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Friday Faves 4.12

Friday Faves 4.12


ONE wooden nesting bowls are a bright shot of color for your kitchen, $45 from Kate Spade Saturday. TWO a big a’hoy to a great hook. $38 from High Street Market. THREE a minimalist and artistic serving tray will go with any entertaining direction this spring.  $40 from Leif. FOUR talking about artistic, an abstract mug would be so perfect for your (saturday) morning tea, $10 from Kate Spade Saturday.  FIVE a sisal rug is perfect for warmer weather and the navy on natural color scheme and $135 price tag couldn’t be better.  SIX cocktails, yes.  Gold, yes.  $445 tray table from High Street Market is wonderful all around. SEVEN A neon dot is a lot easier to incorporate into your home when it’s on a foundation of neutral linen. Neon dot pillow is $198 from Anthropologie.


This Friday is going to be amazing.  I have the day off work to prepare for a wedding which I’m doing flowers for tomorrow and I’m preparing for a trip to China (again) for which I leave this Sunday (did you get that?  I am doing a wedding on Saturday and leave for China on Sunday?).  I’m a little stressed, but I have some pretty amazing projects to share with you while I’m in the far east and I’ll also be sharing photos on Instagram and tweeting my adventures.  Are you guys ready?


What is on your short list this weekend?


Watercolor Knot Art

watercolor knot art - house of earnest

I’m such a fan of affordable art.  When it comes to making your own, I think it’s so so easy to get something beautiful as long as you keep it simple.  These knots are about as easy as they come, but are reminiscent of sea and surf and just perfect to lighten up your walls this summer.  All it takes is some watercolor paper and a cheap set of watercolors (nothing fancy here!).

watercolor knots - house of earnest

water color knot tutorial - house of earnest

ONE trace over the knot template lightly with a pencil in the middle of your paper. TWO go back over your pencil tracing with black watercolor paint. THREE let them dry completely before framing.

watercolor knot - house of earnest

Stacking the frames in a grouping really stands out, but just one watercolor knot in a wall of other photos would be beautiful as well.  I love the simplicity of it and think the outcome is just as wonderful as anything you could buy.

Would you try this? Maybe a gem outline would be really fun and funky too?  Tell me what you think!


The Year of Leather



Today is my third wedding anniversary and the traditional gift for this year is leather.  Among all of the very girly wedding and holiday gifts out there, this is certainly the most masculine.  I was actually pretty excited to buy a gift for Matty that supported the traditional theme this year and definitely bought one on the items featured above – can you guess which one?

I don’t talk a ton about my personal life or love life, but want to open up a bit and share that Matt, my husband, is my partner.  In crime, in love, in every single sense of the word, a partner. Not only does he support me, but he challenges me.  He’s my devil’s advocate, my equal, my encouragement, my biggest fan, my best friend. So many people may say the same, but I can’t imagine telling anyone else the extent of the thoughts in my head – except for Matt.  I hold nothing back, we explore every subject, and we’re together though it all.  We make dinner together each night (even if it’s at 10pm), talk about our days, discuss ideas, aspirations, and reconnect.

In some ways it’s felt like these years have flown by, but in others it’s like I’ve never known life without him. It’s hard to describe, and isn’t that the way it should be?  What we have is ours and won’t make sense to another soul.

So today, we’re celebrating each other, our love, and our lives… together in this old farmhouse… one day at a time.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


leather gifts: leather desk set | iphone case | travel satchel | passport cover | flask


Behind the Scenes Painting

House of Earnest for NPW

Things have been brewing behind the scenes here at House of Earnest.  I’m working on a few projects that you guys know about (the patio) and a few projects that are new.  One of which is a really fun and summery project in collaboration with Sherwin Williams for National Painting Week which starts next Monday, encouraging people around the country to get into the DIY spirit.

Now, you guys know I will paint anything that doesn’t move, so it was natural that I be so excited about this particular project.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m in a totally nesting mood lately (spring fever?) and wanted to add a bright pop to my dining room which I felt needed a little something.  I actually uploaded a picture of the room to the Chip It application on the Sherwin Williams website to find a color that went well in the space, and was bright enough to satiate my need for something that stands out!

chip it from SW

What popped out was exactly what I was looking for.  There were three good colors to consider, I was really split between an orangey-coral and a bright yellow.  Although there is a little sneak peek above about which color I chose, you’ll have to come back next Tuesday to see the full reveal (I know, it’s mean, isn’t it?).

Don’t fear, there are other NPW projects from blogs around the country that will knock your socks off before mine goes live.  Next Monday we’re starting with Little Green Notebook and Coco + Kelley (can you guess which color they both chose?) but there a total of 14 bloggers participating so follow along with the action next week!

Tell me about the paint projects in your future!


p.s.  Our current giveaway the beautiful ‘Truly Mexican’ cookbook and other south of the border inspired prizes ends tonight at midnight! Go enter!


More than Sweet for Spring

blueberry basil lemonade cocktail

I spent this weekend breaking in the new patio with some friends and although the weather isn’t entirely springy (yet), I did find that a fresh, sweet drink really helped.  The best part about this spring concoction?  It’s super low calorie.  I’ll admit that the recipe came from a friend who calls it the ‘fat-burner’.  I put a slight twist on it by adding in fresh blueberries and muddled basil.  I love the added dimension of the herb and who doesn’t love alcohol infused fresh fruit at the bottom of a drink?

Blueberry Basil Lemonade

blueberry basil lemonade cooler

blueberry basil lemonade recipe

The drink is light, fizzy, a little fruity (but not too sweet), and will go down smoothly, so be careful!

I know it’s just Monday, but lets take advantage of the longer days and sip away!


Friday Faves 4.5

friday faves 4.5


ONE from the newly launched Rebecca Atwood Designs, this stunning black and white hand printed spots pillow has an exposed brass zipper and butterscotch back is my absolute favorite. $200 Rebecca Atwood Designs. TWO This brace sconce is so perfect, it’s what Iwould have put above my bed had I had an extra G lying around, $495 from Horne. THREE somewhat geometric, somewhat cozy fair isle, the teal in this rug brings it current, but the texture keeps it cozy. $1900 by Donna Wilson for Horne.  FOUR embroideries are awesome and monograms are awesome.  Put them together and you have these sweet pieces of personal art from Anthropologie, $99. FIVE I can’t say enough good things about this stool from Serena & Lily.  It’s a great price at $125, it’s versatile, and will probably be my next home purchase. SIX I talked about Illume’s new spring collection a few weeks ago, but this Cactus Verde scent has been wafting through my house all week and I can’t get enough, $26.


I just want to jump right into the Friday faves today. How about you? I’m in a complete nesting mood (as opposed to the party mood or crafting mood – hehe), and I just want to switch around some stuff in my house.  I think I’m going to get some different art going and will post about it next week.  I’m also putting the finishing touches on my patio this weekend and although the whole shebang won’t be posted until it’s debut on the Home Depot Style Challenge, I’ll give you all a few sneak peeks next week!

In addition to those things, I have a meeting on Sunday with Benjamin Lowry to talk about some exciting upcoming projects (super fun) and a mountain of laundry to do (not fun).

What do you guys have on the short list for this beautiful April weekend?



Beautifully Boxed In


I really love window boxes.  I would install them on every window in my house if I could but guess what?  Matt hates window boxes.  I really can’t pinpoint the reason why such a seemingly un-threatening thing like window boxes would set him off, but has some really deep rooted dislike for them.  I however cannot get enough.  Sure, you can go overboard really quickly, so I found some images of very clean, natural looking varieties.  Mostly greens flow out of them, softening an angular facade.  I love the idea of using succulents or herbs to just get a hit of color without any clash.

I plan to get one onto my kitchen window that overlooks the new patio.  It will be a perfect spot for some herbs which are accessible from the kitchen, but help to beautify the patio and give our otherwise very square and grey exterior a nice little splash of green.

window boxes - diptych

Photo credits  |   |  3

So, even though it’s one of those little things that may not go over super well, I think I’m going to go for it!

Do you have window boxes?  Do you like them?  Or, like Matt, do you dislike?


P.S.  We’re running a GIVEAWAY right now!  Have you entered?


Avocado Seed Awesome

avocado seed placecard holder 3

Using things either from nature or from other facets of your party make for great accessories.  I might be just a little nostalgic about the fact that this same week for the last couple years we’ve been in Mexico, and we aren’t this year, so whipping up a big batch of guac for a little Mexican party was in order.

I was admiring the seeds of some avocados when I thought that there must be something I could do with them.  You could probably spray paint anything gold and I’d love it, but in this case, I thought the little gold details on each one of these avocado seed place card holders helped to differentiate each name from the next, but also made them shiny and pretty like a little trinket that your friends could take home.

avocado seed placecard holder

So I’m in a Mexico mood and after instagramming a photo of my new Truly Mexican cookbook the other day, the huge response about where folks could purchase the book made me want to giveaway a copy along with some other ‘south of the border’ inspired goodies like an avocado peeler and pitter tool and more!

Continue reading for the full place card tutorial and the GIVEAWAY details!

Continue Reading…


The Art of Collecting


Did you collect things as a child?  I can remember really wanting to start a serious collection (of anything) but never quite being passionate enough to stick with it.  It was such a normal idea though.  Now, I feel that the idea has kind of slipped away as a very antiquated hobby.

Lisa Congdon was an avid collector and even posted a picture each day for a year of her collections.  I got to thinking about the fact that subconsciously, I actually have been a collector all of these years.  I have a very extensive collection of glassware (almost rivaling another Erin) and am seriously on my way to a (bordering on crazy) vase and vessel collection – which maybe still falls in the glassware category.

All of this to say that maybe the difference between hoarding and being a collector is our treatment of the pieces.  Lisa carefully arranged and photographed hers.  I keep my glassware lined up and styled on my bar – bringing it out for many a photography session.  Our respect and admiration for the pieces is the key here.

Which brings me to ask – Do you collect anything? Do you display it? or have it carefully tucked away?


photo credit: glassware | pillows | porcelain | books



Lighting up the Bedroom

bedroom sconces 1

It’s been awhile since I talked about our bedroom renovations after we were nearly finished last spring, but I had a few loose ends that I’ve still been waiting to tie up – mainly our bedside lighting.

The before featured two bedside lamps that were glass, small, very bright, and just weren’t quite liked by Matty. I had really wanted some brass, swing arm sconces that I’d talked about here, but I just had trouble finding some that I liked with a mount that worked on our wall.  Since the wall above our bed is brick covered in drywall (with no studs) something heavy just wouldn’t work.  I decided that a very light fixture capable of being hung by command hooks (or something of the like) was in order and went to Ikea to find it.

bedroom sconce diptych

bedroom sconces 3

bedroom sconce workflow

bedroom sconces 2

This is a totally unauthorized use of Command strips, but instead of fixing the sconce brackets to the wall with screws, I used command strips because the wall behind our bed is actually the chimney from the fireplace downstairs.  Screwing into the chimney just doesn’t sound like an awesome idea to me, so I figured that using these super sticky strips would do the trick.

I really love the way it looks and best of all, I didn’t have to drill crazy holes into our wall.  This would be a great project for those who rent or (like us) those who can’t really drill into the walls because your house is a billion years old!

I love how classic the sconces look above our bed and love that as I sit in bed typing this, these lights are gleaming overhead!

Do you like them?  How do you feel about my original plan versus this one?