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24 Merry Days Giveaway: Lowe’s Accent Chair

24 merry days - lowes giveaway
It’s the first day of December, and you know what that means – the beginning of 24 Merry Days of giveaways!  I am the first in line to kick off this merry month with an accent chair giveaway from Lowe’s!  I LOVE this chair and am so so excited that one of you will be winning it! If you follow Jordan from Oh Happy Day, you’ll know that she recently featured this chair in her holiday guest room that she designed for the Lowe’s holiday look book.  Isn’t it such a modern classic piece?

lowes accent chair giveaway

Well, if you love it, then enter to win it!  We’re running the giveaway for just one week, so let’s go!
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**For US residents only.  Sorry for any inconvenience** 

Be sure to bookmark the 24 Merry Days site because we’ll be unveiling special prizes every single day for the next 23 days right up until Christmas. That’s a whole lot of merry!


*don’t forget to check out the rest of the amazing giveaways – Chelsea from Lovely Indeed has an amazing one for you tomorrow as well!


Notes from a Holiday Weekend



Happy Weekend, guys! I know some of you had to rally yesterday and head into work after the Thanksgiving holiday and now you’re finally relaxing.  I’ve had a moment to sit still this morning (since I’m on a plane for the next 8 hours, but more about that later), and take a moment to reflect on the holiday, and the last two weeks of self employment and the time out to think and reflect is definitely a powerful thing.

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk openly about the move to self-employment, the motivators and moments it took for me to take the leap, and how anyone can find fulfillment in their careers. I am following along with Hilary Rushford on her upcoming book launch regarding what she calls the ‘4-part Entrepreneurial Cocktail’.  She speaks about four main parts of being a successful entrepreneur – How to stay motivated, how to play to our strengths, how to turn a profit, and how to do it all without being overwhelmed.  Hillary has asked 30 business owners and bloggers to chime in on one of these four parts of her ‘entrepreneurial cocktail’.  I thought I’d take the time to share with you a little about my entrepreneurial spirit, what motivated me to start this blog, and what motivates me everyday to continue. I get so many emails of people wanting to know more about my background and how I went from a college chemist to creative business owner and how I got started blogging.  The truth is, it all started by needing to take the first step toward making something of my own and making a name for myself.  I knew the life I wanted (a creative business of my own), but I didn’t know quite how to get there, so I took one step and that was to start a blog. What continues to motivate me is something I could have never expected. Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 11.29

Friday Faves 11.29


ONE I have loved this chair for a while, it’s a little Scandinavian and a little mid-century modern.  It’s perfect for an accent chair that you can just pull up to the table if you need an extra (pretty) seat. $300 from Lowes. TWO the new ‘notable’ collection from Rifle Paper Co. is totally up my alley.  This tape dispenser is $24, but one of those classics that will grace your desk for years to come. THREE gold confetti paper napkins from Anthro are so perfect! I love that the little scalloped edge! FOUR the black geo design helps this basket look hip and minimal.  $26 from Baba Sok. FIVE the Martini side table from West Elm is one of their classic pieces and will ensure that no seat is without a place to set a drink this holiday. $149. SIX the most darling little thank you cards with foil accents.  $18 for a set of eight. SEVEN get some wheels! This really fun bike from Public Bikes is sure to turn heads and is pretty inexpensive for a good bike.


Want to hear some amazing news?  Every single piece in today’s Friday Faves can be won in the 24 Merry Days of giveaways!  You might remember the 24 Merry Days from last year, but basically, 24 bloggers have all gathered together and will each be having a giveaway each day leading up to Christmas.

We’ve got prizes from all of these sponsors plus Land of Nod, Artifact Uprising, Sezane, Leif, and a TON more! Join me starting on December 1st (THIS SUNDAY) as I”ll be kicking off the fun!  I don’t I don’t usually post on Sunday’s but we’re not cutting corners on these giveaways… one everyday for 24 days straight.




Make sure to head over to Little White Whale and This Little Street to thank Glora for putting together such an amazing website for the 24 Merry Days and Audrey for organizing this entire event! 


Ready for Company + a JR Watkins Giveaway

clean holiday with JR watkins

A little secret about me is that absolutely detest cleaning.  Matt does most of the dishes and laundry and a cleaning lady does the rest.  I know nobody loves to clean, but I’m just one of those people who prefers organizing over actual cleaning.  I’ll clear out a closet and reorganize the contents until the cows come home, but wiping down baseboards? No thank you. When I do have to clean (because I’m an adult and I have to do things I don’t want to do sometimes), I always get really pretty products to help me turn the chore into more of a splurge… like a spa for my kitchen if you will.  I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging which led me initially to J.R. Watkins products when I was in college, and I still use them to this day.

College days aside, as I’ve been getting ready for guest to start rolling into town and for the biggest feast of the year, I was also getting my cleaning arsenal ready so that as messes are made and as guests start to claim space in the bathroom, I’ve got everything covered.

Here is how I keep clean when company is in town:

For the kitchen, it’s a giant bottle of dish soap, a Pampered Chef scraper which I cannot live without, and a bottle cleaner, which is so much easier to clean goblets and glasses with.

For the guest bathroom, it’s the lemon hand soap (my favorite scent) with fresh flowers and plenty of towels and washcloths.

In the pantry, I keep a separate small crate handy with other stuff I need to create a quick clean –  countertop spray cleaner, a flour sack style towel, paper towels, Magic Eraser, and a scrub brush.  If someone looses a potato from their plate, we’ll quickly be able to recover when everything is in one spot.

Get the guest bath ready for company Keep a bucket of cleaning supplies handy

To keep the holiday spirit up, we’re giving away a big ol’ prize pack full of J.R. Watkins products, specifically their entire line of White Tea and Bamboo scented product! Enter below to win!

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Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by J.R. Watkins Naturals. All opinions and cleaning tips are my own, however.


Thanksgiving Place Card Mini Notebooks

name card thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is in just two days and if you’re still looking for a really darling personal touch to your table, here it is!

I created mini notebooks for my Thanksgiving guests that serve as both a fun little activity, but also as the name cards for the table! I tied a little golf pencil so that folks could jot down their personal feelings of gratitude or just keep as a party favor.

thanksgiving table name cards

I have a downloadable template that you can print out onto pretty paper (I used kraft), and customize with the names of your guests!

Keep reading for the step by step photos and instructions! Continue Reading…


Thanksgiving Potluck with Friends

thanksgiving table

This week’s holiday came a bit early for us yesterday as we shared what we lovingly refer to as “Friendsgiving”, a Thanksgiving celebration with our closest friends.  I’m moving a bit slow this morning after hours spent cheers-ing, playing games, and carrying on over loads of food.  I stuck to a ‘gilded nature’ look by mixing lots of gold with natural elements.  I spray painted some leaves and branches in my favorite gold, I mixed sparkly gold mini-pencils with DIY kraft notebooks for the name cards and the favors (which I’ll be sharing here tomorrow!) and layered together wood serving dishes with gold and white ones.

It worked well with each person contributing a side dish or dessert, because I was able to spend time putting decorative touches on things and less time in the kitchen.  We did make the roasted turkey while our friend, Eric, fried one. We had a bar set up with two signature cocktails – both from Snippet and Ink – the  Pear Rum Blush and The Ginger Bourbon Fizz.  They were so good!

Thanksgiving name cards

thanksgiving place card

Keep Reading for more details and photos!  Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 11.22


Friday Faves 11.22

ONE wow every single person at your holiday parties this year with amazing hot chocolate on a stick from Ticket Chocolate.  This gingerbread variety is in my pantry and ready for our Friendsgiving on Sunday.  They’re $25 for 5, and you’ll be savoring every drop.  TWO it’s gold, which means I love it, and it’s limited edition from Anthropologie, which means I have to have it.  I’m thinking gold letter mugs would make really cute christmas gifts and at just $10, you can still afford to fill them with some goodies (like the aforementioned hot chocolate!).  Now how’s that for a decedent gift for under $15? THREE a feather banner would look so right paired with a thanksgiving bunting (like this one).  FOUR after my first week of self employment, I’ve never felt more blessed, but think that motivational art like this gold and navy piece from The Everygirl would be perfect for my home office. $30. FIVE I was immediately drawn to these organic sheets with a crochet edge from Zen Bedrooms – they’re perfectly delicate, dainty, and natural.  $148 for a set. SIX cheese markers are my weakness!  I love that this set from Nelle Design isn’t too formal, but still gives people a clue what they’re eating! SEVEN all of the linens at Ten & Co are so cute, but this ski tea towel really hits home for me this time of year when I miss living in Colorado.

See ALL of these things, plus other lovely pieces I’m loving on my Keep page!  (my Christmas list is also on there, hint, hint :)


I am loving all of the pre-holiday spirit in the air, aren’t you?  It’s been an amazing week for me… I pushed out a ton of Grandiflora orders (if you haven’t made yours yet, do it soon because things are selling out quickly!), and I helped out a really wonderful team at the Bath and Body Works headquarters with some of their upcoming blog content – what an absolutely fabulous opportunity and equally amazing group of ladies.  I had so much fun.

I’m preparing hardcore for Friendsgiving which we’re hosting on Sunday.  Matt and I are making the Turkey and providing alcohol – all of the other items are coming potluck.  I am so excited to see what people bring and get a taste of what our best friends grew up enjoying at their family Thanksgivings.

I’ll see you all on Monday with photos from the event and some tips on preparing for a potluck meal. Have a great Friday!




The Drafty Door Solution

front doors with curtains

I’ve had this idea lingering in my head for a while.  Now, don’t make fun of me, but I actually got the idea from the movie, Taken.  Have you guys seen it? I actually really like the movie, but anyway, there was a scene where the main character goes to the home of a former co-worker and the thing I remember most from the scene is that there were heavy, velvet drapes across the inside of the door. I thought it was just so luxe looking that it stuck with me.  Plus, this would really help with the draftiness of winter.

doors with curtains

So I’ve been sitting on this idea and scouring through sites that have tons of curtain styles, textures, and fabrics.  I think for my purposes they have to be solid – no patterns in my future, and maybe a raw silk or velvet with a bit of a break and puddle.

But please weigh in – do you like this look? Does it distract from the beauty of a foyer?  I’m all about keeping things simple and not fussy, so what do you think?  Fussy?  or Fabulous?


photo sources: 1 | 2 |


P.S. We have TWO giveaways going on right now – one amazing prize for $250 to Drake General Store and another wonderful opportunity to win two 8″ x 10″ prints from Map My State – check them out and enter.


Home for the Holidays + A giveaway!

map my state give away

When the holiday season rolls around, I start to think about what home means to me compared to what home may be for someone else.  My family has always lived in Ohio, and although I’ve had a bout of time in Tennessee and Colorado, Ohio will always be home.

For others, they may live far from home or consider their current town home even if it’s not where they grew up.

This week – before we all head around the country and world for the holiday season, I’d love to celebrate ‘HOME’ with you guys by having a giveaway from Map My State!

Ashley and Ben, the founders of Map My State, had lots of homes between the two of them, so they created custom art to represent each of their favorite spots and are giving away TWO 8″x10″ prints to the winner!

map my state - gift for travelers

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Go, enter now!

**This giveaway is limited to US addresses or APO addresses**


My Holiday Door Wreath Alternative

wreath alternative for front door

We spoke last week about the trendy vs the traditional, and although I admitted that my holiday decorating scheme this year is fairly classic, something about this year made me feel like not using a wreath on our door at all.

It all started about three weeks ago when I saw these little wicker deer heads on the wall at my local craft store.  I thought it was still so classic and woodsy, but felt really updated and new as well.  With a crisp, white scarf around his neck, he isn’t quite specific to any holiday, but come this December, I’ll be tying a plaid scarf around him and then he’ll definitely have a cozy Christmas charm about him, no?  (spoiler alert, there will be lots of plaid in my holiday decor this year)

It’s clear that I’ve already determined he’s a male deer head, but he should probably have a name, too.  I’ll think on that one!

wreath alternative for holiday door

I’m not going to lie, you guys are the only people who even see my front door.  Since we live on a farm, nobody walks by, and our driveway leads visitors to the back door, but there is still something about decorating the front that I can’t give up!

I’ve you’re interested in your very own deer head, I cannot find it online anymore (check your local Joann’s!) but World Market has a pretty cute version too!

Do you like the change from a regular wreath?