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By The Seaside

sea mist

I spent the weekend in Chicago and whenever I’m there (or New York, or San Francisco) I remember how much I love being by the water. I’m not a huge water activity person – I don’t love swimming or boats – but being near the water makes a noticable difference in the atmosphere, doesn’t it?

Although I am back in Columbus today, I am still inspired by the sea, with its mix of greens, blues, and specked darkness. There is a sense of peacefulness that comes with the water and I’m aiming to carry it with me through the busy work week.

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 10.50.48 PM


These three beautiful images just popped out at me as being very sea inspired.  Obviously the top one IS a body of water, but the bottom two might give someone a sense of being on the water even while being landlocked.

I hope you have a serene, peaceful week ahead!


Photos: Laura Murray Photography | New Ravenna Tile | Leif bowls


Hidden Treasures: Beaufort House Inn

Another year flies by… another monthly hidden treasure from Lacey Anne!

*via Beaufort House

This month my hidden treasure isn’t the thrill of a steal, a piece for the wall, or a pair of accent chairs.  I just returned from a long weekend at the Beaufort House Inn in Asheville, NC.  While my husband planned the details of the long weekend, I reflected on the end of a big year for us and couldn’t wait to nestle up in the mountains and ring in our last New Year’s Eve as two… for in just a few weeks we will become three.

This hidden treasure is not tangible, it is the blessing of truly slowing down, stepping into a photograph I would save in my folder of inspiration, and quietly reveling in the reflection of where we have been and where we will soon be headed.  It is difficult in the bustle of the holidays to really take the time to slow your heart rate and get away from it all, but that is just what we did.  I will always be cherish my wonderful husband, and remember this trip as our last before we become a family.

The Beaufort House is a true hidden treasure and would recommend it to anyone if you are looking for a place to sit down.  How often do we sit down and simply be at peace?  No tapping our foot, checking our email, or thinking of all the other things we could be doing.  This is my treasure I hold so dear right now and thought it would be the perfect thing to share as a new, shiny year is before us.

Wishing you and yours many moments in 2012 when you can sit down and snuggle your own hidden treasures, take a breath, and have a moment to center yourself and your priorities.  And if you can head to Asheville to do it, Beaufort House is just the perfect place… A claw foot tub awaits your arrival for a soak…


Lacey Anne


Behind the Scenes of Our Christmas Card


Happy Month of Erin!


Although I don’t normally post on Saturday, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Month of Erin!  My birthday month is January, but in my opinion, it’s the 2nd worst month of the year preceeded on only by February. I’ve decided my ‘month’ would be October.  For the eighth year in a row- lets celebrate!

Have a FESTIVE Weekend!


Let the Sunshine In


 Somedays we all just need a little encouragement to keep our chins up!

I hope you all have a FABULOUS Thursday!

Photo by Jasfitz photostream on Flickr



Weekend Yardsale-ing and My $25 Surprise

I certainly did not set out to be undertaking a major project this weekend.  I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning for a business trip to New York for a few days, I am mid-birthday party planning for my husband’s birthday this weekend, and I have a few other projects that are in the home stretch.

Unfortunately or fortunately, sometimes things don’t go as planned.

This seemingly dilapidated pile of purple velvet with wood trim had a $25 sticker on it. After going home and still thinking about the sofa, we went back for it.  I had plans to paint the wood white and upholster the body with a fun, modern print like this ikat from Madeline Weinrib.

 Or maybe one of these fun fabrics from my local fabric store:

We got home and I set out to do a quicky renovation (not restoration) but when I started pulling it apart, I found the insides were stuffed to the brim with horse hair, the joints were hand carved dowel construction, and there wasn’t one screw or bolt in the entire thing.

This sofa is a true antique, not a reproduction.   But then I was torn, I can’t paint a legit antique white, ruining it’s potential as a collectable piece.

Should I even use a trendy fabric on something that could be a collector’s item?

After mulling these questions over, and talking with my grandmother-in-law (who named the people who’d be rolling in their graves at my white paint idea), I decided to keep the sofa as true to it’s origins as possible.  I’m keeping the wood it’s original cherry finish. So I’m told, just a little denatured alcohol and some lemon oil will clean it right up.

 I’ve decided to do a white fabric since I won’t be painting the frame white.  A matelasse will be perfect.  It will look period appropriate, but I can still get a fresh pattern to liven it up.  I’m thinking one of these… but of the three I have TWO clear favorites.  Can you tell which ones?


What do you guys think?  Is it a good idea to keep it close to original?  Or do you think a paint job would have been better?  Let me know!


I’m off to NYC now,  have a FANTASTIC Monday to get this week off to a great start!

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cococozy throw inspires my master bedroom decor

Inspired by the Cococozy knit Jacquard ‘Gate’ Throw in burnt orange,  I am craving a master bedroom re-vamp.  I am leaning toward a slightly masculine mid-century preppy style with a hint of natural.

I am really loving brass right now and think it is a vintage classic in the form of these two swing arm wall lamps.  Light, airy bedding lightens up the rich, warm, blue walls creating a balanced, fresh, but cozy haven.

The subtle orange color of the Cococozy throw paired with a feminine white curving gate design gives the final punch of color to my room inspiration.

What do you guys think?  Ready to present to the husband?

Have a wonderful weekend!  Inspired by some of the recent posts, I’m planning to make some salty caramel cupcakes, and finish my dip dye project… I swear…


Weekend Inspiration: Simple Swedish

Weekend Inspiration is coming a little early because I’m going to be busy creating my perfect all-white Swedish inspired natural zen office.

Last weekend I was so inspired by white rooms, I decided to paint. This weekend, I’m considering the furnishings for this white room. I am motivated by this clean white Italian home with natural Swedish design featured in Skona Hem. There is a great visual balance with the soft white furniture off of the massive stone domed ceilings. I love that there is a good amount of natural texture, color and animal influence.

So, I’m taking the day off today to do some shopping and furnish my soon-to-be white office.

Hope you enjoy this house, I think it is beautiful! I’m off to go shopping! (I’ll show you my finds when I get them in their perfect place!)

Have an amazing weekend!! Let me know what you like and dislike about these inspiration photos by clicking on the post title and dropping a line in the comments section of the post!

P.S. I didn’t forget about the dip dye – the victim of the dip dye project is a small round side table. I can’t tell you the two colors I’m using because it’s a surprise – but here is a hint – one of the ‘colors’ is something other than a color…

*all photos via Skona Hem taken by Jesper Ray and Pernille Kaalund


Painting it White

 I am inspired by the simplicity of scandinavian design and by these photos above from Sweden home magazine skona hem (via Apartment Therapy). 

So, this weekend I am going to paint my office white! Yes, top to bottom white. Simple, refreshing, clean and vibrant all at once, it is the ideal color for an office.  A perfect foundation for brainstorming and ideas to come alive.  I will have some other various projects to do in the office after its painted, but I’ll hopefully have some pictures to show you soon! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Weekend Inspiration: Spring is Around the Corner

I have a serious case of Spring Fever. I’m trying not to just jump into spring too quickly, though. Sure enough, as soon as I drag out my patio furniture and de-winterize my house, we’ll get another dose of snow.

Instead, I think I will start with some transitional pieces that can quickly be pulled into the garage in case of a March blizzard.  A couple chairs and a little side table will do.  We can sit outside on a morning or afternoon with a cup of coffee, and I’ll wrap up in this amazing alpaca blanket that has alpacas ON it!  But no patio furniture commitment…yet.

Are you itching to get out of the house and do some spring projects?

What will you work on first?

Let me know in the comments section what you have on your spring decor agenda!

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!  I’m going to be working on the dip dye project and will post pictures of that Sunday or Monday.  I hope to get an etsy store up and running with some creations soon and the dip dye furniture project may just be my first go at it!

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