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Sorbet Squeeze – the color of summer cocktails

sorbet summer drinks

Brights and the contrast they provide with this seasons smooth candy-like sorbet colors are everywhere in fashion and decor. This past Saturday, I set out to put together a pretty garden cocktail party using the same color scheme.  Big bunches of peonies (a total score at the market) and creamcicle colored linens and peach straws brought a soft edge to all of the beautiful color.

summer cocktail recipes

summer cocktails drinks

While guests were invited to make their own cocktail concoction, I also provided a couple of easy recipes to give people a place to start.
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White Out

master bedroom white duvet

So often, I think bloggers write about this or that crazy expensive product that we’ll never actually buy, loving a new thing over here, dying over that nugget over there. While there is definitely some fun in dreaming of beautiful pieces to surround ourselves with, I am trying to focus on taking action to the things I talk about here. When I wrote last week about the beauty of going with the flow, I was serious about my desire to implement all-white bedding into our master bedroom. This weekend, I went out and got a duvet cover I’d been eyeing for some time.  It’s a seersucker striped number from Target which has enough texture to be anything but boring.

white duvet master bedroom


It’s currently paired with some dusty grey-blue euro shams and an embroidered lemon yellow pillow.  I plan to get some fun poppy color to replace the dusty blue, but in the meantime, it will work.  It’s bright, airy, and I absolutely love it.

I am also committing to coming back in the next few months and keeping you guys up to date on how the upkeep of all of these layers of white go!

Have a happy Monday out there!


p.s.  in the same vain as ‘white out’ bedding, I’ve painted my nails white this weekend (as documented on Instagram) and I like it way more than I thought I would! It’s very summery and neutral… and you know how much I love neutrals.


Friday Faves 6.14

Friday Faves 6.14


ONE for the (pretty good) price of $234 I could have this dreamy cream bicycle to ride around town.  See it, buy it at Keep.com TWO a leather envelope to carry my important documents is much better than the cram-in-my-day-planner method I currently employ. This one is handmade with lots of love – $150 from ODSY workshop. THREE pretty scalloped basket from jenny rose handmade $43. FOUR gradient blue nesting plates come in a set of five from ceramics shop design lump $207  FIVE this is what I tell myself when I don’t want to wake up early to GSD.  Dreams art print from Note to Self: The Print Shop comes framed at just $33. SIX I love the hexagon pattern of this indigo shibori pillow.  Considering the time intensive handwork that goes into shibori dying, you could understand the $99 price tag. See this and others at Pieffer Studio.

Summer is here in the Souder house (even if it isn’t technically summer yet)!  Is it present for you yet?  Some years I just don’t feel the summery vibe until after the 4th has come and gone, but this year it came early with the sunshine and warm days.

This weekend I am seriously getting a bike.  I’ve been wanting one for a few years now and I am going to bike the bullet! Maybe you’ll see me driving around town!

What’s on your weekend agenda?


Ride The Wave

white linen

I’ve heard multiple people talk about the sport (or art) of surfing and how going with the wave – riding it where it takes you – is key to being a successful surfer. We cannot try to fight it, because it’s so much bigger and holds so much more power than anything we posses. Now, I don’t surf, but in other aspects of life, at what point do we stop fighting certain constants and just ‘ride the wave’?

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Magnetic Office Organization DIY

office organizer

When office organization becomes customizable enough to blend in with the rest of your decor, then I’m in.  These galvanized air vent caps can be easily painted to any color you’d like, hung on simple tacks, and with a couple mighty mini magnets, turn themselves into your new center of organization.

magnet office organization

office org workflow

magnet office organizer

I’ve hung up anything from wash tape to a wall paper swatch I love, to a couple cards for restaurants I’d like to remember. I honestly think this is one of the easiest projects that makes one of the prettiest impacts.  If you’re not comfortable hitting up your local hardware store for some duct caps, just use the lids of those christmas cookie tins that you have nothing else to do with.

office organization

Is there a little nook in your home that could become an instant office?




beach decor sea inspired seahorse home decor

ONE stacked sea urchin lamp from Horchow $275 TWO Nate Berkus for Target crab figurine $15 THREE seahorse salad servers from World Market, $20 FOUR sea urchin mercury glass vase, $38 from Pottery Barn FIVE coral sculpture, $24 from Colom and Brit SIX octopus hook $48 from Anthropologie SEVEN whale tail doorbell ringer $55 by Michael Healy Designs EIGHT sea urchin serving platter $50 by Michael Aram at Macy’s NINE nautilus embroidered pillow $76 from Layla Grace.

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Father’s Day Picnic

fathers day picnic

Dad might be the master of grilling, but treat him this father’s day with a little outdoor dining experience that he won’t have to lift a finger to enjoy.

The idea of a picnic sounds so wonderful, and with a few key items, a weekend afternoon is all you’ll need to spoil dad and enjoy some relaxed time together.

picnic for fathers day

This picnic has a bit of an italian flair, bodes well in warmer weather, and packs up  nice and neat in case you have a bit of a walk to your picnic destination.

Garlic stuffed olives and proscuitto wrapped melon are wonderful aside some sandwiches served on crusty Italian bread.  Lemonade for the kiddos and a bit of prosecco for the adults both mesh perfectly with this feast. Include a throw, a few appetizer forks for communal nibbling, and a structured basket that can be used as a table to complete the occasion.

picnic fathers day

picnic father day

fathers day picnic idea

summer picnic

You don’t have to hike too far to enjoy a picnic.  Set up this moveable feast in your backyard and eat under the sun, but not far from any other item you may need.  Enjoy the relaxing time spent together with your dad, grandfather, or husband.  I’m sure he’ll relish the time away from a hot grill!


Friday Faves 6.7

Friday Faves 6.7

ONE serve in style with this quadrille tray in a cool (goes with everything) grey. $115 from Calypso St. Barth. TWO coffee tables are usually either cool or practical, but this one from World Market is both – and it’s on sale at $429. THREE I’ve never experienced a better smelling citronella candle.  It’s good enough to burn indoors – that’s how great of a scent the people from Illume have poured into their outdoor starlight tins.  $22.50. FOUR & FIVE non-ugly outdoor pillows are hard to come by, but the selection at Terrain is so cool that the outdoor factor is mostly a bonus.  At $128 they’re expensive, but better than the ones at half the price that you’ll have to throw away at the end of the season. SIX I love this lamp!  That’s really all there is too it. $122 on sale from JCPenney.

It’s been a long week for me and I couldn’t be happier that it’s Friday.  How about you?  Isn’t it just funny how some weeks seem to fly and others seem never ending? It’s been a beautiful week here in the midwest and I’m hoping to parlay that into the weekend.  I have some pretty blog projects to work on, some seriously laundry to get done (so I don’t have to go out and buy new undies!) and a couple of tasks to get done around the house.  I’m hoping to sneak some fun in there too!

What’s on your weekend agenda?


Kitchen Conundrum

exposed or closed

So, it’s clear by my pinterest that I love white kitchens (there’s a little grey and black thrown in there too) but one thing I just cannot decide between is the open shelving or closed cupboard look.  Open shelving is, in fact, beautiful, and appears less formal, but boy do you have to be clean.  Closed cupboards mean that what’s behind them is ‘out of sight out of mind’ (or at least out of visitors’ eyesight)!

Please weight in.  Closed?  Or exposed?

photo credit: closed  |  exposed 


Indigo Nation DIY

stars and stripes napkins

I had so much fun with this DIY over the weekend and I have been biting at the bit to share it today.  It was one of those, ‘will this look as cool as I’m envisioning or will it fall flat’ moments and I was SO happy with out it executed.  I didn’t want the shapes to look too cookie-cutter 4th of July, but to take on a more American heritage vibe.

I literally had a blast styling and playing with these guys and now have them adorning my dining room.  They’re just lovely with a natural indigo ikat look.  I couldn’t be happier (is it crazy that napkins make me this happy?  You should ask me about coasters…).  Anyway, you have a whole month to do this one, so you’ll definitely have time to get your own before the holiday.

DIY stars and stripes napkins

indigo stars diy napkins

hand patterned napkins

Styled with neutral white plates, greenery and silver touches, I love the feel the whole table creates.  Can’t you just imagine sitting around outside in dusky candlelight?

I’m really getting carried away here.  The full tutorial is very easy, just a few key steps will ensure vintage Americana success.  Continue Reading…