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New Sponsor: Benjamin Lowry Wedding Photography

Benjamin Lowry Wedding Photography is the newest sponsor here on House of Earnest and I am so excited to introduce you to Ben! His work is absolutely breathtaking.  Ben focuses so much on the people, their happiness, and telling their story – a quality that gives the photos such a beautiful depth and personality.

I was blown away when I saw his work and really snatched up the opportunity to welcome him as a sponsor to the blog.  He studied in California, resides in Columbus, and works all over the world.  He has done weddings abroad and in headed to Ireland soon for another (which I’m sure will be downright stunning).

If you’re already married, don’t worry!  He does family and life event photos too, which are equally as gorgeous.  You’ve got to see the ‘Family’ section of his website for a milestone birthday that will pull at your heartstrings.


Help me to welcome Ben to House of Earnest!




Mini Works of Art


Drawer pulls are one of those things that always delight me, and these beauties from Anthropologie have me seriously scheming for a few DIY projects I need to do around the house. Cabinet hardware is just so easy switch out and can make a world of a different on a piece that needs new life.

They’re simply stunning, aren’t they?  Which is your favorite?


Have a PERFECT Monday!


p.s. we have some wonderful things planned for this week!  Our second ‘Details with’ column features one of my FAVE diy-ers and I have a sparkling Have & Make that is so easy you’ll be amazed!


Friday Faves 5.4

ONE sardinia knob from anthropologie, $12 ea; TWO Sea Finds V original abstract watercolor $65 from Louisest Art; THREE Helping Hands ceramic catch-all dish $12 at Urban Outfitters: FOUR Perfectly beachy and cozy all wrapped into one – Paisley Collection Bedding from $35 to $475 from ABC home; FIVE Design House Stockholm Manana floor lamp, $229 from House and Hold.


It’s been absolutely amazing here this week.  The weather is warm, rainy, and overcast which may bum some of you out, but I love how the green of the trees seems to just glow in these conditions.  I got married on a beautiful spring day like this and each time we have one, it just makes me feel all of the love and happiness that I felt during that time in my life.  We also headed to a wedding this weekend out of town, which is probably compounding those feelings!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend lined up, whether it’s traveling for an event like we are, or staying home and relaxing.  Happy Friday!


Siesta in the Sun

Not only do I have a very strong desire to live in a home that feels collected, global inspired, and warm; but I also have a very strong desire to live abroad at some point.  In due time, in due time!

Regardless of that, this home in the sunny south of Spain has so many beautiful features.  The hardwood flooring throughout was installed by the owner who is a carpenter and the white plaster walls and ceilings only highlight the level of amazing woodwork that is present.  Breezy windows with gauzy coverings add to the feeling of restfulness.

I just such a big fan of the various colors and textures that make this home feel cozy, chic, and rustic all at once.

How do you feel? Perfectly ecclectic, or too much for your taste?

Have a SPLENDID Thursday!

Photos via Mi Casa


Have & Make: Fabric Coated Clean

When it comes to spring cleaning (anyone still have that on their to-do list?), wooden corn brush brooms are my favorite.  Partly because they work the best, and partly because the design is classic.  I covered my handle, however in a pretty floral fabric to give this old staple a little more pep.

I love using decoupage with fabric because although it absorbs the glue, it dries clear and you can still see the pattern of the weave. For this project, use any thinner patterned fabric (I used an old sheet from the thrift store) and cut a strip wide enough to cover the handle. Spray the entire length of the handle with spray adhesive, then wrap the fabric tightly around the wood.  Make sure to work from one end and overlap the fabric in the same direction the entire way down.

Once the fabric is secured, go to town with your decoupage.  I mean, really… go to town.  Use a ton.  Really saturate the fabric with it and brush until you have a smooth surface.  Let the broom dry for about 24 hours, then spray with a high gloss clear coat spray paint for a hard-to-the-touch finish. If you don’t think the clear coat is thick enough, just repeat the decoupage step (allowing for it to dry completely in between coats) before spraying with the clear coat.

There… Sweet Sweeping!

Have a PRETTY Wednesday!



Cool and Cafe

Something about the warmer air moving in makes me want to sit street-side sipping cool and refreshing cocktails.  Throw in a good book and I’m all set.

This week, try something new with the French 75.  It’s a simple concoction of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and champagne; and seems like something I could sip into the early evening before enjoying dinner al fresco.

I know it’s only Tuesday, but its already May!! Doesn’t the impending summer just do the same to you?

Have a SWEET Tuesday!

Cafe photo via


Spring into Action

When it comes to having an old farmhouse, some things need much more maintenance than others.

I was planning on kicking off this past weekend with a little landscaping and hanging some big boston ferns on the porch, but when I walked around to the front of our home, I realized that I should probably get a lot more serious about the exterior than just some pretty plants.

Our porch is in poor shape.  The lattice is broken and falling off, there are floorboards that need repair, and the whole thing needs a good scrub and new paint.

Last fall, I posted about the exterior as a whole, and painting and fixing the porch was a big chunk of that to-do list.  We did get a new roof and I updated our house numbers and porch light, which made me feel accomplished, but with summer looming, I can’t ignore the porch anymore.  I need to get myself in gear!

Four years ago we painted the porch ourselves, but this time I am really thinking about outsourcing the work and leaving it to the professionals.  Have you guys ever had your exterior painted?  Did you hire out, or DIY?

I hope your Monday is off to a great start!

P.S. how about my little hostas poking out of the ground?! I’m pretty excited about them.



Friday Faves 4.27

ONE Florence Broadhurst for Kate Spade playing cards $14; TWO Honeycomb glass pendant shade $68 Urban Outfitters; THREE Kate Spade Sandpiper app tray $60; FOUR turkey claw placecard holder set $28 for 4 from Leif; FIVE bonjour! frenchie print from Sycamore Street Press $35; SIX Inkwell organic shams $24 at CB2.


Happy weekend!  I’m so excited to spend some extra time home relaxing with Matty.  He was away last weekend, and the previous one we were in Vegas, so it will be nice to slow things down a bit. I plan get some landscaping and yardwork done and maybe get started on some plans I have for the house exterior.  Maybe I’ll throw a pedicure in there!

Have a good one, guys!



Calling the Young and the Talented

I don’t dip into fashion much here on House of Earnest, but by day, I do work in the fashion industry and I really got my feet wet in DIY with making my own clothing creations (you should ask my college roommate about the crazy stuff I used to make and wear!)  Although I may not share many outfit or clothing trends (except for on instagram!), I certainly love exploring creative new designs. I know there are so many of you who create and design out there, and Zuuz Style wants to see your style!

I was selected as one in a panel of judges to review and judge the last of three rounds of voting in Zuuz Styles’ The Young and the Talented fashion design competition. The good news is, you have the opportunity to enter! There are five categories for designs, and the winner from each category wins $500, so Hurry, because you must have all entries in by April 30th. More information here!

I’m super excited to see all of the entires, so if you’re a designer (jewelry and accessories too), go enter! I’ll wait right here for you.


Have a BEAUTIFUL Thursday!


P.S. Since I’m on the topic of fashion, next time you see me, ask me about the custom design I imposed upon the strap of my newest LV bag… the guy at the store almost DIED when he saw it.



Details with // Vmac+Cheese

Victoria from Vmac+Cheese shares with us her three favorite little home details:

ONE A fluted and footed milk glass bowl, right now hanging out next to some cheery orange ranunculus. I got this little bowl from High Street Market several years ago. Kelly always finds the best stuff, seriously. TWO Pretty napkins that Elizabeth sent me from her store, Stone Textile. I love how neutral they are, but will pair so well with bright place settings! THREE A salad plate I use to add some extra depth and interest to a Capri Blue candle from Anthro. Lately I’ve been keeping this candle and plate on our entry table. It makes the house smell so good and makes me smile every time I walk in the door.

A special thanks to Victoria for being our inagural guest on ‘Details With’!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday, guys!

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