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New Year, New Me

New Year's Resolutions2

What goals are on your list for this fresh new start?


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Friday Faves 1.3

Friday Faves 1.2

ONE a modern hexagon tray is simple, but stunning.  $64 from Waiting on Martha. TWO cheers to good luck in the new year!  Gold horseshoe wine stopper from Furbish Studio for $22. THREE escape the ordinary with the cutest ever candle from Kate Spade.  It’s $40, but how darling would the cup be for pencils after the candle is gone? FOUR I definitely need this pillow cover.  There are loads of other gorgeous gold cushions from Caitlin Wilson as well.  They start at $65. FIVE up your organization this year with gorgeous geo boxes from Kate Spade Saturday. $45 for the set of three.


Well guys, it’s been a wonderful last week of 2013 and first week of 2014.  I didn’t take any time off during the holidays, so Matty and I are taking the week next week to head out to Colorado for a bit of relaxation and skiing.  We’ll be out there with a few friends and I am so excited to get some good outdoors time and ski my little heart out.  I think if I can ski at least once a year, I’ll keep some sort of skill up.  Are any of you guys big skiers?  Side story, Matt and I used to live in Vail, Colorado where I learned to ski at age 23.  When we moved out there I’d never skied before and he all but told me that if I didn’t try, he didn’t know about a future with me. A guy serious about what he wants in a girl, huh?  He was kind of joking, but I guess I figured I should learn.  Luckily, I fell in love with skiing and ever since then, I really can’t go a winter without some fun in the powder.

Even though I’ll be traveling next week, blogging is really so therapeutic for me, I’ll be spending some quiet time each day sharing posts with you guys.  I have my 2014 resolutions to share on Monday followed by a bedroom refresh, and (finally!) the reveal of my cane chair.  Of course there are a few other things squeezed in there too, but I can’t wait to start the year off with a bang.

As always, I’ll be sharing photos of my travels, keep up on Instagram!



Countryside Farmhouse in Sussex

beach studios 1

Cool comfort is something that I’m consistently looking for in homes.  A minimal, fresh, creative space that still looks like you could really live in it.  This home in Sussex, UK totally fits the bill.  Large, oversized comfy couches, a neutral color scheme, and wide wooden floor boards all contribute to this simple, agrarian style.

beach studios 2

There is almost something primitive, or puritan about the style, isn’t there?

beach studios 3 beach studios 4 beach studios 5

My favorite is definitely this dark grayish blue wall with the white trim and dark floor. It looks ALOT like something I’ve got in the works over here (hint hint).

Do you love it?  What is your favorite part?


souce: Beach Studios


Cheers to Life

drinks and dreams

2014 has been a big, scary, exciting, overwhelming year for me and I’m just starting to fully grasp the breadth of my business and what I need to be doing continuously to make it succeed.  I wanted to take a moment and give you all the credit you deserve for being a big part of this success.  You all were there for me lending endless encouragement and support as I, not only grew House of Earnest, but also quit my day job to launch my own product line and online boutique, Grandiflora.

It was a surreal few weeks after the launch and I was fueled by excitement of the unknown. As purchases were being made, I began seeing some of your lovely names in the shipping information and realized how vital this House of Earnest community is to my business. Without all of you, could have never have achieved this dream, I couldn’t have gotten the word out, I couldn’t have reached as many like-minded consumers, I couldn’t have had the confidence to dive in.  I am forever thankful to you guys, and not just the readers who have bought their own Grandiflora goodies, but to all of you guys for sharing what I’m doing here, encouraging, and cheering me on!  Without an office full of co-workers anymore, it’s you guys who inspire me and encourage me to keep going at full speed.

So, thank you for helping me achieve my biggest goal to-date in 2013.  Cheers to you and may the new year bring wonderful things for you all.


Photo:  Style Me Pretty w/ my wording on top.


Using Technology for an Easy Open Bar

intel open bar

New Years Eve is right around the corner and I’m still a little on the fence about what I’m doing.  I know I’ll be wearing this DIY from my post this morning, but as far as the rest, I’m bordering on just having another party at our house, but was a little stumped after my Christmas Eve soiree about what else to pull out of my hat.

I’m not a huge mixed drink person.  I love a good champagne cocktail, but stick mostly with red wine.  When we have guests and someone wants to know what is in a ‘Bay Breeze’, I wouldn’t be able to help them out.  I had my Samsung Tab sitting near the bar last week during Christmas, however, and got a brilliant idea to just use it for an ‘open bar’ concept.  For tips on creating a fun, interactive bar with your tablet, I have just a few thoughts.  Continue Reading…


NYE Party Hat with Christmas Ribbon

cute new years eve party hats

I’m a hat kind of girl.  I have always loved collecting fancy antique hats with nets, feathers, and all of the trimmings.  As the years go by, I seem to have less and less places to which I can wear some of my more extravagant pieces, but New Year’s Eve is certainly an occasion where (even if you’re not a hat person) it’s totally acceptable to rock something over-the-top (literally).

pretty new years party hat

new years eve cute party hat diy

This easy, DIY fascinator is a great use of leftover ribbon from the Christmas holiday, so the only things you may have to purchase are the clips, felt, and numeral stickers – should you want to use them! Don’t put away the Christmas ribbon just yet! The easy step by step tutorial might just inspire you to get creating!  Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 12.27

Friday Faves 12.27

ONE a quirky black and white print is the perfect addition to any gallery wall.  ‘Bear of a few words’ print from Bodie and Fou is just $24.30. TWO a wall art sculpture with silver antlers is on my wish list, and at just $14 from Target, it might be making it’s way to my home soon. THREE a great mix of warmth and rustic, this pouf top stool in cream faux mongolian fur from Furbish studio is $250. FOUR wool pillow from Leif is a fun, graphic punch of geo, $68. If you struggle adding pattern to your home, adding it all in B&W is a great start! FIVE a funky vase in all cream is a modern classic (and you won’t be able to see crazy stems if you’re new to arranging). $100 from Kate Spade. SIX Matt got me the book ‘Artisan Cheese Making at Home‘ for Christmas and I can’t wait to dig in and learn about how to create my own curds.

What a holiday week it’s been!  We’ve had parties, gone to parties, played lots of games, and eaten tons of great food.  It’s so evident, especially around the holidays, how blessed we are.  I am so happy to spend the rest of the weekend laying low and hanging around with Matt.  We’ve got a full week next week then head off to Colorado for a week of skiing.  I’m pretty excited to get into the fresh mountain air with loads of snow!

We still have a few fun ideas for your New Years party coming up next week, so come back by and get some last minute inspiration!



Quick Patterned Acrylic Trays

acrylic pattern trays

This is such an easy idea to make your New Years Eve bar really cute and unique.  You can use any paper or pattern than falls in line with your party theme and really add a gorgeous touch to your event.

With a frame you can buy at any store from Wal-mart to Micheals, you can easily purchase all of the things to make this simple project.

gold patterned acrylic trays pattern lined acrylic tray

Acrylic box frames take center stage in this two step project, keep reading for the full tutorial, you’ll definitely want to add this small, but totally custom, touch to your NYE event.

Continue Reading…


Merry Christmas

merry christmas 2


I hope you all are having an absolutely beautiful day! Merry Christmas!

*gorgeous Rectory Red is a new color from Farrow + Ball and isn’t it stunning in this entry?


Sparkling Christmas Cocktails

holiday cocktail recipe cranberry

Happy Christmas Eve!  I hope you’re home, spending some relaxing time with family and friends.  I’m preparing for a little cocktail party that I like to have on Christmas eve which incorporates both sides of our families and any friends who wish to stop by.

Since we don’t have children, I always felt like Christmas eve was lacking some sort of spark.  We don’t set out milk & cookies for Santa or read “T’was the night before Christmas”, but we still want to do something festive with those we love.  So, we started having this cocktail party and made the ‘eve’ about just hanging out and really letting the joy of the season set in with anyone who has the time to swing out to our place.  Last year I think we got into playing cards and listening to carols.

christmas champagne cocktail

This year, I’ve got a full menu planned out with heavy nibbles (mini ham sammys, cheese straws, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, a giant cheese tray, and lots of cookies!).  Aside from the food, I like to make a very festive cocktail.  It’s really the only night of the year I feel compelled to make my big manly guy friends drink frilly drinks from gold confetti glasses. They might retire to the scotch after a few, but the ‘signature’ cocktail definitely takes a load off my shoulders when it comes to setting up a bar for such a wide range of people who come through.

For my signature cocktail this year, I’m making a Sparkling Cranberry Blush.  It’s so easy and SO good.  Keep on for the full recipe and some very fun tips to keep the drink festive!

Continue Reading…