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Silver & Gold for the Cane Chair

Cane Chair Fabric

So, guys, I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is, I finally tallied the results of your votes for which fabric I should use on the pair of cane chairs I found along the side of the road.  The image above is clearly a give-a-way that the winner was the black and silver tribal pattern.

The bad news is, in person, the fabric is totally blue cast.  I thought that the ground color was white (or cream) in the online photo, but it’s a very muddy powdery silver-blue.  Still, in the photo I took above, it’s hard to see it, but it’s there…. lurking beneath the darker grey and black pattern.  Don’t fret, however… I have a plan.  Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 11.1

Friday Faves 11.1

ONE leaf gift tags, place cards, or anything cards.  They’re 12 for 21 tags in a little wooden box from Rowen & Wren. TWO I can’t explain why I love these mini hand-painted wooden houses…I just do.  $30 for the set of three from anamarko. THREE I’ve been eyeing this black and blue geo basket for a while, but it’s not in my local Target store, so I’ll have to buy online, $30.  FOUR I always joke about how I’m going to get some goats and start making cheese on our farm, so this mini cheese kit might be the perfect intro for any budding cheesemaker.  And it’s just $10 from Urban Cheesecraft. FIVE you guys know I love little trinket bowls.  This organic shaped dish combined with a classic monogram is one of my faves (clearly). $12 from Umba.  SIX for the discerning cook and hostess, pure linen textiles with prints by Celina Mancurti are amazing.  I have a few and love them!

If you want to shop all of my favorite finds in one place, you can HERE on Keep!



It’s Friday!  And it’s November! I know this month will be full of new experiences for me with the opening of Grandiflora, my in-store event at West Elm (won’t you come?), and a ton of blog collaborations that you are going to love.

What kind of month will it be for you?




Grandiflora Sneak Peeks!

I’ve been on the edge of my seat awaiting a glimpse of the Grandiflora photo shoot I had last week with the amazing Allie Lehman of The Wonder Jam.  We had so much fun and it was interesting for me to be on this side of a product shoot.  I pre-planned shots I wanted and Allie has such a good eye, that she made magic of the products.

Here are just a few small sneak peeks to get you through until the official site launch on November 11th! In the meantime, if you haven’t already, sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on the launch, insider-only specials, and new item updates!

behind the scenes of grandiflora holiday 13

behind the scenes at the grandiflora holiday photoshoot

grandiflora holiday shoot - behind the scenes

You can see that even Perry got in on the action.  She LOVED Allie and literally wouldn’t leave her side.  I may be just a tinch jealous, but who wouldn’t love Allie?

So, it’s only a matter of a couple of weeks now until everything goes live and is available for purchase!  Someone pinch me!


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For the Love of October

brooms 500

For as much as I love October, it’s been a rough month.  I’ve been going going going and feel like I just haven’t been able to catch my breath at all.  I know a big portion of this is temporary and that I just need to push through, but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on my month.

The trees have been gorgeous around this area and the holiday spirit is definitely in the air, so I’m going to do my best today and soak a couple of the last drops out of October.  Since there are only two days left, here are a few (easy) things you might catch me doing!  Or, if you’re in need of some very quick last minute holiday inspiration, take a cue from these lovely ladies.

*5 second pumpkin decorating

*What has GOT to be the most deliciously October-y thing on the web.

*A quick and easy game if you have a bunch of little ones coming over.

*A really cute last minute costume idea.

Enjoy these fun ideas and let’s finish this month out with a bang!


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Turn Dinner into an Event

brass accents Make it a Party with Brass

This time of year always brings unexpected pop-up parties and dinners – and it’s easy to be prepared! A few added touches can easily switch any regular dinner (regardless of what’s on the menu) into a party you’ll be happy to host.

Repeating any one accent automatically creates a great flow and holds the entire dinner together.  When I shop, I always shop for similar type serving pieces (all brass metallic, wood, or white) so that, regardless of what I pull out of my cabinets, it all goes together.

reoccurring brass accents brass accents - holiday entertaining

Keep reading for my top tips to turn any dinner into an event!  Continue Reading…


Quick Tip for Shelf Styling

styling with books

Tips on shelf styling are one of the things that I get the most questions about.  In so many styling guides, I use books stacked horizontally  to give shelves some variation (like in the above photo).  Mixing up the look of books lined up regularly and books used in other ways is a great way to start, but if your collection of coffee table books isn’t extensive, here is a great solution!

Using a plate display stand, just prop up one of your favorite books (facing outward) to show off the gorgeous cover and take up lots of negative space with just one book. The best part about this strategy is that it’s so easy to inject color by doing this.  Look at the pop of green I get from facing out my Scandinavian Design book.

bookshelf styling with books one book styling

This is one of my favorite little tips for you on this Monday!

Have a fabulous week!


Friday Faves 10.25

Friday Faves 10.25


ONE grey dotted ribbon would be cute for a fall birthday gift of to hang ornaments from the Christmas tree this year.  $4 for 5 yards from inkkit. TWO a pinecone pillow is seasonal without being kitschy.  $20 from Only Pencil.  THREE imagine a sheepskin thrown over this bamboo chair then imagine it in your home.  It’s lovely in light grey.  £135 from Idyll Home FOUR mirrored frames on mirrors can by fancy, but the antiqued finish and gold accents on this octagon mirror really are what draws me in and keeps it casual. $299 from One Kings Lane. FIVE I’m loving silver this fall/winter and this dipped Baggu tote from West Elm would be the perfect gift too, $45. SIX I post so many little trinket and jewelry dishes, but don’t have any (for whatever reason).  This one will soon make a home in my home.  $20 by The Object Enthusiast from Brika.

Do you notice how I mention Christmas a few times in the items descriptions?  It’s two months from today!  You’re either seizing up in fear right now or super excited.

I, however, am super excited.  I love love love the spirit in the air from Halloween straight through until early January and can’t wait for the holidays this year for a few reasons:

  • I am hosting a Holiday DIY with West Elm where we make an amazing holiday project together and I lead you though it!  I am literally bouncing off of my seat, I’m so excited. If you live in the greater Columbus area, you can RSVP for the event here, or if you live  in McLeanWestportBurlingtonTorontoGeorgetown, and King of Prussia your store will also be featuring a class to teach my DIY (which you then get to take home).
  • I am launching my home + decor product line, G R A N D I F L O R A next month.  Get ready to love every piece.
  • I am participating in so many giveaways, guest posts, and collaborative events with other bloggers through the season, you’ll just have wait for all the awesome to come rolling down the pipeline!

So, put on your party pants, because it’s going to be a festive fall around here!

Have a happy happy fall Friday!


Modern Classic

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 7.16.52 AM

Sometimes it’s refreshing amongst all of the highly styled, glammed up homes to see a great representation of classic cozy style with a bit of an updated touch.

There are some traditional shapes and pieces here tied together with a touch of nature and some fun pattern.  All in all, a pretty and livable home.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 7.16.37 AM

sweedish inspiration

Source: Bolaget

I’m working hard in the office today, and hoping to dig myself out of a mountain of email tonight, so a little break to ooh and ahh at a pretty space definitely clears the mind.

p.s.  if you follow G R A N D I F L O R A on instagram (@shopgrandiflora) you would have seen some sneak peeks from our Holiday 2013 photoshoot yesterday!  Start following here and sign up for launch email updates here!


A Holiday DIY Partnership

holiday with west elm It’s finally the day that I get to reveal what I’ve been up to with West Elm!  We have been working hard behind the scenes putting together a wonderful holiday partnership which you guys are going to LOVE. First things first – I’m doing an in-store event with West Elm on November 14th to show you guys how to make an amazing, customizable wreath for the holidays.  You can sign up here!


And even more – I’ll be working with West Elm on a styling project for their blog, Front & Main, leading up to the in-store event, showcasing a really beautiful new way to style this wreath for the holiday (spoiler: it’s not on your door). So, be on the lookout for more holiday posts featuring my DIYs and West Elm’s beautiful products!  And DEFINITELY check out the event!  If you’re in the Columbus area, come to the West Elm store at Easton Town Center on Thursday, November 14th and spend the evening with me, a really fun DIY and the wonderful people from West Elm! Have a festive Wednesday!


No-Fail Recipe for Fall Decorating


Fall Palette

When fall rolls around each year, I’m so inspired by the change in seasons and the breathtaking colors it brings that I often want to go pretty over-the-top with my fall decorating.  Between the uptrending oxblood and fall’s ever popular orange, I just can’t get enough.  Although it’s pretty easy to get carried away by the autumnal palette and cozy textures, your home will look a lot more pulled together using a few easy tips for seasonal decorating.

Here are my top five tips:  Continue Reading…