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Splurge and Save: Navy Velvet Sofas

splurge save navy velvet sofa

I love navy velvet sofas and have always wanted one, but I’m just so afraid they’ll go out of fashion (although that seems like a preposterous idea) so I’ve never wanted to purchase a real pricey one.  As absolutely stunning as the Mitchell and Gold sofa is, West Elm also has a style for about half the price.

What do you guys think?  Is this something you’d go all the way on, or save?


p.s. I like a little nailhead trip like I used here would be perfect on the West Elm sofa!


Step into Spring with Illume

Illume 2
I’m not gonna lie to you guys, after being in Delhi, I’m ready for bright colors and the spring weather to follow me back to Ohio.  I feel like I can’t get antsy just yet because I still have a vacation in snowy Telluride next week, but it’s definitely on my mind.

The wonderful people at Illume sent me a whole sampler let of their new spring items and it’s certainly not helping my spring fever. The colors are bright and vibrant, the patterns are reminiscent of summer and the scents are just what I need.  How cute are these little matchbooks?

After Christmas, I need fresh, clean smells wafting through my house (I’m not a food/sweet scent type person) and so I was so excited to try a different scent each day from the sampler to see which I liked most.

illume 1

illume diptych

The verdict?  Cactus Verde is the winner.  It’s clean, light and herbal smelling which makes my house feel just as ready for spring as I am!

Speaking of winners… We have TWO winners of the Birchseed giveaway and both winners will be contacted via email!


Have a FRESH Wednesday, you guys!


disclosure: Illume kindly provided the products seen here, but all opinions are my own.


Gold Handmade Wall Art

Gold Gilded Handmade Art - House of Earnest

Unique art that doesn’t cost a ton isn’t hard to come by, but making your own could be even easier than searching for low cost perfection. Using just a gold leaf pen and a printout to trace, I transformed a frame that I already had into some really sweet art for my desk.

The trick is to just flip your desired design to be a mirror opposite so that you can trace onto the backside of the glass, which gives the gold leaf a little more of a sheen than it would have on its own.

Gilded Gold Handmade Art 2- House of Earnest

gilded gold 6

gilded frame workflow

ONE using this template, start tracing around the letters, then fill them in.  TWO using a scrap piece of paper, keep pressing down the tip of the gold pen periodically to ensure that ink flow is consistent.  THREE put your finished glass into the front of your original frame and run a bead of hot glue around the edge so that you don’t have to use the back of the frame.

Make sure to carefully wipe around the art to get rid of any fingerprints after the ink has dried and you’re finished.

There are so many designs you could make that would be beautiful as well.  A little geometric design would be cool as well as something little and quirky like a bicycle.  Whatever you want to do, just print out the picture and trace around it!  Perfection!

Have a great Tuesday, you guys!  I’m leaving India really late tonight and I’m excited to get back home to my own bed, my little monster dog, and my husband.

See you all on the other side!


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His and Hers

His and Hers - House of Earnest

Last month I met a couple who had an interesting quirk in that they didn’t have designated sides of the bed.  Whoever went to sleep first, took whichever side and the partner who followed would take the other side. If they went to sleep at the same time, it was just kind of decided on the spot. I asked the couple if they had a side they preferred and they didn’t really seem to.  I asked if they always took the same side upon getting in bed first (like he who gets the window side first wins).  They didn’t.

I found this so interesting because we are such creatures of habit and I (for one) like to have something be mine.  Matt and I even have designated spots where we sit in the living room.  I’m always on the couch, and him on the leather chair (now, part of our situation is the layout of our living room.  You cannot adequately see the TV from one side of the couch, making it really a spot for just one). But the main thing here is that the idea of not having my side of the bed seemed so odd to me.

I am not quite sure why I find it so hard to comprehend, but I just do.  What’s mine is mine and what’s his is his, right?

Which got me thinking about marriage in general.  We share everything else, so why not our sides of the bed.  Is it really just habit?  Or is it a need to have some ownership in an otherwise all-sharing situation?  I thought maybe it was just preference.  Maybe I just liked sleeping on the right side, but that isn’t true when I travel, so it’s not preference.  Am I really just that possessive?

What do you guys think? Do you have things that are specifically designated?  Or do you, like the above mentioned couple, see no division?

I’m curious to know, so leave a comment below!


p.s.  We are hosting a GIVEAWAY which will have two winners!  Check it out here and some silk cushions could be headed your way!


photo credit:  Hers His


Friday Faves 2.15

Friday faves feb 15

ONE I love the idea of using a beautiful pedestal to display more than just cakes.  Candles, jewelry, fruits – anything would be showcased atop this marble stunner from Crate and Barrel – $25TWO this bright floral rug is so so pretty and is available in smaller sizes for a dose of spring.  Crewelwork Rug from Anthropologie starting at $78. THREE the wavy lines on this dinner plate add a little romantic flair to the clean black and white design.  Studio Sessions Plate $20 from Anthropologie. FOUR navy is such a nice move on from black.  Ink blot pillow is $30 from CB2.  FIVE cute and custom monogram glasses are so giftable!  $96 for a set of eight.  SIX a pretty metallic pouch is a perfect way to organize little things around the home.

It’s Friday!  It’s been a long week of traveling for me, but it has been great.  I’m going to be in India for just a few more days and although I’m working on Saturday (boo), I’m excited to spend a little time on Sunday exploring Delhi.  If you’ve been and have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

Have a great weekend, guys!


p.s. We’ve got a GIVEAWAY going on!  Two sets of silk pillow covers all inspired by emerging artists’ work will go to TWO winners… Click here for the details


Hand Made: Lacquered Animal Bookends

bookends 3 font

I was bursting at the seams to share this project and today is the day!  I love lacquered anything, but this cute little animals in a lovely deep blue are such a welcome addition to my office.  They were so so simple to make and the options of animal, object, and color are endless.  I think I might even make a few for gifts!

bookends 1

bookends diptych

bookends workflow

I simply used Gorilla Super Glue to adhere a plastic toy to a brick, painted with a high gloss paint and finished it off with a high gloss lacquer top coat. Easy, huh?

I had so much fun playing around with styling them and thought the monkey’s faces were humorous.  I really wanted to find horses or a lion, but truth be told, finding the toy to use was the hardest part of this project.  I ended up using dog toys, but I think a trip to a large toy store probably would have yielded good results as well.

So what do you think?  Silly? Fun? Can I say chic?

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Birchseed Giveaway – CLOSED

Birchseed Pillows giveaway

We are giving away TWO pairs of down-filled art inspired pillows today!  First, I’m so excited to share a relatively new company with a passion for putting emerging artists in front of the proper audience.  Birchseed‘s goal is to provide exposure for new artists to the general public through building each artist’s name and reputation.  They focus on giving these young artists a chance to develop their artistry in a finacially supportive way which I just think is phenomenal.

birchseed giveaway

Birchseed not only carries the original art by these new talents,  but also helps them to get their names out into a world of consumers by making the art accessible through their line of art inspired textiles.  The pillow covers are such a wonderful idea for regular joes like you and I who may not want to splurge on some original art, but may really want to integrate the look into our homes and support new artists as well.

To gain even more exposure for these artists and their craft, House of Earnest is teaming up with Birchseed to do a give-a-way with not just one, but TWO possible winners.  Each winner will get a PAIR of beautiful art inspired pillows made from high quality materials and they come with the down feather inserts (how many pillows do you buy now-a-days that come with the insert?).


1. Pop over to Birchseed.com and have a look around.  Come back here and comment below, telling me which item is your favorite.   We will choose one random winner for each one of these comments.

2. SHARE the love!  If you share Birchseed or one of their products via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, (and come back here to leave a comment letting me know that you did so) You’ll be entered to win the second set of pillows.  (make sure to include Birchseed’s site link in your share!)

Official Rules: Open to all U.S. residents, no purchase is necessary.  This giveaway begins at 5am EST on 2/13/2013 and closes at midnight EST on 2/19/2013.

Good Luck!!


Spool of Love

spools - 4 font

I’ve shared a few other Valentine’s day ideas with you guys – A non-romantic, but darling, Bee idea with printable as well as a geometric addition to wrapped gifts. In both posts, I expressed how Valentine’s days really isn’t my thing, but I wanted to share one sweet bit which could be used all year round to show your honey that you’re thinking about them.

Since I’m in India for the romantic holiday, I thought it would be nice to leave a few little lovely tidbits around the house for Matt to find. I wound up some pretty patterned paper into spools, each with a little message, to remind my husband in lots of little ways how much I adore him.

spools - 3

spools - 2

spool workflow

ONE use a bit of tape to adhere your message to a vintage spool.  Or you can buy wooden spools in the wood tidbits area at your craft store. TWO roll away your message. THREE tie it up tight with a pretty bit of string.

Of course, you can do this without the spools and just leave cute little notes scattered around, but how perfect is the idea of unrolling a tiny little message?  It reminds me of a message in a bottle of sorts!

spools - 1

spools diptych

If you’re anything like me, you’ll forget most hiding spots and find them throughout the year, but it’s a cute little reminder anytime, right?

I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday!  I’m off to dinner already and will see you guys back here tomorrow with an eastern inspired GIVEAWAY!


Stylish Travel

organized traveler - jewelry

It’s no secret that I travel a ton, and there are points in my life where I’m just moving stuff from one suitcase to another.  I just got back from Alt Summit in Salt Lake City where I was doing blog work, I’m heading off again today for New Delhi for business, and will be home from India for just two days before jetting off again for Telluride (this time for a legit vacation!).

If I wasn’t super organized, my whole life would probably fall apart with the frequency of my travel.  One of my favorite things to help organize my life is a travel jewelry box.  It’s certainly a bit chunkier than other travel rolls, but it holds a ton and is a a little better for living out of at home and on the road.

travel jewelry case - house of earnest

organized traveler case jewelry

travel jewelry case

travel jewelry case portfolio

Want to hear a funny secret?  I’ve carried this case as a clutch before to dinner when I didn’t have anything else packed to match an outfit. Regardless, there is no doubt this little jewelry box from RedEnvelope is a darling way to keep strands of baubles in check while traveling, but if you live in a small space, it might be a great way to organize your gems at home too!

So while I’m in the air, I’ve got my trusty case with me – keeping at least one facet of my life in order!

What organizing tools do you use for travel?  Anything I should know about?


p.s. don’t think I’m trying to show off by flashing those Rupees at you, one hundred rupees is less than two US dollars!

p.p.s.  If you love jewelry (and who doesn’t), I’m posting over on Etsy’s blog later today with my top jewelry picks for a range of prices.  It’s a bit of a ‘Treat yo’self” post for Valentines day!


Friday Faves 2.8

Friday Faves 2.8

ONE gold rimmed agate coasters from Heritage1956 are on preorder, but they’re so perfect, you’ll definitely want to consider the wait. $80; TWO twig wall hooks are modern with a rustic twist. $25 each from StudioLiscious. THREE fun and funky silver beaded Love and Lust pillowcovers are perfect for the quirky home dweller who loves things neutral (me, me!). $198 each from Jonathan Adler. FOUR Adra vase is perfectly chunky and graphic.  Fill with some of this springs blooming twigs for the perfect combo. FIVE I love this silver woven daybed from Calypso St. Barth, but for $1400 I might have to make one myself.

Each winter I tend to feel the need to glam things up a bit (all of the holiday metallics go to my head) and each spring I revert back to my more rustic, natural tendencies. I feel like this combination of both looks is absolutely perfect for where my head’s at right now and could make a room feel stylish and down to earth at the same time. I really do love the woven type daybeds and with departure this weekend to India, I feel like it wouldn’t be something hard to find, but probably pretty hard to ship back home.

So, that’s another thing.  I’m headed to India this weekend for work and I’ll be there a little over a week.  Follow on Instagram and twitter for all sorts of inspiration from the trip (I might have to snag some pretty textiles for summer projects!)

Have a fabulous weekend and check out some of the other things I’ve been up to this week:

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