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Friday Faves 9.20

Friday Faves 9.20


ONE discovered Koromiko this week and adore the shop.  These candles are an example of one of the offerings that I’m coveting! $34-$38 and created by Angela Hodgekinson in Oklahoma City. TWO I love copper anything at the moment and these ladles are vintage perfection.  I promise I won’t snatch them out from under you, like I did with this colander. THREE white on white queen quilt is just one gorgeous example of the plethora of beautiful things from Gypsya – my new fave shop on Etsy. FOUR Isn’t this bar cart amazing?  And at only $130 from Threshold, it’s a steal! I don’t have room in my house for another bar, but one of you needs it!! FIVE another find from Koromiko, these felt coasters are so unique, but neutral enough for any decor.  Made by Molly McGrath out of San Francisco.

It’s Friday!  I’ve had a jam packed week, starting with three days in the office, then flying to New York for a Better Homes and Gardens workshop yesterday.  Today I’m still in New York meeting with a few amazing brands with whom I have upcoming collaborations with!  You’ll be excited to see who I’m meeting (psst. follow on Instagram for sneak peeks of my day!).

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!


Black & White and a fun shop



As the fall rolls around, I cannot help but to be inspired by simple, but beautiful, black and white interior and accessories. As the outdoors start gleaming the colors of autumn, I like to keep the indoors from competing while still adding coziness through textures like wood grain and chunky knits.

While aimlessly wandering through B&W inspiration (trying, unsuccessfully, to unplug my brain from a mounting to-do list), I found a few beautiful things as well.  First is a lovely print shop by Therese Sennerholt which follows the same esthetic I’m craving with some inspirational and fun art.  Second is a killer selection of B&W rugs from House Doctor.

never work

house doctor rug

house dr rugs

Lovely, no?


In other news, I am in NYC today at the Better Homes and Gardens Style Spotters Workshop!  I am super excited to be here meeting with the BHG team as well as so many wonderful and influential bloggers from around the country! Keep up with the action on Instagram and I’ll share tidbits from the day as well as the afterparty tonight!

On another note, I’ve been obsessed with this song lately. Have a listen.



Simply Funny Halloween Decor

simple halloween decor

Halloween is my favorite time of the year and I really cannot wait to break out the seasonal decor.  That being said, I’m a pretty big fan of Halloween decor that is understatedly scary or humorous.  Last year’s decor was simple with a lot of wood accents and some crows.

This year, I’m doing more of a spooky humor type thing, starting with these googly eyes on lots of things… including flowers.  I laugh out loud every time I walk by my googly eyed hydrangeas.

funny halloween decor

simple funny halloween decor tutorial

ONE drop a dab of hot glue onto the back of your googly eye.  TWO stick a trimmed wooden skewer perpendicular into the dab of clue.  THREE put your googly eye skewer into your flower arrangement.

easy halloween decor

It’s a super simple little seasonal project and would look awesome in some red roses as well – spooky!

p.s.  After I made the spooky eyed hydrangeas, Matt was cracking up at me and mentioned that this reminded him of an SNL skit with Christopher Walken (which I’d never seen), but he showed it to me  and it’s hilarious.


Weekend Presentation at the Country Living Fair

Country Living 1

This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to speak at a the Country Living fair.  Please excuse the iPhone photos, but I thought I’d share a few of the photos with you today and give you a little bit of information on what I spoke about.

I was asked to do a DIY and speak on a topic related to entertaining.  I chose to share with the crowd how I brainstorm and prepare for a party – one of my favorite things to do.

I’m sure you guys wouldn’t be surprised to learn that my #1 piece of advice for everyone was to have a ‘theme’.  Although I don’t like themes that scream (very obvious themes), I honestly think that having an idea of your direction is imperative for having a party with a consistent vibe.  You wouldn’t want to serve margaritas for drinks and sushi for food!  Having a ‘theme’ keeps your vision in check and helps when you’re creating a menu to make sure everything stays on the same wavelength. A theme can be as easy as ‘tuscan wine night’ or ‘tex mex’ so long as it helps you choose accessories and food that all work together.

Country Living Fair 2

country living fair 3

My number two piece of advice is to diversify your menu.  Don’t serve 5 things that have to all be baked and served warm.  If you do, chances are that one of those dishes will be cold before your guests are ready to eat.  Mix ready made goodies (cheese, cured meats, fruits, veggies) and made ahead food with the items you want to make and serve hot.

5 more quick tips: Continue Reading…


Fall’s Perfect Purples

amethyst to oxblood

This weekend, I bought a beautiful succulent with just a tinge of amethyst on the tips.  It got me thinking about how I’ve seen purple everywhere this season and how many different iterations there are (all that I love).  Although I’ve completed designing my holiday collection for Grandiflora (which I’m ECSTATIC to show you) I’ve already moved to designing my spring collection as well and I’m using a ton of different levels of purple.  I’m really obsessed with all things plum, amethyst, eggplant, wine, and violet at the moment.

amethyst to oxblood.fall colors

What are your thoughts?  People usually have such strong feelings about purple – one way or the other way.  What’s your way?



Friday Faves 9.13

friday faves 9.13


ONE Sequined basket is all shine when closed and is the perfect mixture of natural and bling.  I love it! $40 from Brilliant Imports. TWO get ready for fall with these skull appetizer plates from Z Gallerie.  $32 for a set of four. THREE gilded foil liners combine two of my favorite things – cupcakes and shiny things. $6 for a set of six from Bake it Pretty. FOUR you’d be surprised how versatile a metallic drum stool can be.  I move mine into different rooms for different occasions – I wish I had about three! This one is one sale for $349 from abc home. FIVE a need to find a fun piece of furniture so that I can buy these jute knobs from West Elm.  And they’re just $9 each! SIX stylish and small, the Rook Lamp from BluDot is jam-packed with perfection, $299. SEVEN a love the grayish brownish mossy color of this pebbly throw from H&M home, $80.


It was a big week for us over here at House of Earnest.  We announced the launch of our new home + decor line, Grandiflora, and couldn’t be more humbled by the feedback and encouragement from you all.  Thank you for being so wonderful!

I will tell you, however, that developing my own line has given me a whole new perspective on the cost of goods.  Some items that I’ve always wondered why they were so expensive (lamps) I’ve quickly found out!  There will be tons more learning for me in the future, no doubt!

This weekend I am presenting at the Country Living fair along side some pretty great talent.  I’ll be sharing how to prepare for the perfect cocktail party from concept through clean up!  I’m a little anxious to talk for the full forty minutes, but then again, if you’ve ever talked to me, you’ll know I could talk a persons leg off when it comes to this topic!

Aside from that, I’m meeting some local Columbus designers out for drinks tonight and trying to get myself prepared for the Better Homes and Gardens Style Spotters Workshop which is next week in New York!  Whew!

Anything big on your agenda?


Quick & Easy Gold Lined Tray

gold and white cosmetic tray

I love an easy DIY which can be customized in about a million different ways. I customized this wall plaque from Michaels with a high shine white paint and a really pretty pebbly champagne gold.

The result is perfect for my vanity and a little place to stash a few of my girly things. This would also be really pretty on an entry table for keys and mail or on a coffee table to corral a case of flowers and the remote controls!

gold and white tray

gold lined tray

cosmetic tray

This project cost around $8 total since I used paint I had on hand and only had to purchase the wooden plaque ($5), patterned paper ($1), and the little foot pads ($2). I swear even a DIY novice could make something they really loved with these materials.  Using a durable shelf liner or contact paper would work well for high moisture areas (like the bathroom) so pull out that pretty paper you’ve been hoarding or that fun colored spray paint you’ve been keeping for just the right moment and make something beautiful!

Onto the tutorial! Continue Reading…


Perfect as a Peach

cocktail, peach, harvest, late summer, early fall

It’s still really warm here in the midwest this week (upper 80s!) and with all of the late season produce at the peak of amazing, I’ve whipped up a Peach and Mint Iced Tea cocktail to help savor those last bits of summer.

Stone fruits are hitting the pinnacle of ripeness and you can find some really beautiful peaches in the markets this time of year. I eat one everyday with my lunch (a nice switch from the usual apple), but for the still sweltering evenings, this cocktail is just perfect.

harvest cocktails

peach tea mint cocktail

The cocktail is easy, but there is one integral piece that makes all the difference – the mint simple syrup.  I first made it when trying out Camille’s grapefruit Bellini last summer and fell in love with the flavor and versatility of an herb flavored syrup.

Just bring one cup of sugar and one cup of water to a simmer over medium heat.  Add the mint and cook, stirring frequently, until the sugar is all dissolved and the mixture is not cloudy. Scoop out and discard the mint, then store the syrup in a sealable container in the fridge.

Before you get started on the cocktail mixing, Continue Reading…


Office Space for Two

total office for two people

After the big announcement yesterday of our new home + decor brand, Grandiflora, Matt and I definitely needed a space that was a bit more accommodating for two people.

I loved my office before as well!  I had painted it white, kept the color scheme pretty simple, and had storage and a desk.  Even though I loved it, it was not enough when it comes to managing a few businesses (my husband also owns a lawn mowing business and is the chief information officer for another company as well).  We just needed more workspace and more storage and organization. So, a change was in order. (p.s. if you click on the ‘office before’ link, you can also see some photos before the before).

office shelving

office for two

office organization shelving

I actually only purchased 4 things for this room, which made it pretty budget friendly as well – The desk, which was a blueish grey and looked similar to the original one I wanted in my inspiration board, but was 90% cheaper.  Yes, 90%. I got it on final sale at Ikea and it is a good one.  It’s super heavy, well built, and the perfect size.  And, bonus, I got my blue color that I was after. Keep Reading for more pictures and the rest of the sources!  Continue Reading…



grandiflora announcement 2

It’s finally here.  I’ve been both wildly thrilled and somewhat terrified for this day since the very initiation of this BIG ADVENTURE.  I’ve been speaking about it since about April and the time has finally come for me to reveal to you what’s going on behind the scenes.

I’m here today to announce Grandiflora – a home and decor line created by me and my partner (and husband), Matt, that will launch online November 4th (in just two months)!

Grandiflora is comfortably priced, home decor and entertaining pieces for the well-appointed home. The products are showcased in unique, four-time-yearly collections and they’re sold in limited quantities on our website – www.shopgrandiflora.com . Each of our designs are thoughtfully crafted and developed by us and they’re created on a large scale at some of the best facilities around the world.

grandiflora annoucement

A little background – I had this idea in the spring after creating my confetti tumblers.  They were wildly popular on pinterest and were linked to by some of the largest design blogs around the webs.  I got email after email of people asking to buy them or if I’d make sets for sale. Although I certainly don’t have the time to craft for others, I have a background in product development and manufacturing, so this sparked an idea in my mind.  I would create an assortment of my own products; designs that that are reminiscent of the style I exemplify here on House of Earnest.

So today, we are thrilled to announce Grandiflora and hope you’ll come a long with us for this exciting ride.  I’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos, inspiration, thoughts, specials, and updates leading up to the November 4th launch on Instagram, on our Facebook Page, and on twitter.  So follow us, Like us, do whatever you want to do to stay in the loop. I can’t wait to show you the goods in November!

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