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DIY Paperclip Namecard Holders

It’s no secret that I love place cards for parties.  They make people feel special and help you to manage who goes where, which doesn’t seem like a large concern until you have 12 or so people standing around staring at each other and trying to figure out where to sit!

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to use these vintage wooden spools for a while now and thought they would make a rustic and unique vehicle for a wire card holder.  Making the wire coil was easy and just uses a paperclip! Continue reading for the full instructions!

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Color Story: Fall

It’s no secret that fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  I start getting excited for the clothes, the colors, and the cool nights.

Grey has been the trend for the last few years, but this year there is a change in direction.  I’m seeing browns everywhere, and I think that warm caramel will replace the greys of the previous years.  Pair it with navy for a classic preppy look, or combine it with warm burgundy and your summer pinks for a pretty autumnal flair. Greens are still going to be big, so you don’t have to get rid of the pretty mint throw you bought for summer, just pairing it with a teal or jade colored cushion is all you need to move into the fall.

It can be hard in home decor to change things out seasonally, but a new pop of art or a pretty dish will help to register change.  I’m really eyeing those pillows from West Elm and think they might be mine soon.  What do you think?

Are you ready for fall?  Or still trying to squeeze a little more sunshine out of summer?

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


photo credit:  inspiration collage:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4   product collage: votive, coasters, dish, couch, art, pillows


Sunday Supper at Jorgenson’s Farm

Last night, Matt and I went to a dinner at the nearby Jorgenson Farm for a CSA Sunday Supper.  He had bought the tickets for me as a surprise, and we had the most wonderful time.  The theme of the dinner revolved around the sunflowers that were in full bloom, and the vegetables, herbs, and fruits that were at their peak for harvest.

We had a tour of the farm, saw the chickens, lambs, edible gardens, and barns. The dinner was BYOB, and they had a basket full of empty glasses and wine openers upon our arrival with the appetizers.

To start, there were multiple stations, one had canapes, marinated olives, and tomatoes; another had local honeycomb, walnuts, and cheese.  We then had carmelized onion flatbread, heirloom caprese, and a mint watermelon salad for our first course.  Roasted chicken and lamb kabobs were served as the main course (but I was already so full)!  We rounded out the night with homemade poundcake topped with blackberries.

You can tell by the photos what a beautiful place it was, and I cannot wait to head back for another dinner sometime soon.  Each month has a different ‘theme’ and I hear the fall dinners are wonderful as well.  They even have an upcoming event this weekend called “Mint Fest” that is in collaboration with Jeni’s Ice Creams.  If you’re in the Columbus area this weekend, you should look into it!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Here’s to another week!



Friday Faves 8.17

ONE this ampersand dish would make the cutest wedding or shower gift $28 from Pure Home; TWO a lamp that is both classic and sculptural.  $224 from abc carpet and home; THREE I love egg cups.  If not for an egg than for a mini scoop of ice cream or just to hold pretty little things. These are just $20 for all four at Nordstrom; FOUR cozy and colorful, my mind is already veering toward fall with this fun patterned rug from Urban Outfitters, $24; FIVE I love love this bathroom. the simplicity and style is right up my alley.  Those little marks on the wall already have my wheels turning for a DIY. Photo is from Simply Grove. SIX a gurgle pot!  So cute to use as a vase or a decorative accessory (oh, and of course as a pitcher $46 from Pure Home.

Whew… It’s really been one of those weeks.  I’ve had suppliers in town from both India and China, I’m getting into crunch time for the lifestyle session I’m doing next week at the Evernote Trunk Conference in San Francisco, and I had a meeting with a renovation design client last night.  I’m really excited to rest this weekend.  Matty bought us spots in a Sunday Supper dinner at a local farm (which is going to be awesome) and I’ll share it here on Monday!

What’s on your agenda?

Have a SPLENDID Friday and Weekend!


Color Blocked Pins

With the back-to-school season looming, I always get in the mood for new supplies that will make my work more fun (than it already is, of course).

I had a little corkboard for some real life pinning and thought that my thumbtacks could use a pick-me up.  I bought some tiny wooden squares for just two bucks and used some of the pretty paint left over from my marbled paper party goods to dress up the tacks.

The process is super quick; paint one side with quick brush strokes from the center of the cube so that the paint doesn’t get on the sides.  Wait for the paint to dry, and repeat with a contrasting color on an adjacent side.  Use a very strong glue (I used this one) to adhere the cube to the top of a plain thumb tack.

It seems so silly, but I really love the pop of color on my board.  It’s almost like inspiration within the inspiration!

I hope you’ll be motivated to glue something fun to your plain jane tacks!  Share a photo with us on Facebook if you do!


An additional note!  My Sunkissed Ombre stripe pillow made the top finalists on the Design Sponge Scotch Blue Painters Tape Contest!  GO vote for it so that I can make it to the finals.


H&M Home Launch Stateside + Exciting News!

After a long wait, word has broken that H&M home is finally launching in the US in early 2013.  This launch was initially slated for 2012, but has been pushed back a few times.  The brand is set to have a few major collections each season and is starting out with mainly textiles and accessories.  Check out the UK site here and we’ll all cross our fingers and toes for a US e-commerce launch as well!

How excited are you?

Do you know who should be REALLY excited?  Noel!  Noel, you won the Lenox Quatrefoil Dinnerware giveaway and I’ll be contacting you soon regarding the details! Congrats!

Do you want something else to be excited about? My sunkissed ombre stripe pillow was selected in the top 20 of finalists in the Design*Sponge Scotch Blue Painters tape contest!  The announcement will be up on their site at 1pm EST and voting will be open until Sunday to determine the finalists! Make sure to head over and vote for yours truly when the post goes live!



Have a FABULOUS Wednesday.


Hand Made: Compound Butter

Even if you’re not a cook or a baker, making something impressive from the wonderful, fresh produce available this time of year isn’t out of the question. Compound butter is so so easy and , belive me, your friends will be impressed.  There are so many iterations possible, I am totally sure that you’ll find one that suits you.

Yesterday, I was excited to use some of the herbs I’d brought home from the local farmers’ market, and thought that making compound butter would be a great way to get multiple uses out of the fresh bundles with little effort.  This project uses store-bought butter, brought to room temperature, and couldn’t get easier.

Keep Reading for the step-by-step and some fun combinations!

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What’s Your Vice?

This is a question that I ask because we all have them. For some they’re more apparent than others, some are quirks, and some just downright bad habits.

I’m always real good at noticing them in others (my husband, namely), but slow to point out my own.  I thought (especially since mine is very home related) to open up today and admit that I, Erin, leave half consumed cups of coffee everywhere.

My desk on Friday will be topped with five mugs, filled with varying degrees of dried up sludge.  My bedside table might have one or two, and to find one also lingering in the bathroom wouldn’t be unusual. It’s one of those things that I know I do, but I still do it.  Matt jokes about the absence of mugs in the cupboards, or asks how my science experiments are going.  I’m glad he’s kind about it, because I know it’s gross. It’s strange because I’m so particular about certain spots in the house – finding the white sink with food stuck to the side will stop me in my tracks for immediate cleaning, but I don’t blink an eye at my coffee cups.

Tell me, do you have a dirty little habit?  Something you know you do but, for whatever reason, continue?


Have a GREAT Monday out there, guys!

P.S. Lenox has partnered with House of Earnest to giveaway two full 5 pc place settings of their new quatrefoil pattern!  See the full post here for details on how to enter!  It closes tomorrow at midnight, so hurry!


*photo by Celine Steen on Flickr


Friday Faves 8.10

ONE organic hand stamped cushion covers $65 each from {me}longing; TWO the iphone case I’m contemplating $35 from Society6; THREE bamboo picnic utensils with food-safe, water based paints $36 for a set of 12 from AHAlife; FOUR fog linen round tray $23.50 from Dunlin; Serena and Lily fauceted hurricanes $25 for the small and $35 for the large.

It’s a rainy, cool Friday here in Ohio and it’s got me longing for slow, quiet late summer evenings.  I’m hoping a weekend filled with some farmers markets, cooking at home, and spending time with Matty.

What’s on your agenda?


Have a SPLENDID Friday and Weekend!


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Hand Made: Scalloped Edge Pillowcases

I found some giant (1″) rickrack in the fabric store the other day and knew I just had to use it for something.  My mind immediately went toward showcasing the scalloped edge only, allowing it to take on a classic, sculptural element rather than a be too young or sweet.

I love that the black against white makes it feel like more of a luxe edging that pops.

It wasn’t too difficult, and you don’t need a sewing machine!  If you like where this is going, KEEP READING for the full instructions!

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