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Friday Faves 10.11

Friday Faves 10.11


ONE the large ash bowl from Crate and Barrel is the perfect mixture of natural and modern. $40.  TWO West Elm salad plates designed by Shanna Murray are one of my favorite things ever.  $8 each. THREE rose gold is like regular gold for autumn and these salad servers would look be perfect for your Thanksgiving table. $49 from West Elm. FOUR MacAusland throws are made from 100% virgin wool on Prince Edward Island.  $95 from Drake General Store.  FIVE this white mosaic mirror has been on my love list for a while.  $595 is a little out of budget, but it’s a beauty, no? SIX I love this little blown glass lantern!  Several of these on a mantle mixed with some pumpkins would be perfect this fall, from hushhush.com.


It’s been an amazing week.  This was the first week in over a month that I’ve been at home for five consecutive days. Every night after work, I did absolutely nothing aside from cooking dinner at home each night and catching up on blog work, Grandiflora work, and watching TV (Homeland, anyone?!).   It feels so good to stand still for a while.

A couple of things going on around here:

- I discovered the Drake General Store this week and have been chatting back and forth with the owners, Carlo and Joyce.  They’re awesome enough to offer a discount code for House of Earnest readers!  Just enter HOUSEOFEARNEST at check out for 20% off your purchase!

- Tonight I’m headed out for drinks with Ali, who recently moved to Ohio! I’m excited!

- This weekend, I’m getting elbow deep in a VERY exciting project that I’m working on with West Elm and I cannot wait to share it! Look for sneak peeks on Instagram!

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend, everyone!


Fashion or Forever

fashion or forever

When sorting through a CB2 catalogue the other night, I spotted a pink couch for just under a grand that was just darling.  It quickly got me to thinking about the idea of ‘fashion furniture’ and why we separate it so starkly from fashion clothing.

I see tons of women with shoes and bags – all of which won’t be worn for more than a year or two – that ring in at well over a grand.  This season’s booties or ‘it’ bag can quickly make a home in our closets.  But why is it that furniture seems to be something we are fixated on needing to use forever.

I love the idea of a pop colored sofa or a really quirky chair, but when it comes to actually putting cash to counter, purchasing a piece that I love right now, I stop short.  I ask myself, Continue Reading…


Pom Pom Letter Banner

pom pom letter banner

It’s no secret that I love Halloween.  The slightly eerie, but still fun holiday is a great excuse to decorate with the dark and creepy that may not be so well suited in your home during the remainder of the year.

My black pom pom letter banners are quirky and amusing, and can be used for much more than Halloween (fun colors for a birthday, maybe?).

pom boo banner

pom pom letter bunting

The letters look like fluffy spiders and are fun to make.   I’ll give you the step by step coming up next!
Continue Reading…


This week’s flowers – four ways

flowers four ways - fall

It’s probably no surprise that I have fresh flowers in my house at all times.  Working with flowers for weddings and events so often, I just cannot be without a bouquet divvied up around the house. People always comment that keeping blooms around would get expensive, but it doesn’t at all if you follow my plan.

Every other week, I purchase one BIG mixed bouquet from Trader Joe’s (which costs just $9) and another smaller bouquet of just one type of flower (sunflowers in this case).  I take the big bouquet apart and make four arrangements.  Two small ones (in mini bottles) for the bedside and the bathroom, one medium sized one (in a drinking glass) for my kitchen island, and one larger one (tutorial here) for my entryway.

flowers 4 ways - fall
fall flowers four ways

As you can see, not all of the arrangements have a sunflower, the bathroom arrangement just has some simple greens and a trimming off the mums.  The bedside and kitchen bouquets just have one of the sunflowers and then the big arrangement gets the balance sunflowers and the rest of the big bouquet.

Choosing bouquets with mums, flowering greens, sunflowers, peruvian lilies, daisies will ensure that your bouquet lasts almost the full two weeks.  If you like more delicate flowers, just ensure to remove any leaves that fall below the water line and change water often (every 3-4 days).

It will seem like you’ve always got fresh flowers sitting around and for the cost of a trip to Starbucks (for two)!

Any tips you use to keep your flowers going?


p.s. The pumpkin candle from illume is fantastic – not to spicy, not to sweet, just very pumpkin-y.


Vintage Oil Painting with Humor

vintage framed oil painting

I had a painting commissioned a few years ago for Matt’s birthday to celebrate his two favorite dogs, our Miniature Schnauzer, Perry, and our (now passed) English Mastiff, Zeus.  I thought it would be hilarious to have a very serious historic painting rendered with the faces of our two furry children.

The painting sat, rolled in a tube, for a few years because I had no clue how to handle an unwrapped canvas. Then came a long an opportunity for me to test out the custom framing at my local Michaels store.  I jumped at the opportunity to have my painting framed.  I’d always envisioned it to have a very traditional, almost vintage treatment to go along with the style of the painting (minus the two animals).

custom framed oil painting

michaels framed oil painting

I was really happy with how the framing turned out.  I would have never thought to do an inner and outer frame with the matting in between, but it was suggested by Rob (my friendly neighborhood framing expert at Michaels) and I love the double strips of gold.

Soon, I’ll have the absolute perfect spot to feature such an ironic work of art.  We’ve got changes in the Souder house coming down the pipeline that will make a lovely home for this piece.

Do you love the juxtaposition of serious and humorous? I understand it’s not for everyone!

disclosure: I am being gifted the frame mentioned by the lovely people at Michaels for my honest feedback on their framing service. All expressed opinions are my own.


Friday Faves 10.4

Friday Faves 10.4


ONE freeform feather plate by Luna Reece, $15.  TWO banded woven towel by Woven Promises, $60, THREE golden zipper pouch by Florence Oliver, $36. FOUR lavender hair serum, Belles and Ghosts for $25. FIVE geo carved cutting board by Richwood Creations, $43. SIX ‘celebrate’ banner kit by Thimblepress, $22.

Guys, today I am so happy to share with you a few of my faves from Umba.  Umba (formally Umbabox), is launching a new site to showcase and sell beautiful handmade goods from around the world – empowering artists who have made creating their life.  From letterpress to old world style woven towels, there is a little bit of everything and it’s all beautiful.  The team at Umba has done a phenomenal job of putting together a wonderfully curated collection which you won’t want to miss!

On the Erin front, I’m up early today to finish the bouquets and corsages (always done last so they’re fresh as can be for all those hours out of water) and cannot wait to see this beautiful wedding.  I am so happy for my lovely friends and their step toward a life together.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


As Gorgeous as it Gets – A Savannah Fall


I woke up this morning in Savannah, Georgia after driving all night down from Ohio. I am so excited to be in a city full of such gorgeous homes, streets, sidewalks, you name it. The whole place is downright beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I am getting started on the wedding flowers for the weekend, slicing hydrangea stems, gathering giant lavender garden roses, cleaning vases, and preparing yards of ivory satin ribbon. It’s going to be gorgeous.

savannah fall

savannah street fall

I’m taking a little bit of time aside from the floral design to peek around the city and I’m getting some serious inspiration for my own fall front porch design (coming next week!).

Have a wonderful Thursday, guys!


photos:  1  | 2  | 3 | 4


Savannah Bound!



I’m off to work for the day and then leaving direct from the office to drive the 10 hours to Savannah, Georgia!  I have never been to Savannah before, but based on my previous proclamations that New Orleans is my favorite city in the US, many have predicted that Savannah might soon top my list.

I am going to be working on wedding flowers for a gorgeous bride and wonderful friend and couldn’t be more excited to make their special day beautiful!

Since I’ve been on planes for the past two weekends, I’m actually pretty excited to be driving this time with my husband, Matt, and a good friend of ours. We’ve got snacks, tunes, and comfy clothes to make the trip lots of fun.

I’ll be sharing lots of photos on Instagram, so hit me up!


Fall Party Idea: Chili Supper

chili supper


Happy October everyone!  You may not know that years ago (in college) I claimed October as “my month”,  I just love it so so much and my birthday month (January) is a little gloomy in my area.  So, I claim October.

I have a wonderful friend who, each October, hosts a chili supper.  Although it’s out of state and I can’t usually attend, I love the idea and have thoughts of implementing around this part of the country. Wouldn’t that be so comforting and fun?

You can shop all of my ‘Chili Supper’ picks here on Keep!

Have a wonderful first day in the month of Erin, everyone!


Creating Privacy with Paint

laundry privacy copy


Some areas in our home deserve a bit more privacy than others.  Bedrooms and bathrooms both obviously pop to mind, but if you have a window (or door, like me) in your laundry room, this may shoot to the top of your list as well.

You can ask anyone who has lived with me (male or female), I tend to run around in my underwear.  A third of my clothes are in the office closet, a third are in the master bedroom, and the balance in the laundry room.  This means that getting ready for my day in the morning involves an underwear clad Erin running from room to room and down to the laundry.

Now, we have a door with a very apparent window to the street in our laundry room.  My 6am trompses down there in undies have most likely led to several a passerby getting an eyeful. When we renovated our laundry room just a couple of months ago, I put my thinking cap on to figure out what to do about this issue that would still allow plenty of light, but block out my buns.  Enter ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape.

laundry room privacy

I’d thought about using a translucent cling or contact paper, but with the high moisture in this area, I figured that I better do something a bit more permanent.  A little border created with the tape and some spray paint made for frosting glass was the solution. The great thing about this solution is that if I ever want to undo the ‘frost’, a little acetone will take it right off.  Nice, huh?

scotchblue tape privacy window Keep Reading for the full tutorial and ‘after’ shots! Continue Reading…