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Comforts of Home

There is just something about going back home isn’t there?  As much as another place can have all the comforts of home, it just isn’t the same as walking barefoot on your own floors or sleeping in your own bed.

This thought got me thinking about this blog, and why I write about what I do.  I love being at home.  I love making it mine, making it comfortable, making it feel warm, inviting, and whole.  My interest in the latest home style or products isn’t about having stuff, it’s about making a house into a home.

So while I love to travel and see new things, I’m yearning for home right now – whether it be to hang out and play games with friends, to cozy up to Matty and Perry, or to get crafty with a project.  I’m in the homestretch (no pun intended) and couldn’t be more excited.  I’ll board a 14 hour flight in just 20 minutes and then be back in the comforts of my own home!


See you guys back here tomorrow, blogging from HOME!


Friday Faves 10.18

ONE Teak spreaders from Muhs Home scoop, spread or stir.  Now, that’s my idea of a multipurpose tool! $18 for four. TWO Sahara pillow has the prettiest golden tassels and I’m loving tassels right now, $166 from Pure HomeTHREE handmade stoneware teapot is a perfect fresh addition to your cool fall nights.  $88 from Gone to Pot Texas FOUR Octagon coffee table from Horchow has interesting lines and a slightly rustic look.  The glass top takes up less visual space and is good for small spaces, $899. FIVE delightfully sweet, but still fun and graphic, these dessert plates from Pure home are perfect for brunch or dessert.  $48 for a set of 6.


This weeks round up is full of pretty little things I found around the interwebs this week, and there is no doubt that I’ll try to DIY some tassels on a pillow soon after seeing the Sahara pillow (I love it, but close to $200 for a pillow is a little nuts).

Today is my last day in the Shanghai area and I head off to Hong Kong tonight to meet up with some friends and have a little ‘Erin’ time.  I just love the girls I was traveling with, but it’s always nice to be on your own as well, exploring a city and going at your own pace. Keep up on Twitter and Instagram and I’ll show you some of the fun I get into on the other side of the world!




Better with Age: Olivewood

Olive tree wood is one of my favorite things.  There is something luxurious about its smooth, marbled surface and the warm color is just as beautiful. The bonus is that, if taken care of properly, it just gets better and better.

I try to pick up a good piece during travels so that my pieces have some meaning behind them as well. The cutting board above is from San Gimignano, Italy and the bowls are from Napa.

I love that the care for olive tree wood is simple and doesn’t require too much upkeep since it’s already a pretty smooth and has a good moisture content.  It needs oiling here are there with Mineral Oil (maybe a year, or once every six months if you wash it often), and should always be washed by hand.


The idea of collecting good quality items that grow more beautiful with time is something that appeals to me.

Do you have anything like that?  Things that get better with age (except for yourselves of course!) ??



Naturally Spooky Spider Wine Tags

You know I love Halloween, but I also love a more refined approach to a very kitschy holiday.  If I had told you that pipe cleaners and some spray paint would be so charming, you probably wouldn’t have believed me, but I think these are just the right touch of fun, spooky, and functional for your October entertaining – AND a sweet little treat for your guests to take home.

The whole project isn’t too involved for a quick addition to a fall gathering, but is cute enough to be memorable.  Plus anything that involves wine ranks high on my list.  Just don’t drink too much and get scared by your own spider! Keep reading for the step by step tutorial and directions!

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Style Splurge: Custom Drapes

It’s one of those things that always looks so amazing, but can be hard to justify splurging on – custom drapes.  There is no doubt they can make a huge difference in a room, adding emphasis to architectural detail and shielding out light, but how many of us actually splurge on them?

I admit that there is only one room in my home with custom window coverings, and by custom, I mean that they’re made by me because my bedroom windows are too tall for ‘off the shelf” varieties.  They do make me super happy, however, and I’ve been considering purchasing them for other rooms in my home.  I’ve been drawn to companies that offer made to measure panels, in a variety of styles so that I can be sure to find exactly what I want, without totally disregarding a budget.

Even if you’re not huge on drapery, I love the idea of doing custom roman shades, like these, to give a room a very finished look without being overbearing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, however.  Some people swear by custom curtains and others wouldn’t bother.  What is your take?


I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday out there!


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Pumpkin Seeds Three Ways

I have no doubt you’ll have some pumpkin carving going on in the next couple weeks, and there is no way you should throw out the seeds.  I usually make plain roasted seeds, but thought that there was definitely an opportunity to spice them up with some fun flavor combos this year – Chili Lime, Sweet & Spicy, and Rosemary & Olive Oil.

With each of the flavor combinations I made, I started by boiling the seeds in salted water for 10 minutes before roasting to plump them up with a little flavor. From there, I mixed one cup of boiled seeds the spice mixtures and roasted at 375 for 18 minutes, stirring twice.

One medium pumpkin yielded three cups of seeds, so it was just enough to make a batch of all three! Keep Reading for all three recipes!

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Friday Faves 10.12

ONE  vintage southwestern basket is a beautiful option for unique wall art, $42 from ethan ollie; TWO tiny vintage safety matches from Sweden, $4.50 from Just Smashing Darling; THREE Aran knit hot water bottle cover, $37 from patmellor; FOUR boubon barrel cured Noble Maple Syrup from Terrain, $38; FIVE birch paper straws from Garnish, $4 for 50. SIX Salt cellar with cork lid by Vitrified Studio, $35.


You can tell I’m yearning for the cooler weather of home this time of year? I wanted to share these cozy faves with you this week because I’ve been so drawn toward earthy textures and warm colors.  I bought the birch straws yesterday and have plans to use them during the cocktail hour of my fall dinner party.  I can’t wait to get home and really get into the fall spirit – prepare for the party, turn on the heat, start wearing thick socks and have a fire in the fireplace.

While I’m here, however, I still have a ton of great fall posts lined up, so come back next week for some DIYs, a trio of recipes, and some decor inspiration!


….and don’t forget to follow on twitter and instagram for updates from China!









Moody Hues for a Festive Fall

I’m still working on a fall dinner party even though my last minute China trip kind of messed with my original harvest dinner plans.  I saw this dinner at Vetted Table on 100 layer cake and it is just chalk-full of beautiful fall colors and ideas.

I just LOVE the darker jewel tones against all of the beautiful dark wood, punctuated by hints of brass, glass and greenery.  This is just the inspiration I needed to get back in the game for a (later) fall dinner party for my closest friends.

I’ve got a whole new scheme in mind for my party and plan to make it much more of a luxe feeling, slow, warm dinner – rather than my original plan for a sort of outdoor harvesty event.

Could you see doing these colors in your home for a dinner event? What is your favorite part?


Pumpkin Decor Made Easiest: Silver Antiqued

One of the easiest things to do to your holiday pumpkins is to paint it, but still easier is to get this silver antiqued finish on your plump little fall friend.  The subtle metallic that falls within the crevices gives an effect that doesn’t have to be too exact to still be pretty.

It’s a simple two step process.  ONE spray the pumpkin with a metallic finish spray paint.  TWO use steel wool to rub off the paint that is on the elevated parts of your pumpkin, leaving it to glimmer in the creases.

See!  I told you it would be easy! If you’re low on time (or just like a more minimal look like me) this is perfect for inside or outside.  Wouldn’t a collections of several varying sizes all look great as a centerpiece?


What are your pumpkin decorating plans?  Do you think you’ll give this a try?  I have a more difficult one on the agenda for next week if you’re up for a (pretty) challenge!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday!


p.s.  My husband, Matt is being featured today on the Vmac + Cheese column The Man Behind the Blog. He’s sharing tidbits from his favorite blogs to how he feels about instagramming food. Check it out!


Getting Down to (DIY) Business

I’ve been on the business card hunt since last January and I’ve finally landed on a design and gotten them in.  I was so worried that two months after ordering something I would no longer like it, or want something different, so I went with a very flexible approach.  I ordered a really high quality stock (220lb) with my House of Earnest logo in letterpress.  That’s all.  No name, no title, no twitter handle… nothing.

Here is the fun part though, I got the business card stamp from Mae Mae Paperie with my vitals.  I felt that over time, I could change up the color of the ink, or even get a whole new stamp if I wanted a different look.  I wouldn’t be stuck with one font or one design if my tastes change, but the logo is a constant.  I did choose my stamp design because the simplicity of it and the font (georgia) go along with the branding of the site, however.

Another bonus is that I can use unstamped cards as little note cards for clients or project partners and they’re not just limited to one use (which you know I’m big on)!

So there we have it.  My kind of DIY, kind of custom letterpress cards.  They have all of the flexibility I’m after, and allow me to get a little creative.


Do you have a business card or calling card for yourself?  Did you feel like it was a huge commitment to narrow down the design?


Have a Happy Tuesday, guys!