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Friday Faves 2.13

Friday Faves 2.14

ONE a pretty amazing site with a plethora of vintage goodies, Hunter’s Alley, is home to this gold beveled mirror that is just my style – classic and a bit modern. $275. TWO how amazing are these agate cabinet pulls from West Elm? I don’t even have words for them. At $49 each, they’re a bit pricey, but boy are the gorgeous.  THREE this whole light and airy white collection from target is toying with my emotions.  I want ever piece, but especially these side tables with leather drawer handles. And it’s just $63. I almost can’t resist. FOUR a pretty scalloped planter by Susan Simonini has me thinking ahead to spring. FIVE graphic french windows make a cute little illustration on this ceramic coaster from Wandersketch, $12. SIX during the ‘month of love’ this is a cute doormat to remind all who enter just what a pair you are, $45.  Aside from the obvious association with the holiday, it’s a really darling piece all year and the amazing team at Lulu & Georgia would like to offer you a discount this weekend on their entire site with the code HEARTDAY20


Happy Valentine’s Day! Whew, it’s been a busy week! I feel like my heads going to spin off there is so much going on, but I kind of like it that way!  I am preparing for my first ever tradeshow in just three short weeks where I’ll showcase my Grandiflora product to buyers from all over and hopefully they’ll all love enough to sell it in their shops.  I’m both nervous and excited! Have any of you done a trade show before? Tips?

I’ll be preparing most of the day today for our Spanish Tapas party tomorrow and I am excited to heat things up with lots of friends and fun since we’re still dealing with utter cold temps and I’ve resisted going out to dinners.

What is on your weekend agenda?




Preparing for a Spanish Valentine Party

spanish theme party tapas

As I was beginning to set out the pieces and parts today for the Spanish party I told you guys about a couple of weeks ago, this little theme came together quite nicely and is sure to be pretty once it’s all together.

I want the party to reflect the passionate romance that comes to mind when I think of flamenco, but the warm, communal, rustic sense that you’re in the spanish countryside  (side story, I actually went to a flamenco in Spain 15 years ago and didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as I would now… hindsight…).   I’m going to make a centerpiece entirely of red roses, which is very ‘Valentine’s Day’ but it’s also what I think of when I think of flamenco – see the correlation?

Onwards… I want my friends and guests to be relaxed, comfortable, and in the robust Spanish mindset.  What I love so much about planning parties is trying to create a feeling.  To transport someone from the usual and to almost instill an unawareness of what lies outside of the event… to transport someone for a night.

To do this, I’ll go overboard on the red roses, cue the spanish guitar music, pour glasses full of temperanillo, and create a table full of approachable, communally served tapas and paella.

tapas party spanish theme party

I’ll use a mixture of warm woods like in Grandiflora’s Malena Appetizer plates and utensils and Esselle’s birch candle holders along with some glittering gold vases, terra-cotta tapas dishes, and lots of red roses.  Guests will get a big shot of sweetness at the nights’ end with my spicy hot chocolate dippers and some churros!

We’re definitely one step closer to seeing this party in action!  What do you think so far?



p.s. We have a GIVEAWAY going on!  You could win a set of 50 prints from Printic (amazing poloroid-esque prints directly from your phone to your mailbox… believe it).  Enter now!


Remembering 2013 + a giveaway!

life in print pictures

Let’s try this again! My apologies that this giveaway went awry last week.  I had some issues and was at a photoshoot all day without my computer, so I had to take it down until it could be revamped. Anyways, we have an even better prize for you today, so let’s get started!

Before I went to Alt, I had a bit of an issue with space on my phone.  It was all taken up with photos, none of which I wanted to delete from my phone, or download to the photo abyss of my hard drive. So many of the photos I love are on Instagram (do you recognize these?) but I wanted to get them off my phone and get them into my hands.

In this digital age, we share, tweet, and tag photos online, but how often do we actually print them out? When’s the last time you’ve printed photos? I can honestly say that (until now) I hadn’t printed out photos since college (wedding prints excluded).

paper photos

We’re going to change today, however. The folks at Printic were kind enough to offer me some free prints, so I wanted to extend the offer you guys also (yay for really fun free things)! You can simply comment below to win a full box of 50 free prints… AND there will be TWO WINNERS and everyone else will get 1 print free with their next purchase with the code: 757369 (minimum 3 print order).

I hope you have fun with it!

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Party Favor

mexican hot chocolate dippers

For our Valentines Day dinner party this year, I’m going with a bit of a Spanish flare – paella, tapas, flamenco fan style garland, spanish wine, and so on. The exception to this is the Mexican hot chocolate dippers that I’ll be making to accompany the heart shaped churros I plan to make for dessert. I love the mixture of spicy and sweet in mexican chocolate, so I thought it would make a really cute addition to the party to melt some chocolate onto the honey dippers from my Esselle hostess box.

The attached message, “Love and Chocolate are best served hot” is actually a spin on a german proverb (“love and coffee are best served hot”), but I changed the words a bit for this quirky valentine treat. The back of the tag could easily host a custom sentiment for my guests as well.

hot chocolate favors spoons

The best part is, with the exception of the honey dippers (which you can also find here), you might just have all of the ingredients on hand. Keep reading for the step by step instructions, recipe, and the printable tags!  Continue Reading…


Secrets + Life in Print


We definitely had some exciting news this weekend, our home and our lives as Grandiflora owners are featured in 614 Magazine. It’s a wonderful article about how path to living in this home and the history of its life before we moved in.

To tell you all a secret, even with the rich history of this home, our time in this house is limited.  We’ve made improvements and renovations, but all were with the understanding that we wouldn’t be here long-term.  Some of the changes we made were cosmetic, just to get us by living in a place we loved living.  Other changes were totally functional.  We needed to replace a beam under the kitchen floor and put on a new roof. We love this house and it’s such a big part of the family (read the article for more on that!) So what’s the plan? Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 2.7

Friday Faves 2.7

ONE hand lettered gold XO print would be a perfect gift for her, $28 from Rach Illustrates. TWO carved wood shape salt and pepper shakers are interesting, but classy from Crate & Barrel for $25. THREE I’ve always wanted a moroccan wedding blanket, and I like the darker colors woven through this one from Urban Outfitters, but it’s still a little pricey at $799. FOUR If you’re having a hard time adding a textured tribal look to your home, this striped hemp pillow is a nice place to start. $65 from Nomadic Trading Company. FIVE brass votives from Furbish are the kind of thing you can use or your table or move to your bookshelves or style in a hallway vignette.  They’re totally versatile and quite pretty. $26.50 each. SIX I love this gold triangle wrapping paper.  It’s a great option to have on hand for that ‘pop-up’ party you need to attend. $7 for two sheets.


It’s really been a great week here in our corner of the world.  I got my husband back after his man-cation, I had a wonderful dinner with a friend who had moved away, and I’ve been doing some really fun styling work for a local company’s website (I’ll share soon!).

I have a few meetings this weekend and then I’ll be working on my master bedroom closet (details to come)! My sister is coming up from Nashville, so I’m excited to see her in between my work.

What’s on your agenda this weekend?


p.s. I sincerely apologize for the confusion with my post yesterday.  I put up a giveaway, but then had some issues with it, so I had to pull it back down to revamp.  It will come back soon!


Black & White Abstract Art Video Tutorial


Well, guys, I have some fun news for you!  Today is the day I publish my very first video tutorial! It’s a bit rough, but I’m pretty proud of it for my first attempt at shooting and editing my own video.  It was 100% done by me and my trusty tripod, so have some mercy, but I hope you enjoy it!

For the abstract paintings, I used watercolor, but maybe not the watercolor you’ve used before.  If you go to your local craft or art store (I went to Michaels) you can buy tubes of watercolor paint.  They work a thousand times better than the stuff you used when you were a kid. I bought a kit with 24 colors for about $18 bucks.  This one is on sale right now at Utrecht. That is really my only big trick. Just get the good paints and you’ll be shocked what a difference it makes!

I do encourage you to try it on your own if you’re feeling creative.  Making a pattern is easy – here are some tips:

First, start out with a couple areas of large, concentrated dots. sprinkle a few smaller dots within that cluster.  Then gradate the size and frequency of the clusters out toward your blank space.  So as the dots move further from the large cluster, they should become smaller and less frequent. If you still doubt your ability, I’ve created a little template! Just print this onto your watercolor paper and paint over the dots.  It doesn’t get easier than this.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video and if you like it better or worse than my little photos I usually do!




It’s What’s Inside that Counts

brand names

In matters of house and home, I have an embarrassing confession to make.  As resourceful and cheap as I can be in some areas, in other areas, I am downright irresponsible.

Let’s back this up… I pinched pennies for so long through college and afterwards, I used coupons, compared prices, bought generic, you name it.  Then, when I started making decent money at my first ‘real’ job, I splurged. I splurged on everything from trash bags to Louis Vuitton bags.  Obviously, I saved a lot for those bigger purchases, but the problem came when I did little shopping – groceries, various sundries – I didn’t even look at the prices. I just grabbed what I thought was better… the name brands.

Yesterday, I went to the store to pick up normal things – paper towels, toilet paper, coffee, cereal.  Being in the recent self-employed state that I am, this time, I really looked at the prices.  I thought about the fifty-cent or dollar differences between brands and thought – is it worth it?  Continue Reading…


Black & White Abstract Art

black and white abstract paintings

Whenever Matt goes out of town, I usually paint something.  That something is typically a room, and typically I’m slightly unsure he’ll agree with my color choice hence the call to action while he’s gone!

This weekend, I did a different sort of painting.  I wanted to relax a bit and had some movies I’d been wanting to see (Blue Jasmine & Life of Pi, both excellent), but I cannot do anything where my hands aren’t busy.  If I’m watching TV, I’m also crafting something or sketching or maybe folding clothes… something else so that I don’t feel like I’m rotting my brain glued to the tube.

Anyway, back to the painting.  I was inspired by some of the recent sharpie projects I’d seen on the interwebs.  Both Brittany and Caitlin went at recreating the classic Brunschwig & Fils Les Touches fabric, which is an abstract snow leopard-type print.  I loved what these girls did, but wanted a little more variation and customization in my designs.  I used the fabric as a jumping off point for inspiration, but varied mine quite a bit.  The outcome is a little bit natural (animal print) and a bit abstract.

les touches inspired paintings

abstract black and white art

I hung the two paintings (which I’ve dubbed spotted I and spotted II) in my living room above a corner accent chair.  I am slowly trying to balance some of the simple, rustic, scandinavian touches in my home with the right bit of modern.  I think these paintings definitely help!

What are your thoughts on the paintings?  Different enough from the original?

ALSO, I am going to post a step be step tutorial later this week, so come back if you love them!


p.s.  My closet clean-out is going on over on the instagram account @erinsclosetcleanout – follow and bid on designer pieces that I’m (sadly) parting with after hoarding without use!



Friday Faves 1.31

Friday Faves 1.31

ONE ‘fortune favors the brave’ print is just the perfect reminder to take that next step.  Three sizes available starting from $18 from FieldTrip. TWO I love natural vachetta leather and this little clutch looks so luxe, but minimal.  It gets more and more beautiful with age and wear (think LV handles!).  The maker, Minimaliste has lots of great shapes, this one is $150. THREE vintage Eames rocker sit’s at the top of my wish list and one day I’ll make the splurge.  $465 from Cast & Crew. FOUR vintage kilim Turkish rug is so vibrant and would add a gorgeous splash of color to an otherwise neutral room.  This one is a large 6.5′ x 10′, but the shop have several sizes available. FIVE navy blue mini triangle pillow would be the perfect addition to my sofa in an effort to bring some navy into the living room. $48 from ShapesColors. SIX my skin is freaking out over here. I need to buy some serious lotion to stave off the winter dryness!  This chamomile and grapefruit body butter from Beridan Naturals is all natural, super thick, and calling my name, $32.


Well, I’m back from Utah and getting back into the swing of things over here.  It’s been super cold all week, so we’ve been hunkering down, catching up on our DVR, cooking dinner at home, and drinking lots of wine.  I just started watching ‘Girls’ and can’t decide if I like it or hate it… any watchers?  Of course, the highlight of my Sunday nights is Downton Abbey.  I just love it.

Matty is going away for a boys ski trip this weekend, so I’ll be catching up on some of the work I missed while at Alt, watching girly movies, and possibly treating myself to a manicure.

What are your plans this weekend?


p.s.  Big news – I’ll be having a virtual garage sale next week starting on MONDAY!  Follow @erinsclosetcleanout on instagram for all the details!  I’ll be auctioning everything from bags, shoes, accessories, and clothes to some furniture and home accessories!  I’ll be sharing complete rules on Facebook, so be sure to follow there too!