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Gift Guide for the kiddos

gift guide header-kids gift guide kids

ONE a tiny bow headband is girly, but still cool. $10 from Thief and Bandit.  TWO meow!  This cat knit sweater is made by local women in Bolivia under fair trade practices…and it’s downright adorable!  $88 for Oeuf. THREE who doesn’t want hot pink moccasins? Treat your little one to some stylish toes with these leather beauties from Freshly Picked, $60. FOUR let your little one build their own city!  These foldable cardboard buildings are modeled after traditional architecture and allow kids’ imaginations to thrive! I would have loved this as a child! $40 from Uncommon Goods.  FIVE for the cutest leggings on planet earth, head to Thief and Bandit.  All of their items are hand printed making them so unique.  $38.

SIX a little arrow onesie is cute and unique with a hand-drawn pattern by Lucky Palm Tree, $44. SEVEN I would just love to see a baby gnawing on one of these ice cream cone rattles.  How adorable! $33 for a set of three. So if you’re like my family and had three babies one year, buy and divide! EIGHT for a new mom the Honest Company’s diaper monthly bundle (delivered!) is a wonderfully cute idea.  Have you seen all of those patterns? $79/month for diapers and wipes. (that’s less than $20/week!) NINE I just love this polar bear rocking toy.  It’s really just too cute for words. $129 from Land of Nod.

TEN Who’s the coolest boy on the block?  The kid wearing this heathered hoodie from Burt’s Bees, that’s who.  At $28, it’s a good deal, too! ELEVEN have you guys seen this video yet?  It instantly reminded me of the ‘I’m not tired’ T-shirt from Hello for $18. TWELVE an all wooden adjustable balance trike is simple and good looking. $70 from Land of Nod. THIRTEEN leather baby ‘chukkas’ are so adorable I want to buy them for every baby I know even though they’re a little pricey at $95.


I’m not going to pretend to know the first thing about children.  We don’t have any, but we do have an army of nephews and one niece! When the kiddos were little and had less of an opinion on their gifts, I’d just get them the cutest little frivolous things I could find.  Now that they’re getting older (most ranging in age from 3-10) they like certain things (most notably nerf guns, legos, star wars, and mine craft anything).  Since my husband, Matt, also likes these things into his thirties, I let him take the lead on buying the boy gifts.  Since my one niece is obsessed with Frozen, that makes for a pretty easy gift giving strategy.  We have one little infant who I’ll take much joy in buying ridiculously cute things for.

The reason I showcased items other than what we bought is just soley to maybe give you all some ideas or brands you might be unfamiliar with!  Feel free to click on my links and then go explore around the shops to find special items that fit your needs.

Have fun exploring, and have a great Friday, guys!


Christmas Mantle Styling Video

holiday mantle

Guys!  I haven’t done a video in so long!  I have been wanting to do so many, and each time I’m shooting a DIY, think about how great it would be as a video, but to be quite honest, they’re so much work and take days of shooting and editing.  Since my team consists of just me and one four legged furry friend, the amount of time they take just aren’t worth the effort, even though I really love doing them.  So, I shot this mantle styling video and I thought that even if it were a bit more raw, maybe you guys would still like it.  Since I spent less time on editing, there is actually much more random commenting and more of my thought process involved, which might me nice as well.

I’ve used our Magnolia Garland in the video and have been adhering to our very own House of Earnest take on a Colonial holiday theme!

Enjoy the video and definitely give me your thoughts on if you’d like to see more videos (even if they aren’t super cutesy and edited) or if you prefer the photo step-by-steps!

Happy Friday, all!  Have a great holiday weekend!


Gift Guide: Quirky with Baba Souk!

gift guide quirky quirky round up

ONE  Gold dot vase is right up my alley and would make the perfect gift for your domestic friends! TWO For the understated cool friend, quartz studs are sparkly, but toned down (I have some on their way to me!!) THREE kisses and hugs!  The gold and white dotted XO cake toppers make a cute anyone gift. (again, it’s all about the fun things we like, but don’t indulge ourselves with!) FOUR For the techy fashionista, an iPhone sleeve is the perfect way to show off style, and this one is on sale for $15 FIVE This necklace looks like a smile, but it’s gold and white colors are subdued. $34 SIX The breads of France!  I love this large 11″ x 15″ black and white pastry print and have it on order for my kitchen! $45 SEVEN quirky in every sense, these grey cloud pot holders would make a fun gift for an artsy friend! $20.


You wouldn’t know that I’ve got an incredibly quirky side because my style tends to be very subdued, but it comes out mostly when I’m dancing in my kitchen or singing to my dog.  I’ve included Baba Souk in lots of my Friday Faves round ups, so I thought it kismet when they reached out about putting together a round up for the holidays!  I decided to show my quirky side a bit with these fun picks.  The items sold on Baba Souk are handmade my small artisans which makes it wonderfully special in my book.  If you aren’t familiar with Baba Souk, spend some time exploring!


Disclosure:  This post was created in partnership with Baba Souk.  I received a little product gift as a token of their appreciation, but I am over the moon to share it with you guys!!!


DIY Monogram Wreath

DIY monogram wreath

I’m clearly loving monogrammed things this Christmas, and my wreath is no different.  I created this ‘S’ wreath to go in my entryway, hanging from the mirror, but have experimented with it on the back door as well (since I’m trying not to neglect the back of the house).  I find monograms are inherently preppy, which isn’t really me, but I love being a little over-the-top for the holidays.


It’s actually a super easy DIY although it looks fairly complex.  All it takes a few quick materials and 30 minutes!   Continue Reading…


Gift Guide: Four Legged Friends

gift guide header - pets

pet gifts

For the Dogs

ONE for the woodsy hipster pup, this flannel plaid coat by Billy Wolf is lined in faux sherpa and is so cute! $62 from Steven Alan. TWO I love the arrow deboss on this natural leather dog collar.  Perry has only worn pink collars for the last nine years, but we might have to change that! THREE I love the look of woven leashes, but they can be too expensive.  This brown and white version from L.L.Bean is cute and cost-efficient at just $15. FOUR a floating buoy toy is perfect for the dogs who love to swim.  Perry won’t step her paw into water if we don’t force her, but for those of you with retrievers, I’m sure they’d love this $14 treat from Waggo! FIVE These dog bowls are ‘Specktacular’!  Black with gold dots are good for the stylish dog (or dog owner).  They also come in white and red and are $18 each from Waggo.

For the Cats

ONE a little nautical stripe collar with cute bell is perfect for the preppy cat. $30 from Mungo & Maud. TWO for the curious cat, a whack-a-mole game would be a hoot to watch and is a steal at just $10. THREE okay, so I know a $130 cat teepee isn’t everyone’s idea of a great gift, but I feel like crazy cat people would totally love this. FOUR so cute!  A catnip ice cream cone is a darling idea for your felines stocking.


Are we the only nut-sos who do a stocking and gifts for our pet?  It’s Perry’s ninth christmas and she’s become quite good at opening presents.  Once we give her one, however, she thinks everything we open is for her and sticks her nose right in each package.  We love spending Christmas morning playing with her and her new toys.  She’s usually so worn out after the morning gift opening that she is useless for the rest of the day!  I know this is a pretty narrow list as far as pets go… but dogs and cats are the most common.  I did find this AMAZING gift for the turtle lover, however.

Do you include your furry friends in the holidays?  Tell me about it!



Handmade Holiday: The Blanket Cape

blanket cape diy

We’re back again with another fabulous idea for a handmade gift.  Like I’ve said, my family has a $25 cap on gifts between my sisters and brothers, so I really have to get creative sometimes! This project is one of my all-time favorites.  I bought myself a blanket cape at a cool boutique a few weeks ago and when I got it home and wore it, I kind of just discovered it was a blanket with a notch cut out of it.  I was torn between feeling silly for spending big bucks on it and feeling delighted that it’s something I could easily make – and share with you!

The blanket cape trend has been around for a few years now, but it’s really starting to mainstream recently and this DIY makes it easy to make and easier to wear (as opposed to the straight-up rectangular versions).

diy blanket cardigan blanket kimono diy

I’ve worn mine belted, hanging open, or draped across one shoulder.  Its a versatile addition to anyones wardrobe and makes leggings and a t-shirt look pretty chic.

The best part of the whole project is the price!  A $19 blanket from Home Goods and a little thread was all it took.  Best yet, it’s super easy and takes a total of 20 minutes to make.  Who on your list could you see wearing this beauty?

turn a blanket into a kimono wrap

This project does require some sewing, but if I can do it, you can do it too… my sewing is an absolute atrocity.  So, if you have $20 and 20 minutes to spare for someone you love?  Continue Reading…


The Gift of Gold

creative giftcard wrap

Ok, so it’s not really ‘gold’ per se, but giving a gift card is pretty darn close.  We’ve partnered with Target to bring you a little slice of holiday cuteness as part of their #giftcardcheer campaign!  We want to show you that giving a Target GiftCard®  is anything but boring if you learn how to wrap it like a pro.

We’ve made a cute-as-ever pouf with a Target GiftCard®  inside.  You can go ahead and wrap the pouf in a box, but we suggest just pinning one right on your bestie.

Here is the easy step by step!

materials for gift card pouf gift card pouf pin tutorial

ONE staple a piece of cardboard (approx the same size as your Target gift card) in the center of three pieces of tissue paper, then cut a circle around the cardboard. TWO place your gift card right on top of the cardboard.  THREE gather up the tissue carefully and cinch in the center.  FOUR use a twist-tie to secure the cinch.  FIVE fluff the tissue to create a pouf. SIX cut a tiny slit into the back of the tissue and slide a blank hair clip (or bobby pin) into the slit.

creative gift card wrapping

You can wear it in your hair, on your shirt, or as a gift topper!  After the twist tie is opened and gift card is removed, just re-cinch for an accessory your friend can wear all season long! How cute is that?



Disclosure: Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.



Handmade Magnolia Garland

handmade holiday garland

Maybe it was my time in the south, or maybe it’s the fabulous smell, but I am obsessed with adding magnolia into my holiday decor.  This year, I found some magnolia branches at a local floral shop, so I wanted to make a garland for our mantle out of it.  Garland is one of those things that people don’t often make themselves, but it’s deceptively easy, so I’m gonna show you how it’s done.

homemade evergreen garland diy magnolia garland

You can also do the same steps using pine or any other greenery.  This is the same exact process I used when making the eucalyptus garland as well.  When it comes to buying greenery (or any flower for that matter) I always just pop into a floral shop that is near me and ask if I can buy from their coolers.  I figure, a sale is a sale and if they don’t have to do the arranging, then most florists are totally cool selling you bulk bunches. All this tutorial takes (aside from the branches) is wire and wire clippers!   Continue Reading…


Gift Guide for The Hostess

gift guide hostess gift guide - hostess

ONE your hostess will love the noel lucite tray to hold anything from small bites to guest towels, $38 from Grandiflora Home + Decor.  TWO the last thing any hostess wants to do the morning after a party is to cook more.  Bring her breakfast for the following day from a special neighborhood bakery or make your own for extra points!  These Apple Cider donuts from Faux Martha look simple enough! THREE a little marble wishbone object d’art is something she won’t buy for herself, but she’ll love you for!  $19 from West Elm. FOUR how precious is this reindeer copper votive!  I would flip if someone brought this for me!  $22.50 for a set of two. FIVE ‘cheers’ linen cocktail napkins are so festive for the holidays, but perfect year-round too!  $37 for a set of four from Linea Carta. SIX I personally love all of the Ticket Chocolate hot chocolates.  They’re a little indulgence that would be a much appreciated gift. I especially love the peppermint variety (although I through a bit of Kahlúa in mine!) $11 for a set or $25 for five. SEVEN This set of four Pendleton mugs are so adorable!  This is for the hostess you really love since they’re $50 for the set! Get them at Dillards.


I love buying hostess gifts.  Probably because it gives me the opportunity to buy little tidbits that I’d personally love for myself! The commonality between all of these items is that they’re each a bit festive, while still being useful in some way.  If you like giving wine or spirits for the holiday hostess, consider making a cute-as-ever sweater cozy for it. I have the full DIY HERE!!



Cozy Sweater Gift Bag with Kahlúa

sweater upcycle gift bag

First, I have to say that I’m obsessed with this project.  I had to tell myself to stop taking photos of it because they were getting out of control.  Does anyone need 40 pictures of a sweater gift bag?  I didn’t think so.

Gifting a bottle of something tasty to a hostess is a good standby, but it’s easy to get lost in the pack of gifts arriving at the party if yours doesn’t stand out. Instead of wine, think about gifting a fun liqueur, like Kahlúa, and to include a few recipes along with it.  The reason I love giving recipes is because it gives your hostess some creative ideas and shows her that you put more thought into your gift than swinging by the liquor store on the way to her house.

kahlua recipe cards and gift bag

sweater bottle gift bag

In addition to the recipes, a beautiful and handmade gift bag highlights the specialness of what’s inside.  This darling sweater gift bag cost me $1.50 to make.  No kidding.  That’s cheaper than the paper ones at the store. Here’s the full how-to!  Continue Reading…

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