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House of Earnest Out and About

It’s been quite a weekend! I tweeted a little hint last weekend about the photo shoot that we were doing for Houzz, and tweeting about a month ago for a style shoot I was working on for a (then) undisclosed project.  Today I’m here to show you whats been going on behind the scenes! Firstly, our ‘Houzz Tour’ went live yesterday and I’ve been flooded with wonderful questions and comments ever since (except one nasty comment, but that’s just how some people are). Shooting my own whole home in a day was a little hectic, but with my return from India, I was up against a deadline. It’s surprising the things you see in photos that you don’t even realize on an everyday basis (cords, namely) but it was a fun experience nonetheless.  Below, is a slideshow filled with the photos only, but you can click through to read the full interview!

The undisclosed project, is a style shoot I was working on to reflect my style, esthetic and work for a curated collection on Joss & Main, which goes live tomorrow!  The first photo and this last one are just a little peek of the lifestyle look book that we’ve put together to highlight the theme of the event (which, of course, revolves around entertaining) and I’m just indescribably excited about it.  I choose a full collection of products that really showcase the House of Earnest style and I hope you love them.  If you’re new to Joss & Main, it’s a flash sale site which features mini-sales full of common products.  You can join the site HERE so that you don’t have to wait on an invite!

Have a WONDERFUL Monday!


Friday Faves 8.3

ONE studded edge bowl from Ankasa, $95; TWO Rae Dun cheese markers $35 at Nordstrom; THREE globetrotter calendar $20 at anthropologie; FOUR Thomas Paul ‘Moby’ Pillow $78 at Burke Decor; FIVE hand sculpted spoons $48 from Avesha Michael; SIX Thomas Paul bazaar side plates $34 from Burke Decor.

A splash of color and pattern for your Friday!  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been trying hard to broaden my horizons when it comes to adding color into my home.  I used to be a very neutral, minimal kind of girl, but I’m realizing that adding those pops just intensifies the purity of the neutrals as well.  I hope you’re enjoying this journey for me!

This weekend, I plan to get SO much work done.  I have a lot of projects that are half started and were interrupted by a last minute trip to India, so I’m looking forward to picking them back up and finishing some things off.  Matty’s out of town and I am going to make myself a big bowl of this – a recipe my one of my favorite new bloggers.

What about you?  Any fun plans?

Have a HAPPY Friday guys!



Spa Bathroom in Delhi

Does this view look familiar?  If you follow on Instagram (@houseofearnest) you would have seen this lovely view just a few weeks ago while I was in India.  I was expecting an intense week of hard work, an uneasy stomach, and lots of homeless children (cue scenes from Slumdog Millionaire).

What I got, was an amazingly beautiful, colorful, lush retreat to relax and recharge in between days with my suppliers.  This bathroom was the opulent icing on the cake.  As soon as I walked into the room (at 1am local time) I was immediately smitten and decided that a hot soak was in order.

I think my experience was much different than most.  I was certainly living in the lap of luxury at the Oberoi, but it got me to thinking about the elements I want to include in my own bathroom renovation.  Glass shower cubicles and enclosures? Yes.  Stunning bathroom mirrors with backlighting? Yes. Giant soaking tub with a view of a blue sky (maybe something a little more angular like this)? Yes.

Although my own bath wouldn’t be quite so glam (a little less opulent, and little more natural) there are a lot of cues I can take from this beautiful room.

What about you – what are absolute ‘musts’ in your dream bathroom?

Have a STUNNING Thursday!


Sun-Kissed Ombre Stripes

Sun kissed dye effects are everywhere right now - from tie dye to dip dye and ombre.  On my trip to India last month (yes, it’s August already) I saw so much of this trend being done in the factories and I know it’s as emerging in home accessories as it is in clothes.  I tackled the trend here in a way that is subtle and doesn’t look to home-done and have a very simple strategy that I think you’ll love!

Instead of using dyes, which can be hard to control the saturation, I decided to use bleach to remove color and give me a more sun-faded light look for inside my home.  I love the way it turned out and have literally been bursting at the seams to show you guys this week!  KEEP READING for the full instructions!

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Late Summer Nautical

square nickel lantern by Haus Interior; rope door mat from Brook Farm General Store; McClures bloody mary mix; nautical cutting board from anthropologie; swiss dot euro sham from west elm; beach blanket by pierrepoint hicks; teak chair from Brook Farm General Store; Farmer & Feast by Emily Brooks available at Anthropologie.

There is just something about this time of year that screams ‘nature’.  The summer harvest is at its peak, around every corner is a farmers market or vegetable stand with its bold, fresh, ripeness just staring you in the face, and people just seeing hints of it all coming to a close, so we’re cramming every last summer moment we can into the month of August.

You can’t help but not be inspired to invite some friends over, kick up your heels and indulge in it all.


Have a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday out there!


The Well-Rounded Entry

All my life, I’ve envied the grand entryways that have a large round table with a large vase of flowers.  You know the ones - welcoming guests and looking chic through the glass front door? I never thought I’d have the pleasure of having the type of ‘foyer’ that could accommodate this design feature, but I was wrong (as I am here and there!).

I’m always toying around with various rooms in my house and after a rug purchase in India for our entry, I got to thinking about the round table (complete with flowers) that I’ve always wanted to have in an entry.  The rug sat there for about a week before I starting moving tables in and out to play with the scale that would be appropriate.  I needed something tall and skinny.

I borrowed a side table from our living room and a marble table top that I’d found thrifting a few years back to combine them into something very simple, but grand enough (thanks to the marble) for the entry I was envisioning.

I piled it with two sturdy design books and a small (gotta keep that scale in mind) vase of flowers.  I know I’m clearly biased, but I love it.  And sometimes it’s just the little details that make you smile and feel wonderful in your home.

Have you done anything lately that you’re exceptionally proud of? Let me know!


Have a SUPERB Monday!


excuse us for a moment

This morning when I woke up, my keyboard wasnt working, so I come to you today via the iphone to let you down easy that Friday faves  aren’t happening. I’ll get this fixed up over the weekend and be back here on Mondaybright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a week full of handmade, home decor and party style!

Have a wonderful weekend and Friday!


photo via modern day hemingway on tumblr


Naturally Bound

I love the idea of using both things that I have on hand, and things from nature in this quick and cute way to bind up a dinner menu (or a note card, or wedding program, etc).  This simple project takes only a few household supplies and is super easy. Keep reading for the full instructions!

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Details With // Jenny from Hank and Hunt

Jenny Batt, who writes her own blog, Hank and Hunt as well as contributing for Oh Happy Day, The Sweetest Occasion, and Hellobee, is certainly one busy lady.  Not only is she the contributing DIY editor for some of my favorite blogs, but she’s also a mother to two little boys.  If anyone loves DIYs as much as I do, it’s Jenny.  I am so excited to have her showing three details from her home which keep her smiling.  Here are what these three photos mean to her, in her words:

ONE My newest trophy from the hunt this weekend. I’m crazy over it with my collection of mini plants.  TWO It’s a crazy cheap rug from Ikea that I just love. I have a thing for crazy mishmashes of color. The chair is from my husband’s job as a metal man after college and it’s green. I love green. THREE Faux malachite bowl in the most delicious shades of green.


Thanks Jenny!  For those of you who are newer to House of Earnest, every other Wednesday I share three photos from inside the home of influences from around the web in a column called Details With.  I love these little sneak peeks and hope you do you.  You can see past features here!

Have a FANTASTIC Wednesday!


Styled Events: A Bavarian Birthday

We had a big Bavarian blowout last Saturday for my husband’s 30th birthday.  The colors of Bavaria are blue and white, so I carried those colors throughout the even, reinforcing the theme.  There was a big blue and white ‘biergarten’ tent, plenty of beer from a retro looking beer truck, and a german-inspired menu complete with wursts, kraut and pretzels.  A polka band created a festive atmosphere for mingling and lounging.

I wanted to have a laid-back, social gathering where people could relax while they grazed on goodies and cooled down with a frosty draft.  Custom steins with ‘ein prosit’ (a toast) to Matt were perfect for an afternoon of beer drinking, and made cute favors for friends to take home.  The pretzels were sleeved in glassine bags that I printed off my home computer, which is such an easy way to personalize the small details.

Earlier in the evening, people relaxed under the tent, or congregated near the beer truck.  Later in the evening a big bonfire lit the way for more drinking and some more rowdy events!

All in all it was a ton of fun, and not too much work, so I could really enjoy myself! It’s wonderful atmosphere for a big party, birthday or not!


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