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Beginner Blooms: The Market Bunch

market bunch before and after

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!  The step by step tutorial that will take your market bunch of flowers from ho-hum to perfection!

From the very first day I started the spring series, beginner blooms, I know you guys were waiting for the day we could arrange a whole case full of varying blooms to create a striking arrangement out of the regular bunches that you buy in your grocery store.

There is a secret that you haven’t known about all of these years, that makes this so easy to conquer.

market bunch how to

market bundle how-to

You’ll notice that this is a different type of vase than we have been working with, for the vases that start narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, this is definitely a trick you’ll want to employ.  Continue Reading…


Lost in Kitchen Dreams

customish black

So, it’s probably no surprise that I do my fair share of web browsing with the blog, and I am consistently drawn to kitchens.  It doesn’t matter what my original online intent was, I end up seeking out the kitchen of my dreams and getting all wrapped up in how I’ll execute said non-existent kitchen.  Many of you will remember that just a few years ago we renovated our little kitchen from an 80′s rental to something a little more chic and bright.  Still, four years later, I find myself seeking out ideas for my next kitchen.

Which is where this story takes a turn for the worst.  I found a site called Magnet Kitchens and pretty much got swept into a dark hole of designing my own totally custom space with appliances, drawer dividers, the list could go on.  This site was a serious derailer whilst at work, but dreaming of such an exclusive range of fitted kitchens  – and how to create my own masterpiece got me thinking of all the things I want in a kitchen. I am a sucker for really needing to see my options laid out there in front of me, so I think that is why I was so intrigued (ps if you’re in the UK, check it out!)

cabinet diptych

navy cabs

From navy cabinets to farmhouse sinks, I could get lost in this world.  What rooms are you always drawn to?  Any dreaming you’d like to share?

photo credit: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


*this post was sponsored by Magnet Kitchens, but all dreams and schemes are my own, clearly.


Gold Angled Candlesticks

gold blocked candlesticks

Color blocking is big, but you guys know me, I’m not so huge on color. I decided to execute the trend with gold and grey weathered wood to keep it neutral, but still relevant. The angular lines on these ‘gold blocked’ candlesticks make a piece of 2″ x 2″ hardware store lumber way more modern and worthy of any table centerpiece or mantle.

What I love about this candlestick project is that the nice guys at the hardware store cut them in the lengths I wanted (3″, 5″, and 7″), so all I had to do was make the holes for the candles and get to the painting! Here are the materials I used!


gold blocked workflow

ONE using a 3/4″ drill bit, carve out a hole on the end of each piece of wood.  TWO sand the pieces until they’re smooth. THREE stain the wood with a light grey ‘sunbleached’ stain.  FOUR tape off in your desired pattern and spray with gold spray paint.

Like a lot of my projects, I really like that there are so many customizations possible.  How would you customize this easy project?  Lots of color?  High gloss?

Let me know!





Sipping on Sunshine

sipping on sunshine

I’ve been so happy to get so much use out of our patio in just the little bit of time it’s been warm and summery outside.  This weekend provided a few occasions to get festive and believe me, we took advantage.

Last night we had some family and a few friends over to enjoy some of Matty’s smoked pulled pork (which is awesome) and sip on some summery cocktails – Sangria and Mojitos.  Now, it isn’t quite summer yet, but the temps are escalating and something about outdoor cooked meats just gets me in the spirit.

I decided a sort of Caribbean, or mexican style would go well with the smoked pork and be really festive.  I served chips with two types of salsa, some garlic and cilantro grilled corn on the cob, an avocado and black bean salad, and of course, the meat.

outdoor cocktail party - mojitos

outdoor cocktail party - dip tray

It was a great time and the food and beverages were simple, mostly make ahead, and it allowed for a lot of chatting and relaxing.  Chips and salsa were kept cool atop ice in this chip and dip tray. The two beverage recipes both take help from some store bought beverages, ginger ale in the mojitos and good old fashioned (ha) Arbor Mist in the sangria (it really is the best for making sangria).  I served the sangria in a stemless wine glass and the mojitos in a double old fashioned glass, both with block ‘S’ inscriptions, from Red Envelope.

summer cocktails - sangria and mojito

outdoor cocktail party - drinks

We lingered on the patio until it got dark and the bugs started taking too many liberties and then we retreated indoors, but the few hours we spent outside were warm, wonderful, and very sweet!

The Red Envelope items in this post were provided with their complements, but could not recommend them more.  I use the glasses for ever occasion I can because I just love the modern block monogram.  I definitely think I know what I’m getting as wedding gifts for this summer’s weddings!

I hope you all have a great week!


Friday Faves 5.17

Friday Faves 5.17


ONE raised pattern, handblown glassware is one of my favorite things.  I use some similar glasses in a lot of styling and people always as about the source.  Although mine were from an outlet, these are very similar and are $12 each from Brooke Farm General Store. TWO How awesome is this rug?  And at just $99, you could afford to play with the splash of color in your home. From Urban Outfitters. THREE walnut dinner plate with pretty blue trim is $48 from Anthropologie.  At that price, I’d just get one or two and use them as serving dishes! FOUR brass animals on parade!  I have the rhino on my living room shelves and love it! $10 each from Target. FIVE this tiered cart is colorful and practical.  I think it would make a wonderful addition to a fun bathroom that is lacking in storage.  $50 from Ikea. SIX hand screen printed goodies from Lauren Alison are all so so pretty.  Take your pick of striking gold or lots of brights. This one is $57.

Happy Friday everyone!  I am happy to have a lot of events lined up (a walk for breast cancer and a house warming party to attend) so it will be busy, but filled with fun.  How about you?


Splurge & Save: Summer Entertaining

splurge and save - summer entertaining


SPLURGE woven sea grass party tub from Williams-Sonoma SAVE oval seagrass galvanized party tub from World Market


I’m all for a good party tub that doesn’t scream ‘plastic cooler’ so when I saw these seagrass versions, it was love at first, wait… second sight.

What do you use to keep bottles and beverages cool during the summer months?  Have a great Thursday guys!!




Neon Rope Coasters

diy neon coasters - house of earnest

I love buying materials that I like even if I don’t (at the time) have a plan for them.  This project was one of those cases.  While scavenging the aisles at the Home Depot, I found some masonry rope that was the perfect neon pink!  I bought it with little idea what I was going to do with it and got to brainstorming.

I created these little woven coasters because the contrast with the light wood is so pretty and modern.  They’re perfect to have on hand for summer to brighten up even just a simple tray of water for guests.

neon coaster double

neon rope coasters - house of earnest

neon coaster workflow

ONE cut the sticks to 2 3/4″ lengths.  TWO securing the ends of three sticks in a hardback book, and pressing down very firmly on the book, start weaving the rope through the sticks, leaving a long tail at the beginning which you’ll use to add a few more rows to the beginning end once you remove it from the book.  After each row, be sure to scoot the ropes tightly toward the book and tighten. THREE continue in this method, one row then push & tighten throughout the whole length of the sticks.  FOUR once you’ve reached the end, remove from the book and use your beginning bit of rope to add a few rows to the start.  Secure both ends on the bottom with glue.

The light weight wooden craft sticks can be found at a craft store with the dowels and the rope is found with the other ropes and chains in the hardware store.

two material neon coasters - house of earnest

It took me about 30 minutes to make all four, so it’s something you can do on an afternoon in just no time!  I think this would also be a fun project for teen girls if you have any of those running around your house.  The colors can be switched up too, there are all types of crazy colored ropes at the hardware store and doing this with jute or bakers twine would give a really natural tonal look as well!

Give it a go and let me know how they turned out!

Have a FANTASTIC Wednesday!


p.s. A BIG thank you to everyone’s supportive comments yesterday!  You guys light up my life!




Words for the Wise



I’ve been struggling a little bit over the last few weeks with juggling my day job, House of Earnest, freelance projects, and the new adventure, but when I was in the farmer’s market this weekend, I saw a card with this quotation. I just realized that this is a ‘bootstraps’ sort of situation.  I can choose whether I’ll be brought down by the crazy, or inspired to fight, try, work harder.

It was last night when I hit one million total pageviews (eeek) for the blog and got my state of Ohio business registration for the new adventure (double eeek) that I realized that this is a great place to be, maybe hard, but great.  And I only have you guys to thank.

So, thank you for reading the blog, passing it onto your friends, chatting us up on twitter, Facebook, instagram and what have you. Thank you for coming back each day to see what contraption I’ve created or project I’m sharing.  Thank you!  I certainly don’t think I’m a legend yet, but boy, is it something to aspire to!

Have a wonderful Tuesday out there!


photo source: cafe fille


Hospitality outside Home


I don’t write a ton about cooking, but I blog about the home.  Entertaining inside of it, decorating it, and creating things by hand that make home a better place.  There are cases though where hospitality and the comforts of home extend outside our houses.  Being a thoughtful hostess goes beyond my walls today as I am so excited to have the opportunity to take a few freezer meals to some good friends of ours who just had a baby this weekend!

chicken enchilada freezer meal

freezer meals recipes

italian stuff shells recipefrench country chickenchicken enchiladas recipe

Click the links above for the recipes!

freezer meals to make ahead

In my whole kitchen repertoire, I make three casserole style recipes regularly – Chicken Enchiladas, Italian stuffed shells, and French Country Chicken.  The name French Country Chicken might bring to mind something breaded and double friend, but this recipe is actually reminiscent of the French countryside with braised cannelloni beans, blistered tomatoes all in a thyme sauce.  The chicken enchilada dish is one our of favorites, not too spicy, but with a good flavor, and there really isn’t a ton I can say about Italian stuffed shells except for that if you like cheese, you’re gonna love them.

There may not be a couple with a new baby in your life, but if you know someone who is sick, elderly, or just could use a little pick-me-up, this is such a great way to help someone out and show that your domesticity reaches beyond your own home.

If you’re someone who likes to plan your own family’s meals in advance, you can use this same method to freeze meals to eat during the week as well.

I hope you’ll give these three easy freezer meals a try and let me know how you (or someone close to you) likes them.

Have a great week guys!

p.s.  We have winners in our Corksicle and our Mrs. Meyers Clean Day contests!  The winners have been notified, so check your inboxes!


Friday Faves 5.10

Friday Faves 5.10


ONE dip dye hanging pendant basket would make a great DIY!  This one is from Serena and Lily and is $195. TWO this shagreen pillow cover is so pretty and comes in four colors – I love it!  $90 from Maresca Textiles. THREE It’s not a secret that I’m obsessed with pretty hand towels and these are no exception.  They’re handwoven, naturally textured, and so subtly pretty. $22 each from Jayson Home. FOUR who doesn’t need a cute little pouch for something.  I like to keep my iphone charger, earphones, and zip drives in one for technology on the go! $20 from Red Envelope. FIVE this little stool is the perfect contrast between dainty and rustic.  It would go wonderfully beside a bathroom tub! $68 from Serena and Lily. SIX  cinco de mayo may be over, but a set of colorful papelitos from AyMujer can be customized for weddings, showers, and every fiesta in between.  These shown as $18 for two sets.


This week has been beautiful around here, which made it a little more relaxing than most weeks.  The sun stayed out until past 8 pm, the green trees are all blooming, it’s just perfect!

I am super eager to take advantage of the wonderful weather for the rest of the weekend also.  I do have some other excitement on my agenda, however.  We’re heading to a local casino to party for Matt’s grandmother’s 93rd birthday (she loves slot machines!) and I’ll try to take in the fun and try my hand and some roulette.

If you’re still up in the air about what to do for Mother’s Day, have an easy tea party with full shopping list and recipes here!  Have fun!