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Take Two: Bedside

take two - bedside copy

Two basic bedsides, two very different looks.  Both mix the mid century mod with a bit of traditional, so why are they so so different?  Colors play a big role in this one – if you can image all of the pieces in the second picture being neutral, suddenly it doesn’t feel super different from the first.

Whic bedside do you prefer?  Natural and neutral?  Or mod colorful?


source: Left by Bess Friday Photography | Right from My Home Ideas


DIY Herringbone Textured Walls

herringbone paint walls

So, I definitely painted the walls in my bar to emulate this wallpaper that I’d been adoring.  I had shown you all my plans last week and I was surprised by the responses.  After all of your feedback, I decided to tackle the paint.  I thought, I could always wallpaper over the paint if I botch it.  I will say that I love the way it turned out, although it was really difficult and a huge pain.  Unless you’re doing plain walls with no trim, doorways, angles, or curves I have to honestly say that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.

Do I love how it looks?  Sure.  Do I think it looks as good as if I were to attempt wallpaper in the same space? Probably. Did it almost induce tears? Yes.

The project as a whole wasn’t terribly difficult, it just took a lot of patience.   I really got up-close and personal with some ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape and my Sherwin Williams paint in Uncertain Grey during the process, but I find all of that taping kind of cathartic.  It took a lot of little chunks of time, waiting for drying, repeated painting, etc. Aside from the tedious details and the waiting, the biggest issue was the uneven walls and the difficulty to get a regular pattern on an irregular surface.

herringbone walls paint effect

painted herringbone walls

The effect is textural and subtle.  I used a grey instead of the beige of the original wallpaper because I plan to paint my entryway navy blue and wanted a nice bridge between navy and the green tea color in our kitchen.  You can continue reading for the step by step on how I executed this feat!

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Space for Two

office plans

I have eluded to the fact that I’ve got an office re-do coming up soon,which is needed to suit both Matt and my working habits to the fullest.  It’s certainly necessary (seeing as how I currently do most of my work in the dining room) and is designed to be perfect for two users.

My current office is awesome, but a small desk isn’t suitable for laying out larger projects or shooting DIY tutorials (hence why I post up on the dining room table).  There isn’t enough surface space for both Matt and my computers, so it’s definitely under-utilized.

I intend to bring in a table like this navy Strut desk from Blu Dot to be a flexible work surface, with the ability to be utilized from both sides of the piece.  I can envision me on one end taking styled workflow photographs for the blog whereas on the opposite side, Matt with crunch numbers and advise logistical type support for our big adventure (to be announced this month, I swear!).  Gold shelves (a future DIY), some simple gold stools for magazine stacking or added seating as well as a user-friendly rug (that I already own) will add all of the right details to the space.  Task Lighting will be the added touch to accompany some of the long work nights we’ve been pulling.

How do you feel about the initial design?  My goal is to have adequate storage and work surface, while remaining chic and stylish.

Do you work in an office?  Or, like me, do you work out of a common area of your home?



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(In Need of Some) Summer Reads

Summer Reads copy

I’m taking off this morning on another business trip and a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong.  I haven’t had much time to read this summer, so I’m really excited for the downtime and the opportunity to catch up on some of the volumes that have been waiting on my ‘must read’ list.  There aren’t many (and I didn’t include any crime novels although I’d love some good recos), but here are a few titles topping my list.

For the all-around-good-reads, I’ve heard wonderful things about The Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedman, Tell the Wolves I’m Home by  Carol Rijka Brunt, and The Cuckoo’s Calling by J.K Rowling.  I only home that the latter is better than her previous non-HP attempt, which I didn’t love.

I’ve also got a fair amount of design books that have been taking a back seat to the abundance of summer projects I’ve been trying to bust out.  I pretty much love anything by Darryl Carter, so The Collected Home has been on my wishlist for a while.  Interior Portraits by Victoria Hagan looks to be a beautiful slew of inspiration, and The Soul of a House by Chris Madden is one that I’m sure I’ll take my time pouring through.

Have you guys read any of these?  Thoughts?  Or if you have a phenomenal book I must get, let me know!  I’ll pick it up at the airport!


Have a fantastic week, guys!  Just because I’m out of town doesn’t mean I don’t have some amazing stuff lined up.  I’ll be unveiling my herringbone walls this week, we have a $500 giftcard giveaway going on, and I’ll be sharing style and travel amazingness on Instagram!


Friday Faves 8.9

Friday Faves 8.9


ONE I’ve had my eye on this wall sconce for a while now and might need a couple for my office plans (which I intend to share soon!) The black matte exterior with a shiny copper lining is what I’m all about.  £105 from Idyll Home. TWO this metal drum table from World Market is on sale for $69 and I’m contemplating a purchase! THREE pinched and glazed, could a planter be prettier? Handmade in Brooklyn and at $40, it also comes in Aqua and a glorious dark teal from Leif. FOUR ream, muddle, repeat. The perfect cocktail tools are simple and beautiful. Fruitwood reamer and muddler are $42 for the set from Jayson Home. FIVE I have a thing for little scandi crosses and the coral color is perfect for a summer transition to fall.  iPhone case from Pencil Me In Stationary for $40.  SIX what could be more classic that tortoiseshell? These highball glasses would add a serious pop of awesome to my home bar.  $48 for the set of four from Design Darling.


I’ve got a lot on my plate this weekend before I leave for Hong Kong on Monday.  I’m going to DIY paint the walls in my bar, prep and photo a few posts for my time out of the country, produce a styled wedding shoot that I’m organizing along with a fabulous local photographer, do some laundry to prepare for my trip and then pack!  Eeek.  I’m going to need some serious lists to get it all done. If you see me running around town like a maniac in workout clothes, I’m not working out, I just GSD better in activewear (haha).

I hope your weekend is going to be fun and relaxing!  Tell me, what are your plans?



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Wallpaper Wonderings

front and main wallpaper

A while back, my good friend, Lacey, showed me this gorgeous wallpaper that she’d spotted on West Elm’s blog, Front & Main.  She’d contemplated putting it in several spaces and (being the supportive friend that I am) I wanted her to also put it in several spaces.  To be quite honest, I wanted to use it in my house from top to bottom, but it was definitely her thing, and wallpaper is so damn expensive that I thought I’d live vicariously through her.

That was literally two years ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.  When I showed off my new home bar, I told you guys that I wanted to use it in there, Finally honing down the need to use it on every square inch of my walls.

So I decided to just go for it.  I hopped online to order and after doing some quick math, realized that it would take me six rolls (and $200) to do my tiny little 8 x 3 room.  And that didn’t even count the adhesive, the tools, and the labor to get it up.  I backed off of the ‘checkout’ button and gave this some thought.

Could I do a similar effect with paint? Would that be crazy hard? I would get to choose my own colors if we went that route. It would also save me over $175.  Could I really pull this off?  Do I even want the words faux finish looming in my house?

So here I am on a Thursday.  Weighing my options, racking my brain, wondering if I’m crazy for not just going for the real deal.

Tell me… Am I nuts to consider painting this effect?  Or should I give it a go?


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Bacon Jalapeño Shrimp


If you’re looking for an amazing summer (and perfect into fall) appetizer, look no further.  My mother-in-law taught me this recipe just two weeks ago and I’ve served it three times since then – every time resulting in rave reviews.  It’s simple enough, requiring only shrimp, jalapeño, and bacon, but the flavors that come together and the perfect bite-size portability make this a crowd favorite.


jalapeno shrimp

ONE Slice a jalapeño length-wise into thin strips. TWO unpeel jumbo sized de-veined shrimp and make a slice down the back.  THREE insert the jalapeño strip into the back of the shrimp and wrap the entire thing in a half-slice of bacon.  FOUR secure the bacon with a toothpick. FIVE grill these guys at high heat (about 400°) for 4 minutes per side.

Everyone will love these.  Don’t be scared off by the jalapeño, when they’re grilled, the heat subsides and they just have an amazing flavor.  Give them a try and let me know how you like them!



My DIY Laundry Room Reno

laundry reno - before

I let you guys know that just last week, I began the transformation of my laundry room.  I wanted it to go from downright disgusting and cramped to a place where I didn’t have to rewash if a wet sock fell onto the floor (before I would have immediately placed anything that touched that floor back into the washer).

I shared my inspiration, but what I didn’t share is that this post comes complete with the opportunity for you guys to win a $500 Home Depot giftcard exclusive to House of Earnest readers AND the chance to enter to win a $5000 laundry room giveaway from the people at Tide, Maytag, and The Home Depot.  Amazing, right?   For the $5000 laundry room reno sweepstakes and for a sneak peak at Jenny Komenda’s tips for a successful laundry room redesign, click here!  For the House of Earnest exclusive $500 giveaway, there are entry details at the bottom of the post!

laundry room renovation DIY quick easy

laundry room renovation

Ta-da!  I am in love.  I took my inspiration pretty verbatim.  I wanted something clean and soothing with a little bit of drama, and everything from floor to ceiling needed replaced.  I mean everything.

I choose a dark color for the walls which is balanced out by so much white trim and the beadboard. Very straight-forward shelving which holds way more than you’d ever expect, and new light fixture and flooring rounded out the reno.  We busted out this bad boy in just 7 hours and $300.  Can you believe it?  Keep on reading for more photos, complete breakdown, and giveaway details.

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Pop Up Summer Storms

patio rain covers

It might seem funny that here I am, covering up my patio furniture and the sun is beaming down, sunnies on in the warm August weather, but in Ohio, you never know what the weather will bring. This is one of the reasons why it took me so long to renovate my patio. I’ve had so many issues with broken, bent, and lawn-strewn patio furniture and umbrellas that keeping it covered up when not in use and when on vacation has become necessary to maintain the quality of this beautiful set.

So now, considering how much I love my new patio, I got these amazing covers by Ravenna for both the loveseat and the two chairs and it was the best thing that could have happened to my patio set.

patio furniture covers

These are 10x easier than the alternative, which is me running outside in the pouring rain and dragging cushions into my dining room.  With these covers, everything stays outside and due to the tight snaps that wrap around the legs, nothing underneath gets wet.  They’re pretty amazing, something I had to see to believe and now, couldn’t be happier about it.  Since I just found out that I’ll be heading to China in just a week, I’ll be covering these bad boys and keeping them under wraps until I return.

What are your tricks to pop-up storms? An outdoor chest? Cushion-less sets? I’ve told you my trick, now tell us yours!


*Classic Accessories provided me with these covers for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and I honestly couldn’t live without them  now. 


Friday Faves 8.2

Friday Faves 8.2


ONE lines rug from Idyll Home, £85. TWO The cutest poof I’ve ever seen.  It looks to be sold out at Nordstrom, but I’m on a mission to source it from somewhere.  I’ll keep you guys in the loop. THREE I love this strut desk from bludot that Victoria just ordered and I’m thinking about this Navy version for my office.  I need a big desk for two, so even at $699, this might have to work! FOUR if you struggle with arranging flowers, you can follow my tutorial, or buy this vase from Kate Spade Saturday with a helpful grid for $70. FIVE I hope you didn’t miss the Trade&Made reveal this week, but if you need you must check it out. I LOVE this keychain by Damask Love. SIX If you’re looking to amp up you photos, this tutorial from Lark & Linen is just perfect.

It’s Friday, but there isn’t much relaxing in my future.  I have so much work to do this weekend, but I’m not complaining, I am pretty excited to work on the projects that I’ve got lined up and can’t wait to show you guys!

I might work a little beer tasting or some reading in – any good books you’d recommend?