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Grandiflora Spring Home + Gift Fair

grandiflora pillow covers

Wow, it’s been a whirlwind of a weekend.  Firstly, thank you guys for all of your support and kindness about this post last week.  I’m still trying to get things back to normal over here and hopefully will have a computer and be totally back to my normal blogging by the end of this week. Secondly, my apologies about the super late post today.  We drove back from Atlanta yesterday after the show ended and got back in the middle of the night.

grandiflora home and decor line

In the meantime, I’ve had some wonderful things happening!  This past weekend I went to the Atlanta Home + Gift Fair to showcase my Grandiflora line.  I was so so so nervous before I went about setting up the booth and ensuring that the ‘retail space’ I was building really reflected the line and the feeling I was trying to convey with it.  After a 10 hour drive with a car packed to the gills, I made it into Atlanta and got to work on my teeny tiny little 9′ x 10′ booth.  If any of you have been to these fairs as buyers or exhibitors, you’ll know how small these little spaces really are.  Although I’d mapped it out in my house beforehand, I was still almost dumbstruck when I got there and saw the space.  Keep reading for the ugly before shot and what I did about it.  Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 3.7


ONE a pastel cake stand would not only go wonderfully with this week’s DIY, but it’s perfect for spring and summer! £49 from Idyll Home. TWO I saw this pop color chair in person last week and it’s a much more orangey, coral red than it looks here.  It’s a gorgeous piece and I might be a color convert… maybe. At just $59 from Ikea, who wouldn’t be? THREE it’s not a home item, but it certainly makes my faves list this week.  I might have to buy myself a little something! Bien Fait scarf is just so darling and is on sale at $14.50 from Madewell.  FOUR a table runner… with confetti printed on it.  I think this is the perfect thing to take you from early spring through summer, so for $55 you can decorate for half the year. done. FIVE I just love baskets, and if they’re dipped, dyed, or have have sort of weave interest, I’m game. The set starts at $38 from Hard to Find.


So, we made it.  No doubt it’s been a rough week for me.  Aside from what’s been going on with the break-in, I had to turn around after just a day at home and head down to Atlanta for the Spring Home + Gift fair where I’m exhibiting my Grandiflora line for the first time.  I am SO SO excited to show you guys on Monday what I did with my booth.  You really won’t believe the transformation from convention center curtained booth to a ‘retail’ space designed with Grandiflora in mind.  Aside from the show, I’ve never been to Atlanta, so I’m enjoying some free evenings to explore.  If you’ve been to Atlanta (or live here) let me know your suggestions!

Are you guys up to anything fun this (march!) weekend?


In The Valleys We Grow


If you follow on social media, you’ll know that I spent last weekend in Palm Springs with some amazing bloggers in a 3 day get together sponsored both by Bing and some incredible other brands (see friday’s faves!) and the weekend was hosted by the amazingly talented Chelsea, Kelly, and Brittni. We had a cabinet stuffed to the gills with craft supplies, party goodies, fresh flowers, and tools. We had a refrigerator crammed full of sweets, drinks, and anything a girls heart could desire.  These girls really pulled off an amazing fete.

I have to tell you, though, before my trip to Palm Springs, I was feeling a little bad for myself.  I just wasn’t feeling my usual spunk and I felt drained and without inspiration.  So as we’re spending time together in a hot, tropical valley, I got to thinking about growth.  I set out to explore, to learn, and to grow with these other talented women.  So that is what I set to do, get out of my funk. Unfortunately, things sometimes get worse before they get better, but I learned that mountainous growth most evident when you’re in a valley…theoretically (and literally in this case).

Settle in for this (novel of a post) and let me explain.  Aside from generally feeling stagnant, my trip didn’t start out stellar. Continue Reading…


Pastel Dipped Glassware

pastel glassware

I’m still a sucker for dipped things even after years of dipping and dying anything that stands still.  I’ve had the idea for some smokey semi-opaque glasses for a while now, and did a few trials this week to figure out the best way to get the look I was after.  The finished result is a not-too-thick pastel color that is perfect for spring.  I can’t wait to make myself some lemonade in one of these or to see one full of flowers by my bedside!  It will be just what I was after.

dip dye glasses votives vase

Plain paint would be way too thick and thinning it down with water makes the finish dull (like seaglass).  I got the idea to mix the paint with clear sealer to tone down the opacity and to keep the color glossy and bright.  Although acrylic paints are not meant to come in contact with food, they are non-toxic, so I like to limit their use to at least an inch below the rim of the glass so that you don’t actually drink from the paint part.  If you’re still not sure, use these pretty glasses for votives on your spring table or for flowers.  It’s up to you!

For the full tutorial and material list  Continue Reading…


Makeover Madness

pair of cane chairs before copy

Remember this blast from the (not so distant) past?  We’ll I’ve got some exciting news and I need your help! I’ve been selected to participate in the Better Homes and Gardens Makeover Madness challenge and the chairs from this post were entered into the first round of the contest! Today is the only day you can vote for me, so please hop over and vote if you can!  If I make it to the final four, I get to participate in a craft challenge at the BHG headquarters and if I win that, my project will end up in the magazine!  I’d love love love to represent the House of Earnest community, so help me out!

Vote for House of Earnest


A billion thanks for your help!


A place for everything – walk-in closet reno

closet reno 1

We are about halfway through a moderate project in our house – a master bedroom closet renovation.  Originally, the master bedroom had no closet, but instead a little nursery-type room off to the side.  In the 80’s my father-in-law renovated the home and put in a standard wall closet with bifold doors.  Until last week, the little wall closet still existed and I just kept my clothes in the office closet.  I finally got sick of going into my office to get my clothes, but more so, having my stuff in the office displaced the business supplies into the guestroom.  We finally decided to take action and last week we shared in this post how we tore down the wall closet and decided to make the whole adjacent room into a walk in closet with a vanity.  I’m in heaven.

walk in closet renovation

closet renovation 2

master closet renovation copy

master closet renovation

Over the past week we’ve ripped out the wall that made the 80’s wall closet, we’ve repaired drywall and we’ve installed a closet organization system from The Container Store. I’m not going to lie, I’m the kind of person who enjoyed every single second of putting together the organization system.  It was sheer bliss.  I got myself a glass of red wine in the evenings and just organized my little heart out. There is space for everything!  My clutches no longer get piled in a set of plastic drawers, my shoes are no longer in a boxes in my office shelving, and I’ll have a place to do my hair and make up without taking up residence in our single bathroom.

So, now our walls are repaired, we’ve painted everything a nice deep grey/brown – Martha Stewart’s Zinc from The Home Depot – and we’ve put our clothing in.  It seems like the end, but it’s not at all.  I’m just getting into the fun stuff.  I still plan to make a light fixture for overhead, create a vanity space, add some art, put up some window treatments, include a little seating space, and replace the 80’s carpet both in there and in our master bedroom.  So we’re only about half done.

We’re to the point where it’s user friendly, but could really use some decor.  I’m proud of what we’re accomplished so far and I’m even more excited to just keep going in the direction of my dreams.

What do you think so far?


Friday Faves 2.28

Friday Faves 2.28

ONE fun and funky flavors of jam from m. greenwood take a cheese platter to the next level!  Pair balsamic strawberry with brie and grapefruit with bleu cheese. TWO painterly stroke towels from fateyedesign are almost too pretty to use. I might turn them into something like this.  THREE cut end coasters $12 from Aloe Designs are just a cool $18 and are definitely darling. FOUR tiny little herb snippers are perfect fun gifts for crafty ladies or gardeners alike. FIVE little bamboo utensils are painted in the perfect shade of sunset coral.  $22 from Mr & Mrs P. SIX Rose scented salts for soaking in the bath from Oh So Pretty, they smell absolutely divine!


All of these gorgeous items were in our swag bag here in Palm Springs! I’m so happy to get to know these brands and their creators through their fabulous products.  I’ve having an AMAZING time in Palm Springs and it couldn’t be a better time for me to get out of the winter weather. It’s so refreshing to have the sun and warmth so plentiful. I’m crafting up a storm today on some projects and new ideas that I’m sure you guys will love!

Have an amazing weekend!



Pepper + Bleu Cheese Dirty Martini

filthy fire martini2

I like to call this the filthy fire martini. I thought it was hilarious, but that shows you my sense of humor. This all started because I thought I should start drinking more mature drinks. When I head to a nice restaurant for cocktails, I always want to order something classy, you know?

This martini recipe is perfect for those of you who love savory cocktails. I spiced up this martini a little bit with some Habanero vodka – don’t worry though! It’s not so so spicy even though it has Habanero pepper. I am only a medium salsa kind of girl and I love it, so I’m sure you will too.


spicy martini

Since there are only two Habanero for a whole 750ml of vodka and it only sits for a few days, it isn’t unbearably spicy.  If you do like super spicy stuff, just let it sit a little longer… maybe 2 weeks or so!

Definitely give this one a try.  The creamy tang from the blue cheese gives a nice contrast to the spicy flavors.

Do you like the spicy drinks?


Honeycomb Stamped Cocktail Napkins

honeycomb hexagon stamped napkin

I’ve had this idea to make a quick stamp out of cardboard for a while now, and I’m happy to report that it works awesome. This project took me about 20 minutes total and turned out super cute.  I bought a whole slew of colorful linen napkins from Crate and Barrel the other day and now I’ve got a honeycomb pattern that is cool, unique and ready just in time for spring drinks (we can hope, right?).

geometric honecomb stamped fabric

Like I said, this is a quick project using cardboard as a stamp!  I know you’ll love it!  If you’d like the full tutorial and materials list  Continue Reading…


50’s Desert Glam: Mid Century Cali

palm springs 1

I am in the midst of getting myself ready for a long weekend in Palm Springs with a few other bloggers and some of my favorite people from Bing to spend some time being creative together and exploring the town.  Bing is going to be showing us all some new things they’ve got brewing and I’ll be sure to take careful notes to come back and share with you all!

I’ve never been to Palm Springs before, but I am so looking forward to it.  Partly because its been a tundra in the midwest all winter and I am ready to not be cold for the first time since last fall, and partly because I’m excited to be trying out somewhere new with a bunch of creative and amazing bloggers. It’s such an inspiring place to talk about design and learn new things.

Speaking of new things, when I think about Palm Springs, I always think of it as almost the exact opposite of my ‘comfort zone’ for design.  I’m mostly neutral, minimal, industrial and a little glam.  While Palm Springs is known for being over-the-top colorful and embraces everything mid-century. It has a 50’s desert glamour that is hard to describe. I would say the only thing about the style that aligns with mine is the desert part – it goes with my natural inclinations.

palm springs 2

 (click on each photo above for the link)

When I look at photos of the Ace hotel in Palm Springs above, I begin to wonder if our styles aren’t such a big departure after all.  Natural textures are everywhere.  There are lots of warm neutrals – amber, rust, marigold, wood grain.  While the overall thought of Palm Springs isn’t necessarily minimal, the lines of mid-century designs sure are.  The Eames chairs, the clean stucco facades of buildings.

Now, the style of the town and the design that will surround me has me curious.  What inspiration will I find that will make it’s way back here to House of Earnest? Maybe a bunch, or maybe just a few little ideas.  I still don’t think I’d deck my house out in the Palm Springs style, but that’s why vacationing in it and being open to new design ideas will be so fun.

Tell me, is there a place you’ve been that’s opened your mind to a distinct style? Where was it?



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