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To and From: For Holiday Giving

Gift giving just got easier.  This holiday season Katie Anderson of Modern Eve and Meg Biram of MegBiram.com put their lovely little heads together to come up with an entire magazine dedicated to gift giving called To & From.  I put in my two cents for when you’re buying gifts for the entertainers in your life, but there are 138 other pages of gift guides for moms, dads, tweens, babies, friends, travelers, cooks, and more.  Some of my favorite bloggers chipped in with their suggestions and another one of my faves even shows a good handmade gift idea (and you know I love those).

Here is a sneak peak at my page, but hop on over to To and From Magazine to see the links, read about my favorite Christmas tradition and get ideas for every single person on your list.

Whats more, the duo is planning multiple issues of this mag throughout the year with gifts for every season (mothers day, valentines day, birthdays, etc).  How sweet is that?

Have a Happy Tuesday!!


R29 SHOPS + I’m Back!

I’m back!  I (knock on wood) don’t have jet lag, slept a full night last night and am ready to get back into action.  The trip to India was wonderfully productive from a work standpoint and I got to see a few fun things for myself along the way.

I was eager to get into my normal rotation of shops and blogs, and I come home to discover that Refinery 29, a lifestyle site that I love to meddle through, has launched a new shopping platform called R29 SHOPS!

Although my favorite part of both the blog and shops is the home and entertaining advice and articles (like this guide to summer hostess gifts) there are also products and deals ranging from accessories, to fashion, and beauty.  What’s more is that the site also offers vouchers (which are my favorite part).  The vouchers work like a coupon you’d buy from a local sale site and offer double dollars on store credit to other online shops.

I’ll be catching up on my life at home today, but you can do a little shopping and check on some of the wonderful new things at the R29 Shops!

Have a SPLENDID Thursday out there, friends!


Style Splurge: Design Books

We’ve all seen books used as a foundation (no pun intended) for many a styling photoshoot around the web and in magazines.  The thing is, once you’re in front of them in a book store, the price tag is sometimes a little intimidating.  Sure, they’re only $20ish bucks a piece, but if you get enough to make a statement on a shelf, there you are spending a few hundo on some design books.

The above (and below) books are some that I’ve invested in this past year, and I’ll tell you my secret – buy used.  I bought a few of these titles through Amazon and they were actually old library books! Can you believe it?  I like that they had a little bit of character too with the library names stamped on the inside.

In case you’re interested, here are the books I’ve purchased recently and the links to them!

For the MinimalistSimply Scandinavian by Sara Norrman; For the VoyerThe Selby is in Your Place by Todd Selby; For the TraditionalistLars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design by Heather Smith MacIsaac; For the Trend SetterDomino, The Book of Decorating by domino editors Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello, and Dara Caponigro; For the DIYerDesign Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney; For the WhimsicalDecorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick.

Woohoo!  (I just felt like saying that) Any of your favorite design books you’d like to share?

Have an AWE-INSPIRING Thursday!


Too Pretty to Eat

I stumbled upon the work of Dietlind Wolf and am constantly enamored by the amazing beauty of his styling. These Christmas cookies were styled to each represent a package from a different European country. You can guess which collection belongs to which country, or see his full post for all the details.  He created the concept, colors, design, and packaging for all of these fabulous goodies.

Stunning, right?

I have Christmas cooking baking on my agenda for this weekend. I cannot promise to deliver anything like this, though!

Have a MARVELOUS Tuesday!

*photo credits: photography by thomas neckermann via dietlind wolf.


Little Things Come in Pretty Packages

I’m a sucker for packaging, and (for the most part) what’s inside doesn’t even enter into my thoughts.

These cute little soaps at West Elm are not only wrapped in the prettiest little papers (designed by Colene Blanchet) , but what’s inside is pretty amazing too.  I love the sweet smell of some great packaging!

As you guys know, I usually lead you through more photos in my house tour on Monday mornings, but today is a little off track.  I spent the weekend in Chicago, having an amazing time at an engagement party and shopping around the city.  The weather was sunny and beautiful, and I couldn’t have had a better weekend hanging out with family and friends! So, I didn’t get a chance to take photos last night, and the house tour will continue tomorrow!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday!

*photos from coleneblanchet.com


Soapbox: Imperial No. 9 Design

Imperial it is… The Mondrian Hotel in Soho recently opened a sustainable seafood restaurant called Imperial no. 9 and it looks fabulous! At first glance, it is hard to see anything other than the fully glass ceiling of the expansive space, but let your eyes wander down and you’ll notice all the amazing greenery, those striking blue chairs, and the dramatic chandeliers.

The space was designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, a designer whose residential work I also love to pour over. Do you love it?

Stunning views from the street at sure to lure in a crowd!

Ummmm – have I mentioned how much I love apothecary jars? Love them.

Crystal chandeliers sparkle in both the abundant natural light by day, and the beautiful spot lighting by night. These are just the perfect accent to all of the lush greenery.

*photos by Katie Sokoler for Gothamist

The whole place makes me feel like a luxury fern gully fairytale. How does it make you feel?  Do you like it?

Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!


Graphic Print Lacquered Trays

This past weekend I set out to make a fun graphic element for my home.  I have so many tea towels that I buy because I LOVE the pattern, but I don’t necessarily want to use them to wipe down pots and pans.

I got the idea to immortalize my favorite tea towels onto some plain wooden trays – resulting in a fun, graphic accessory for the home!


I love how the fabric grain is still visible, lending a slight amount of texture to the surface! If you saw my post last week regarding 5 ways to use trays, you probably have already caught on, that I LOVE trays.

I love them!  They are the perfect for so many things! (as shown above).

I promised myself early on in my blogging that I everything I created, I would make double.  So, true to my promise, I am placing the duplicate versions of these beautiful trays on ETSY! Fun for everyone!

Have a BOLD and FUN Wednesday!


Soapbox: A Bird's Song

Not only is this is quite possibly the cutest alarm clock in the world, it wakes you to birds chirping!  How wonderful is that?

Made by Japanese brand & Design, the clock comes in three colors, can be used with or without the base, and can be wall hung!  I love it!!

At $54 including shipping for Japan, it isn’t a bad buy!  I have the light blue one on order and will be waking up to a bird’s song soon!!!

Have a SENSATIONAL Friday and long holiday weekend!


craving a cupcake

Maybe it was the cupcake party this weekend, or maybe because it’s Tuesday, and everyone needs a little something sweet and cute on Tuesdays.  Regardless, I love the mellow, relaxing inspiration that comes over me just from looking at these cupcakes.  I might try to replicate the salty caramel one… it is calling my name!

Have a good Tuesday everyone!

*photos from top left:

1. grass – pinterest – teresa shannon

2.  key lime cupcakes – call me cupcake

3. chocolate hazelnut cupcakes – call me cupcake

4. salty caramel cupcake – Sprinkle Bakes via fucking-cupcakes


Soapbox: Paste – the art of collage

These quirky, fun collages will be sure to put a smile on your face this Monday.  Interior designer and artist, Denise Fiedler creates these one of a kind pieces from vintage book pages and flashcards.  She makes collages in a variety of themes from animals to architecture.  She will even do custom pieces! I didn’t have enough space to put up each amazing one I liked, so check them out on her website – especially the new items in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection (the little Moroccan footstool is my favorite)!

Aren’t they so cute!  Which one is your favorite?

  1. flats 8×10 $125
  2. terrier 4×5 $55
  3. hydrangeas 8×10 $125
  4. barn 4×5 $55
  5. louis chair 8×10 $125

*images used with permission from Denise Fiedler

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