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Quick & Easy Gold Lined Tray

gold and white cosmetic tray

I love an easy DIY which can be customized in about a million different ways. I customized this wall plaque from Michaels with a high shine white paint and a really pretty pebbly champagne gold.

The result is perfect for my vanity and a little place to stash a few of my girly things. This would also be really pretty on an entry table for keys and mail or on a coffee table to corral a case of flowers and the remote controls!

gold and white tray

gold lined tray

cosmetic tray

This project cost around $8 total since I used paint I had on hand and only had to purchase the wooden plaque ($5), patterned paper ($1), and the little foot pads ($2). I swear even a DIY novice could make something they really loved with these materials.  Using a durable shelf liner or contact paper would work well for high moisture areas (like the bathroom) so pull out that pretty paper you’ve been hoarding or that fun colored spray paint you’ve been keeping for just the right moment and make something beautiful!

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Perfect as a Peach

cocktail, peach, harvest, late summer, early fall

It’s still really warm here in the midwest this week (upper 80s!) and with all of the late season produce at the peak of amazing, I’ve whipped up a Peach and Mint Iced Tea cocktail to help savor those last bits of summer.

Stone fruits are hitting the pinnacle of ripeness and you can find some really beautiful peaches in the markets this time of year. I eat one everyday with my lunch (a nice switch from the usual apple), but for the still sweltering evenings, this cocktail is just perfect.

harvest cocktails

peach tea mint cocktail

The cocktail is easy, but there is one integral piece that makes all the difference – the mint simple syrup.  I first made it when trying out Camille’s grapefruit Bellini last summer and fell in love with the flavor and versatility of an herb flavored syrup.

Just bring one cup of sugar and one cup of water to a simmer over medium heat.  Add the mint and cook, stirring frequently, until the sugar is all dissolved and the mixture is not cloudy. Scoop out and discard the mint, then store the syrup in a sealable container in the fridge.

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Office Space for Two

total office for two people

After the big announcement yesterday of our new home + decor brand, Grandiflora, Matt and I definitely needed a space that was a bit more accommodating for two people.

I loved my office before as well!  I had painted it white, kept the color scheme pretty simple, and had storage and a desk.  Even though I loved it, it was not enough when it comes to managing a few businesses (my husband also owns a lawn mowing business and is the chief information officer for another company as well).  We just needed more workspace and more storage and organization. So, a change was in order. (p.s. if you click on the ‘office before’ link, you can also see some photos before the before).

office shelving

office for two

office organization shelving

I actually only purchased 4 things for this room, which made it pretty budget friendly as well – The desk, which was a blueish grey and looked similar to the original one I wanted in my inspiration board, but was 90% cheaper.  Yes, 90%. I got it on final sale at Ikea and it is a good one.  It’s super heavy, well built, and the perfect size.  And, bonus, I got my blue color that I was after. Keep Reading for more pictures and the rest of the sources!  Continue Reading…



grandiflora announcement 2

It’s finally here.  I’ve been both wildly thrilled and somewhat terrified for this day since the very initiation of this BIG ADVENTURE.  I’ve been speaking about it since about April and the time has finally come for me to reveal to you what’s going on behind the scenes.

I’m here today to announce Grandiflora – a home and decor line created by me and my partner (and husband), Matt, that will launch online November 4th (in just two months)!

Grandiflora is comfortably priced, home decor and entertaining pieces for the well-appointed home. The products are showcased in unique, four-time-yearly collections and they’re sold in limited quantities on our website – www.shopgrandiflora.com . Each of our designs are thoughtfully crafted and developed by us and they’re created on a large scale at some of the best facilities around the world.

grandiflora annoucement

A little background – I had this idea in the spring after creating my confetti tumblers.  They were wildly popular on pinterest and were linked to by some of the largest design blogs around the webs.  I got email after email of people asking to buy them or if I’d make sets for sale. Although I certainly don’t have the time to craft for others, I have a background in product development and manufacturing, so this sparked an idea in my mind.  I would create an assortment of my own products; designs that that are reminiscent of the style I exemplify here on House of Earnest.

So today, we are thrilled to announce Grandiflora and hope you’ll come a long with us for this exciting ride.  I’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos, inspiration, thoughts, specials, and updates leading up to the November 4th launch on Instagram, on our Facebook Page, and on twitter.  So follow us, Like us, do whatever you want to do to stay in the loop. I can’t wait to show you the goods in November!

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Friday Faves 9.6

Friday faves 9.6


ONE numbered decorative box is just $30 from Target TWO I might have to snatch this one up for myself!  Criss Cross shag rug is super cute and has a super price on sale at $212 for a 5 x 7 by Threshold for Target. THREE I love these mod coasters for a splash of glam without going over the top. By Jonathan Adler, sold at Zinc Door for $48/set. FOUR jewel tones are huge this fall and a set of two peacock chairs at $199 from World Market are perfect since you’ll be having tons of guests over! FIVE lucite letters make great gifts and I can think of about 10  DIYs I’d like to do with them.  $68 from C Wonder. SIX for a towel holder that isn’t boring, this hexagon option from Urban Outfitters is a fab choice, and at only $14, it’s a steal!

I’m leaning a lot toward jewel tones and plush, lux finishes for fall this year.  I’m normally a harvest-y type person, but all of the moody glam that is out there might have a spot in my home and still go along well with the other decor.

This weekend, I am so excited that both Matty and I will be at home together, at the same time for the first time in over a month.  Crazy, huh?  I plan to relax, get some small DIYs completed and hang out with friends.  What is on your weekend agenda?


neutral in stockholm

neutral in stockholm 2

For the life of me I couldn’t tell you why I’m obsessed with going to Stockholm, I just am.  I know nothing of the city, have no friends there, and have no clue what I would do there.  I just have a strange desire to go and check it out.

Based on some big things I’ve got going around in my neck of the woods (the big adventure for one (which I know I told you guys I was going to spill this week, but the real date is Monday, I promise)), I don’t think I’m be making it to Stockholm anytime soon.  I am going to be content creeping around Swedish apartments on the internet in the meantime.

This one has got all of the things that attract me to a space – minimal decorating, neutral colors, and lots of light.

neutral in stockholm

neutral in stockholm 4

neutral in stockholm 3


I love all of the fun black and white wallpaper too, it does a ton to liven up the house and keep it modern even though it’s so neutral.

So, I’ve got two questions for you.  First, ever been to Stockholm? Second, how do you like this home?  Do you like it like I do?

Happy Thursday!


Tomato Handpies

hierloom tomato handpie

It’s the time of the year where there seem to be more tomatoes and squash than what people know what to do with.  Pop-up farm stands litter street corners and handmade ‘free tomatoes’ signs are everywhere.

With the little chill that’s in the air, I wanted to make something warm and comforting out of just such a tomato haul and these little handpies were just the ticket.  My mom bought me a mini pie maker for my birthday and I’d been itching for the perfect occasion to use it as well. The pies were super simple, flavorful, and really captured the essence of the early fall.

tomato pie

mini tomato pie recipe

If you don’t have a mini pie maker, don’t fret.  A set of hands works perfectly for the aptly named ‘handpies’. Don’t be scared away by pie crust either!  I just used a prepared frozen one and topped it with my ingredients.  Continue Reading…


His and Hers

patterned silhouette art

Our joint office space is coming a long nicely and I am on schedule to reveal it to you guys next week! In the meantime, I wanted a little bit of art that wasn’t too busy and utilized the pattern from some beautiful napkins I bought in a painterly navy blue grid.

I have two big frames from Ikea that I wanted to use for a his and hers type art to show that the office was a joint space.  Previously, I’d kind of hoarded the office (since my closet is also in there) as an Erin space – but no more!

Silhouettes are so classic and put together with my all white frames, mats, and modern patterned fabric, they make a more updated statement.

patterned office art pattern silo workflow


ONE print out some blacked out silhouettes on card stock and carefully cut around them with a craft knife of scissors. TWO fix the fabric to the farm backing with heavy duty tape.  This allows me to use the napkins in the future if I swap out the art.  THREE use spray adhesive or double stick tape to adhere the cut-out silhouettes to the fabric backing.  Place your mat down for a guide to ensure the silo in centered.

office art - his and hers - pattern


Isn’t he handsome?! Using a fabric with less white would make more of a contrast between the pattern and the silhouette and I might even swap out the fabric with the seasons or with whatever whim I’m currently on in the office.  For now, I love the modern navy which matches back to my original office design quite well.

Give me your thoughts?  Will you give this a try?


Have a wonderful (short) week!



Take a load off

end of summer

I had never given labor day a whole ton of thought, but today I actually looked it up.  I was pretty interested to learn that it was created to celebrate the prosperity and achievements of the U.S. workforce and everything we do to maintain the economic strength of our country.

I’ll take it.

Today, I’m taking a load off, spending time with my husband, and enjoying the fruits of our labor.


I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun way to use pretty fabric (without sewing a thing) and later this week have a BIG announcement regarding my BIG adventure.  See you all there!


*gorgeous end of summer photography by Tracey Ayton Photography.


Friday Faves 8.30

Friday Faves 8.30


ONE a mini crystal orb light packs a punch for small spaces and the price is pretty small too!  $80 from Super Light Deal.  I just bought it for my hallway! TWO I love little personalized trinket boxes.  They are great, functional decor for vignettes, dressers, and bathrooms.  This one is $69 from Mark and Graham. THREE little reminders for the start of the school year – even if you’re not headed back to the classroom. Simple reminders pencil set is just $12 from AmandaCatherineDes. FOUR the shape and finish of this cane chair from World Market is perfect, and the price at $120 is pretty perfect too. FIVE kind of a jerk move, I put this on the faves today and then I bought it!  It will look just perfect this fall in my kitchen, so I couldn’t resist.  More great stuff from BeebeLaRue is still available, however (sorry!!). SIX hand knit geometric pillow covers give the right amount of cozy to a couch. $49 each from Arctic Apparel.


My favorite finds this week might show you that I’m amping up for autumn around here.  There is this perfect sweet spot in the year where it’s still warm, the sun shines brightly, but there is an underlying cool to the air and football is on the TV.  This is the time of the year where tomatoes and squash are at their perfect ripeness, farmers markets are teaming with amazing things, and I just revel in it.

My husband is off to a bachelor party this weekend, so I’m going to enjoy the weather, maybe cook a few things with my end of summer produce and work on some projects.  I few of you asked about this rug and I know I’ve been holding out on you, but I’m announcing the source next week!  So hold tight!

Have a FABULOUS Friday and weekend out there!