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Pick a Side

With the holiday’s approaching, there is no better time to evaluate your guest comfort situation, and one thing that I find is essential to create good flow is enough side tables.  It might seem silly, but go around your house and sit in each seat in a gathering area.  Is there somewhere to rest your glass? If there isn’t, it might be time to think about a little furniture rearrangement.

Make sure that everywhere you have a chair someone might be perched in for the afternoon, there is also a little ledge, at least.  There you go!  Now everyone’s comfortable!


Side tables row 1: black metal accent tableantique brass round, rustic storage table.  row 2: jewel mirrored table, oliver drum. row 3: spool accent, caldwell wood table, windham end table.


Late Harvest Gathering

So I’ve been talking about my plans for this harvest dinner since way back in August.  My plans were a little displaced when I had to take a last minute business trip to China, but I think that was all for the better.  I took a warmer, slower approach to celebrating the beginning of the holiday season, rather than the end of summer.  I wanted it to be relaxed and communal, so I made the gathering on a Sunday afternoon to encourage football watching, lounging and certainly no hurrying.

The table was set with a handmade shibori dyed linen table cloth (DIY coming tomorrow!), and stacked with casual white plates mixed with acacia appetizer plates from Crate and Barrel.  I mixed and matched moody floral and gingham napkins wrapped in DIY faux bois napkin rings, and finished everything off with my little monogram favors.

We snacked on little maple leaf shaped butternut squash canapes topped with goat cheese and cranberry sauce along with a couple of varieties of cheeses and nuts.  For the main meal, I made a classic beef wellington served with a cold israeli cous cous salad and butternut squash soup served in hollowed out acorn squash.  Our friends washed it all down with a Pear and Sparkling Cider cocktail.  I wrapped the plain glasses in twine and topped off the drinks with birch paper straws from Garnish.

I told you last week that I was going to make something out of persimmon, so I landed on something cold to follow-up the chain of heartier dishes at dinner.  I made a gingersnap and caramel ice cream with chopped persimmons.  It was so easy too!  I’ll share the recipe on Thursday!

I was so pleased with how each detail turned out.  It was a great mixture of food, conversation, and relaxing.  I can’t wait to share some of the DIYs and Recipes with you guys in the days to come!


p.s. the DIY faux bois napkin holders are for a feature in Delighted Magazine for the winter issue.  I’ll let you know when it comes out so you can see how to make them!


In Good Favor

As many of you know, we hosted a harvest dinner last night for a few friends and I’m here today to say that I think it was a success! II wanted to share the favors with you today, and I’ll continue to share more and more of the event and the DIYs for the party throughout the week.

Monogram votive candles provided by Illume served as both the placecards and the party favors for our guests.  I loved the idea of using something individualized for each friend to take home with them, and the Red Cedar scent was perfect for the late fall season.

I had the initials for all of the girls’ first names and all of the men’s last names.  It was fun to see how people choose seats based on their letters.  I had actually planned it with couples sitting together, but with the overlap in initials, it also happened to work out that all of the girls initials were on one side of the table while all of the men’s were on the other.  It definitely wasn’t something I thought about, but it was a more interactive way to have everyone take their seat.

So this was just one sweet detail from last night, but definitely one of mine (and my guests’) favorites.  Pop back over tomorrow for the full scoop and some of the other projects and food that made the afternoon fun and special!

Have a wonderful start to your week!



Friday Faves 11.9

ONE Roll Weave Storage Basket from Crate and Barrel is a steal at just $79 and has received rave reviews;  TWO one of my favorite stores on Etsy doesn’t disappoint with an inspiring and stylish piece of art – Let’s Move to the Mountains print is just $15 from In Haus Press; THREE the shine draws me to these Metallic Diamond Napkins, but the neutral palette keeps me wanting them (and they’re on sale!) $25 for 4 at West Elm; FOUR the prettiest Desk Set I’ve ever seen.  Walnut and Porcelain Desk Set from Farrahsit is $65; FIVE I almost don’t have words.  As if marshmallows weren’t already wonderful enough, Whimsy and Spice goes one step further by adding maple… Maple Marshmallows are just $6.50 for a dozen. SIX Piglet Placeholder set is too cute for words.  Just don’t let him catch you with ham on your plate. $29 for a set of six from Shop Ruche.


I’m loving today’s faves, guys.  True to my roots, there is a lot of neutral color here, but I think that is what makes it so comforting. I am really dying over the maple marshmallows and cannot wait to give them a try.

I’m having my fall harvest party this weekend and I’m so excited to show you the full event next week which includes some darling favors from one of my favorite brands, some easy and beautiful DIY projects, and, of course, some food! Be back here next Monday for photos from the event and a line-up of the projects you can do!

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!


In Season: Persimmons

To start off, I’m fairly unfamiliar with the Persimmon.  I didn’t even know how to spell it before researching for this post, but I know that it’s in season.  The local market where I do most of my grocery shopping only carries in season fruits and vegetables, which can be somewhat frustrating when you’re looking for bok choy in February, but is really nice when someone like me is trying to use and get to know new things.

I saw some very orangey-red plump persimmons at the store last weekend and contemplated purchasing, but stopped short. What on earth would I do with them?  I got home and hopped online to find out that they’re a very traditional holiday fruit. Breads, scones, pies, bundts, preserves, you name it. I was intrigued.

I scanned through a ton of recipes, and found a few that looked right up my alley.  I have another grocery trip in store for Saturday morning to prepare for my harvest supper on Sunday, so I’m going to pick a few up.  I think I’ll try the mini bundts, possibly.

Let me know – have you ever tried or made anything with persimmons?  Let me know!


photo credit: fresh persimmons | table | bundts | scones


Global and Gathered

You know how I love a good neutral palette in a home, and combine that with global influences, but still a trace of the traditional and you’ve got me pegged. This home embodies the simplicity that I love most about Scandinavian design, but isn’t cold or sparse by any means.

You can see hints of all colors, but neutral browns, whites, and blacks are the primary focus in this Copenhagen home.  I love a lot of the little touches that I didn’t see the first time around, as well.  All around I think the home is warm and soothing, but looks like real life could take place there as well.

I hope you’re ready for today!  If you’re still up for a bit more eye candy (and maybe a hint of productivity) head over to Etsy to check out my Gifts Under $50 round up!  I’m sure you’ll find something you love for someone on your list!

Have a happy Wednesday!



Style Splurge and Save: Iron Accent

This side table caught my eye a few months ago and has subsequently been haunting my thoughts since.  It is slim, sculptural, textural, and neutral – All things I lean toward in furniture purchases.

The Crate and Barrel Aerie side table is a bit more opaque, has a little bit more of a finished gloss to the surface whereas the Arteriors Radcliffe table is airier in appearance, and has a slightly more worn, unfinished facade. It’s hard to choose which one I prefer because the differences are so small, but they could mean a lot to the overall look of a room.

So I pose the question to you – Splurge? or Save?


California (Closet) Dreaming

I’ve been scheming up dressing room and closet ideas for a while now.  I talked about this about a year ago in my house tour when I showed off the room that we have flanking our Master. If you were a fly on my wall, you’d hear this repetitive conversation between me and my husband, Matt, where he asks me for my plans and I ask him for some room measurements to work with.  This has been going back a forth for a little while now, and in my mind neither of us have really made a move because it’s hard to figure out where to start.

In my mind, I want a light, bright, airy space like above which isn’t too traditional of a walk in closet where my stuff can all be visible and beautifully styled.  I know that this isn’t really that practical.  Firstly because the space I’m working with is just about 10ft by 10ft and second because there is only one small little window (and no charming little fireplace).

So I did what any normal person would do and get to researching my options.  I snooped around at custom closets from California Closets, decided which features were a necessity and which were just a dream.  Although the spaces I’m drawn toward all have a different end look, I’m able to see which reoccurring elements I keep choosing over and over again.  It’s clear that organization is big, and while my dream of a totally custom, open concept might be beautiful in theory, my space is a bit small, and I need to look at some closet organization systems that work well with the space I’ve got, but still give me the flexibility to have the things that are important to us.

All in all, I think narrowing down the few things  know I want helps to give me the guidance I need to get started. Looking at the pieces as individuals – vanity, dressers and hanging, shoe organization – help me to visualize an end product.

It’s a big project, but I think I have a little clarity now and can maybe get those plans to Matt soon! Have you designed your own closet?  If so, where did you start and what tools helped you?

Photos: Apartment Therapy | Houzz | California Closets | Houzz | Houzz


Friday Faves 11.2

ONE Kate Spade card case prompting, ‘Let’s do Lunch’ to hold all of your namecards from other lunchmates. $20 from Bloomingdales. TWO Orange cinnamon candle where the wick is actually a piece of cinnamon! It’s bound to smell amazing. $30 from You Organic. THREE dip twig pencils are too cute to use… almost. $13 from Inkkit. FOUR mini milk creamers makes me smile and are the perfect touch when having a friend over for coffee.  $8.75 from Room for Emptiness. FIVE Bonjour retro art $17.25 from Edubarba; SIX pretty patterned woodgrain iphone skin, $12 from Field Trip; SEVEN letters and numbers stamps are almost as darling as the sweet box they come in.  $36 from Pink Olive.

I rounded up a few of my favorite things from the week, and did I ever tell you that every Friday morning when I put this post together I sing ‘These are a Few of my Favorite Things’ to myself.  Every Friday.  It didn’t help that I was listening to Christmas music this week as I finished up my Home Depot Style Challenge which involves me decorating my dining room using the latest and greatest from Home Depot.  I am prepared to show you a little sneak peak next week and will be doing a few DIYs that I did for the shoot throughout the next two months!  I’m excited to share, and I hope you’re excited to see it all!

Have a FABULOUS Friday out there, guys.


Give Thanks Banner

Happy November, guys!  I really just cannot believe it.  It seems like we were just talking about letting summer go and now we’re really in full swing fall.  I know Halloween was just yesterday, but I feel like after the 31st things start to really speed toward Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This banner is so easy and tailoring the message to your occasion is so simple.  Don’t this project on burlap not only adds to the rustic harvesty feeling of fall, but also makes it easy to stitch together and makes the iron on letters a little more forgiving if they’re not perfect.

ONE print out your message on transfer paper (don’t forget to flip it to a mirror image). TWO Iron each letter onto your pieces of cut-out burlap. THREE while the paper is still hot, carefully peel back a corner of your letter.  If you feel any resistance or don’t see the image properly coming off, stick it back down and iron some more. FOUR using jute or hemp cording and a darning needle, stitch through the top of the banner letters to form a bunting.

It’s pretty easy, the hardest part is getting the letters just the right size and flipping the text, but I’ll take care of that for you!  Here is the give thanks printable document for you to just print out on your paper!

I’ve got mine hanging in the dining room, but it would be darling on a front door or mantle.


Have a wonderful Thursday!  Let me know if you try the project, I’d love to see photos!


p.s. I’m excited to announce two new November sponsors – Curious Home and Ella Lou!  I’m so excited to have both of these shops on board and I know you can’t wait to check them out!