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Dressing Room Details

Dressing Room Details 

I’m moving right along on my combination dressing room, walk-in closet, and vanity renovation.  If you’re new here, we’re basically taking a small bedroom that connects to our master and turning it into a walk in closet.  We’ve completed the big changes, like knocking out the previous closet, painting the room, and installing a closet organization system.  There are still a couple of curve balls to share, but we’re still working those out. In the meantime, I’m thinking about how to bring this room up to par with our adjacent bedroom.

fresh, neutral bedroom

When the construction’s done, the paints up, and the big pieces are moved in, it’s easy to hurry the rest. I’m a firm believer, however, that this detail work is really what makes or breaks a room’s design. I want the feeling of our bedroom to flow into the closet and feel like one continuous room, so I’ve brought in the same dark gray walls, and choose white for the closet organization since it matches back to the custom built-in’s in the bedroom.

To really keep the room looking like more of a designed dressing room than just a closet, I’m also bringing in a few different textiles.  I plan to use pattern in the drapes (using the same blue and cream ticking stripe as the bedroom), and on a vanity stool.  Do you recognize the ikat fabric? I bought it to use on my cane chairs, but I’m SO happy I held onto it for something else, because I think it will really help to bring everything together in this dressing room.  I also plan to include a light grey ottoman of some sort to hold a suitcase when we’re packing to head somewhere or just be a perch for Matt when he’s tying his shoes.

The vanity will get a rustic farmhouse mirror which I’m going to create out of this chalkboard from World Market because the one I really wanted was too big.  To keep the whole room from getting too girly and soft, I’ll add in some matte black spotlights for the vanity which also help to incorporate some of the black from the ikat fabric. The whole room will be topped off with a heather gray drum shade as an overhead light.

I’ll show you guys some of these individual projects (like the tufted ottoman which I intend to make) as well as the finished room soon!  Oh yeah, and that curve ball I told you about, you’re going to love it.

What did you get into this weekend?



Friday Faves 3.14

Friday Faves 3.14

ONE I am obsessed with the ‘cut corners’ mirror from Terrain.  It’s a decent price at $198 for a good mirror and want it for my vanity, but it’s a little too big for the space! TWO pretty levels of blush are perfect for spring and I love how neutral the nightfall votives from bhldn are.  $48 for a set of eight. THREE new arrival in the shop!  Les Pointelles Prints are now available from Grandiflora and are just $28/print.  FOUR how adorable are these luminous dot pillows from Anthropologie? I love the foil print in a slightly ikat dot.  They’re $58 each. FIVE I’m not huge on mid-century style, but I love this nook console from West Elm for it’s understated glamour and lots of places to stick things, $499. SIX I can’t even imagine the handwork that goes into creating these porcelain twig spoons from Michiko Shimada.  They’re $48 for the set of two.


Happy Pi Day Friday! I used to love Pi day in school.  I can only remember 9 digits out, but I think that’s good after 20ish years of those memory competitions. It’s been a good week over here, I’ve done a little shopping to replace some of my stolen items.  Some new sneakers will come in handy for what is supposed to be a warm and sunny weekend.  I ended up with these. I also re-bought my hairdryer and curling iron this week, so I won’t be rocking the ponytail this weekend when I go out.

I had the opportunity to chat for over an hour last night with one of my very favorite blog friends, Clara!  It’s just so wonderful to reconnect with people who are as uplifting and encouraging as she is.

I’m excited for my first weekend at home in a few weeks and plan on finishing my master bedroom closet! I’m really looking forward to it.  Is there anything on your weekend agenda you’ve been looking forward to all week?


P.S. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for me in the final round of the Better Homes and Gardens Makeover Madness!  If I win today, I go to their home offices to compete in a craft challenge!  Wouldn’t that be so fun!  I’d love your vote!



Palm Springs (Meet Make, Do) Recap


What a treat I have for you guys today!  After the initial drama from my trip to Palm Springs wore off, I wanted to have some time to reflect and show you guys the fabulous parts.  Firstly, a giant thank you to all of the fabulous people at Bing who sponsored this gathering, which we called ‘Meet, Make, Do’.  The get-together was brought to life by Chelsea, Kelly, and Brittni, and was centered around the idea of getting together to do the things that we love with other people who love doing them.  In this case, it was DIY and craft bloggers.

Aside from the people I did know going into the weekend, I met a few new friends as well – Mary from Mary Costa Photography took all of these amazing photos and Katie from the Bing team brought the tech to our doorstep and showed us a few cool new products and features as well. It was funny when she was showing us new things, however, because apparently when you get 12 of the same exact blogger personalities in the same room, we all have the same reactions to things. So, there were lots of unanimous exclamations of “Whoa!” and “Amazing!” and “Awesome!”.  You’d think they were telling us we mind boggling info, but really, we just get very excited about things.



Bing Tip:  I learned that if you sign up for a bing account, you can actually get points just for doing internet searches on Bing.com which they call Bing Rewards. Points are good toward all sorts of prizes.  So, I basically zoned straight out for about 15 minutes and signed myself up… which is apparently what I’m doing above. If you switch your iPhone search engine (in the settings) over to Bing, you can get points for searching on your iOS phone too!  How amazing is that?




We had pretty much everything under the sun to play with and all thanks to some amazing brands. Just LOOK at the amazing array of supplies!  I gravitated towards the fabrics from The Fabric Store LA and joked about making myself some clothes since my suitcase hadn’t arrived from the airline at that point, but ended up being so drawn to the fresh flowers from Flower Muse.  I actually ended up creating the first post in a new floral series that will launch soon – so watch out for it!

We did a lot of our searching with Bing (obviously) and I learned something else which might interest you – did you know that image searches on Bing can be filtered by color?  Or by faces? or (this is the best for bloggers) by licensing and copyright?  Just a quick tip for ya!

Aside from the craft supplies, we just had an all-around amazing time together.  I mentioned a lot of the bonding last week, but we had some great times that were almost too pretty for words.  Dinners were fully styled with menus, place cards, and little favors, the settings were gorgeous and we went early to get enough photo ops (when you have groups of bloggers doing things, you must allow ample time for instagramming!).

MMD_4088 MMD_6267

Striped Cat Studio did these beautiful menus for our first night’s dinner at Workshop – whose food I was blown away by… it was truly a fabulous dining experience.  Minted provided the goodies during our second night’s dinner at the Ace Hotel.  In between meals we snacked on goodies from Edoughble (cookie dough made for eating raw… amazing, right?) and M. Greenwood Jams who made amazing savory jams to top our cheese. And I’m saving the best for last…

MMD_3839 MMD_3522

Just LOOK at the pool. I didn’t even get in because I was so busy crafting, but I mean, come on.

So, it was such a beautiful place, with beautiful company, and we got to work with beautiful product.  All around, It was such a great opportunity and I am so so so thankful to Bing for having us all out!


This post was created in partnership with Bing.


Tie one on: St Paddys Day Decor

st patricks day party decor

St. Paddys Day is just around the corner (can you believe it?!?) and although I don’t typically go all-out, I like to do a little something.  I have an Irish name (and so does my sister, Colleen), but as far as I can tell, we’re as much Irish as we are French and English and Native American and who knows what else (don’t get me started on Ancestry.com, I could talk your leg off).  Anyways, regardless of my heritage, any holiday that encourages some beer drinking is ok in my book.  And since being festive is one of my favorite things, here is a simple little project for your St. Paddys Day weekend.

This easy shamrock tie is just as cute when gifting a bottle of beer to your party hosts or tied in your hair for that green you’ll need to be wearing.

tie one on

To complete this project you’ll only need a couple of things:  Continue Reading…


Spring Spa Day

spring spa day

You know the feeling when you get a surprise in the mail and you’re oddly more excited than you should be about something small and frivolous? Well, upon my return late Sunday night from one of the most tiring weekends ever, I had a pretty box on my stoop full of springy goodies from Illume.  In the past, I’ve bought the holiday scents and the Coconut Milk Mango everything, but was glad they sent some of the new scents to try out. Yesterday, the weather was sunny, and I was feeling like I needed to take a second to myself, so I put these goodies to use and pampered myself a bit with a long soak.

spring spa day - new illume 2

spring spa day - new illume 3

spring spa day - new illume 4

Did you notice my little pastel tumbler in there?  I can’t tell if I’m happier about the packaging or about the actual product.  Does that ever happen to you?  Something is almost too pretty to open?  Almost…

Although I loved trying out the new scents, but I’m still a total sucker for the Coconut Mango Milk.  It makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation.

What do you guys like to use when you have a bit of an at-home spa day?



*Illume kindly provided the products to create this post.  Thank you for continuing to support the sponsors that help me bring new ideas and content to you each day.


Grandiflora Spring Home + Gift Fair

grandiflora pillow covers

Wow, it’s been a whirlwind of a weekend.  Firstly, thank you guys for all of your support and kindness about this post last week.  I’m still trying to get things back to normal over here and hopefully will have a computer and be totally back to my normal blogging by the end of this week. Secondly, my apologies about the super late post today.  We drove back from Atlanta yesterday after the show ended and got back in the middle of the night.

grandiflora home and decor line

In the meantime, I’ve had some wonderful things happening!  This past weekend I went to the Atlanta Home + Gift Fair to showcase my Grandiflora line.  I was so so so nervous before I went about setting up the booth and ensuring that the ‘retail space’ I was building really reflected the line and the feeling I was trying to convey with it.  After a 10 hour drive with a car packed to the gills, I made it into Atlanta and got to work on my teeny tiny little 9′ x 10′ booth.  If any of you have been to these fairs as buyers or exhibitors, you’ll know how small these little spaces really are.  Although I’d mapped it out in my house beforehand, I was still almost dumbstruck when I got there and saw the space.  Keep reading for the ugly before shot and what I did about it.  Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 3.7


ONE a pastel cake stand would not only go wonderfully with this week’s DIY, but it’s perfect for spring and summer! £49 from Idyll Home. TWO I saw this pop color chair in person last week and it’s a much more orangey, coral red than it looks here.  It’s a gorgeous piece and I might be a color convert… maybe. At just $59 from Ikea, who wouldn’t be? THREE it’s not a home item, but it certainly makes my faves list this week.  I might have to buy myself a little something! Bien Fait scarf is just so darling and is on sale at $14.50 from Madewell.  FOUR a table runner… with confetti printed on it.  I think this is the perfect thing to take you from early spring through summer, so for $55 you can decorate for half the year. done. FIVE I just love baskets, and if they’re dipped, dyed, or have have sort of weave interest, I’m game. The set starts at $38 from Hard to Find.


So, we made it.  No doubt it’s been a rough week for me.  Aside from what’s been going on with the break-in, I had to turn around after just a day at home and head down to Atlanta for the Spring Home + Gift fair where I’m exhibiting my Grandiflora line for the first time.  I am SO SO excited to show you guys on Monday what I did with my booth.  You really won’t believe the transformation from convention center curtained booth to a ‘retail’ space designed with Grandiflora in mind.  Aside from the show, I’ve never been to Atlanta, so I’m enjoying some free evenings to explore.  If you’ve been to Atlanta (or live here) let me know your suggestions!

Are you guys up to anything fun this (march!) weekend?


In The Valleys We Grow


If you follow on social media, you’ll know that I spent last weekend in Palm Springs with some amazing bloggers in a 3 day get together sponsored both by Bing and some incredible other brands (see friday’s faves!) and the weekend was hosted by the amazingly talented Chelsea, Kelly, and Brittni. We had a cabinet stuffed to the gills with craft supplies, party goodies, fresh flowers, and tools. We had a refrigerator crammed full of sweets, drinks, and anything a girls heart could desire.  These girls really pulled off an amazing fete.

I have to tell you, though, before my trip to Palm Springs, I was feeling a little bad for myself.  I just wasn’t feeling my usual spunk and I felt drained and without inspiration.  So as we’re spending time together in a hot, tropical valley, I got to thinking about growth.  I set out to explore, to learn, and to grow with these other talented women.  So that is what I set to do, get out of my funk. Unfortunately, things sometimes get worse before they get better, but I learned that mountainous growth most evident when you’re in a valley…theoretically (and literally in this case).

Settle in for this (novel of a post) and let me explain.  Aside from generally feeling stagnant, my trip didn’t start out stellar. Continue Reading…


Pastel Dipped Glassware

pastel glassware

I’m still a sucker for dipped things even after years of dipping and dying anything that stands still.  I’ve had the idea for some smokey semi-opaque glasses for a while now, and did a few trials this week to figure out the best way to get the look I was after.  The finished result is a not-too-thick pastel color that is perfect for spring.  I can’t wait to make myself some lemonade in one of these or to see one full of flowers by my bedside!  It will be just what I was after.

dip dye glasses votives vase

Plain paint would be way too thick and thinning it down with water makes the finish dull (like seaglass).  I got the idea to mix the paint with clear sealer to tone down the opacity and to keep the color glossy and bright.  Although acrylic paints are not meant to come in contact with food, they are non-toxic, so I like to limit their use to at least an inch below the rim of the glass so that you don’t actually drink from the paint part.  If you’re still not sure, use these pretty glasses for votives on your spring table or for flowers.  It’s up to you!

For the full tutorial and material list  Continue Reading…


Makeover Madness

pair of cane chairs before copy

Remember this blast from the (not so distant) past?  We’ll I’ve got some exciting news and I need your help! I’ve been selected to participate in the Better Homes and Gardens Makeover Madness challenge and the chairs from this post were entered into the first round of the contest! Today is the only day you can vote for me, so please hop over and vote if you can!  If I make it to the final four, I get to participate in a craft challenge at the BHG headquarters and if I win that, my project will end up in the magazine!  I’d love love love to represent the House of Earnest community, so help me out!

Vote for House of Earnest


A billion thanks for your help!