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Silhouette Stitched Pillow

dog silhouette pillow by www.houseofearnest.com

If you’ve followed House of Earnest for a while, you’ll probably know that my love for my dog is probably rivaled by my love for pillows (don’t tell her that), but this project brings the best of both worlds.  A simple stitch on an open weave pillow covering is easy to configure in any shape.  I considered a quirky word, but I’m kind of over ‘word’ art in my house.  I thought a nice big heart would be darling, or even a more abstract stitched pattern for the design included would be amazing.

I landed on the silhouette idea in an effort to mesh something classic with something current and glam (like the metallic finish on the pillow) for a bit of design contrast.

Dog Silhouette Diptych

It was very easy, and anyone with a spare 30 minutes could do something similar.  I stitched it up just last night while watching Downton Abbey. I felt a little like Martha Washington or someone – darning fireside – but it was over in a flash.

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Old is New

blue and white - pillow pattern

What goes around definitely comes around in both fashion and in home style.  If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I’d be wearing bright cobalt jeans to work I’d probably laugh at you, but here I am sitting in my cobalt jeans (and polka dot chambray shirt) just thinking it’s the coolest.

There has been a huge resurgence of the antique methods of dying and printing lately with woodblock, shibori, tie dye and the like.  I saw one of these pillows from Luru Home on Horne yesterday during some completely unrelated research and just was enamored by how bright and pigmented the blues can look in some areas, but dark and rich in others.  I also love how easy it would be to integrate these types of prints into the home – adding a global flare while still keeping a relatively tight palette.

I would just love to have a giant couch topped with a mix off these pillows – how fun would that look?

Have an amazing Tuesday out there, friends!


Hand Lettered Thanks

hand written thank you - 3

Yesterday, I spend some spare time to practice a little hand lettering with my new calligraphy pen.  I bought some white ink and have been learning (slowly) how to make the strokes and letters.  It’s way more difficult that I’d initially anticipated. Partly because I already write in elaborate script for my regular hand and thought the strokes would be the same, which totally isn’t the case, and partly because I’m so new to the ink distribution and how to control it.

There is still a ton for me to learn and a LOT of practice in my future, but it was fun to try my hand (pun intended) at something new with the bonus of having some hand written cards to send to the friends to traveled near and far this weekend for party my husband threw for my 30th birthday.

hand written thank you - 4

hand written thank you - 2

Doesn’t receiving something hand made from a friend make it ten times better?

My calligraphy (if you can call it that) needs to improve vastly, but I’m excited to have had the chance to practice and all get some things checked off my to-do list in the process!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday out there – and try something new!


Friday Faves 1.11

Friday Faves 1.10

ONE Make a Wish cake topper $35 from Madeline Trait;  TWO Striped Wooden Scoops $9 for three from Sucre Shop; THREE Sugar Paper Classic Thank You notes in raspberry from Design Darling, $16 for six; FOUR Paris is Always a Good Idea art print from Note to Self Print Shop on Society 6, prices start at $32. FIVE Tortoise iphone case(is on my birthday wish list!) $40 from Bloomingdales; SIX Bazaar Pouf is $249 from West Elm.


First of all, I want to THANK YOU guys so much for all of the kind words and well wishes yesterday on my birthday!  I’m loving my faves today partly because a few were on my birthday wish list (the phone case and art print to be exact), and because a little pop of color grounded in neutrals is just what I need for a snowy, rainy day in January.

This weekend, my sweet husband is throwing a roller skating party for my big day and we have so many amazing friends coming in from out of town for the event.  I’m going to get up early tomorrow, do some shopping and finish the night out on the roller rink.  I’m so excited and just have to get through a long day of meetings before it’s the weekend!

Have a FABULOUS Friday, all!


The Big Three-Oh


Isn’t it funny the crazy amount of choices that we’re presented with each day and how they, together, form a path?  It can be overwhelming if you really think about it, but today, on my thirtieth birthday, I’m breaking free.

All my life, for the last thirty years, I’ve made choices that I thought would to take me in the right direction.  But what was the right direction?  Growing up, it was the opinion of my parents. In school the right direction could have guided by a professor, and in the workforce, the opinion of an HR team, a boss, or a colleague. I never felt that those directions were 100% me, and guess what?  I’ve ended up on paths that have been walked by thousands before me.

It’s really taken the past ten years to gain insight on what I want and where I want to go.  I don’t want to follow in someone else’s footsteps because I can’t shine.  I need my own way, my own path. I don’t 100% know what that entails, but that is the amazing part.  There is nobody to tell me what the next step is, because no one else has been there. There is freedom in not knowing what I should do next because that page hasn’t been written, and it’s all up to me.

I’m so so blessed to have my husband as my primary support.  He never tells me that something isn’t possible, or shouldn’t be done.  He’s a dreamer and a thinker like I am.  I know he supports a ‘no plan plan’ and gets as excited about life’s endless opportunities as I do. I’m going to take the next decade to dig this path out with him by my side.  I do have some specific goals in the next ten years, however, I’d be aimless if I didn’t!

The Big Ones:

1. Work for myself

2. Live Internationally for at least a year

3. Build a house on the land we bought (already)

I have a ton of little ones that are a little more ‘everyday’… things like washing my face before bed and maintaining my weight, but those are always on my list of things to strive for. Overall, I’m just going to do more of my own thing, and less of other peoples’ things.  That means I cannot compare myself to anyone – because nobody else is on my path! There is a lot of joy in that thought and a lot of happiness in my heart today as I turn my face to my next ten years!



Party Style Secrets: Wooden Skewers

skewers for party - www.houseofearnest.com

It’s no secret that I love to throw a good party, and one of the things that helps me get ready in a flash is the use of skewers.  Yes, those thin little pack of wooden picks you can get in the grocery store.

I keep a pack on hand at all times and you wouldn’t even imagine the use they get.  They’re longer than toothpicks, so they make a great choice for whatever you event calls for – cheese markers?  yes.  Drink stirrers? yes.

As you can see, I have multiple pretty and easy ways to dress up this unassuming kitchen tool  using a little washi tape, printer paper, sparkle pom or fruit.  It’s just one of those simple little things that help to create a unique addition to whatever party siutation that may arise!

Stock your pantry and break out your party shoes – because now you’re ready!


Inspiration Adoption: Crated Photos

design idea - crate photo - house of earnest

This weekend during my trip to Pistacia Vera in search of super photogenic food, I saw a little crated photo they had hanging and just loved it.  I loved how in the midst of a very modern, sleek shop, this hit of nostagia was highlighted.

I had a crate at home and wanted to see if I could pull off a similar look.  Although I do love how their black frame was set off against the light, aged wood, I went with a chrome frame in mine with a little burlap matting (frame from West Elm here).

Although mine does have a different look, due mostly to its surroundings, I still like what it lends to my living room.

crate photo - house of earnest

crate photo2 - house of earnest

It wasn’t too hard to do – just hammer your photo frame nails to the crate prior to hanging the crate, then assemble it all together.  I’m preparing to start another mini gallery cluster on this wall and thought this crate and photo would be a nice anchor – or starting point - for some other homemade art I have coming down the pipe.

It’s just a really simple way that any idea can go from mere inspiration to adoption stat!

Have an INSPIRED Tuesday!



Busy and Bustling


Every week I talk about it being crazy busy and ‘oh what a whirlwind’, and on and on. After saying it a few times I get the feeling that this is just how life’s going to go for a while.  I wanted to give you guys a little peek on some of the things going on here behind the House of Earnest Scenes this week, other places you can find my work, and what’s down the road (since my very vague New Year’s post).

  • I’ve just finished up a big photo shoot for Emma Magazine to go in their February issue.  A graphic designer, photographer, and a few very special sponsors donated their efforts, products, and talents to the shoot.  It was like producing a movie and planning a wedding rolled into one day and I absolutely loved it!  I’m crazy excited to see how the professional photos turned out this week, but above are a few glimpses from my and other attendees’ instagram.
  • I turned around yesterday and had a wonderful meeting with a future bride about her destination wedding in Savannah, which I am really looking forward to.  I am putting together a proposal/design direction for her and will give you guys a sneak peek next week!
  • I got a very new business card stamp which is more service/business geared rather than blog geared.  I plan to use both – one to spread the word about House of Earnest and one to spread the word about my freelance DIY, styling, and floral work.
  • I’m writing regularly on Etsy (check out some of my posts!)
  • I’ve begun to brainstorm more ideas like this one for Style Me Pretty’s new ‘At Home’ blog.
  • I have two other (really big) projects that are in the planning stage that I can’t tell you right now (so mean of me, right?)… but believe me when I say they’re huge. huge.
  • I’m preparing for Alt Design Summit which is just in two weeks! I’m speaking on a social media and technology in blogging.
  • I turn 30!!! this week!

I don’t want to come off all “look how busy I am”… so don’t get me wrong.  I wanted to give you guys some sneaks into what’s going on behind the scenes here, what you can expect to see more of in the future, and why I run around like a chicken without a head (wait, where did I leave my head?).

There are so many exciting things going on right now, I feel like I’m living in a flurry of ideas all the time and I love every second of it.

Let me know what you’re up to?  Anything exciting on the horizon?

Photo Credit: Floating Hearts from Benjamin Lowry’s Instagram, Caprese and Cheese from Simply Vicky’s Instagram, all other from House of Earnest Instagram.




Friday Faves 1.4

Friday Faves on www.houseofearnest.com

ONE the beautiful packaging and drool worthy flavors of Mast Brothers Chocolates, but bars are about $9 each, so savor each bite! TWO Apothecary Candle in Magnolia from Sara Kate Studios $35.  THREE start the new year off with smooth skin!  This cardamom and coffee scrub is calling my name. $44 from Fig and Yarrow.  FOUR The phulkari embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn is a textural update to chevron, $49.  FIVE Young House Love’s new lighting collection on Shades of Light offers some really fun and punchy lighting options, and all for less than $100.  Wire Globe shown is $99 and comes in 7 colors. SIX custom address stamps just scream luxury to me.  This set from MaeMaePaperie is not too sweet and perfect for all of your um, correspondence. Marlow Address Kit is $102.

Hopefully it was a short week for most of you, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t chock full of busyness. I’m carrying the crazy through the weekend and styling a photo shoot tomorrow for an upcoming issue of Emma Mag.  I can’t tell you anymore details, only that you’re gonna love it!  I can’t promise to not instagram a few photos this weekend, however!  Follow along @houseofearnest on Instagram.


Have a WONDERFUL, RELAXING weekend, all!


Hand Made: Mounted Twig ‘Antlers’

Mounted Twig Antlers on www.houseofearnest.com

I said it yesterday, and it’s still quite true today that I’m feeling as wintry and rustic as a ski lodge.  These little twig antlers aren’t too season specific, however, as they do hang in my home all year.

It’s inevitable that when I post photos of my living room, I always get questions about the antlers.  I made them quite a while ago, but still love the natural quality they contribute to my wall.  You know that I love neutrals, and with a house slightly devoid of bright color, I need a little something else to pop out (literally).

Mounted Twig Antlers on www.houseofearnest.com

Mounted Twig Antlers on www.houseofearnest.com

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