I love the association of the home with a destination and the sense of gathering it brings.

So, we’re still working on the more long-term name for the farm – maybe we’ll put it up to a blog vote!  But in the meantime, I want to hear about your experience with named homes.  Is there one in your family?  Have you named your home?  How to you associate the name with the feelings you get while you’re there?

I can’t wait to hear from you!



image source: Rococo Revisited


Points for Trying

points for trying

I’ve never been much of a housekeeper.  Or a much of a lot of things actually.  I don’t work out enough or drink enough water or wash my face nearly enough. I really fail when it comes to doing laundry and watering my flowers.  Around the house, it’s quite evident that I don’t give 100% to lots of things.  I run a blog, I run a shop and a consulting business and try to spend as much time as possible with my husband.  But all of those other things, they all just ‘kind of’ get done. I try, I really do, but at the end of each day, there are things that never get crossed off the list.

The other night, I’m thinking about all of this while doing the dishes from the giant batch of homemade salsa that I’d made (more on that later), and I’m really dwelling on the point that I didn’t drink enough (any) water that day. It was one of the goals I’d literally made 10 hours earlier and I’d already botched it.  Continue Reading…


Words from the Weekend

contextualpost quotation


Happy Monday guys! Are you pumped up for another week? This weekend I got to thinking about dreams, goals, jobs, and the future.  I think about these things, how they all work together, and on what sort of timeline they’re working together all.of.the.time. Quite honestly, the result of this type of thinking lands me in a little pit of worry and I begin to doubt my path.  Then I saw this quotation circulating pinterest. Of all of the inspirational, whimsical, dreamy posts that I see out there this one is different because it’s just so clear and direct.  “If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time.” Geeze, how’s that for a wake-up call?

When I meet with young hopefuls who want to get started in the online world, often the very first question they ask is “how to did get to the point where you could quit your day job?”   Continue Reading…


Something I want to love

scarf - atlantic pacific

Do you ever just have those things that you want to like?  Those things you buy thinking that you’ll love it – even if it kills you? For me it started with coffee (odd considering yesterday’s post).  I wanted to like coffee so bad.  I wanted to be a woman who drank coffee. I attacked this goal like I would any assignment.  I started small with the Dunkaccino’s from Dunkin Donuts and worked my way further and further toward real coffee right up until I was drinking espresso black. I just wanted to be a coffee drinker.  A cool black coffee drinker.

There are different things in life that I’ve tried to force myself to like – one big one being scarves.  I love to buy scarves. I think they’re gorgeous, and I when I see beautiful scarves on other women, I’m jealous.  “I could be a scarf wearing woman” I usually think to myself. This leads me to buy all sorts of artistically wonderful scarves, but I can’t wear them. I don’t like the way they feel on my neck with my hair all bunchy and un-chic. I think I can wear them, and I want to wear them, but I never ever do.  Similar to how I want to be an espresso drinking woman, but I’ve regressed and now I must have my coffee with milk and sugar.

All of this to say there are people we want to be, and there are things we try to force ourselves into because we just want to like that thing…. we think we should like that thing.  It is interesting to think about the absolute difference between liking something and wanting to like something, isn’t it? Isn’t it strange to think we can want something so badly, but it just doesn’t suit us?  There are so many iterations of this phenomenon, and there are many more that apply to me, but these two come top of mind for me. Two things that would make me so much chicer in my mind, but we all have our limits.


So tell me, what are your limits?  What is something you’ve tried tried tried to like but just can’t?


p.s. I will make use of my endless drawer of unworn scarves in one of next week’s DIYs!!  Stay tuned…

Photo: Atlantic-Pacific


Give Yourself A Break

AD porch

Let me ask you something. When is the last time you had a list of to-do’s and just completely ignored it? Can you recall a time?

Yesterday was my only weekend day at home since I spent the majority of last week working on a Pier 1 and Glam video shoot on Long Island. It was amazingly fun and if you follow on Instagram, you would have seen a few pics from the project.  As fun as it was, it was work and I was away from home and husband.

I got home late Saturday night and upon waking yesterday I did something very very unusual for me.  I didn’t do one ounce of work. Not one. Usually when I walk I listen to business podcasts, but I listened to music this time.  Usually in the evening while Matt is watching TV, I work on email and outstanding projects. But yesterday I chose to ignore all of these pending items and nagging feelings.  I literally spent two straight hours sitting on my porch, reading magazines, flipping through catalogues, and drinking a nice cold beer.

Do you want to know what happened during this time?  I had a flood of new ideas while perusing those pages. I thought of projects and concepts that were exciting and original. I feverishly tore pages from my mags, took notes, and felt my wheels turning. Now, this might seem like work, but it’s really quite the opposite.  It’s what happens when work isn’t the focus, but when living is the focus.  I liken it to a sort of ‘blissful ignorance’. I know there is a whole slew of things that must be done, but I choose to ignore it and just to spend my weekend day as it was meant to be spent.

I know we can’t do this all of the time, I like to be busy busy busy and not being buys makes me feel…guilty, like I’m not trying my hardest. But, when I can put aside the feelings of guilt and block them out of my mind, I’ve come to realize that it’s invigorating to take control of your day and make a conscious choice to relax.  I can’t say I’m a master at this, I’m far from it.  But I’m learning every day and yesterday I learned that there is great importance in stepping back and just giving yourself a break.

I want to hear from you guys on this one.  Do you ever look at your mounting to-do list (or pile of laundry) and just walk away? What do you spend your guilty ‘you’ time doing?




Photo: Architectural Digest


Practicing Graciousness


Graciousness. Something we may not think about a lot these days.  A lot of other qualities have come to displace grace, and sometimes grace is even seen as submissive, or as an enemy of strength.

I’m here to tell you that graciousness is the epitome of strength.

Continue Reading…


In The Valleys We Grow


If you follow on social media, you’ll know that I spent last weekend in Palm Springs with some amazing bloggers in a 3 day get together sponsored both by Bing and some incredible other brands (see friday’s faves!) and the weekend was hosted by the amazingly talented Chelsea, Kelly, and Brittni. We had a cabinet stuffed to the gills with craft supplies, party goodies, fresh flowers, and tools. We had a refrigerator crammed full of sweets, drinks, and anything a girls heart could desire.  These girls really pulled off an amazing fete.

I have to tell you, though, before my trip to Palm Springs, I was feeling a little bad for myself.  I just wasn’t feeling my usual spunk and I felt drained and without inspiration.  So as we’re spending time together in a hot, tropical valley, I got to thinking about growth.  I set out to explore, to learn, and to grow with these other talented women.  So that is what I set to do, get out of my funk. Unfortunately, things sometimes get worse before they get better, but I learned that mountainous growth most evident when you’re in a valley…theoretically (and literally in this case).

Settle in for this (novel of a post) and let me explain.  Aside from generally feeling stagnant, my trip didn’t start out stellar. Continue Reading…

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