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Kitchen Conundrum

exposed or closed

So, it’s clear by my pinterest that I love white kitchens (there’s a little grey and black thrown in there too) but one thing I just cannot decide between is the open shelving or closed cupboard look.  Open shelving is, in fact, beautiful, and appears less formal, but boy do you have to be clean.  Closed cupboards mean that what’s behind them is ‘out of sight out of mind’ (or at least out of visitors’ eyesight)!

Please weight in.  Closed?  Or exposed?

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Indigo Nation DIY

stars and stripes napkins

I had so much fun with this DIY over the weekend and I have been biting at the bit to share it today.  It was one of those, ‘will this look as cool as I’m envisioning or will it fall flat’ moments and I was SO happy with out it executed.  I didn’t want the shapes to look too cookie-cutter 4th of July, but to take on a more American heritage vibe.

I literally had a blast styling and playing with these guys and now have them adorning my dining room.  They’re just lovely with a natural indigo ikat look.  I couldn’t be happier (is it crazy that napkins make me this happy?  You should ask me about coasters…).  Anyway, you have a whole month to do this one, so you’ll definitely have time to get your own before the holiday.

DIY stars and stripes napkins

indigo stars diy napkins

hand patterned napkins

Styled with neutral white plates, greenery and silver touches, I love the feel the whole table creates.  Can’t you just imagine sitting around outside in dusky candlelight?

I’m really getting carried away here.  The full tutorial is very easy, just a few key steps will ensure vintage Americana success.  Continue Reading…


Layer it on

layered copy

Guys, today I am ecstatic to tell you something!  Are you ready for it? I’ve written an article for Better Homes & Gardens and it’s going up on their website today!  The concept is how to layer trendy design pieces into your (existing) more traditional home decor.  I know it’s a topic that a lot of people struggle with, so facing the subject head on by showing folks what colors and items to layer together in order to execute these stylish trends in our homes.

Head on over to the Better Homes and Garden Style Spotters page today to see the post (I think it will go up around 9am), let me know if you like the concept and if so, what ‘trendier’ design pieces would you want me to tackle in the future?  Is there any one home decor item or piece of furniture that you want to work into your home?  Tell me!


p.s.  in other news, we have a WINNER of the $50 home depot gift card and P&G outdoor cleaning products!  I’ll shoot you an email so watch your inboxes!

p.p.s. The beautiful room above as absolutely nothing to do with my BHG post, but isn’t it SO pretty.  I love everything about this look.


Single Serve Summer


I feel comfortable saying that summer is in full swing.  I know that technically it doesn’t start until the end of June, but being that memorial day has passed, the temps are rising, and schools are out, I’m counting summer as started.

Of course, summer makes me think of weddings and outdoor parties more than any other time in the year.  I’m a sucker for anything served in mini size or individual portions, so a custom drink accompanied by a straw to sip it with makes me so happy. It is the perfect little portion to serve when you can’t be available to serve each guest on your own.

Here, I used glass jars with corked tops, available here, along with pretty paper straws, all tied neatly together with some twine.

wedding favor drink diptych

individual drink favor

party favor drinks

Any drink looks darling inside a personal jar complete with stripey straw.  The best part is that you can make whatever specialty drink you’d like in a large batch and don’t have to worry about mixing drinks on the spot.  I’ve bottled up a blueberry basil green tea which is perfect for a hot summer day. What would you mix up?

drink favors

This would be an awesome wedding favor idea and would also be so cool for whatever summer party you’re holding at your house.  If you want to get real thrifty, save the glass bottles you use though out the next couple of months and repurpose them into this fun, single serve party idea.

Happy sipping!


Friday Faves 5.31

Friday Faves 5.31

ONE Mod Sunburst pillow by Trina Turk is bright, cheery, and not too funky to be at home in our houses! $109 from Colom and Brit. TWO Buying amazing original art is so easy these days.  This beauty is from Georgina Vinsun of the UK(© georgina vinsun) and is available in prints too! Buy paintings at Saatchionline.com THREE sonesta magnets from Anthropologie are too pretty for boring paperwork.  They’re like a piece of art all on their own.  $14. FOUR I love textured glassware and I love carafes.  This turquoise vintage piece would be amazing to add to my ever-growing collection. $17 from Colom and Brit. FIVE a campaign dresser and nightstand for just $375!  I want them to be mine so badly!  Anyone else want to snag these bad boys from ModCenturyVintage??

I’m serious about the dresser and nightstand.  Someone must get them if I can’t! Anyway, This week was a short, sunny, and good one for me.  I have literally nothing on my agenda this weekend and couldn’t be happier about it.  I was telling someone yesterday that I have no plans to leave town until late August and that made me oddly happy.  I’m usually restless after just a couple weeks at home and ready to get up in the air again.

So, I’ll do all sorts of random things around the house and enjoy some time with my husband and friends.

Don’t forget!  We have a $50 Home Depot giftcard and some fab Mr. Clean products in this month’s giveaway!  Enter here!


(Italian) Farmhouse Retreat


Now, you guys know I travel a lot for my job, but when it comes to actual vacation – without email, meetings at every meal, and crazy receipt filing – those aren’t as plentiful. So many places sound like a good idea, but when push comes to shove, I tend to be so split between the idea of cultural experiences and relaxing retreats. I came across something yesterday that I thought would be an awesome solve, in an even more awesome place.

This vacation property is listed as a ‘farmhouse’ which is obviously what I live in here in Ohio, but this one is all of the way on the other side of the world in the Chianti region of Italy. Now, that’s more like it.  Relaxing, cultural, close to lots of things to do. Love it.






Isn’t the property just gorgeous? I think I’d love this mix of culture and relaxation, but I’ve never stayed in a house abroad for vacation.  Have you guys?  Did you love it? Tell me about it!

I’ll just be over here longingly gazing across Tuscany!


Source: Flipkey




Script Copper Wine Toppers

copper script wine corks

There are few things I like more than wine.  I claimed this past weekend that my major food groups were wine, cheese, tomatoes, olives, and coffee.  Aside from my personal feelings about it, I think that a good assortment of wines at a gathering can offer a ton variety while not being fussy.

These script copper toppers are like a pretty peachy color, reminiscent of rose gold and are so easy to make! They’d be perfect for a party during which people are in and out of the wine often and need a heads up as to which variety is which.

I made these four in about 30 minutes as the copper is pretty soft and easy to manipulate.  Copper wire can be found in an art or craft store (mine’s from Blicks). The toppers are just stuck into chiseled down plain corks.  You could use some that already come tapered, or just take a knife to some that you’ve saved like I did.  The trick is that you don’t want the corks to be too tight since the toppers aren’t really to use for pulling, but are more decorative.

twister wire wine corks

wire wine toppers

copper wire wine corks

I, of course, took some liberties with the abbreviations.  You could also just do a generic ‘cheers’ too. There are just a few quick steps  Continue Reading…


Keeping Up

keeping up

On House of Earnest, I’m always making new things or sharing new projects, but I must admit that when it comes to the upkeep of it all, I could use some help.  When the people from Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot came to me to ask me to test out their outdoor cleaning products, I was totally up for it.

After unveiling our new patio about a month ago, I’ve been working hard to keep it up.  I’ve planted flowers on either side of the flagstone steps and have been weeding, wiping down the patio furniture, and trying to keep it covered (more on that later).

outdoor clean

keeping up 1

The chairs around our firepit tend to have little “gifts” left behind from birds and the coffee table tends to have sap from a pine tree that branches overhead. I’ve always been frustrated by these two things, so that is right where I went with the Mr. Clean products from P&G and The Home Depot.

I’m not the only one who is going to love what these cleaning machines can get done.  One lucky reader is going to win a $50 gift card from The Home Depot as well as all of the cleaning products that I used on my own patio.

Procter & Gamble and The Home Depot are providing one of YOU with a #ReadyDoneClean Prize Pack including:

  • Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro
  • Bounty
  • $50 The Home Depot gift card


Leave a comment below telling me what you’d do with a Home Depot gift card (it could be anything!)

Enter by Monday, June 3rd at Midnight EDT  |  No Purchase is Necessary  |  Must ship within the 50 United States

For additional entries:

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flagstone patio


So go!  Go enter! And have a clean patio like mine!


sponsored by pg and home depot


Friday Faves 5.24

friday faves 5.24


ONE pop open some cold brews in style with an understated, but awesome bottle opener that is just $7 from CB2. TWO literally, one of my favorite things of all time. Not just this friday… all time. Cotton Dhurrie zig zag rug with sizes starting at $195 from Serena and Lily. THREE go all of the places on your list this summer with the linen cosmetic bags from Mark and Graham. They have they best monogram selections and start at just $15. FOUR heath ceramics has long been one of my favorite sites to go and oogle at beautiful things.  This serving bowl in their ‘Alabama Chanin’ line is no exception, but is pricey at $180, so maybe just the oogling for now. FIVE I love that this serving tray from Leif is modern, but has a little bit of an antique vibe with the indigo and white pattern. $88  SIX you know when you come across those things that just make you want to throw away your inhibitions with wild abandon?  This stool is that thing.  The Karr Stool is chic, rustic, minimal, and just perfect.  $579 from Room and Board.


I love the mellow, earthy vibe of this week’s faves! It seems so perfect for the weekend that kicks off summer – blue hues, modern touches, and naturally hewn materials just make me feel like taking advantage of the outdoors – opening all of the windows to let my curtains blow up in a breeze or growing some sort of garden (which totally won’t happen because I have a notoriously black thumb).  How does it happen that someone who loves flowers so much can just stink at growing things?  Oh well, we all have our strengths, right?

I am looking forward to heading up to Cleveland this weekend to visit with some friends who just moved up from Dallas, and hopefully be able to relax a bit by being out of my element.  Sometimes doesn’t being at home cause us to see all of the things that should be done and keep us from being able to sit back and relax?  I’m going to ignore the laundry and landscaping (until Monday, at least!).

What is on your agenda?


P.S. I’ll be taking a bit of a Memorial Day break on Monday, but will be back on Tuesday with an awesome giveaway!  (let’s just say one lucky winner’s summer home improvement projects will be supplemented!) wink!


Beginner Blooms: The Market Bunch

market bunch before and after

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!  The step by step tutorial that will take your market bunch of flowers from ho-hum to perfection!

From the very first day I started the spring series, beginner blooms, I know you guys were waiting for the day we could arrange a whole case full of varying blooms to create a striking arrangement out of the regular bunches that you buy in your grocery store.

There is a secret that you haven’t known about all of these years, that makes this so easy to conquer.

market bunch how to

market bundle how-to

You’ll notice that this is a different type of vase than we have been working with, for the vases that start narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, this is definitely a trick you’ll want to employ.  Continue Reading…