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Woven Yarn Wall Hanging

woven yarn wall hanging

We are really putting on our boho crafty hats today.  I’ve seen woven wall hangings in lots of high end shops recently and since don’t like paying hundreds of dollars for something I could make, I took the plunge. I have a ton of yarn on hand (because I keep thinking I can knit, but I can’t) so I had plenty of materials on hand to experiment with!

Most of the projects I make are just a few steps and I chirp on and on about how quick they are.  This isn’t one of those projects.  It isn’t hard to do, it’s just one of those ‘get-a-glass-of-wine-and-settle-in-for-the-longhaul’ projects.  This little woven banner took me about four hours from start to finish, but since it was just mindless, it would be an awesome project to do with a group of girlfriends (over that aforementioned glass of vino).

yarn weave wall hanging

I love the way it turned out, but I wish it were bigger… which would take even more time! I might try a macrame version as well and see how that goes, but in the meantime, let’s get started on this fun and funky project!  Continue Reading…


White & Rust Traditional Thanksgiving

traditional decor with zazzle

Although I don’t host our family Thanksgiving, I do host a very special occasion in the week prior.  We gather to eat and celebrate with all of those who we choose to be our nearest and dearest – our friends. Friendsgiving has been something this group has been doing for almost 13 years.  Although one of our other friends used to host, as we’ve aged and our group has changed, I’ve begun hosting.  This will be my third year with the honor.

In the past, these gatherings have always been pretty informal – sweats, football, and a bonfire all encouraged, but I have fancied it up a bit… why?  Well, we get together all of the time for impromptu bonfires, patio drinking, and football watching, so I felt like this day should be a little more formal to show how much we cherish and celebrate some of our favorite people in our lives. I always dress up the table nicely like a sit down dinner party, but the food is potluck which allows everyone to contribute, something that I feel is so integral to the Thanksgiving spirit.  I make a turkey the traditional way, but the men all gather earlier in the day our in our yard to fry a turkey as well.  Meanwhile, I sit inside and pray that they don’t burn down our house (and the 100 acres of adjacent nature preserve).

This year, I was very inspired by the in-store display at my local Crate and Barrel store.  Everything was white and worn wood with just a touch of iron or rust.  It was so soothing and still very classic.  I decided to do my own take on this very traditional look.

The formal invites are from Zazzle and although I designed them from Scratch (which is one of the main reasons I use Zazzle), you can also buy my design (and customize) if you’d prefer not to design your own! Mine are simple with a red fox (which we have here on our property) and a plaid back.  I used the same plaid in a custom wrapping paper which I’ll use as a table runner. Lots of white serve ware and dinnerware will bring the light look to the table.  I love the very traditional turkey bowl and the black rimmed stock pot and some simple wheat as table decor (can’t have too much table decor with a potluck!)

Last year I did these fun little ‘thankful’ booklets for name cards, but this year, I’ll use another natural.  I’ve taken my inspiration from this walnut card holder.  For a personal touch, I am going to ask all of our friends to submit their favorite quotes and have them printed on these wooden coasters!  It will be a fun addition and something they can take home!

So far, I’m very happy with the initial plans.  Of course, I’ll be sharing a few of the DIYs along the way, so stay tuned for more Friendsgiving goodness!



Friday Faves 10.31

Friday Faves 10.31

ONE the prettiest little plates by Nate Berkus for Target will go with anyone’s style – $20 for a set of 4. TWO coming soon to the shop!  Our Grandiflora Holiday update includes a cake plate in beautiful white marble (a perfect complement to our Britta Marble Turntable which is a best-seller this season!) The cake stand will be $48. THREE I found the classic lines of this dark slate sofa to be absolutely perfect from a design perspective, and then I saw the $599 price tag and about fell over!  It’s from Ikea and is part of their new Stocksund line.  FOUR who doesn’t love cozy plaid blankets for fall?  100% wool is always a great investment and will last forever.  $148 from Terrain.  FIVE for the hip entertainer in your life, this copper pitcher is gorgeous and a good size!  It’s one of those pieces that looks as good sitting out as it does in use.  $88 from Terrain.  SIX I know I don’t usually post shoes, but I thought this whole line of handmade flats from Spain were too good not to share. The navy blue scalloped are my fave right now, but check out the whole collection from Ele Handmade.


Happy Halloween!! It’s one of my favorite days of the year and I hope you’re enjoying the crisp fall-ness of it all! Today, I’m getting our Grandiflora holiday collection finalized and it’s a beautiful complement to the items in our fall line. I’m excited to reveal the new goodies! Tomorrow we are heading to a Halloween party where I am planning to be Maria Von Trapp.  I need to find a guitar case today to complete my outfit!

Next week I have some wonderful things in store for you!  An AMAZING dessert recipe for your November festivities, the new headboard DIY, and details for our upcoming Friendsgiving celebration! Can’t wait to see you back here on Monday!

Have a great weekend!


Storefront Dreaming & Scheming

shop inspiration 2

Before we all get carried away, please know that (so far) the store front is just a mere idea.  I first told you all about it last week so I’ve had about 7 days to let my mind expand upon the thought.  Although I did schedule two meetings next week with a couple of friends who own shops, my personal steps toward brick and mortar space is only evident on my Pinterest board. Yes, I started a shop pinterest board.

So, if you want to travel the path of this dream (any possible future reality?) with me, let’s start here.

Firstly, we all know that I currently design a collection online called Grandiflora Home + Decor.  I’ve focused on simple, minimal, natural elements that are sophisticated, but certainly not stuffy.  I sell my designs online and also in a handful of other shops around the country (three to be exact!).  I’m proud of how far we’ve come in a year to selling two separate collections to selling in three stockists, but I’d like to see if I can expand business by having a retail location.

Secondly, aside from running Grandiflora, I write this blog, and I do wedding flowers.  I see opportunity to expand both of those businesses if I had another space.  For the blog, I’d love to do workshops, DIYs, and events.  For the flowers, having a space would he helpful, especially when meeting with brides and showcasing designs and style.  Plus, doing high volume flowers from home is messy and difficult, but I still love it, so I take a few weddings each year.

shop inspiration 4

You can see that, aside from my business concept, I have some very specific design concepts!  The store would ideally be a ‘Home + Garden’ type vibe – mixing home decor and botanical. Finishes would be a clean black and white palette, but with some raw, worn details and materials. I love how the first photo still has a classic traditional vibe and isn’t TOO rustic.

shop inspiration 3

shop inspiration 1

It aligns pretty tightly with my basic blog esthetic too.  I don’t think these inspirational images are surprising anyone!

How do you guys feel about the concept?  What are your thoughts on blog workshops? I’d love to hear your feedback!


Image Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


p.s.  I also contribute to the Bali blog!  I have shared an all natural DIY window cleaner today – perfect for letting that fall sunshine in!  Check it out here!


Punched Metal Hurricane DIY

geometric hurricane diy

Candlelight is one of those things that’s always welcome.  In the summertime, we love how candlelight punctuates our warm, romantic dinners al fresco, and when the weather starts to turn cooler it turns evenings indoors into a glowing warmth of family, friends, and holiday.

Beautiful hurricanes are also one of those things that always shocks me with the price! You’ll walk out of any home store paying between $30 and $40 for a good sized hurricane.  That is why I decided to make these lovelies!  I think you’ll agree that they’re as darling as store bought and they’re a cinch to make.

geometric metal hurricane diy

I’ve got the product list and three easy steps after the jump, so let’s get started! Continue Reading…


Neutral Cool Master Bedroom Re-Design

bedroom inspiration

I told you guys last week in my ‘things that are making me nervous’ post about how I need to revamp my master bedroom – and quickly!  We ordered a new king mattress from Tuft & Needle (upgrade from our current queen!) and although it was a bit of a quick decision at the time, I then got to thinking about all of the things that must be updated along with the mattress.

Our current bed has a grey, white, and lemony yellow theme and I really like it, but am a little excited about the opportunity to change things up a bit and get closer to my overall design vision for the home.  I want to add more rustic indie feeling with the worn, aged neutrals and a very neutral theme.  The photo above from Decor Pad really stood out at me as a great representation of what I’d like to achieve. So here is my plan:

bedroom design

BED  Our current bed is a headboard with a metal frame.  The headboard was a fun and easy DIY, so I know that I can take a stab at making another one.  This time, however, I’m going to tuft it and also try to upholster a whole bed so that a bedskirt isn’t needed. I am going to cover the bed in a natural linen that really stands out from our dark gray bedroom walls.

DUVET I’ve talked before about my love for all white bedding and although I’ve loved the Crane & Canopy Dove Gray pintuck that I’ve had for the past year, I’m going with all white this time around.

SHEETS  I love pairing patterned sheets with a solid duvet.  Mostly because I don’t like big patterns and think the solid duvet calms pattern so that it doesn’t overwhelm my small bedroom.  I love these reverse dot sheets from West Elm in a camel color that will tie back to the headboard and add a warm level to the otherwise black and white design.

SHAMS adding in a different pattern or color through shams is always a good idea.  I love these block print border euro shams from Dwell Studio because they are a classic border design, but still have an Indian flair with the block print design.

RUG I’ve been wanting a place to use my Asta Rug in our home!  I think this will be a great opportunity since the floor will be cleared out.  Plus, the easy black and white pattern enforces the global theme without being too much pattern.

THROW PILLOWS the throw pillows are really going to be the thing that ties the whole look together.  Varying neutrals in global, but minimal patterns bring together the essence of the look. I’m mixing brown, navy, black, and cream in various textures.  I am leaning toward a grey/brown sheepskin, a stark black and white geo, a grey/brown basket weave, and a turkish kilim pillow in blue and black.

How do you guys like it?  It’s definitely a change from my current bedroom, but still holds a lot of the design elements that I use throughout the rest of the house! I’m excited to get started on the tufted bed this weekend!



A nod to fall wedding flowers

fall wedding flowers

I had a wonderful pleasure this weekend of doing flowers for a gorgeous wedding.  When I met with the bride 8 months ago, she expressed that she wanted flowers that were a nod to the beautiful falls we have here in ohio, yet were still feminine and wedding worthy.

I love how the David Austin Piaget roses are a blush color with a peachy center, so I used them as the jumping off point for the design.  Blush colored roses aren’t a stranger to weddings, so I needed something to get the fall flair without being overkill.  I decided that I’d get a big fall look out of some decorative kale, yellow button poms and hypericum berries without being too obviously autumn.

pretty fall wedding flowers

autumn wedding flowers

The purple centers on the kale looked so pretty with some of the red and pink hues in the ranunculus and a very special looking burgundy gerbera daisy.  My favorite part of the whole look was how the birch wrapped vases looked with the iron lanterns that were sourced by the bride and her mother.

pretty autumn wedding flowers

fall wedding flowers

fall bridal flowers

flowers for a fall wedding

flowers fall wedding

I feel like every wedding I do is my favorite one, but this one really felt so perfect.  I loved how the flowers were so colorful and quintessential fall, but still romantic and ethereal.

This wedding really solidified the reason I do flowers for weddings.  Making someone’s wedding day the best it can be while doing something I love is so rewarding. I only hoped they loved it as much as I did!

I hope your week is beautiful as well!


Friday Faves 10.23

Friday Faves 10.23

ONE light lavender is one of my favorite colors for this winter.  A little card case is the perfect place to get a trendy color into your everyday (check out their hair calf style too!) $20 from Gift Shop Brooklyn. TWO for my new bedding scheme, these herringbone patterned sheets from Crane & Canopy are on my list! $169 for King. THREE the smoky, undefined line of this ‘dipped’ pillow makes it so modern! $159 by Rebecca Atwood. FOUR if only I didn’t have a glass door!  This hexagon door knocker is perfection! Someone needs to get it so that I can live vicariously through you! $85 in Oil Rubbed Bronze. FIVE what a statement piece! The price of this glazed terra cotta salad bowl is a bit steep, but it would make a wonderful gift for that hostess to has everything. $225 from Huzza. SIX I just bought four of these grey linen storage boxes to stow away some summer clothes, let the winter prep begin! $16 from Ikea.


Happy Friday, guys! I am getting into full wedding flower mode over here and am spending the majority of the morning cutting stems, getting all of the blooms into water, and cleaning vases.  After flowers are processed and vases are clean, the arranging will begin!  Follow along on insta for some photos of the process!

After the flowers are delivered tomorrow, I’m going to lay low and spend some much needed time with Matty. Sunday I think I’m going to sit in my office and organize the next two months my life – menus for parties, decor to make, and gifts to buy (christmas is just two months away!).

What’s on your weekend agenda?




On My Mind Lately


cant shake that feeling

Regardless of what’s going on here each day, I’ve always got a bazillion other things on my mind to ensure that I’m thinking ahead enough for blog content or just thinking ahead enough for where my career is going or just managing the household (and all of the changes that are a result of the blogging).  There are things that can be put on a to do list, then there are those beasts of ideas that have entire to-do lists of their own.  Those are the things haunting me this week.


This is something I was adamantly against when I launched the Grandiflora Home + Decor online shop last fall. I didn’t want to be ‘tied down’ to a shop or manage employees or pay the overhead.  Since then, however, it’s been seeming more and more appealing to me. Maybe it’s the general nesting feelings that come with the fall, but it’s just been a thought that looms in the back of my mind and fogging my ability to sort out the future steps for the business.  I find myself dreaming about what my shop would look like or what it would offer.  Maybe it’s a dream, maybe it’s something more, but it sure it taking up a bit of space in my brain. I need to actually make a legit plan of what steps and finances a store would take so that I can know if it’s an idea to act upon or an idea to shelve.

King-Sized Upgrade

This seems so silly, I know, but I’m actually nervous about the change.  I feel like I just got my bedroom where I like it.  The grey pin tucked duvet from Crane & Canopy, the lemony yellow ikat shams, the DIY linen nailhead headboard… I love it all!  But, it is time for an upgrade.  Our mattress is a queen and is the first model of temperpedic, which means it get’s blazing hot. We decided that if we’re going to get a new mattress, we should go ahead and upgrade to a king, but that means starting over with my decor – from the headboard right down to the sheets. I’ve started to brainstorm what I’ll do this time around and I’m definitely going to have a few DIYs involved (which will need to be sooner rather than later if we want to sleep on the new bed coming next week EEK!).  I have a WHOLE post on Monday with my preliminary ideas.

The holidays are upon us

I know it’s still October.  I know it’s probably the last thing you guys want to hear, but I’ve got holidays on the brain. I keep thinking of all of these awesome projects, but since I’m still working on some big projects for November (and now pile on the new bed projects) I can’t quite get my ideas in any sort of tangible order for Christmas.  As a blogger, we’ve got to post early and plan earlier and I’ve got a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach for a reason I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe I’ll devote some time this weekend to brainstorming and putting pen to paper with the ideas.

change is in the air

Maybe the rebrand topic is why the thoughts of the storefront has been prominent.  I can’t envision the future of my branding with out thinking about the future of where the brand will BE.  I can’t discuss too many details right now because working out details is what’s giving me anxiety.  All I can say is that I’m working toward making what currently feels like two totally separate jobs (the blog and the shop) into one cohesive career.  Although I’ve taken the first steps, I’m currently paralyzed with fear about making a wrong move for either brand. It’s difficult stuff and my current strategy has been total avoidance.


When tasks or ideas loom overhead, I am usually comforted by writing down the big picture on a giant post-it note, and then writing down the to-do list that goes with the task.  Since I’ve been traveling for the past week, this anti-anxiety exercise isn’t something I’ve been able to do, which is why a few things have built up. I have looming deadlines for lots of projects not listed here as well (including flowers for a wedding this weekend!), so I’ll need to get my organizational butt in gear.  After the flowers are done on Saturday, I think I’ll take some alone time on Sunday morning to organize, do my list-making exercise, and try to focus.

What do you do when each item on your To-Do list has it’s own To-Do list?


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Surprisingly Simple Window Cling Spiders

puff paint spiders

We’re getting closer and closer to all hallows eve!  As things start to get spooky in your neck of the woods, you can do a few very easy things to get in the spirit.  If you like simple, this last minute Halloween project is for you!  It’s actually a pretty fun project to do with kids too and involves puff paint, and who doesn’t like puff paint? It really brings me back to my younger days of puff painting anything from a caboodle to my keds.

puff paint spiders on windows

Although I did feel a bit silly buying the stuff, this project is anything but!  It’s a super easy (and dare I say darling?) way to get a little creepy decor into your home right before the scary holiday.


ONE print our spider template and lay it underneath a piece of wax paper or parchment paper.  TWO trace over the template with black puff paint, ensuring very thick, solid lines.  THREE after letting the spider dry for 24-48 hours, peel it off the parchment.

To apply to the window, warm the spider in the palms of your hands.  Once it’s warmed up a bit, breathe on it like you would when cleaning your glasses.  Then, it will stick to a clean window.  You might have to press it on just a bit. The cleaner the window and the more moist/warm the spider, the better the stick.

It’s a fun, easy little project to do if you’re looking for a simple way to show your spooky side this Halloween!

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