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Pumpkin Decor Made Easiest: Silver Antiqued

One of the easiest things to do to your holiday pumpkins is to paint it, but still easier is to get this silver antiqued finish on your plump little fall friend.  The subtle metallic that falls within the crevices gives an effect that doesn’t have to be too exact to still be pretty.

It’s a simple two step process.  ONE spray the pumpkin with a metallic finish spray paint.  TWO use steel wool to rub off the paint that is on the elevated parts of your pumpkin, leaving it to glimmer in the creases.

See!  I told you it would be easy! If you’re low on time (or just like a more minimal look like me) this is perfect for inside or outside.  Wouldn’t a collections of several varying sizes all look great as a centerpiece?


What are your pumpkin decorating plans?  Do you think you’ll give this a try?  I have a more difficult one on the agenda for next week if you’re up for a (pretty) challenge!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday!


p.s.  My husband, Matt is being featured today on the Vmac + Cheese column The Man Behind the Blog. He’s sharing tidbits from his favorite blogs to how he feels about instagramming food. Check it out!


Getting Down to (DIY) Business

I’ve been on the business card hunt since last January and I’ve finally landed on a design and gotten them in.  I was so worried that two months after ordering something I would no longer like it, or want something different, so I went with a very flexible approach.  I ordered a really high quality stock (220lb) with my House of Earnest logo in letterpress.  That’s all.  No name, no title, no twitter handle… nothing.

Here is the fun part though, I got the business card stamp from Mae Mae Paperie with my vitals.  I felt that over time, I could change up the color of the ink, or even get a whole new stamp if I wanted a different look.  I wouldn’t be stuck with one font or one design if my tastes change, but the logo is a constant.  I did choose my stamp design because the simplicity of it and the font (georgia) go along with the branding of the site, however.

Another bonus is that I can use unstamped cards as little note cards for clients or project partners and they’re not just limited to one use (which you know I’m big on)!

So there we have it.  My kind of DIY, kind of custom letterpress cards.  They have all of the flexibility I’m after, and allow me to get a little creative.


Do you have a business card or calling card for yourself?  Did you feel like it was a huge commitment to narrow down the design?


Have a Happy Tuesday, guys!


Before and After: Our Exterior

It’s been a little over a year since I went room by room on a house tour to show you guys my home.  I started by showing the most embarrassing part, which at the time was the exterior (do you see those trees growing from the gutters?)

I am very happy to say, that we’ve completed all of our exterior goals, starting with a new roof, replacing the terrible old house numbers, and repainting the facade and the lattice.  It’s been a big job, and I’m so glad it’s complete. It’s almost like driving up to a different house.

Even though we had some flowers and decor out there before, I really love my fall arrangements this year against the fresh and clean backdrop of the completed porch.

Some of these things seem so small, but anyone who owns a home knows how hard it is to complete some of these (seemingly) simple things.  I think next on my list will be to plant some bulbs in my bare flower beds to bloom next spring.  Maybe tulips?

Have a wonderful Monday out there guys!


p.s.  As we speak, I am flying over the Pacific for a business trip to China.  Don’t worry, though! I have done a TON of work this past weekend to prepare 4 tutorials, a trio of recipes, and some more updates around the homestead so that it won’t even be like I’m gone! Continue to stop by each day for a little dose of House of Earnest  – I’ve got a lot of fall awesomeness up my sleeve for you!  Follow on twitter and instagram if you want to see snippets from my trip!


Friday Faves 10.5

ONE These salad servers from The Curiosity Shoppe at Target are a conversation piece and for just $15, the price can’t be beat either! TWO a little pouch for travel, home, make-up, or office, $49 from Moose Design Bags; THREE personalized stationery is anything but traditional in a pretty pop of orange and bold lettering, $25 for a set of 16 from Silhouette Blue; FOUR subtle color dipped candle holders from Wind and Willow home are a perfect gift (for someone else or for yourself!) $16 for a set of four.  FIVE dotted linen napkins are neutral, but really fun for any season, $12 from Anthropologie; SIX ‘skedaddle’ knob in beautiful brass deserves a place on a traditional piece of furniture for the perfect juxtaposition, $14 from Anthropologie.


It’s been a long week, and boy am I happy it’s the weekend.  My weekend is probably going to be just as hectic, but I’m ok with it as long as I get to spend some time outside and with Matty. I plan on doing some apple picking, a little shopping, a lot of crafting and DIYing, and finish the Christmas project I started last weekend.

How will you spend your first weekend in October?


p.s. Matt bought the new Mumford & Sons CD and I just love it.  I’ve been listening to it all morning! Definitely check it out!


Style Splurge and Save: Mod Lamp

gold lamp splurge and save

This one is a little more difficult for me than our last Splurge/Save.  I really love the Dwell Studios lamp with its deep arch and marble base, but the price of the Land of Nod lamp is just so compelling – and with a shiny finish, it’s just as striking.

They definitely both have pros and cons, but which would you choose?  Would you register the trend and save your pocketbook?  Or Splurge for the sake of design?

Let me know!


Have a WONDERFUL Thursday (we’re almost there, guys!)


A Sweet Bite of Autumn

I always get the itch to start baking once fall rolls around and I’m always into something that can be done quickly, easily, and come off as fancy.

Palmiers get a bad rep – maybe it’s the french name – but they couldn’t be simpler to make.  They fall into the category of looking far more complex than they actually are.  I found some maple sugar at Trader Joes during my last trip and thought it would be an ideal opportunity to make one of my long-time favorite pastries.

They’re flaky, sweet (but not too rich), and oh-so-simple.  If you’re interested in a little autumn treat (I took a batch into work this week),  then keep on reading for a step-by-step and the printable recipe.   Continue Reading…


Halloween Creepy Branch DIY

I’m not quite sure that this would actually classify as a DIY considering there is one – maybe two steps.  I’m sure you can tell how easy it is, but it’s the idea that I really love.  A simple branch that I cut from my yard (what? don’t trees need pruning this time of year?) is spray painted a flat black and draped with web-like spanish moss.

You could do this with a really big branch for the center of your dining room table with pumpkins and candles interspersed, which would look amazing!  And is probably what I would have done had my log candelabra not looked just so at home there.

I cannot get enough of this idea just for the sheer simplicity. If you’re not a DIY person, you’ll have no trouble with this. Even if you are a DIY person, you’ll love that you can achieve such an impact with little time or effort.  And it still falls into my decor theme “classy, creepy, natural” !


Will you give it a try?  You have plenty of time to get it done and enjoy it this month!



The Month of Erin

fall wreath

No, it’s not my birthday month, the Month of Erin is a silly tradition that I started in College to celebrate the peak of fall.  I would (on the exact date of October 1st) get out my boots and put away my flip flops.  I’d switch over the decor in my home and the wreath on my door, and I’d begin my preparations for Halloween.

It may have started because my actual birth month was always during the Christmas holiday and I never got to celebrate with friends from school, so I wanted something to celebrate that was mine.  So, I choose October… the whole month.  I love the foliage, that there is a coolness in the air, but still sunshine in the sky, and that things start to slow down.  People begin to settle into school years and, of course, it’s football season.

This year, I’m kind of bummed out that I will miss half of the month, as I’ll be on a business trip to China for two weeks.  I have to soak in every moment of October this week before I head off.

Do you have any silly seasonal traditions?  What month would you choose for ‘your month’?


Friday Faves 9.28

ONE pretty leather card cases from Fabric Paper Glue, $30; TWO totally cute vintage tea set $32 from Soviet Vintage THREE celebrate apple picking season all year ’round with this vintage brass apple dish, just $24 from AM Radio; FOUR if you don’t ahve time to curate perfectly colored books for your decor, you can buy them in sets of five for $30 at Vintage Scholar; FIVE I love an old map and Dejavu Print Store has a bunch at around $10; SIX if you got the new iphone, you’ll need a fabulous case, and if you didn’t, then you can still get one of these for your iphone 4, $30 from Pencil Shavings Studio; SEVEN don’t think I’m going to let a round up pass by without some nod to fall.  Totally pumpkin soap looks totally awesome.  $6.50 from Rocky Top Soap Shop.


I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s Friday.  I’ll be celebrating a little bit of the holidays this weekend, and hanging out with family who is in town for a wedding.  All around, it will be fun and relaxing.

What’s on your agenda?


Happy Friday and Weekend!


Christmas Comes Early

I know I just posted about Halloween yesterday, but this weekend, it’s going to be an early Christmas at House of Earnest.  When I arrived home from work on Monday, there were four giant packages on my porch from Home Depot filled to the brim with Christmas decor products to prepare for their Holiday Style Challenge. Starting bright and early Saturday morning the H of E team is going to start transforming our home for the challenge and a little holiday shoot.  The Home Depot’s Apron Blog did a similar challenge earlier this year for outdoor spaces, but for this season, it’s all Christmas.

In addition to that, I’ll be working on some gift guides for Etsy over the next couple weeks, so if you have any favorite shops, let me know!

Although it’s totally off calendar, I’ll be getting in the Christmas spirit this weekend and am so excited to (in a couple of months) share the holiday DIYs, gift guides, and decor schemes that will fill my home this holiday season.

Follow on Twitter and Instagram for tweets from the set-up and shoot!

Have a MERRY Thursday!

photo credit: IKEA