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Christmas Morning Covered

Matt and I relish in our Christmas mornings together at home.  Although being with family is so valuable to us, it’s peaceful and comforting to spend some quiet time alone with my honey before the running around town ensues.  Even if your Christmas morning includes lots of family, they’re sure to love this fruity, sweet pastry.

Growing up we always had cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, and I’m a sucker for nostalgia, so it’s  tradition for me to do the same. This year, I’m mixing it up a tad with some Tangerine and Pistachio sticky buns.


They’re a fresh, fruity departure from regular rolls and easy to make.  If you want to look like a rockstar on Christmas morning, keep reading for the recipe.

Have a MERRY Tuesday!

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It's Getting Real

Holiday spirits around the household are pretty high as we’re rounding the corner into the final week before Christmas. The woodland theme is coming together quite nicely, and we’ll be in a perfect place to host a Christmas Eve party on Saturday.  As I get closer to the weekend I’ll share some of my last-minute prep, a delicious breakfast for Christmas morning, last-minute gift secrets, and the easiest flower arrangement for the big day!

I’m running a little slow this Monday as I recover from EIGHT hours of gift wrapping yesterday and a broken espresso machine this morning.  I’m keeping my optimism up, though, since it’s the week before CHRISTMAS!

What’s keeping you running this week?  Visions or sugarplums?

Have an OPTIMISTIC Monday!


Friday Faves 12.16

no. 1 mini wreath cards from {frolic!} are one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  no. 2 the home of nina holst who writes stylismo is one of my all time favorites, and the christmas side of it doesn’t disappoint either! no. 3 christmas cookie making is on my list for saturday.  it’s going to be an all day event, so pull up a chair and stay a while. These cookies are such a cute take on the traditional iced sugar cookie.  no. 4 all of the paper goods from The Wheatfield are down-right beautiful, if you buy now, you could probably still manage to make someone’s day with this card for christmas.  joy to the world card is $6.  no. 5 a glittery gold plate with a peaceful reminder is twice as nice from Cameo Nouveau.

I’m back with my regular favorites collage this week and I’m really trying to channel my inner winter white.  I’m hoping and wishing for a white Christmas this year.  If there were some softly falling snow this weekend during my cookie baking extravaganza, I’d be in heaven.

What is on your agenda this weekend?  Fancy Fêtes?  An Elf movie marathon? Leave a comment to let me know!

Have a JOLLY Friday and Weekend!


All Wrapped Up with Somewhere to Go!

Earlier this fall, I did an interview with Bankrate for a holiday article they were doing called ‘Frugal Gift-Wrapping Secrets from Holiday Pros’.  Although early in the season, I already had some ideas about what my personal wrapping scheme would look like, and shared a bunch of my ideas with them for the article (and can we talk about being called a ‘Holiday Pro’?!).

Using packing paper and butcher paper was one of my suggestions because not only is it easily adaptable, but you get SO much more per roll than you do a fancy wrapping paper.

Here is how I dressed up plain paper to look and feel expensive with a homemade stamp.

I started out with a simple piece of scrap wood from a 2 x 4 that we had lying around and wrapped some twine 16 or so times.  When you’re wrapping the twine, don’t overlap on the face of the stamp or else you won’t get a flat surface.

I used a brush to apply the paint so that I didn’t get too much paint pooling up on the wrapping paper.


I rotated the direction of the stamp, but you could as easily keep it going the same direction for a more striped effect.  I did all of the painting at once on pre-cut pieces of paper that were as long as my table.  I let them dry overnight before wrapping.

I like to mix up fully patterned gifts and solids with strips of pattern going down the center.  I used pieces of greenery and pinecones as gift toppers tied on my rounds of yarn and bakers twine.  The yarn, twine, and natural toppers keep things so frugal that I was able to splurge on some glittery letters for a few of the gifts.

I am very pleased with how the paper turned out and plan to make a bunch more this weekend! These first few gifts are headed out today to Nashville for my sweet little nephews and niece.

Have a FABULOUS Thursday out there!


Hidden Treasures: Antique Reproduction Mirror

Me again, Lacey Anne here for my monthly post to reveal one of my favorite hidden treasures!  Each month I’ll be sharing something special for you!  A cool find, a favorite place for home décor or gifts, some before and after diy projects, and some ramblings about my adventures and addiction to my main source of steals, my main man… Craig!  Or his list, to be exact…

This month I want to share with you a bit of a before and after of my dining room, which has been in production now for roughly two years.  I’m still undecided on a few décor dilemmas, but for now, we’re going to focus on the huge wall to the rear/side of the room that I couldn’t figure out how to tackle.  But, I digress.  This is how the dining room and I began our relationship…


(*Ok, disclaimer:  I am not a lover of red, or beige.  I know there are many-a-rooms living out there with a similar color scheme, and while I’m not completely knocking it… ok I’m knocking it…)

Then we moved on to step two:


Still lacking window treatments… which I made.  But let me warn you, making pinch pleated, lined, linen drapes that are 101” long will quickly turn into a headache, and much wrangling  and cursing of hems.

So while still trying to decide what to do about that huge wall, I came across a post for an antique reproduction mirror for $75 and I could not believe my eye balls.  This guy is over five feet wide and close to four feet tall and it is more than perfect for visually extending the room and reflecting light in a beautiful way.  I was thinking a mirror of this size would run me over $500.  No?  No.


To become a master Craigslister, make sure you’re searching for your item in all the ways someone could possibly think to list it.  In the title, in the body, spelled wrong, or maybe even letters transposed.  Search all items, search your drilled down category, or even search for the color!  I found this one by searching “champagne.”  True story!

I know I promised to post about last month’s iron bed all set up… but I have yet to tackle the guest room any further since I’m only 10 weeks away from the arrival of my sweet baby girl!  And the nursery takes priority of course!

Have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you next month!

Lacey Anne


Too Pretty to Eat

I stumbled upon the work of Dietlind Wolf and am constantly enamored by the amazing beauty of his styling. These Christmas cookies were styled to each represent a package from a different European country. You can guess which collection belongs to which country, or see his full post for all the details.  He created the concept, colors, design, and packaging for all of these fabulous goodies.

Stunning, right?

I have Christmas cooking baking on my agenda for this weekend. I cannot promise to deliver anything like this, though!

Have a MARVELOUS Tuesday!

*photo credits: photography by thomas neckermann via dietlind wolf.


Homemade Woodland Wreath

Last year during Christmas, I put this ‘Peace’ decal on a large mirror in my living room and after the holidays I just never took it off.  I liked the everyday reminder to channel peace into my crazy life.

This year, in keeping with the woodland theme, I thought a pretty wreath would draw attention to the word that was too thought-provoking to remove a year ago.

I had some artificial willow branches and a swag of greenery from my local trader joes which would do the trick.

I made a circle out of the bendy willow branches and secured with floral wire.  One by one, I added cedar pieces to the circular form.  I chose cedar because it is a little drapey and organic in form, which both keeps the wreath from being too traditional and works better with the woodland theme.

I love it.  In fact, several times during the night I just looked at it and thought, “I really like that”. 

Do you do that?  Make something and then when it turns out just like you hoped, you’re smitten?


Have a LOVELY Monday!


Friday Faves 12.9

The last couple days have been a little crazy around these parts, as I’m sure they are with you too!  My usual Friday faves collage didn’t fit into the schedule but I don’t want to leave you hanging completely!

I wanted to give a couple of my favorite things from around the web this week as well as a favorite quote that I like to adhere by since there will be so many holiday parties in the next couple weeks!

This chart on how much to drink at your office party from Cup of Jo.

A beautiful home decorated a little unconventionally by American standards but fabulously beautiful found via Lark+Linen

Something for the ice cream lover on your list.

The cutest little addition to your child’s room to shed some light on their dreams.

Gift guides for everyone on your list from here, here, and here.

We have a double dose of festivity tonight, my department holiday party and then a Christmas house warming party also!  My full company party is tomorrow night, but I’m not going because I need a little bit of sanity in my life! What about you? Are you going to party hardy this weekend?

Have a FABULOUSLY FESTIVE Friday and Weekend!

photo credit: Patterson Maker


Try This at Home: Layered Woodland Garland

As you all know, I’m taking the woodland route in my decorating this year.  I’ve been taking a step by step approach because, if you’re anything like me, your season’s already been too busy to sit down and get all the decorating done at once. 

For this garland, I chose to swag the faux spruce roping in a very traditional way to offset the organic lines of the layered woodland flair. 

 After securing the spruce roping, I layered on some moss covered branches, dried eucalyptus, dipped pinecones, and cute snowflake ornaments.  It really just make me want to break out in song (maybe ‘Good King Wenceslas”?).  Regardless of the song, it definitely brightens my spirits to get home to after a long gloomy day!


 Do you feel it fits in well with the theme?  Have you made any progress on your decor?

Have an UPLIFTING Thursday!


Fresh Finds: Poinsettia and Amaryllis

If the typical potted poinsettia or towering Amaryllis aren’t your thing, or if you’re looking for a little something different this year, this breathtaking floral arrangement by Ariella Chezar is certainly the way to go. She mixed separated pieces of poinsettia with ranunculus, Amaryllis and magnolia leaves for a burst of holiday cheer. ‘Wrapped’ in a square ceramic vase, this fabulous arrangement looks a gift waiting to be opened.

If you have been following House of Earnest for a while, you’ll know that I’m also in floral school on the side (apart from my regular day job and the blogging).  I absolutely love flowers and can’t wait to start sharing my own creations with you all!  This photo was brought to my attention by my grandmother-in-law who lives next door and knows I’ve been working on some of my fresh floral projects for school.  We both thought it was just perfect!


*photo from the December 2011 issue of Better Homes and Gardens

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