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Friday Faves 3.15

Friday Faves 3.15


ONE letterpress cards from Bears Eat Berries are as cute as they come.  They’re cool, minimal, and right down my alley. $15 for a set of six thank you cards. TWO These accordion sconces from West Elm are just what I need above my headboard. $179 each. THREE make cereal in the morning a tad more stylish with these geo patterned bowls from Urban Nester, $30 for the set of four. FOUR start your garden growing this year with an indoor herb kit that is a pretty as they come, $45 from The Growers Exchange (and for other gardening picks, see my March column on Houzz). FIVE as if you didn’t love shopping before… these shopping list notebooks from ARMINHO are so fun and a great price at $10 for the set of three. SIX Add some stunning greek beauty to your home with the Athena side table from Society Social, $395.


Happy Friday, everyone!  I am happy that it’s the end of the week and I can have some downtime to play a little bit.  My social calendar is booked with dinners and drinks, we’re breaking ground on our flagstone patio, I’ve got some housekeeping to do, and I’m excited for it all!

Are you all celebrating this weekend?  Whether it’s for St. Patricks day, the onslaught of spring, or just because it’s the weekend and you survived?


Practice and Patience

practice makes perfect

To say that I’m ambitious would be an understatement.  I might even be ambitious to a fault.  Unlike a lot of people, it’s not with material things that I have the greatest need for accomplishment, it’s with knowledge.  I want to know everything and I want to know it now.  I’ve taught myself everything from basic HTML to basic German. At the risk of sounding like Veruca Salt from the chocolate factory, I have a need to be good at lots of things…and instantly, but as we all know, that doesn’t always happen. If something doesn’t come naturally to me, I often discard it and find something else.  This has resulted in me being a jack of a lot of trades and a master at very little (like the aforementioned basic HTML and basic German, but not advanced in either). My problem isn’t with the desire to learn, it’s with patience to learn.

When it came to calligraphy, I’d always kind of dabbled, and wasn’t great at it, but my desire to be good overcame the initial failures. I was able to move past being uncomfortable without instant success and actually practice.  I met with Tara from Swallowtail Calligraphy and learned some of the basics in an age-old art and, although I am improving, it will take a lot more meetings for me to feel confident.

All of this to say that as adults, is our emphasis on patience and practice lacking? Are we too comfortable in what we’re good at or what we already do well that we don’t put the effort towards learning new things that don’t come natural?

Today, I’m committing to being patient with my practice of calligraphy and being more open to the joy of the learning curve.

Are you learning anything new?  How is the practice going?



Handmade: Gold Foil Tumblers

gold leaf, tumblers, flutes, gold dot

It’s no secret that I love gold, and you know I could use a good cocktail on a Wednesday. I made these little gold confetti tumblers after seeing so many similar versions in the market. These aren’t too intense, but are pretty easy and are oh-so-cute!

Fill them up with a little pomegranate juice, some Zonin prosecco, and basil and you’ve got yourself a perfect mid-week treat.

confetti cups diptych

confetti cups 2

confetti cups workflow

ONE tape off the bottom of a glass with blue painters tape and stick some dots onto the bottom, more concentrated at the top and less concentrated toward the bottom. TWO cover the top of the glass with a sandwich bag and tape it down on the same tapeline as before. THREE spray paint the bottom of the glass with a bright gold spray paint. FOUR using a gold leaf pen, carry the dot motif up onto the top of the glass.  More concentrated at the bottom and sparse toward the top.

I think they’re so fun and sure do look festive for spring, right?  Grab just a few ingredients, have a cocktail and happy hump day!


**Update!  For those of you who asked, I am now selling these glasses in my shop!  They are a little different, but they’re made to withstand washing (top rack)!!**

So, as a disclaimer, I am using spray paint on food and beverage item which isn’t recommended for food contact.  I felt like being on the outside of the glass I was comfortable with that, but if you’re not, please use your discretion. 


Splurge & Save: Boho Chic

green sofa, gooseneck lamp, pharmacy lamp, colorful rug, glass coffee table iron coffee table

Unveiling the new concept for a column that’s been a reader favorite, but I felt could use a new twist.  Instead of featuring the same type item on the Splurge & Save, I want to feature a collection that all works together.  Similar to how you would in an outfit with a handbag, you can have one statement piece that is a bit of a splurge while saving on the supporting items.

Today, I’d totally splurge on this emerald settee with clean lines and tufted sides from Anthropologie while saving on some still fabulous pieces like this colorful, but leaning toward classic, rug from World Market, a sleek iron and glass coffee table from Ikea which would look awesome with some stacked books underneath, and lastly a bronze pharmacy lamp from Target.

Do you like the assortment?  How about the revamp of the column?



Easter Eggs: Dipping, Marbling, and Speckling

easter eggs - 1

Easter Eggs Three

If variety is the spice of life, we’ve got plenty over here today to give Easter just a bit more flavor this year.  I’ve got three ways to decorate your eggs at three different difficulty levels.

First, the marbled eggs follow the same exact set up as my marbled paper, which is pretty easy, but the difficulty comes in for the dip.  You’ve got to delicately graze the shell over the paint and do your best not to dip at all.  You want to pick the paint up off of the starch, so don’t dunk.  Carefully grazing your egg while holding onto the ends is a bit time consuming, but they look beautiful. For the speckled eggs, you just use the store-bought blue dye and fling a little gold paint onto the shell with a wooden skewer. And third, if you’ve got some colorful washi tape sitting around, just wrap up your little eggs for the easiest route to awesome.

easter eggs- 2

easter egg diptych

easter eggs - 5


Friday Faves 3.8

friday faves 3


ONE what’s cuter than some bugs? Insect art is just $15 from Winged World. TWO serve up a beautiful brunch this spring with these ditsy floral servers from bhldn, $58. THREE this gold textured vase is perfect for a branch arrangement like we discussed earlier in the week!  Mignon vase from Zara Home is $49. FOUR large scale floral pattern is very trend-right and in a toss pillow, it’s the perfect spring update for your home. Primavera pillow covers, $36 from Zara Home. FIVE the silhouette might be a little mid-century, but in a pretty pale mint, this bench is classic and feminine. $1495 from Jonathan Adler.


It’s been a pretty long week, and I’m in the mood for something pretty to take my mind off of it.  I cannot wait to spend my first weekend at home in over a month relaxing and getting my patio ready for spring.  It’s supposed to get warm tomorrow, so lets home I can get outside a bit!

I’ll (hopefully) be digging in some dirt this weekend and getting some awesome DIY posts ready for you to see next week!

What will you be up to?


Design Idea: Tassels


You guys have seen it in fashion – tassels on shoes, jewelry, bags and belts, but how about home decor?  I love the chic detail that tassels add to home style. They are pretty and feminine, but definitely have a very global influence.


tassel light

sources 1 | 2| 3| 4

I suppose you could ask what in the world you’d need tassels for, but there are examples all over of ways to adorn your home accessories and furniture with the fringey addition. Hanging from a dresser pull, draped across a doorway or used in a more functional way like for your keys, tassels are darling and fun.

How about a fringe DIY?  Sounds like a good idea to me!

Tell me, what would you use some tassels for?



Beginner Blooms: Lesson One

flowering branches 1

I’m so glad that you’re joining us today for Beginner Blooms!  We are starting at the very beginning (a very good place to start) with something simple to get your feet wet – flowering branches.  Not only was this designed to start easy, but also flowering branches will be the first to bloom this spring, offering you the ability to use your skills right off the bat.

Let’s dig in!

One of the most important things to consider when arranging any type of floral is the vessel.  I learned that the wrong vase can make an otherwise great assortment of flowers look terrible, so make sure you get just a few good vases that will be good for lots of uses. We’ll go through the types I prefer during the series.  For flowering branches, you’ll need a vase that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top.  This ensures that the branches don’t all stick straight up with no flow or personality, but also don’t droop out at the sides. We’re looking for a nice in-between.

flowering branches diptych

flowering branches - 2

flowering branches 3

flowering branch workflow

ONE cut off the bottoms of the branches as well as any small twigs or leaves that would fall below the top of the vase, this will result in a cleaner looking arrangement. TWO measure your stems.  They should be roughly 1.5 to 2 times the height of the vessel.  My white pitcher is too tall to use with these branches, so I’ll opt for the decanter as a vase. THREE arrange in an ‘X’ formation ensuring that a few of the branches criss cross, while one sticks right up from the middle. FOUR fill your vase using a watering can so that you don’t disturb the arrangement.

That’s it!  You can see the attention paid to the type of vase, size of vase, and preparing the steps for the vase.  All of these things are foundational for helping keep your blooms look clean and polished – but this is just the beginning!  Stick with us as we take the next steps through the spring season to get you arranging beautiful bunches in no time!

Have a LOVELY Wednesday!



Sugar and Spice

sugar and spice - 1

I’m into simple, if you haven’t noticed, and I love simple things that still have some wow factor for gifting or for everyday use.

Infused spirits and drinks have been all the rage this past year, but I’m bringing the trend back to a simpler, giftable item that will impress even the toughest critic.  Infused salts and sugars are so easy, give a ton of room for creative freedom, and look darling in little jars with handwritten labels.

sugar and spice diptych 2

sugar and spice3

sugar and spice diptych

It really is just as easy and putting your favorite herbs or flavorings into some sea salt or sugar, closing it tight, and letting it sit for about a week prior to gifting or using.  You can always choose to pluck the flavoring agent back out, but I think they look so pretty nestled in the jars.  I was also thinking about how wonderful some lavender sugar would be (sprinkled on scones?) and some hot chili salt would be so fun as well!  Have a great time coming up with ideas and let me know what you try!

Any flavors that pop in your mind?


Newness is Springing

DSC_0886 spring newness


It’s my first day back in action after spending a week in beautiful Telluride on a ski vacation, and I had an amazing time.  If you follow on Instagram  (@houseofearnest) you saw some peeks of the action and can probably understand why I’m so stoked for spring after all of that snow.

Are you guys ready?  This March, I’m so excited for a few of the changes I have coming up this spring on House of Earnest.  Aside from continuing my regular weekly DIYs, Friday Faves, and home style & party tips, I am planning to integrates some new content.  Between a new take on ‘Splurge & Save’, a ‘Beginner Blooms’ column, and some more styling and decor posts, we have a ton going on and I’m so excited you guys are here to join me for it all!

Now, I know some of you are probably thinking that I’ve lost my marbles because in the midwest, March really doesn’t mean that winter is over, but I’m here to get a jump start on the brights, the blooms, the sweet smells, and everything else that comes along with springtime for our homes and parties – and I sure hope you’re ready to jump in with me!


Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday!