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Fall into Figs

Before this week, I’d never laid a hand on a fig.  I saw them in the grocery store and thought they were some sort of upscale fruit I shouldn’t bother getting to know.  I always wanted to be the kind of person who was like, “oh yes, I just adore figs.” But I wasn’t…

…that is, until now. I was walking by the figs on this trip to Trader Joe’s and thought that I should definitely pick them up. I went home, cut one open, and bit into it. I decided that something tangy and creamy should accompany the fruit and settled on a tart with goat cheese, carmelized onions, and rosemary. I followed the carmelized onion ‘how-to’ from Victoria’s kitchen basics post and piled it all onto a store-bought pie crust.

It makes such a pretty presentation and the colors are just perfection.

I’m definitely not a whiz in the kitchen, but I wanted to learn something new and felt that figs, with their deep indigo color and hearty fruit, would be a good fit for an early fall appetizer.  They’re on the tail end of peak season, so snatch some up on your next trip to the store and impress your friends with a little tart.


Have a FIGGY Tuesday!



Single Impact

With my floral background, I have a natural tendency to keep fresh arrangements in my house at all times.  I do realize, however, that some people struggle with a bouquet and that it can take a lot of blooms (and a lot of money) to make a big impact.

A single frond of a large leafed plant makes a really big impact and can highlight a beautiful vase instead of competing with it.

I bought this one stem at Michael’s for just $5 and bent the stem so that the leaf fell right over the top of the vase opening. I chose a hammered silver vase with a lot of shine to really pop off the dark table runner.  It makes a huge impact and it really cannot get anymore simple than this.  If you struggle at all with flower arrangements, this is the ‘wow’ factor floral for you!

A fresh, no fuss, big impact way to start your week!





Friday Faves 9.14

ONE Pendleton 5th Avenue throw is made from durable wool and is ideal for a night around a bonfire ,$138 TWO Terrain’s rustic copper fire pit is beautiful, but pricey at $1998.  If you’re in the market for one this fall, here is a similar version with a much sharper price tag. THREE I squealed when I saw these precious golden herb napkin rings.  The rosemary is shown (my favorite), but they also come in a variety of other gilded greens. $60 for a set of four at Rain Collection. FOUR this etsy shop has such a beautiful collection of return address stamps.  Get ready in advance for Christmas Card season! FIVE the design, the colors, and the texture are all perfection in this surprising find from Target, $29. SIX this nightstand (or side table) reminds me of a campaign camp chest from the ’20′s.  This one isn’t antique, but that means it can be yours! The Overland Cross Table is just $395 from Serena and Lily.


It’s such a beautiful Friday morning and I cannot wait to get into the weekend.  Both Matty and I are home (for the first weekend in a while!) and we’re going to spend some time with friends, do some projects around the house, and get everything ready for cooler months ahead.

Things were busy around House of Earnest this week as well!

I guest posted for Cassandra while she is sailing the high seas

My sunkissed ombre stripe pillow tutorial was featured on Design*Sponge

I was listed among this weeks’ blogs to follow on Rue la la

Check them out if you haven’t already!

Have a FULLFILLING Friday and weekend out there, guys!


Color Story: Natural Neutral

Mixing neutrals has long been my strategy when it comes to decorating my house or dressing myself.  I love mixing camel with black even though I grew up thinking that brown and black shouldn’t be in the same palette (dress, home, or otherwise).

As an adult, however, I find that the combination of lovely natural neutrals is timeless and chic.  This fall, I’m throwing in a bit of vibrant moss green into the mix for some added interest and just another nod to nature. Are you in agreement? Or do you cringe to see blacks and browns paired?

Have a PRETTY Thursday!


photo via interiors porn



Style Splurge and Save: Statement Bowl

I saw these two statement bowls, both in person, within a day of each other and I love them both.  One of them was too stunning to ignore, so I bought it, but I’ll leave that a secret until you see it in an upcoming styled post. Which one would you splurge or save on?

SPLURGE starburst centerpiece bowl $149 from Crate and Barrel, SAVE wire bowl by Threshhold for Target $24 (not available yet online, but check you local store).


Have a perfect Wednesday!


P.S.  Want more House of Earnest? I’m over on Coco + Kelley today sharing a precious date night idea (for which you don’t have to be ‘at sea’ to enjoy)



Have & Make: Harvest Hanky Bunting

What a beautiful time of year for festive outdoor dinners!  I’m prepping for a harvest themed dinner in late September, early October to take advantage of the beautifully colored trees we usually have in our yard around that time.  I’ve begun to put together some ideas, and this easy bunting features handkerchiefs that you could already have on hand.  If not, your local craft store would have a bunch of colors for around a dollar each.  The process is simple:

ONE cut the hanky into quarters, TWO fold diagonally around a piece of twine or rope. THREE secure with a few staples.

Repeat as necessary with all of your handkerchief quarters, or throw in some vintage scarves or tea towels to add more pattern and color. I’m able to carefully remove the staples from my vintage hankies later and keep them relatively unscathed.

There will be more details of the dinner to come!  I’ll show you each little bit along the way, and then the big picture after the party! This would be so cute in team colors for a tailgate, or in all vintage for a shower.  Happy Harvest!


Golden Treasures + Weekend Antiquing

I’ve been lusting after the sets of gold flatware that seem to be popping up everywhere lately. From the beautiful Diane von Furstenberg set to the more economical West Elm set.  With my love for everything gold, it’s literally been haunting me.

This past Saturday, I got myself a pumpkin spice latte and cruised up to one of our little suburbs, Powell, known for it’s antique shops. I was ecstatic to find (in the very last little room, of course) this set of Dirigold flatware made in Sweden. It was a little rough looking, but I thought it might clean up nicely, so I promptly bought 4 place settings.  Before I even got to my car, I was googling about its origins, what it was made of, and how to clean it.

I don’t know too much about it, but I’m still investigating!  I also bought a brass bottle opener (which I used last night and it works flawlessly), and this cute mustard and navy striped tea towel.

I was giddy with excitement over my finds.  I left behind the teaspoon and salad fork of the dirigold at the antique store, and I am contemplating my return to snatch them up too.

My mind is already designing fall and holiday inspired tablesettings using my new flatware!

What would you pair them with?


Friday Faves 9.7

ONE a delicate little bowl for your earrings $55 by Tiffin StudioTWO keep your books tamed, but let your wild side out.  Pig bookends are $30 from CB2; THREE these ‘cheers’ coasters would make the sweetest gift. $32 for a set of four from Linea Carta; FOUR this striped teacup giftset could be used for so much more (I’m thinking a unique vase) $39 from Rain Collection; FIVE a message in a bottle is super cute, but isn’t available outside of Japan.  and for $43, you could probably put this clever idea on your DIY list. SIX I would have no problem finding room in my house for this indigo dip dye rug from West Elm $129 for the 3×5 – perfect for a cool new entryway.


This week just flew by. Obviously it was a short one for a lot of us, but aside from that, there was the perfect amount going on.  If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen that I just started working out again after 3 years off the wagon and we’re still without internet or cable.  To be honest, aside from it taking twice as long to do a blog post, I don’t mind it.  I’m not a huge TV person anyway, so not much in lost in my eyes.

This weekend, I’m excited to have coffee tomorrow with a local designer and blogger, Allie, finish reading my current book, and finish tackling this bad boy after about a year hiatus.

Anything fun on your agenda?


A Chic Idea for Breakfast Entertaining

Having overnight guests can leave you wondering what to serve the next morning that is easy, quick, and allows for time to linger over a cup of coffee and chat rather than cleaning the kitchen.

Fall is usually the time of year we get house guests, and although I do love making breakfast from scratch, sometimes I cheat by using premade cinnamon rolls, presented in a homemade way.  Using parchment squares tucked into individual ramekins comes off like I spent the morning carefully making dough from scratch, but it’s really all in the presentation. Plus, everyone loves an individual treat.

The best part of the whole thing? There’s no cleaning a pan with sticky icing.  Just pop out the parchment and run them through the dishwasher.

I hope you’ll use my little trick, either with something you’ve made or something store-bought!  Enjoy!





A Tradition to Visit

I love everything related to entertaining, parties, and among them, hospitality.  When it comes to hospitality, however, for so many of us it stops at our own doorstep.  I got to thinking this weekend, while walking to a nearby couple’s home for a football game, about how our grandparents’ generation used to go on ‘visits’ or in-person social calls to catch up for a few minutes with friends.  With the introduction of unlimited telephone plans and the internet, this act has all but stopped, but why not bring it back?

It’s not hard to pop in on someone, bring them a bit of coffee, and have a quick chat… so why don’t we do it more? The fear that we’re being rude and interrupting them? The worry that they wouldn’t feel ready?

We are fortunate enough to live in a central area of our town where friends frequently drive by and honk or, if we’re lucky, they stop.  I just love when people drop by.  It feels so traditional and enriching to know that we can have an impromptu interaction without a phone or computer.  I’m going to challenge myself to do this more, and this is how I’ll go about it:

  • make a preemptive phone call – “I’m in your neighborhood and I was thinking about you!  Can I stop and bring you a coffee?”
  • make it quick – stay 10 – 15 minutes tops
  • make it regular – when I say regular I mean more that once a year.  Dropping by someone’s house just once is creepy, dropping by seasonally is sweet.

Did anyone you know ever go for ‘visits’? Will you give it a try?

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