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Make Someone’s Day Mini Notecards

Sweet thoughts notecards mini

this post is sponsored by Makr App

Aren’t these mini cards too cute?  I made them!  The folks at Makr reached out to me to ask me if I’d give their new App for iPad a try. Since I love fun apps and I love DIYs, I was (of course) in.

you're sweet mini notecard

I’m always a tiny hesitant about using templates to make things because I always kind of think it’s more hassle than it’s worth, but this is not the case with Makr.  I dug in and played around for hours.  To the point where my husband was like, “what are you doing over there?” I think I was just enjoying myself a little too much.

Once you get into the templates, you can customize pretty much anything, BUT the app gives you suggestions for everything from the backgrounds, to the fonts, to the little graphics and the colors so that the whole design stays cohesive for those who don’t have a graphic design background.

I ended up using a business card template to make these adorable mini cards.  The ‘You’re Sweet’ card is something to slip to a friend for co-worker who is always helpful and kind.  I made a ‘You Look Cute’ card because there is so often that I want to tell people that they look cute, but thought giving them a darling little card would just make their day that much sweeter!

you look cute mini notecard thinking of you mini notecard

A ‘Thinking of You’ card is really for any occasion.  I don’t even think the cards need signed or any other explanation, just a little note to someone you may or may not know to make their day.

The back even has a little disclaimer…

mini notecards

Cute huh?

You can choose to print your designs at home, or have them professionally printed, a great option for when you need something quick like labels!

The best news yet?  The Makr app is FREE.  Try it out, I think you’ll love it.  House of Earnest readers even get an Makr Credit and 20% off printing with the code: EARNESTFAN

I now have a stack of fun, thoughtful little cards to spread around the world.

Who would you give a mini happiness card to?



This post was brought to you in partnership with Makr.  Thank you so much for supporting the brands that help us create fresh, exciting content daily!


Three (Pretty) Easter Egg Decorations

easter egg decorations pretty

I love decorating Easter eggs.  In the past, it was an opportunity to sit down and have fun with siblings and cousins, in recent times, it’s an opportunity to think of creative, new ways to showcase a little beauty.

egg decorations colorful and pretty

This year, I have three easy, colorful ways to decorate your eggs for the holiday.  Get your baskets ready, they’re going to be full of glittered, fringed, and dotted masterpieces.  Continue Reading…


Breathe it all in

breath it all in

Sponsored by Caldrea

Spring has officially sprung and I am wasting no time to embrace it.  Flowers in every room?  Check.  Open windows? Check. Spring Cleaning? Semi Check!

I wrote last year about de-wintering vs actual spring cleaning and that mindset is still very helpful in the way I go about preparing for the big clean.  During the winter, dust, smells, who knows what else accumulate in our homes and as soon as it’s warm enough to get the air circulating, I jump at the chance for a clean start.

This year, Caldrea and I were working on a great way to share their new spring line with you, and I thought about addressing the smells in our homes, what we can do about correcting them, and my selections for scent pairings!  I have narrowed some stinky areas down to four: stale closet smell, inky kitchen sink smell, the bathroom ‘you-know-what’ smell, and the mildew towel smell.  All my least favorite smells. Actually, the mildew towel smell is the bottom of the barrel for me, there is just nothing worse than getting out of a shower to wipe your face with a mildew towel.

So now, I’m tackling each smell, what to do about it, and how Caldrea can help.  Are you ready?

smelly closet solves

Stale Closet
Scent pairing: Rosewater Driftwood

I’m so so bad at the stale closet smell.  I swear it comes from the dry cleaner… I clean my delicate blouses regularly, so why do they all still smell so… off? It has to do with the way our body oils mix with the synthetics in the fabric and then mix with the chemicals in the dry cleaning fluid, gross, right? I’ve literally found that a mixture of sachets and soft scented linen spray is the best mode of operation.

We have three more to go!  Continue Reading…


A Closet within a Closet

creating a linen closet1

I have quite the little surprise to share with you guys today.  Throughout this entire closet renovation, you’ve heard me go on and on about how little space old homes have and I’m sure lots of you guys can relate. As part of my grand closet scheme, I had another idea for a way to further maximize the space of the odd, unused room.

You’ve clearly seen that in the closet, there was a door which led to the hallway. Here is it from within the closet and from outside of the closet. Odd, right?  Well, we’ve learned not to even wonder why some of the things in the house are the way they are, we just work with it.

linen closet - before

So, what we did about it was create a linen closet.  Keep reading for more photos and details of the closet within our closet.   Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 3.21

Friday Faves 3.21

ONE a new take on inspiration prints.  Some of us more *ahem* uptight people might need a push in the ‘why the hell not’ direction.  Prints start at just $18 from alphonnesine. TWO I’ve been working on some robbery replacement shopping and want this leather cosmetic bag from Mark & Graham.  I totally know that white is the wrong choice for a cosmetic bag, especially at $79 but refer to number one.  Maybe I’ll use it for a travel cord bag (I keep all chargers, wires in a pouch when traveling – you should try it!). THREE little colorful bowls are one of my weaknesses!  These gems from Paper Source were taunting me all day Wednesday, but I was shopping for work, so I had to keep myself in check… but at $8 each, I might have to go back and snag a few… for styling posts, of course! FOUR this chair will be my downfall. I have at least 6 magazine pages torn out of homes with this beauty and until this moment didn’t know where it was from.  Enter, the $1500 woven chair by Ralph Lauren. The price is ridic, but boy is it gorgeous!  Maybe one day… FIVE I’m not a huge pink person, but I love how this Roger Rug from Lulu & Georgia is more of a subtle blush.  It would look really great in even neutral modern homes.  It also comes in lots of other colors! What I love about Lulu & Georgia’s rugs is that the come in every size possible, so anyone can add a little fun to their floors without completely re-doing a room.


Happy first Friday of SPRING you guys!  Who’s excited?  It’s been such a long long winter, I couldn’t be happier to see the sunnier, warmer days on the horizon. This week has been a long one.  I do some freelance styling work for a local company and have had the majority of the week devoted to sourcing props and shooting an upcoming campaign.  So this weekend, I am going to be hunkering down and finishing my closet, doing laundry, getting the house put back together after the closet reno, and hopefully reading my book!

What’s on your agenda?


Spring Floral Series: Choosing your Flowers

how to choose flowers for an arrangement

this post is sponsored by bing

You asked and I listened!  I get so so many requests for more floral design posts, so this spring (starting this first day of spring) I’m going to do a whole series of floral design posts.  They’ll teach you everything from how to pick things out to some different takes on basic arrangements to some fun ideas you can use at parties and dinners! Let’s get started!

choosing flowers for an arrangement

We’re starting out this week with choosing flowers.  When they come in a pre-picked bunch, it’s easy to just pick them up and go, but what do you do when you want to mix your own?  There are tons of markets and super markets that have separated varieties there for you to mix and match, but where do you start? It can be overwhelming, but here are a few key tricks to get you going.  Continue Reading…


Glassware Space Saver

glassware organization copy

I might have mentioned it before, but I have a little problem with glassware.  I love buying new wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne coupes, you name it.  I figured out a little trick to stack way more glasses together that works perfectly for those of you (like us) that have very small amounts of storage.  If you don’t have enough space for your fancy glasses, here’s a little trick that will win you a few inches.

Glassware Organizing Trick

See the photo on the left? The glasses are all in a line, right side up. This is pretty, no doubt, but it takes up a bit of space.  All of the wide parts of the glasses are up against each other, widening out the amount of space used in the cupboard.  See the photo on the right?  The glasses are alternated – one up, one down.  They line up much much closer this way, allowing you to  stack more together than you did before.


Now wasn’t that an easy way to gain a little more space?



Cross Stitched Table Runner for Spring

cross stitch table runner

If you’ve been following House of Earnest for awhile, you might think this project looks oddly similar to something I’ve already done and you’re right!  My black and white cross stitched table runner that I did in 2012 is a reader favorite.  I have gotten more reader DIY photos of this project than of any other, so it didn’t shock me when the team at Darby Smart contacted me about making this project into a DIY kit!

darby smart house of earnest table runner

The Stitched Table Runner kit is based on my original scandinavian cross design, but with bright ombre string.  The kit comes with all of the materials, plus the instructions for the cross designed runner.

Since I have already done a cross version, however, I thought I’d show a variation today by doing an ombre border around my runner.  It’s the same technique, but just shows how versatile this project is and how easy it is to make it your own!

cross stitch table cloth

Keep on reading for more photos and the border variation!  Continue Reading…


Dressing Room Details

Dressing Room Details 

I’m moving right along on my combination dressing room, walk-in closet, and vanity renovation.  If you’re new here, we’re basically taking a small bedroom that connects to our master and turning it into a walk in closet.  We’ve completed the big changes, like knocking out the previous closet, painting the room, and installing a closet organization system.  There are still a couple of curve balls to share, but we’re still working those out. In the meantime, I’m thinking about how to bring this room up to par with our adjacent bedroom.

fresh, neutral bedroom

When the construction’s done, the paints up, and the big pieces are moved in, it’s easy to hurry the rest. I’m a firm believer, however, that this detail work is really what makes or breaks a room’s design. I want the feeling of our bedroom to flow into the closet and feel like one continuous room, so I’ve brought in the same dark gray walls, and choose white for the closet organization since it matches back to the custom built-in’s in the bedroom.

To really keep the room looking like more of a designed dressing room than just a closet, I’m also bringing in a few different textiles.  I plan to use pattern in the drapes (using the same blue and cream ticking stripe as the bedroom), and on a vanity stool.  Do you recognize the ikat fabric? I bought it to use on my cane chairs, but I’m SO happy I held onto it for something else, because I think it will really help to bring everything together in this dressing room.  I also plan to include a light grey ottoman of some sort to hold a suitcase when we’re packing to head somewhere or just be a perch for Matt when he’s tying his shoes.

The vanity will get a rustic farmhouse mirror which I’m going to create out of this chalkboard from World Market because the one I really wanted was too big.  To keep the whole room from getting too girly and soft, I’ll add in some matte black spotlights for the vanity which also help to incorporate some of the black from the ikat fabric. The whole room will be topped off with a heather gray drum shade as an overhead light.

I’ll show you guys some of these individual projects (like the tufted ottoman which I intend to make) as well as the finished room soon!  Oh yeah, and that curve ball I told you about, you’re going to love it.

What did you get into this weekend?



Friday Faves 3.14

Friday Faves 3.14

ONE I am obsessed with the ‘cut corners’ mirror from Terrain.  It’s a decent price at $198 for a good mirror and want it for my vanity, but it’s a little too big for the space! TWO pretty levels of blush are perfect for spring and I love how neutral the nightfall votives from bhldn are.  $48 for a set of eight. THREE new arrival in the shop!  Les Pointelles Prints are now available from Grandiflora and are just $28/print.  FOUR how adorable are these luminous dot pillows from Anthropologie? I love the foil print in a slightly ikat dot.  They’re $58 each. FIVE I’m not huge on mid-century style, but I love this nook console from West Elm for it’s understated glamour and lots of places to stick things, $499. SIX I can’t even imagine the handwork that goes into creating these porcelain twig spoons from Michiko Shimada.  They’re $48 for the set of two.


Happy Pi Day Friday! I used to love Pi day in school.  I can only remember 9 digits out, but I think that’s good after 20ish years of those memory competitions. It’s been a good week over here, I’ve done a little shopping to replace some of my stolen items.  Some new sneakers will come in handy for what is supposed to be a warm and sunny weekend.  I ended up with these. I also re-bought my hairdryer and curling iron this week, so I won’t be rocking the ponytail this weekend when I go out.

I had the opportunity to chat for over an hour last night with one of my very favorite blog friends, Clara!  It’s just so wonderful to reconnect with people who are as uplifting and encouraging as she is.

I’m excited for my first weekend at home in a few weeks and plan on finishing my master bedroom closet! I’m really looking forward to it.  Is there anything on your weekend agenda you’ve been looking forward to all week?


P.S. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for me in the final round of the Better Homes and Gardens Makeover Madness!  If I win today, I go to their home offices to compete in a craft challenge!  Wouldn’t that be so fun!  I’d love your vote!


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