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Friday Faves 10.23

Friday Faves 10.23

ONE light lavender is one of my favorite colors for this winter.  A little card case is the perfect place to get a trendy color into your everyday (check out their hair calf style too!) $20 from Gift Shop Brooklyn. TWO for my new bedding scheme, these herringbone patterned sheets from Crane & Canopy are on my list! $169 for King. THREE the smoky, undefined line of this ‘dipped’ pillow makes it so modern! $159 by Rebecca Atwood. FOUR if only I didn’t have a glass door!  This hexagon door knocker is perfection! Someone needs to get it so that I can live vicariously through you! $85 in Oil Rubbed Bronze. FIVE what a statement piece! The price of this glazed terra cotta salad bowl is a bit steep, but it would make a wonderful gift for that hostess to has everything. $225 from Huzza. SIX I just bought four of these grey linen storage boxes to stow away some summer clothes, let the winter prep begin! $16 from Ikea.


Happy Friday, guys! I am getting into full wedding flower mode over here and am spending the majority of the morning cutting stems, getting all of the blooms into water, and cleaning vases.  After flowers are processed and vases are clean, the arranging will begin!  Follow along on insta for some photos of the process!

After the flowers are delivered tomorrow, I’m going to lay low and spend some much needed time with Matty. Sunday I think I’m going to sit in my office and organize the next two months my life – menus for parties, decor to make, and gifts to buy (christmas is just two months away!).

What’s on your weekend agenda?




On My Mind Lately


cant shake that feeling

Regardless of what’s going on here each day, I’ve always got a bazillion other things on my mind to ensure that I’m thinking ahead enough for blog content or just thinking ahead enough for where my career is going or just managing the household (and all of the changes that are a result of the blogging).  There are things that can be put on a to do list, then there are those beasts of ideas that have entire to-do lists of their own.  Those are the things haunting me this week.


This is something I was adamantly against when I launched the Grandiflora Home + Decor online shop last fall. I didn’t want to be ‘tied down’ to a shop or manage employees or pay the overhead.  Since then, however, it’s been seeming more and more appealing to me. Maybe it’s the general nesting feelings that come with the fall, but it’s just been a thought that looms in the back of my mind and fogging my ability to sort out the future steps for the business.  I find myself dreaming about what my shop would look like or what it would offer.  Maybe it’s a dream, maybe it’s something more, but it sure it taking up a bit of space in my brain. I need to actually make a legit plan of what steps and finances a store would take so that I can know if it’s an idea to act upon or an idea to shelve.

King-Sized Upgrade

This seems so silly, I know, but I’m actually nervous about the change.  I feel like I just got my bedroom where I like it.  The grey pin tucked duvet from Crane & Canopy, the lemony yellow ikat shams, the DIY linen nailhead headboard… I love it all!  But, it is time for an upgrade.  Our mattress is a queen and is the first model of temperpedic, which means it get’s blazing hot. We decided that if we’re going to get a new mattress, we should go ahead and upgrade to a king, but that means starting over with my decor – from the headboard right down to the sheets. I’ve started to brainstorm what I’ll do this time around and I’m definitely going to have a few DIYs involved (which will need to be sooner rather than later if we want to sleep on the new bed coming next week EEK!).  I have a WHOLE post on Monday with my preliminary ideas.

The holidays are upon us

I know it’s still October.  I know it’s probably the last thing you guys want to hear, but I’ve got holidays on the brain. I keep thinking of all of these awesome projects, but since I’m still working on some big projects for November (and now pile on the new bed projects) I can’t quite get my ideas in any sort of tangible order for Christmas.  As a blogger, we’ve got to post early and plan earlier and I’ve got a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach for a reason I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe I’ll devote some time this weekend to brainstorming and putting pen to paper with the ideas.

change is in the air

Maybe the rebrand topic is why the thoughts of the storefront has been prominent.  I can’t envision the future of my branding with out thinking about the future of where the brand will BE.  I can’t discuss too many details right now because working out details is what’s giving me anxiety.  All I can say is that I’m working toward making what currently feels like two totally separate jobs (the blog and the shop) into one cohesive career.  Although I’ve taken the first steps, I’m currently paralyzed with fear about making a wrong move for either brand. It’s difficult stuff and my current strategy has been total avoidance.


When tasks or ideas loom overhead, I am usually comforted by writing down the big picture on a giant post-it note, and then writing down the to-do list that goes with the task.  Since I’ve been traveling for the past week, this anti-anxiety exercise isn’t something I’ve been able to do, which is why a few things have built up. I have looming deadlines for lots of projects not listed here as well (including flowers for a wedding this weekend!), so I’ll need to get my organizational butt in gear.  After the flowers are done on Saturday, I think I’ll take some alone time on Sunday morning to organize, do my list-making exercise, and try to focus.

What do you do when each item on your To-Do list has it’s own To-Do list?


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Surprisingly Simple Window Cling Spiders

puff paint spiders

We’re getting closer and closer to all hallows eve!  As things start to get spooky in your neck of the woods, you can do a few very easy things to get in the spirit.  If you like simple, this last minute Halloween project is for you!  It’s actually a pretty fun project to do with kids too and involves puff paint, and who doesn’t like puff paint? It really brings me back to my younger days of puff painting anything from a caboodle to my keds.

puff paint spiders on windows

Although I did feel a bit silly buying the stuff, this project is anything but!  It’s a super easy (and dare I say darling?) way to get a little creepy decor into your home right before the scary holiday.


ONE print our spider template and lay it underneath a piece of wax paper or parchment paper.  TWO trace over the template with black puff paint, ensuring very thick, solid lines.  THREE after letting the spider dry for 24-48 hours, peel it off the parchment.

To apply to the window, warm the spider in the palms of your hands.  Once it’s warmed up a bit, breathe on it like you would when cleaning your glasses.  Then, it will stick to a clean window.  You might have to press it on just a bit. The cleaner the window and the more moist/warm the spider, the better the stick.

It’s a fun, easy little project to do if you’re looking for a simple way to show your spooky side this Halloween!


5 Tips to Setting a Festive Tablescape

creating a fall tablescape

Creating festive table decor for our parties is actually my favorite part of the entire party!  It’s something that I love spending time playing with and experimenting with different set ups, but something that most people tell me they have trouble with.  I decided to put together my top five tips for creating a compelling table arrangement for your next gathering.

Let’s get started!  Continue Reading…


The Sleepy Hollow Cocktail

halloween white russian

I have such a treat for you today! White Russians are a bit of a staple in our house and if you like them, you’ll love this little martini.  It’s basically a White Russian, but just a little deconstructed.  I love a sweet treat after dinner, and my favorite part about this take on the classic is that with each drink you get a little taste of the whipped cream followed by some cream laced Kahlúa – why cream laced?  That’s my secret! This recipe is a tad lighter than the regular recipe, but has all of the wonderful flavor.

white russian recipe

I named it the ‘Sleepy Hollow’ because as the whipped cream melts, it gives a spooky foggy look through the darker body of the drink.  The recipe is for one drink, but with so few ingredients, it’s so easy to make in a larger batch, adding the cream topping on each drink for a beautiful and delicious cocktail!

sleepy hollow white russian drink white russian recipe halloween DSC_6951

The whipped cream vodka adds such a wonderful depth of flavor, and with just the topping of cream, it isn’t too heavy to drink after dinner.

Treat yourself this halloween to a spooky swirling drink and for more holiday drink ideas, visit Kahluaholiday.com (ps. take a look at the polaroid photo on the home page – haha!)



Disclosure: This post was done in partnership with Kahlúa and compensation was provided.  All recipes, photos, ideas, and opinions are my own. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that allow us to bring you fresh content 5 days a week!


Friday Faves 10.17

Friday Faves 10.17

ONE a little marble box is subtle, but so stylish! Its from a Danish shop called Stilleben and is about 58 usd. TWO a geo copper pendant is the perfect jolt of cool for any style of space and is £189 from Ruby Roost. THREE this scandinavian cross cushion cover is priced right at just $17 from Emily Beauty. FOUR light cranberry color on these dipped stoneware mugs is just right for the fall transition! $36.40 from Dahlhaus. FIVE what a piece!  The striking texture of this woven bench from Serena and Lily is a statement piece for the more minimal at heart (me). $950.


Greetings from Sunny Islamorada!  I’m busy busy doing flowers for a gorgeous wedding and can’t be happier.  I’ve got my island rhythms playing and the windows open.  We’re arranging up a storm.

This weekend after the flowers are delivered, I’m going to relax.  I know I say this every weekend, but every weekend it doesn’t happen so it moves back onto the to-do list!  I just got this new bookand I’m excited to dig in.  Has anybody read anything by Nesbo?

What’s on the docket for your weekend?


A Fall by Any Other Name

fall feelings in warm weather

I have a bit of a bomb to drop on you guys today.  I’m in the Florida Keys. Why did I keep this from you?  Well, it just didn’t seem very fall-y to be jetting off to the Keys (albeit for work).  I wasn’t getting any crisp, pumpkiny feelings about it and didn’t want to be posting fall, fall, fall, palm trees.

Juliet said, in the famous Shakespeare play, that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I’m wondering if fall in any other area is still be as… fall? This seems trivial and silly, but hear me out.  The entire four years that I lived in Nashville, I never really felt Christmas. It just didn’t get cold enough there for me to trigger any nostalgic feelings of the traditionally snowy holiday.

Similarly, in Florida, I am not feeling the fall.  It made me wonder, do people that live in warmer climates year round feel the shift? Are there minutiae in the seasons that trigger memories and feelings of warmth?

It’s an interesting thought, that the temperature change brings with it the ebbs and flows of the year.  We feel vibrant in the summer, cozy in the winter, and transition during the spring and fall.  This is something I’ve lived with my whole life, so it’s not surprising that a brief stint in Nashville threw me for a loop.  Although Nashville did experience a (warm) fall complete with changing leaves, I didn’t see the difference that location made on my holiday psyche until winter rolled around. I often said to anyone who would listen that I just didn’t ‘feel’ Christmasy.

Now, in ninety degree weather surrounded by sand and sun, I certainly don’t feel the fall, but maybe that’s just because I don’t know the subtle nuances. I’m happy to be here for the weekend, but eager to be back in the crisp northern air soon.

So, tell me…. have you ever lived in an area where you had trouble triggering holiday feelings?  Was it weather based? Did you adjust over time? I’d love to know!


Have a fabulous Thursday!!



Custom, Handmade, & Natural Fall touches

Uncommon Goods - earthy elements  Uncommon Goods-map pillow  Uncommon Goods-decor glass

Fall decor inspiration can strike anywhere and it’s not just about pumpkins and spice and everything nice (although, those are all things I love).  Earthy, natural elements made me automatically think of natural crisp fall days.

A small change in your home decor can make a significant change to the feeling inside your home for holidays.  You don’t just need to think seasonal decor – think more everyday! The natural elements in this bathroom in the Cote d’Azure would lend itself well to this teak mirror as well.  The mirror and more home decor are from this source.

I love the look of antique maps and something about the aged, faded look of them reminded me of the aging and fading of this time of year.  This giant map in a worn, rustic entry has been on my inspiration board for so long! I was so excited to find the look of an old map in a customized pillow.  Check out more customized gifts here.

Lastly, I can’t get enough of the recycled glass look, but vases can get old, so I am particularly leaning toward the lamps shown in this living room and these recycled stemless wine glasses. (These and more handmade pieces here)

I just love pairing a room look I love with a piece that exemplifies the feeling of the room.

What feelings are you going for this fall – I’m Earthy, Casual, and Custom.  What would your three adjectives be?


Disclosure:  This post was done in partnership with Uncommon Goods.  I enjoyed the opportunity to dig into their offering and hope you did too.  Post topic and ideas are all my own.  Thank you for continuing to support the brands that allow us to bring fresh new content to you five days a week!


Fall Fruit and Jam Brunch


I’m back for party two of the ‘That’s My Jam’ party!  Part one was two weeks ago (here) and the second portion got a little delayed because we had about two straight weeks of rain, but we totally lucked out this past weekend with some absolutely gorgeous fall weather.  It was sunny, slightly chilly, and the leaves are just beginning to enter serious fall mode.

I had to act fast on Sunday and gather the group for some jam-making and drinks.  The jam itself takes all of about 45 (mostly passive) minutes to make, so I focused on the snacking, drinking and chatting that were to take place during the cooking.  I’m not a huge jam person, but felt like it was such a wonderful activity for the fall harvest fruits, so I made two types that both pair with a cheese (Mmmm, cheese).


DSC_7022_1 DSC_6982_1

I set up my outdoor harvest table with fruit, bread, crackers, cheese, and (most importantly) some Sparkling Rosé.  I got the mini bottles of Le Grand Courtâge so that each mimosa was as sparkly as the last and also so that each friend could take a couple of bottles home in their ‘That’s My Jam’ Tote along with the jam we made.

We focused on two unique recipes, both created to be eaten with cheese – Maple Apply Jam and Rosemary Pear Jam – and we created some custom labels for each variety.  What is best, is that they can both be made in the crockpot (awesome!) so that you can do this outside or anywhere you have an outlet.  There are tons of gorgeous photos and the two recipes so read on!


Continue Reading…


DIY 10-Foot Harvest Table for under $80

hargest table diy

I’ve posted a few events and projects lately that are all centered around a long, narrow, outdoor harvest table.  If you happened to be following along on instagram about three weeks ago, you would have seen that I made the table and not only did I make it, but the whole project was under $100 and took less than two hours.  It was a pretty fun weekend project. The best part was that I did it all myself!

harvest table diy

Here it is as I styled it for my Home Depot style challenge that went live last week (full article here)!  I have loved the outcome so much that I just keep using it over and over.

It’s made of weather-friendly treated pine and my little secret for this (and loads of other projects) is that I have all of my pieces cut at The Home Depot. Since the kind folks in their lumber department do all the cuts, I just have to assemble.  Easy, right? Read on for the full photos of each step in the process and the complete shopping list!

Continue Reading…

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