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Friday Faves 10.4

Friday Faves 10.4


ONE freeform feather plate by Luna Reece, $15.  TWO banded woven towel by Woven Promises, $60, THREE golden zipper pouch by Florence Oliver, $36. FOUR lavender hair serum, Belles and Ghosts for $25. FIVE geo carved cutting board by Richwood Creations, $43. SIX ‘celebrate’ banner kit by Thimblepress, $22.

Guys, today I am so happy to share with you a few of my faves from Umba.  Umba (formally Umbabox), is launching a new site to showcase and sell beautiful handmade goods from around the world – empowering artists who have made creating their life.  From letterpress to old world style woven towels, there is a little bit of everything and it’s all beautiful.  The team at Umba has done a phenomenal job of putting together a wonderfully curated collection which you won’t want to miss!

On the Erin front, I’m up early today to finish the bouquets and corsages (always done last so they’re fresh as can be for all those hours out of water) and cannot wait to see this beautiful wedding.  I am so happy for my lovely friends and their step toward a life together.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!


As Gorgeous as it Gets – A Savannah Fall


I woke up this morning in Savannah, Georgia after driving all night down from Ohio. I am so excited to be in a city full of such gorgeous homes, streets, sidewalks, you name it. The whole place is downright beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I am getting started on the wedding flowers for the weekend, slicing hydrangea stems, gathering giant lavender garden roses, cleaning vases, and preparing yards of ivory satin ribbon. It’s going to be gorgeous.

savannah fall

savannah street fall

I’m taking a little bit of time aside from the floral design to peek around the city and I’m getting some serious inspiration for my own fall front porch design (coming next week!).

Have a wonderful Thursday, guys!


photos:  1  | 2  | 3 | 4


Savannah Bound!



I’m off to work for the day and then leaving direct from the office to drive the 10 hours to Savannah, Georgia!  I have never been to Savannah before, but based on my previous proclamations that New Orleans is my favorite city in the US, many have predicted that Savannah might soon top my list.

I am going to be working on wedding flowers for a gorgeous bride and wonderful friend and couldn’t be more excited to make their special day beautiful!

Since I’ve been on planes for the past two weekends, I’m actually pretty excited to be driving this time with my husband, Matt, and a good friend of ours. We’ve got snacks, tunes, and comfy clothes to make the trip lots of fun.

I’ll be sharing lots of photos on Instagram, so hit me up!


Fall Party Idea: Chili Supper

chili supper


Happy October everyone!  You may not know that years ago (in college) I claimed October as “my month”,  I just love it so so much and my birthday month (January) is a little gloomy in my area.  So, I claim October.

I have a wonderful friend who, each October, hosts a chili supper.  Although it’s out of state and I can’t usually attend, I love the idea and have thoughts of implementing around this part of the country. Wouldn’t that be so comforting and fun?

You can shop all of my ‘Chili Supper’ picks here on Keep!

Have a wonderful first day in the month of Erin, everyone!


Creating Privacy with Paint

laundry privacy copy


Some areas in our home deserve a bit more privacy than others.  Bedrooms and bathrooms both obviously pop to mind, but if you have a window (or door, like me) in your laundry room, this may shoot to the top of your list as well.

You can ask anyone who has lived with me (male or female), I tend to run around in my underwear.  A third of my clothes are in the office closet, a third are in the master bedroom, and the balance in the laundry room.  This means that getting ready for my day in the morning involves an underwear clad Erin running from room to room and down to the laundry.

Now, we have a door with a very apparent window to the street in our laundry room.  My 6am trompses down there in undies have most likely led to several a passerby getting an eyeful. When we renovated our laundry room just a couple of months ago, I put my thinking cap on to figure out what to do about this issue that would still allow plenty of light, but block out my buns.  Enter ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape.

laundry room privacy

I’d thought about using a translucent cling or contact paper, but with the high moisture in this area, I figured that I better do something a bit more permanent.  A little border created with the tape and some spray paint made for frosting glass was the solution. The great thing about this solution is that if I ever want to undo the ‘frost’, a little acetone will take it right off.  Nice, huh?

scotchblue tape privacy window Keep Reading for the full tutorial and ‘after’ shots! Continue Reading…


Friday Faves 9.27

Friday Faves 9.27


ONE sunburst mirror is a little more subtle with rounded edges and an antiqued gold finish.  $69 from Land of Nod. TWO bright dipped mini bowls in fun colors from Leif go well with the jewel tones that are so popular this fall, $24 for a set of 3. THREE mini teaspoon set (also from Leif) is really fun and totally reusable, which is necessary with a $38 price tag.  FOUR this is one of the most fun rugs I’ve seen in a while – It would add a gorgeous splash of color to a living room. $531 for a 5 x 7 from Rugs USA.  FIVE this marble and brass finish coffee table from West Elm is my favorite of their new arrivals.  $499. SIX a very true statement in a simple package. ‘dreams don’t work unless you do’ print from the Note to Self Print Shop.

I’m clearly smitten by all things glam this week on the faves, huh?

I’m in San Francisco this morning at the Evernote Conference learning some pretty amazing new things about the App.  I’m pretty excited to hear Brit from Brit+Co speak today about creativity and technology.

Tomorrow, I go shopping and eating around the city with a good friend and hopefully pack as much in as I can before heading home Sunday.


Custom Framing for a Vintage Look

vintage portrait2

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about kitchen storage and ever since then, I’ve been thinking back to the vintage portrait in this rustic white kitchen.  I really loved the balance between modern rustic and the classical style painting.

Since then, I’ve kept an eye out for vintage style portraits in more modern homes for inspiration for my own home. We have a commissioned painting still rolled up in a tube that I’d given Matty for his birthday two years ago, and I thought this portrait style piece of art was a good place to start.  The framing, however, boggled my mind.  Hence the 2 year wait to do something about it.

vintage portraits 3

Always a DIYer, I was super hesitant to actually have our piece framed (couldn’t I just do it?) but the rolled up canvas still had me flummoxed. Enough was enough, however, and with the walls of my entry getting a makeover soon, it was high time I bit the bullet and got this taken care of. Enter, custom framing at the Michaels down the street.  I had received so many of those mailers about whatever percent off they were offering that week, but never quite jumped.  I went in last weekend, however, and had the most amazing experience.

michaels framing 4

I basically played with all of the stuff for a good hour.  They had a computer program which showed the art on a background of color from various paint suppliers to get a feel for what the mat and frame look like off my (soon to be) very dark walls. You can see the mess I made of the framing department.   Continue Reading…


A bohemian choice

light and dark

I’m a big fan of the boho influence in everything from interiors to fashion.  Although I definitely take more of a classic approach, there is always a little boho thrown in there.

That aspect is what initially attracted me to both of these rooms.  A mix of cool and comfortable furniture, beautifully colored rugs, and a fair bit of natural elements keeps them cohesive, but there is one very big difference.

Where does your preference lie when it comes to these two boho spaces?  Dark? or Light?


photo source: dark, light


Spiced Plums for Fall

spiced plums

I love doing creative things to prolong the gorgeous fruits and veggies that are available this time of year. While jam isn’t my speed, I wanted to create something spiced that integrated all of the wonderful flavors of fall into the late summer fruits that are still available in abundance.

I thought spiced plums would make an amazing addition to a fall martini, bread, beef tenderloin, or anything really.  I found this recipe for raw fruits in simple syrup.  I wanted to take it one step further however, and add spices.

Truth be told, you can do this whole thing without actually canning anything.  You would just need to use the plums within the week as you would any fresh fruit or veggie that you keep in your fridge. Either way, you’ll get some great tasting plums, it just depends on how long you’d like to keep said plums.

spiced plum ingredients

spiced plum recipe

fall spiced plums

If you’re the kind of person who wants to keep some of the spiced goodness around until Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can go the canning route which isn’t nearly and daunting as it seems (and is even easier with the beautiful french terrines! Continue Reading…


Business, Beauty, and Blogging in NYC

NYC Recap


NYC Recap2



As you guys know, I spent last Thursday and Friday in New York for a workshop with the Better Homes and Gardens editors.  They were nothing short of miraculous with the informative and inspirational content, speakers, panelists, and one heck of a party that they put together.  It was an amazing time and I got to re-connect with some bloggers I hadn’t seen in a while!

I spent Friday meeting with some brands regarding upcoming content for both their blogs and for mine.  I think you guys are going to flip when you hear what West Elm and I have in store for you! Get ready!

Although most of my time was consumed with meetings and business, I got to grab drinks with Clara, who I’d never met in person, but felt an instant connection with.  I also met some good friends who live in New York for drinks and meals! What a whirlwind couple of days.  I took the train out of the city to the Newark airport (which was a bit of a disaster – cue to visions of me booking it through the airport then shouting for them to hold the door for me).

Regardless of the tight ending, it was an all-over amazing weekend with even more amazing people!  I hope you guys like this little glimpse into my trip!

Happy Monday!