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In Calm and in Storm

It’s been a long week over here, being out of town the last months’ worth of weekends and a big week at work.  How about you?

I hope this gives you a little boost this Thursday as well!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!


Your Perfect Pantry

Cooking is one of those things that I’m just getting better at and relish the next steps that often make ‘whipping up’ something fast seem easier. I remember early on when recipes would call for this or that and I’d rarely have it.  Trips to the grocery store were expensive and confusing, trying to pick up each little spice and herb that the dish called for.

Somewhere a long the line I fell into a spot where I was actually prepared.  I had a well stocked pantry and when I’d read through a recipe I had most of the stuff on hand and would only have to pick up the fresh meats and produce.

You don’t have to start off stocked to the brim with everything, but here are a few staples that I always have on hand, and have made cooking up something tasty on weeknights easier to tastier.

You might be thinking that I’m missing this or that – there are a couple of things not shown that I usually stock (milk, canned tomatoes, cannelloni beans, parmesan cheese), but for the most part these items are the base of every meal I make.

If I don’t have taco seasoning, I mix cayenne, cumin, and S&P.  For a quick creamy sauce, I use tempered eggs.  If I need a good topping for some sliced bread I smash up garlic cloves with coarse salt and mix with olive oil.  If I need a quick and delish weeknight meal, I sauté red pepper flakes and garlic in olive oil then mix with some pasta, canned crushed tomatoes and sprinkle with parmesan.

I find that I don’t need a lot when I get creative and let my taste buds do the work.

I hope this is helpful for all of you aspiring cooks! Have a prepped pantry doesn’t happen overnight, but your trip there can be delicious and enjoyable with these staples!

Have a TASTY Wednesday!


Photos: 1. Bodie and Fou  |  2. House of Earnest




In Love

I literally do not have words for the beauty that is about to ensue.  I saw this wedding, shot by Jose Villa, on Once Wed a couple of weeks ago and have thought about it every day since.

It might be because it’s wedding season, or it might be the warmth in the air that has me thinking of long, romantic nights dining under the stars, but goodness isn’t this wedding just perfect?

Rustic charm and simple, nature inspired details are done better than I’ve seen in a long time. My heart just swells thinking about the love that is portrayed in an event just brimming with an ease of beauty that is hard to describe.

Again, maybe I’m being nostalgic – but I think it’s so downright amazing there is no way to not get swept away.

Do you agree?


Have a BREATHTAKING Tuesday!


**styling for this wedding by Joy Thigpen… she might just be my new favorite person.  Head to Once Wed for more pictures and vendor details.



Quirky, Colorful, and Pain-free

I’m back at work today after a long weekend in Las Vegas, and I definitely need a little help to get going this morning!

I love the fun packaging on these meds from Target. So colorful and quirky, it might make your pain go away just a little bit quicker.

I hope your Monday is as pain-free as possible!


Friday Faves 5.11

ONE cake stand $10 from A Fabulous Fete; TWO set of three journals from Privet House shop at Target $28.99; THREE reclaimed wood pixie trinket boxes $45 from Oh Dier Living; FOUR set of four concrete tealight candleholders $34 from Rough Fusion. FIVE variegated stripe hand towel -on sale! For 6.99 at West Elm.

I’m in Vegas this morning, but I don’t have to be the only one enjoying the bright colors! Enjoy this little assortment of fun, colorful, summer fun!

Have fun this weekend, guys!


Have & Make: Glitter and Glow

Who doesn’t love a little glitter in their lives?  Add in the glow of a candle, and you’re all set.

This glitter candle was probably the easiest Have & Make yet.  Spray the inside of a small vase or candle holder with spray adhesive, sprinkle and shake around with glitter until the surface area of the vase is completely covered.  I would recommend using the larger flakes of glitter as opposed to the very fine powdery variety – you get more impact of the shimmering flakes through the glass than you would with the latter.

Style the candle simply (a little glitter goes a long way) with books, and a natural element like flowers or a plant.  Look at you glow!

I felt glitter was a fitting topic for today because I’m headed off again to a bachelorette party for my future sister-in-law in Las Vegas, where everything glitters (but everything that glitters isn’t gold, if you know what I mean).


Have a SHIMMERY and SHINY Thursday. (I know I will!)


Details with // A Daily Something


‘Details with’ invites one of my favorite DIY and styling bloggers, Rebecca from A Daily Something, to show us three unique details from her home that make her smile!

ONE A wrought iron garden table, vintage tool chest and a Pyrex decanter. All three are tag sale purchases from last weekend and they have been happily placed in a corner in my home.  I’ve been looking for a way to store my craft supplies, and this tool box is just perfect.  TWO A handpainted vase. From a thrift store! Recently, I’ve been inspired by Justina Blakeney to add more color into my life! This vase does just the trick. THREE A pile of vintage matchboxes and spools.  After I got home with a new vintage tin, I discovered these matchboxes inside. They’re now displayed on my desk in my bedroom.  I love all the unique designs!

I’m so happy to have had Rebecca’s favorite details of her home on House of Earnest today!

In other news, I’m on Lark + Linen today sharing on Jacquelyn’s Bits and Pieces column – head over to hear a random fact, my can’t-live-without item, and what I’m currently coveting!
Also- Get ready for an awesome Have & Make tomorrow… It’s gonna be good (and glittery!)
Have a FAB Wednesday, guys!

New Sponsor: Benjamin Lowry Wedding Photography

Benjamin Lowry Wedding Photography is the newest sponsor here on House of Earnest and I am so excited to introduce you to Ben! His work is absolutely breathtaking.  Ben focuses so much on the people, their happiness, and telling their story – a quality that gives the photos such a beautiful depth and personality.

I was blown away when I saw his work and really snatched up the opportunity to welcome him as a sponsor to the blog.  He studied in California, resides in Columbus, and works all over the world.  He has done weddings abroad and in headed to Ireland soon for another (which I’m sure will be downright stunning).

If you’re already married, don’t worry!  He does family and life event photos too, which are equally as gorgeous.  You’ve got to see the ‘Family’ section of his website for a milestone birthday that will pull at your heartstrings.


Help me to welcome Ben to House of Earnest!




Mini Works of Art


Drawer pulls are one of those things that always delight me, and these beauties from Anthropologie have me seriously scheming for a few DIY projects I need to do around the house. Cabinet hardware is just so easy switch out and can make a world of a different on a piece that needs new life.

They’re simply stunning, aren’t they?  Which is your favorite?


Have a PERFECT Monday!


p.s. we have some wonderful things planned for this week!  Our second ‘Details with’ column features one of my FAVE diy-ers and I have a sparkling Have & Make that is so easy you’ll be amazed!


Friday Faves 5.4

ONE sardinia knob from anthropologie, $12 ea; TWO Sea Finds V original abstract watercolor $65 from Louisest Art; THREE Helping Hands ceramic catch-all dish $12 at Urban Outfitters: FOUR Perfectly beachy and cozy all wrapped into one – Paisley Collection Bedding from $35 to $475 from ABC home; FIVE Design House Stockholm Manana floor lamp, $229 from House and Hold.


It’s been absolutely amazing here this week.  The weather is warm, rainy, and overcast which may bum some of you out, but I love how the green of the trees seems to just glow in these conditions.  I got married on a beautiful spring day like this and each time we have one, it just makes me feel all of the love and happiness that I felt during that time in my life.  We also headed to a wedding this weekend out of town, which is probably compounding those feelings!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend lined up, whether it’s traveling for an event like we are, or staying home and relaxing.  Happy Friday!