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Friday Faves 5.25

ONE butteryfly parasol is sweet and has an even sweeter price. $12 at Luna Bazaar; TWO a colorful trinket box to brighten any tabletop, pandora box $98 by Jonathan Adler; THREE the Clementine run from Serena and Lily gives a lot of wow-factor to your bare floors. $395 for 5×7. FOUR hello, love!  send your summer penpal some colorful love, $20 for a set of 5 notecards and envelopes from Sparrow Nest Script; FIVE This British colonial cabinet in orange would make the most perfect home bar, just in time for a sweet and colorful summer, $1199 at Wisteria; SIX as either a stool or a side table, this cumulus piece is pretty and practical. $279 at Wisteria.

Happy Friday guys!  It’s a long weekend, and I know you guys are excited! What do you do for Memorial Day?  Are there any ‘first of summer’ traditions that you have?  Please tell me!

Have a CHEERFUL and COLORFILLED looooong weekend!


Bold Beauty

The absolutely beautiful home of stylist Andrea Duff definitely has some bold details, and photographer Prue Ruscoe captured it in just the right way.

The white wood backs everything in a calming serene canvas which not only grounds the entire home, but also helps the bold, bright colors to pop.

Isn’t it just full of beautiful, fabulous details?  It’s no wonder this home belongs to a stylist!

What is your favorite part?  I am loving the beautiful kidney shaped desk.

Have a BOLD Thursday!


Details with // Erika of Small Shop Studio

I’m so excited to have Erika on House of Earnest today sharing her favorite home details.  Erika has such an eye for style, and her home certainly reflects that.  It’s been featured in Glitter Guide and although there are so many amazing design elements, these three details are what make Erika feel right at home. 

small shop details: royal hawaiian hotel vintage print

Aloha, it’s Erika from small shop! I’m so honored that Erin asked me to share three details in my home that make me smile. Because I grew up in Hawaii, it always makes me smile and will always hold a special place in my heart. And while my own aesthetic is not necessarily tropical, I have still found ways to incorporate little elements of my homeland into my home:

The first is an old photograph of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki — an icon from a classic era. I can almost hear the waves lap and the palm trees sway when I look at this!

small shop details: vintage hawaii coasters

I found these vintage coasters on Etsy.com. The black/gold combo could not be more perfect in my living room. And they’re just so fun.

small shop details: waikiki beach morning

We took this photo one morning on Waikiki Beach when our daughter was 18 months old. We were on California time and up early before the crowds. It was the most peaceful I’d ever seen Waikiki, and the perfect way to start our vacation.

Mahalo for having me today Erin! Hope you enjoyed these three little details. I’m off to listen to some slack key guitar now. ;o)


Across the Country: Trade & Made

I’m so excited today to introduce you guys to a project that has been a little while in the making! Laura Parke from A Girl Who Makes and I are teaming up for a fun cross-country mail swap.  We’re sending each other a parcel with secret assorted supplies out of which we both must come up with a DIY to share with our readers.  It’s not a competition, but a fun way to stay on our creative toes and you guys get to benefit from two DIYs that might inspire your own at home projects!  So here goes!  The rules are simple:

Sound fun? We’re definitely excited about it! A week from today, we’ll be back to share the contents of our boxes then a week after that (two weeks from today) we’ll share what we made with the mystery items and a little step by step so that you can do the same.

I cannot wait to show you what we come up with.  If you’re not already familiar with Laura, her site, A Girl Who Makes, has so many really fresh and innovative DIY ideas, but she is also a pretty amazing stylist and event designer. In the meantime while we’re thinking up direction for the Trade & Made DIY swap – go check her out!


Shipping Tag Save-The-Date

I finally got some down time this weekend to work on the ‘save-the-date’ for my husbands 30th birthday.  It might seem a little like overkill to do a save the date for a birthday party, but with all of our friends going through the same milestone birthday in one year, plus the date falling within wedding season, I thought it necessary.

I did all of the wording in photoshop and then just printed onto #5 sized manila shipping tags.  The awesome part about this is that the shipping tags can send out just as they are as postcards – no envelope required!  This helps to keep the concept casual, and saves me on envelope and shipping costs, something I like!

Aside from the little invites, I managed to finally get some landscaping done (matt doing 80% of the work) that I’ve been talking about for the past few weekends.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to show you guys some progress to the house exterior soon!

I hope your week has started out wonderfully and stays quick and productive!  Next weekend is a long one, so that is certainly something to celebrate!

Have an BLESSED Monday!


p.s. We have some awesome posts lined up for this week!  A mystery project I’ve been working on with another DIY blogger up tomorrow and then a really stunning ’Details With’ for Wednesday!



Friday Faves 5.18

ONE Patio furniture doesn’t have to be boring. Solid stripes armchair $228 from Terrain; TWO This vase would look amazing alone or with a big bunch of summer hydrangea. $248 from Terrain; THREE Light up your night with fun colored string lights from West Elmon sale!  for $39; FOUR fun and funky pattern pillow $90 from Sukan (and there are so many more gorg patterns for prices from $18-$180); FIVE Pure castile soap made from virgin olive oil and shea butter lathers into a perfect foam and has been made the same since 1861-  $10 from Caswell Massey. SIX Privet House chalkboard placards can distinguish anything from your party guests to your buffet food.  $9 for four at your local Target store.

I love so many of these faves today… The terrain vase is such a beauty that if I can’t purchase, I might attempt to DIY… which is your favorite?

This weekend I am really looking forward to spending some quality time at home.  Since we’ve been traveling all over the continent for the last couple months, I seriously need to clean my house and get things in order for Summer.  What is on your weekend agenda?

Have a SPLENDID Friday and weekend!!


In Calm and in Storm

It’s been a long week over here, being out of town the last months’ worth of weekends and a big week at work.  How about you?

I hope this gives you a little boost this Thursday as well!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Your Perfect Pantry

Cooking is one of those things that I’m just getting better at and relish the next steps that often make ‘whipping up’ something fast seem easier. I remember early on when recipes would call for this or that and I’d rarely have it.  Trips to the grocery store were expensive and confusing, trying to pick up each little spice and herb that the dish called for.

Somewhere a long the line I fell into a spot where I was actually prepared.  I had a well stocked pantry and when I’d read through a recipe I had most of the stuff on hand and would only have to pick up the fresh meats and produce.

You don’t have to start off stocked to the brim with everything, but here are a few staples that I always have on hand, and have made cooking up something tasty on weeknights easier to tastier.

You might be thinking that I’m missing this or that – there are a couple of things not shown that I usually stock (milk, canned tomatoes, cannelloni beans, parmesan cheese), but for the most part these items are the base of every meal I make.

If I don’t have taco seasoning, I mix cayenne, cumin, and S&P.  For a quick creamy sauce, I use tempered eggs.  If I need a good topping for some sliced bread I smash up garlic cloves with coarse salt and mix with olive oil.  If I need a quick and delish weeknight meal, I sauté red pepper flakes and garlic in olive oil then mix with some pasta, canned crushed tomatoes and sprinkle with parmesan.

I find that I don’t need a lot when I get creative and let my taste buds do the work.

I hope this is helpful for all of you aspiring cooks! Have a prepped pantry doesn’t happen overnight, but your trip there can be delicious and enjoyable with these staples!

Have a TASTY Wednesday!


Photos: 1. Bodie and Fou  |  2. House of Earnest




In Love

I literally do not have words for the beauty that is about to ensue.  I saw this wedding, shot by Jose Villa, on Once Wed a couple of weeks ago and have thought about it every day since.

It might be because it’s wedding season, or it might be the warmth in the air that has me thinking of long, romantic nights dining under the stars, but goodness isn’t this wedding just perfect?

Rustic charm and simple, nature inspired details are done better than I’ve seen in a long time. My heart just swells thinking about the love that is portrayed in an event just brimming with an ease of beauty that is hard to describe.

Again, maybe I’m being nostalgic – but I think it’s so downright amazing there is no way to not get swept away.

Do you agree?


Have a BREATHTAKING Tuesday!


**styling for this wedding by Joy Thigpen… she might just be my new favorite person.  Head to Once Wed for more pictures and vendor details.



Quirky, Colorful, and Pain-free

I’m back at work today after a long weekend in Las Vegas, and I definitely need a little help to get going this morning!

I love the fun packaging on these meds from Target. So colorful and quirky, it might make your pain go away just a little bit quicker.

I hope your Monday is as pain-free as possible!

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