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Chic Glass Lamp from a Vase

This is one of those ideas that really materialized over time. I remember seeing Christmas lights encased in different sorts of bottles thinking that the idea could be taken much further. Then it struck me one day in Target while looking at a vase that I thought would make a beautiful lamp base – why not?

This project literally took two steps, drilling two holes into the vase and installing the lamp kit.  Drilling the holes was much easier than you’d imagine, it just took a special diamond drill bit made for marble, tile, and glass.  You have to use water on the surface to keep it from overheating, put the drill on full speed, but go slowly (don’t push).

The lamp kit was all together in a little package at Lowes with everything I needed and instructions on how to assemble it.

What I love most about this project is that it was super low-cost ($12 for the vase at Home Goods and $9 for the lamp parts) and the possibilities are really endless. You could use any vessel of your choosing as long as it had a wide enough base to support the weight. I think I’m going to make my simple hurricane lamp a little partner for a chic pair.

Keep reading below for the full ‘how-to’ !

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Dining Room Art

During my house tour I listed new art in the dining room as one of the things I was hoping to update. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about art as a style splurge and about how much I wanted to buy a piece for my dining room.

With everything going on in the household right now, I couldn’t justify the splurge, so I decided to DIY a piece of abstract art until I could buy something that really caught my eye. I used a cheapo print that I had purchased at Home Goods for around $30.  It was cheaper than buying an actual canvas, and it came with a gold frame that I really liked!

I wanted to incorporate bright, happy, and fun colors to lift the spirits in my dining room.

Don’t get me wrong, I still would love to buy one of these puppies, but it will just have to wait.  In the meantime, I’m quite enjoying my little creation.

Have a BRIGHT and CHEERY Wednesday!


Handmade Nailhead Upholstered Headboard

The final layer of my master bedroom project is complete!  I finished my headboard this weekend, and I am so excited about how it turned out.  After the initial planning, measuring, and cutting of the base wood, the upholstery went really fast.  And if you’re curious about using nailhead trim, use it.  I’ve done traditional nailheads on a project before, and it was painfully tedious.  Nailhead trim, however, was actually really fun to apply.


Whenever I have a vision like the layering of shelf, headboard, side table in my mind, I’m always just a little worried that I’ll work really hard on one of the pieces of the puzzle and then not like the way it fits in.  The entire time I’m covering and hammering there was about 5% of me that was worried it just wouldn’t look right in the room.

I’m happy to say that not only do I love the finished product itself, but I love it in the room as well.  To see more of the actual headboard creation process, keep reading!

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Family Traditions: The Special Plate

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about family traditions. As I grow older and watch my siblings have children and teach them the things we learned while growing up, it brings to mind all of the fun things we used to do as kids, and how fun it is to teach the next generation the same traditions.

We used to have ‘special plates’ growing up, which I’m pretty sure is something my mom just made up, but it was great.  There were two plates in the cupboard that were vastly different from the rest which were to be placed at the seat of someone who had a special day, or maybe a really difficult day.  Whoever set the table that night for dinner would inevitably choose who got the special plate that day, if anyone deserved it at all.

I went to one of those ‘paint your own pottery places’ and made one from my sister when she got married almost six years ago, and when I got married just two years ago, she made me one.  With just Matt and I right now, and my sister with very young children, the special plates don’t get too much use, but I’m sure one day they’ll be making their way onto our dinner tables.

I love these plates in the photo because they’re different from the norm – whether that be because they’re very personal as the silhouette plate or just uniquely different.

Do you think this is a tradition you could see yourself starting?  Do you have any special traditions that you’re passing down?

Have a THOUGHTFUL Tuesday out there!


Plates from top left: 1 | 3  | 4


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I’ve always loved the look of a wax sealed envelope, but struggled with melting the wax at just the right spot and without singe marks.  It occurred to me last night to melt the wax onto another surface, allowing me to better control the quality of the seal as well as make multiples.  I broke out my non-stick baking mat and it worked just perfectly.  A little glue to fix them to an envelope, and I was all set.

Using glue instead of dripping wax directly on what I was sealing opened up other opportunities for using the seal too! How about a pretty little adornment on a bud vase? Cute and personalized.

Have a SPLENDID Wednesday!


Quick Weeknight Dinner: Five Ingredient Tortellini Soup

I’ve really had my nose to the grindstone at work lately, and this means that I don’t get to spend as much time cooking dinner as I usually would. I thoroughly enjoy taking the time to make a from-scratch dinner each night because it gives me a chance to unwind, have a glass of vino, and catch up with Matty.

Just because I’ve been pulling 12 hour days, however, doesn’t mean we’re gonna starve.  Dinner gets a little simpler, but remains just as tasty.

The recipe for my tortellini soup has just five ingredients and is really comforting at the end of a long day. Add in some crusty bread and you’re all set.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Have a HEARTY Thursday.


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Scheming Up a DIY Headboard

I’ve mentioned my plans for my headboard a few times, but the other day, I got my nailhead trim in the mail, and I’m excited to finally share! You know sharing my plans keeps me accountable, so here’s what’s going on.

I love the Curve headboard shown above from Crate and Barrel, and I am thinking that I’ll want corner cut-outs that are just a bit more exaggerated than the actual style from C&B.  This is what usually happens to me, I get an idea going in my head that has been based off something I see, but I’d like mine to be slightly different.  Maybe it’s a byproduct of working in the retail production industry, or maybe I’m just picky.

Regardless, I picked up some nailhead trim for just $3 per yard, some MDF for just $12, and some linen upholstery fabric for around $7 per yard.  I’m excited that I’ll get to play with the headboard proportions in front of the shelves (which have yet to be revealed) to see what works best for the shape.

Flexibility and affordability?  I like it!

What are your thoughts? Do you like where this is going?

Have a LOVELY Wednesday!


The Sweetest X's and O's Ever

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re either out of time or out of ideas, something sweet and homemade is always well received. Homemade graham crackers are the key to this simple, but impactful display of affection – and are as easy to make as sugar cookies. 

I used a recipe from smitten kitchen, emiting the cinnamon and sugar topping that the recipe called for. The X and O cookie cutters were just $0.75 each at Sur la Table.

Assembling the s’mores is simple. I used a kitchen torch, but wrapping in tin foil and broiling would be easy as well.

Wouldn’t you love to be given these sweet, nostalgic treats? I think since s’mores are out of season, it’s an even better gift to get or give!

Have a SUPERB Monday!


Red Tipped Valentine DIY

I got the idea to make these color-tipped flowers from coffee filters from the theme I’m choosing for my second annual Valentine’s Day dinner party. Matt and I went to a cooking class a couple weeks ago with a ‘Winter Night in Spain’ theme and it hit me how fun a Spanish themed party would be.  Visions of flamenco started running through my head and I wanted to emulate some vibrant flower garland to drape above the dining room table.

It was simple and pretty quick, which is double good in by book.

ONE mix together a couple tablespoons of water and enough food coloring to reach your desired color. Very gingerly dip an entire stack of 50 coffee filters into the mixture. TWO The filters soak up the dye very quickly, so keep a light hand with the dipping. THREE after they’re dry, pull apart, flatten, and restack about 4-5 filters.  FOUR fold in half. FIVE holding from the middle of the fold, squeeze the ends up to create a flower and staple in place. SIX separate and fluff the layers.

One pack of 100 filters made 25 flowers, which was more than enough for all the many uses I could think up!

I hope you give this a try! It was a lot of fun, and oh so pretty!

Have a LOVELY Thursday!


Melting Heart Valentine DIY

These little melty valentine hearts were quick and fun and look so pretty.  Just a pack of crayons and some waxed paper was all it took to get a vibrantly swirled hearts.

Sandwich colorful crayon shavings between two sheets of waxed paper. With plenty of paper towel on either side of the waxed paper, iron on low to melt the crayon. Use the edge of the iron to spread the crayon into a thin layer, so it’s not all glopped in the middle, being carefull not to squeeze the crayon out of the edges.   Once cool, cut into hearts.  Three of these yielded about 10, 3 inch hearts.

You can use the hearts in any way, make a valentine, dress up your dinner place-setting, create a bunting or mobile .  Anyway you choose to use them, they’re sure to melt someone’s heart!

Have a LOVELY Thursday, out there!



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