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Friday Faves 1.31

Friday Faves 1.31

ONE ‘fortune favors the brave’ print is just the perfect reminder to take that next step.  Three sizes available starting from $18 from FieldTrip. TWO I love natural vachetta leather and this little clutch looks so luxe, but minimal.  It gets more and more beautiful with age and wear (think LV handles!).  The maker, Minimaliste has lots of great shapes, this one is $150. THREE vintage Eames rocker sit’s at the top of my wish list and one day I’ll make the splurge.  $465 from Cast & Crew. FOUR vintage kilim Turkish rug is so vibrant and would add a gorgeous splash of color to an otherwise neutral room.  This one is a large 6.5′ x 10′, but the shop have several sizes available. FIVE navy blue mini triangle pillow would be the perfect addition to my sofa in an effort to bring some navy into the living room. $48 from ShapesColors. SIX my skin is freaking out over here. I need to buy some serious lotion to stave off the winter dryness!  This chamomile and grapefruit body butter from Beridan Naturals is all natural, super thick, and calling my name, $32.


Well, I’m back from Utah and getting back into the swing of things over here.  It’s been super cold all week, so we’ve been hunkering down, catching up on our DVR, cooking dinner at home, and drinking lots of wine.  I just started watching ‘Girls’ and can’t decide if I like it or hate it… any watchers?  Of course, the highlight of my Sunday nights is Downton Abbey.  I just love it.

Matty is going away for a boys ski trip this weekend, so I’ll be catching up on some of the work I missed while at Alt, watching girly movies, and possibly treating myself to a manicure.

What are your plans this weekend?


p.s.  Big news – I’ll be having a virtual garage sale next week starting on MONDAY!  Follow @erinsclosetcleanout on instagram for all the details!  I’ll be auctioning everything from bags, shoes, accessories, and clothes to some furniture and home accessories!  I’ll be sharing complete rules on Facebook, so be sure to follow there too!


A Spanish Valentines Party: The Plan



For Valentines day each year, I have a dinner party with some of my favorite friends to celebrate the love in our lives.  Although I’m not a big fan of gooey romance, that doesn’t mean I don’t like some romance in my life… it just needs to be festive and fun – hence the dinner party.

I like the spanish theme for a few reasons.  Mainly because it’s a passionate theme without being over-the-top and secondly because I have a good friend who asks year round for my paella and I feel this is a good opportunity to splurge on a giant skillet of seafood and sausage. It’s not the kind of meal you make for a small crowd.

To help my decorations, the wonderful girls over at esselle sent me their ‘Devyn’ hostess box which is made to create a playful, handmade dinner for two.  Since I wanted to take a non-traditional spin on the holiday, I’m using some of the pieces (like the birch votives, the confetti, the gold/white vases, and the cupcake wraps) to support the Spanish vibe.  I know it isn’t Spanish, but I am going to use the honey dippers included in the box to make some Mexican hot chocolate dipping sticks so we can drink it with our churros.

I think it all goes to show, that using what you have (or what’s out there in the stores this time of year), can be done with a twist that will surprise your guests and make the night crazy awesome.

As we get closer to the party, I’ll show you guys a few tutorials for the decor and how I plan on using those cupcake sleeves and honey dippers!!


*click on the photos for source


Polka Dot Plaster Vase

plaster textured vase

This is the first time I’ve ever worked with plaster of paris, but I’d wanted to try creating a plaster vase for a while now.  I’ve seen similar items at Anthro or West Elm, but just thought, “I’d like to give this a go before I buy something funky and artsy”.  Do you ever think like that?  I’m not necessarily thinking that I want to knock something off, just more of a creative adventure to see if I can create something I like with my own two hands.

Anyway, this turned out being very very simple and made me so happy that I’m going to try some other plaster variations on upcoming projects (get ready!).

textured plaster vase

plaster vase tutorial

ONE mix 1 1/2 cups plaster with 1 cup of water.  TWO create an underlying texture on a glass vessel.  I used an old candle (with wax removed) and some furniture foot pads (because I had a bunch on hand) to create a raised dot texture.  THREE roll the vase in the plaster until all glass and textured pieces are covered.

I let it dry for an hour and was done!  I could have spray painted this gold (surprise, surprise) but kind of liked the silky white natural look of the plaster.

plaster vase

It’s by no means perfect, but that is kind of the point.  Not only did I get to play with a new material, but I make something that is sculptural and interesting as well.  I’m happy with it!
My wheels are already turning with what my next plaster of paris project will be.  I can’t wait to dig in!

Have you ever attempted a plaster project?


Meet & Greet with Jen from ‘With Heart’


Friends, today I’d like to introduce you to the first post in a series of Meet & Greet posts where I intend to introduce you to some really creative, innovative, and sweet DIY bloggers around the web.  Jen from With Heart has an incredible style, mixing a bit of glam with colorful, fun, and family friendly (like this gold rope mirror that I LOVE).  She does a ton of video (which is totally a goal of mine) and showcases some really cool projects.  Meet Jen!

with heart - Why DIY her path meet With Heart

I hope you guys loved seeing the creative process through the lens of another blogger, and if you didn’t follow Jen before, you might want to now!

Have a lovely Tuesday!


Navy Blue Details + Continuity

navy details living room

It really is no secret that I’m in love with clean, neutrals in my house.  Light gray, brown, black, cream, and gold are definitely my thing.  When I introduced navy into my foyer last week, I LOVED the look and what the added color (even though navy is still pretty neutral) did to my color scheme.  I decided to add a little of the blue hue into my living room to help with the continuity of the color in the house.  Ceiling height navy silk drapes did the trick quite nicely. It’s the only change I made, but it was dramatic and certainly allowed the navy to travel around the house and not be a stark change.

navy living room details

navy blue family room

I used to have dark brown curtains in the space, then white… so I had a tiny bit of doubt if I’d like the darker color at all (wouldn’t it make the whole room look really dark?).  I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised with how the (new) whitewashed coffee table and the light levels of color throughout the rest of the room are better balanced because of the addition of navy.

What’s more, the navy drapes did the same thing for the living room that the navy walls did for the entry.  My sofa, pillows, and the Danish rush chair in my corner all pop off their new saturated background, adding quite a bit more dimension than I’d previously had in the room.

Do you try to link colors throughout your home? Tell me about how you do it!


Friday Faves 1.24

Friday Faves 1.24

ONE cool, abstract chevron makes a cool pattern for this Addison duvet cover from Crane & Canopy, $99 for a Queen.  TWO I love  marble anyway, but mixed with wood, it sure makes a gorgeous cutting board!  $48 for the small cutting board and $78 for the large from Terrain. THREE the new Steven Alan for West Elm stuff is amazing!  This papier mache table tops my list, $299. FOUR the Viv wall hook won’t leave you hanging, a beautiful brushed gold geometric hook with ample space for everything from coats to handbags to umbrellas. $38 for a set of two from Grandiflora. FIVE I was miserably sick all week last week and this menthol bath soak looks like the perfect way to rehab.  Also, I can’t get over the art deco tin of the cough suppressant rub from J.R. Watkins and wish I’d found it a week sooner! $10 each. SIX bring some green into the winter months with this monogramed emerald green leather tote.  $199 from Mark and Graham. SEVEN cute grey geometric  letterpress coasters just make me smile! $15 for a set of 10 from Grey Line Letterpress.

Aren’t these grays and greens so soothing for the winter weather months?  I suppose if I can’t get my sunroom, I can just include some greens into my home until spring pops along.  Speaking of green, last night at Alt Summit, there was a giant party and the entire theme was green!  It’s one of my favorite colors, so I was happy to be surrounded by it. Check out my green dress choice and see other highlights from the conference on Instagram!

I’m heading out today for another full day of learning at Alt and then a series of mini parties tonight before I head home Saturday.

Have a wonderful weekend you all!


Outside In


I know it’s not a popular outlook, but I just love winter.  I’m a fan of the snow, wearing boots, bundling up, the skiing, and if we’re very lucky, the bright clear winter sunshine.  Now, seeing the sun isn’t so common here in Ohio during the winter months, but when it comes out, it makes all the difference in the world.  And what’s more, if the sun comes out while there is a blanket of snow covering the ground, it almost illuminates the house. It’s gorgeous.

Anyway, as I was milking this thought, I came across this gorgeous sunroom surrounded in a winter snow. It’s not the image that pops to mind when most of us think of sunrooms (the kind of sunrooms that has terrible indoor/outdoor carpet and are boarded up during the winter months) but a more permanent, all season room which gets light from every angle. I got to thinking about how a sunroom would look perfect as an addition onto our house (who’s going to help me sell that one to Matt?).

sun rooms

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DIY Gold Rimmed Acrylic Jewelry Box

gold trim acrylic jewelry box

Happy Wednesday, guys!  I’ve got a really fun (and very glam) DIY for you today that I think you’ll love! It’s a gold trimmed acrylic jewelry box and it’s made from the same clear frames we used for our New Years Eve party trays!  It’s a brilliant use for a cheap find.

It’s easier than I thought to create a custom box with these clear plastic frames, I added a bit of gold into the inside corners of the frames just for a chic geometric type detail.   You could even add some pretty felt or patterned paper to the bottom of your creation for added customization.

Gold rimmed jewelry box gold frame acrylic jewelry box

Want to give this DIY a try?  Keep reading for step by step photos and instructions as well as links to purchase any of the materials!
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For Next Year


Today is a big day for me and for House of Earnest.  It’s the anniversary of our THIRD year in blogging.  It’s strange that I always thought three years was so far off.  I actually always thought having a blog even remotely as successful as this has come to be as a really far off dream. Now, we’re not a huge blog, but when I started House of Earnest with one reader and not a clue in the world where it would lead, I never dreamed we’d end up here.  I never dreamed that we’d be working with national brands, making friends all over the world, and creating a business.  I never dreamed that this would fuel my idea for a new product line and eventually to working for myself.

It’s now, after achieving what I never knew was possible that I realize I should have dreamt bigger.  And so I will.  Year four is going to be full of hope, wonder, curiosity, and hard work.  I’m pushing my dreams to sky-high with the knowledge that where there is a will, there is a way.   I hope to move mountains this year and every year thereafter.  I want to reach more people, in more places, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride with me.



p.s.  The one reader we started out with was (and still is) my husband, Matt.  He reads this blog every single day and looks through your comments and clicks on my links, and tells me where I have bad typos (which always happens).  He is the best partner and supporter I could ever have.  Thanks, Matty!

graphic by Erupt Prints 



Longhorn Living

longhorn horns decor

Last week, I’d decided that the cast iron longhorn skull I purchased would definitely make a cool addition to my home – and clearly you all felt the same.  Originally, I’d picked up the decorative piece for the new navy blue entryway, but then felt that the entry already had a few cool pieces, and there could be another place in my home that was in need of a bit more ‘cool factor’.

That place, is my dining room.  My dining room is always a bit of a blank slate.  I posted about it in the house tour a while back, then it’s gone through chair updates, DIY art updates, and now, this funky longhorn.

longhorn skull in dining room

I think the piece adds a lot of personality, but is still neutral and will work with me through the rest of the decorations in the room (oh, and I also bought this fiddle leaf fig, to add a bit of color during the winter months).

How do you like the addition?