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Pepper + Bleu Cheese Dirty Martini

filthy fire martini2

I like to call this the filthy fire martini. I thought it was hilarious, but that shows you my sense of humor. This all started because I thought I should start drinking more mature drinks. When I head to a nice restaurant for cocktails, I always want to order something classy, you know?

This martini recipe is perfect for those of you who love savory cocktails. I spiced up this martini a little bit with some Habanero vodka – don’t worry though! It’s not so so spicy even though it has Habanero pepper. I am only a medium salsa kind of girl and I love it, so I’m sure you will too.


spicy martini

Since there are only two Habanero for a whole 750ml of vodka and it only sits for a few days, it isn’t unbearably spicy.  If you do like super spicy stuff, just let it sit a little longer… maybe 2 weeks or so!

Definitely give this one a try.  The creamy tang from the blue cheese gives a nice contrast to the spicy flavors.

Do you like the spicy drinks?


Honeycomb Stamped Cocktail Napkins

honeycomb hexagon stamped napkin

I’ve had this idea to make a quick stamp out of cardboard for a while now, and I’m happy to report that it works awesome. This project took me about 20 minutes total and turned out super cute.  I bought a whole slew of colorful linen napkins from Crate and Barrel the other day and now I’ve got a honeycomb pattern that is cool, unique and ready just in time for spring drinks (we can hope, right?).

geometric honecomb stamped fabric

Like I said, this is a quick project using cardboard as a stamp!  I know you’ll love it!  If you’d like the full tutorial and materials list  Continue Reading…


50’s Desert Glam: Mid Century Cali

palm springs 1

I am in the midst of getting myself ready for a long weekend in Palm Springs with a few other bloggers and some of my favorite people from Bing to spend some time being creative together and exploring the town.  Bing is going to be showing us all some new things they’ve got brewing and I’ll be sure to take careful notes to come back and share with you all!

I’ve never been to Palm Springs before, but I am so looking forward to it.  Partly because its been a tundra in the midwest all winter and I am ready to not be cold for the first time since last fall, and partly because I’m excited to be trying out somewhere new with a bunch of creative and amazing bloggers. It’s such an inspiring place to talk about design and learn new things.

Speaking of new things, when I think about Palm Springs, I always think of it as almost the exact opposite of my ‘comfort zone’ for design.  I’m mostly neutral, minimal, industrial and a little glam.  While Palm Springs is known for being over-the-top colorful and embraces everything mid-century. It has a 50’s desert glamour that is hard to describe. I would say the only thing about the style that aligns with mine is the desert part – it goes with my natural inclinations.

palm springs 2

 (click on each photo above for the link)

When I look at photos of the Ace hotel in Palm Springs above, I begin to wonder if our styles aren’t such a big departure after all.  Natural textures are everywhere.  There are lots of warm neutrals – amber, rust, marigold, wood grain.  While the overall thought of Palm Springs isn’t necessarily minimal, the lines of mid-century designs sure are.  The Eames chairs, the clean stucco facades of buildings.

Now, the style of the town and the design that will surround me has me curious.  What inspiration will I find that will make it’s way back here to House of Earnest? Maybe a bunch, or maybe just a few little ideas.  I still don’t think I’d deck my house out in the Palm Springs style, but that’s why vacationing in it and being open to new design ideas will be so fun.

Tell me, is there a place you’ve been that’s opened your mind to a distinct style? Where was it?



photo source: 1 | 2 | 3



Creative Master Closet Space

storage solutions


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that it’s been a little over two years that I’ve been talking about renovating our master bedroom “closet”.  I would use air quotes on the word closet to display the sarcasm involved in the word, but we’re online here, so real quotes will do.

Old houses come with their character and other perks, but I won’t be surprising anyone when I say that ‘loads of storage’ isn’t on the list of things we love about our home. Even if your house isn’t over a century old, it’s not too often that I hear people say, “I just have too much storage space”… and that universal need for better storage is exactly why this project has been such a long time coming.  Keep on reading for some ugly before photos, the crazy configuration we have going on, and what we are doing about it.  Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 2.21

Friday Faves 2.21

ONE doesn’t this darling crux pillow from Blu Dot look like this table runner I made a while back?  I do love the lofty 3D texture of this one, though! $79. TWO the wooden Kai table lamp is modern and natural, just the way I like things.  $88 from Joss & Main.  THREE script wire messages for your wall are whimsical and unique! I might have to try a DIY on this one, though! $48 from Anthropologie. FOUR a color blocked enamel casserole dish is probably the most trendy casserole dish (can I call I casserole dish trendy?) I’ve ever seen. $68 from Brooke Farm General Store. FIVE did you guys see Mandy’s house tour on Design*Sponge?  It’s gorgeous and a must-read! SIX I love a good bar cart and this one from Anthropologie is the perfect mixture of rustic/natural and pretty, $498.

It’s been a great week, hasn’t it?  It wasn’t frigid out, we got a lot done around the house, and I prepared a ton for my upcoming Grandiflora trade show in Atlanta. Today I’m headed to Ikea with my mom for some display shelving for the show, we’re doing some  bedroom renovations (coming in a post on Monday!), and having dinner today with some good friends… so basically doing all of my favorite things in one weekend.

What is on your agenda?



Three Things to Do: Pipecleaners

3 things to do with pipecleaners

stake your claim: why buy cheesy wine charms when you can just twist on a bit of party wire? It’s quick easy, and won’t clink down on your face when you’re trying to drink.  curl your locks: bend a pipe cleaner in half, fishtail loop a strand around, securing the bottom of your strand with a little bend of the pipe cleaner tip.  spritz with water, then dry. remember, bigger strands = looser waves. corral your cords: there are all types of things on the market for this, but nothing (in my opinion) works better than a good ol’ pipe cleaner.

How much are you loving this new House of Earnest column series?  I have a list of household items that I’ll use in three ways in one quick post.  If you have any requests, I’d love to try and tackle them!

Have a beautiful Thursday out there, Friends!


Magnetic Colorblock Desk Accessories

desk accessories

I’m the kind of person who has small sharp metal things lingering around my workspace most of the time.  Pins, clips, and tacks are all pretty common, so I was in need of a way to corral them well.  At my last job, I had a little plastic disc for my desk that was magnetic and kept all of my sharp metal objects nicely organized, so since I didn’t get to take company office supplies home with me, I decided to make something similar.


With a surprising shell, and a little magnetic filling, I crafted something that could keep all the pointy things at bay (no pins in my husbands feet).  Even if you don’t play with sharp things, this desk set could help manage your safety pins, paper clips, and binder clamps.  So let’s get creative!  Continue Reading…


Late Winter Design Inspiration

white airy living room geometric neutral rug brass and wood shelving bright and airy early spring inspiration Inspiration-2_05 living room with light plants wood gallery wall bright, natural workspace office homemade bread light, bright, rustic dining room

This time of year, I’m always looking forward to seeing hints of green starting to sprout up and more sunshine to start pouring through my windows.  I’m surrounding myself with natural elements, in bright, light colors to transition a bit into a springier frame of mind even though spring is still a little ways off.

Click on each individual picture to see the full article and enjoy this little design round up!



How to Have a Spanish Party


I’ve been talking about our Valentine’s day dinner party for a few weeks now, and this weekend it went off without a hitch.  I’m here today to show you a few key ways to throw your own Spanish party, and no need to do it on Valentines day – this would make a wonderful summer party idea as well.

Sure, a Spanish party is a bit obscure, but that is the reason I love it.  People often wonder what Spanish food is and are overwhelmed by making the choices to throw a unique bash. Think of Spanish food as more Mediterranean than Mexican and you’ll be on the right track. Cured meats, olives, cheeses, almonds, and seafood are all great staples.  I made this party about communal eating, flowing wine, lots of flavors and small bites to create a great and interactive party (please excuse my grainy photos – it was dark!).

olive recipe

When it comes to the food, it’s easier than you think to carry out.  You don’t need to be a master chef, just pick a few recipes and try them out! I followed a few different tapas recipes from this site, including the Paella.  The best thing about Paella is that you don’t have to serve it with any sides!  It has rice, sausage, seafood, some veggies…. it’s a one pot wonder meal.  If you’re not familiar with spanish wine, you can’t go wrong with a Rioja or Temperanillo

And for the fun stuff – the decor! Keeping the party palette in red, gold, and black is expected, but it helps to really support the theme.  You don’t have to go overboard or buy anything cheap from a party store, all you have to do is add a few quirky touches – red roses, black pom poms, rich wood, and gilded gold. I created two easy and quick little DIYs to add personality to my party.

napkin rings flamenco napkin ring

spanish flowers





The entire night was rounded out with a sweet treat – heart shaped churros! The churro recipe I used was from Sweet Society and it worked perfectly (photo above)! We nibbled on churros and drank our mexican hot chocolate (obviously not spanish, but I couldn’t resist not serving it with the churros)! Loading up on sweets might have been the fuel keeping us up until 2am playing card games.

I’ve clearly been talking about the Spanish party for the last week now, but I haven’t heard too much from you guys!  Is it a type of party you think you’ll try?



Friday Faves 2.13

Friday Faves 2.14

ONE a pretty amazing site with a plethora of vintage goodies, Hunter’s Alley, is home to this gold beveled mirror that is just my style – classic and a bit modern. $275. TWO how amazing are these agate cabinet pulls from West Elm? I don’t even have words for them. At $49 each, they’re a bit pricey, but boy are the gorgeous.  THREE this whole light and airy white collection from target is toying with my emotions.  I want ever piece, but especially these side tables with leather drawer handles. And it’s just $63. I almost can’t resist. FOUR a pretty scalloped planter by Susan Simonini has me thinking ahead to spring. FIVE graphic french windows make a cute little illustration on this ceramic coaster from Wandersketch, $12. SIX during the ‘month of love’ this is a cute doormat to remind all who enter just what a pair you are, $45.  Aside from the obvious association with the holiday, it’s a really darling piece all year and the amazing team at Lulu & Georgia would like to offer you a discount this weekend on their entire site with the code HEARTDAY20


Happy Valentine’s Day! Whew, it’s been a busy week! I feel like my heads going to spin off there is so much going on, but I kind of like it that way!  I am preparing for my first ever tradeshow in just three short weeks where I’ll showcase my Grandiflora product to buyers from all over and hopefully they’ll all love enough to sell it in their shops.  I’m both nervous and excited! Have any of you done a trade show before? Tips?

I’ll be preparing most of the day today for our Spanish Tapas party tomorrow and I am excited to heat things up with lots of friends and fun since we’re still dealing with utter cold temps and I’ve resisted going out to dinners.

What is on your weekend agenda?