Launch your Product Line in Less Than 6 Months!

The step-by-step guide teaching independent designers to create, manufacture, and profit from their product ideas.


99% of designers fail because they JUST DON'T KNOW THE SYSTEM.


The vastness and obscurity of the product development world is holding you back from taking the first step.

Do you dream of designing your own clothing, accessory, or home decor product line? Seeing it make a difference in people’s lives and making a living in the process?

Are you afraid that your big idea will never see the light of day because you can’t find clear, actionable advice?

I am here to break down barriers with you in my #1 online course, Design It, Produce It, Profit.

As you know, my passion lies in helping independent designers like you gain the clarity, knowledge, and tools needed to turn your design ideas in a real, successful product line.

That’s why I’d like to personally invite you to spend eight weeks with me and a small group of like-minded designers to turn your doodles, designs, and product visions into a profitable reality.

I know what you’re going through, because I’ve been there…

Just a few short years ago, I started from scratch.  No brand, no exposure, no sales.  I was working 12 hour days in the corporate world of fashion design giving my ideas to someone else.  I was working for ‘the man’ and wasn’t building anything for myself.  I felt like the amazing ideas and creative visions I had built in 10 years working in fashion, were being squandered and abused by a corporation.

Like you, I had the dream of manufacturing my own designs – seeing them in stores or in peoples’ homes and making my own mark on the world.

I wanted to be able to produce enough that I could sell on a national level, but could still run a business from my home, where I had flexibility, didn’t have limits, and – best of all – could see my OWN name in lights.

And as you know, I’ve made those dreams come true.

Although my background has been largely in fashion, I was passionate about interiors and I NOW design an aspirational and cultivated home decor line which has been featured in Madewell, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, and is sold at boutiques around the country.

I go into my home office every single day and create what I want to create.

Best of all, I am humbled and delighted that my name and my designs make their way into so many homes around the world.

I don’t share this to boast…

I share this because I KNOW how it feels to be in your position – and I can show you EXACTLY how you can do it too.


Glad you asked.  But before I tell you about what the program includes, let me tell you how it came about.

Almost weekly for the past few years I get the same type of email from friends, colleagues, and blog readers.  The emails all said the same thing:

“I’ve always had the dream of taking my designs, and developing my own product line, but I just don’t know where to start.  I know you have your shop with your own designs, how did you do it?  Can we have coffee to discuss?”

And after years of pricey one-on-one coaching, multi-hour coffee dates, and lots of brain-picking sessions, I realized that I wasn’t helping as many people as I could.  Firstly, I just didn’t have the hours in a day to help all of the people that needed this information.  And second, the cost of one-on-one coaching was restrictive.  At $4,000/month for the typical 8 month production timing, brands were spending over $30,000 to get get their idea up and running.

After reviewing the way one-on-one coaching was working, it became clear that I couldn’t keep up with the demand and that the independent designers who needed my help the most, needed an option with a more modest investment.

The solution was clear – to offer a course online where designers could access all of the information I shared to those $30,000 clients, but for much much less. 

I sat down and reviewed the most important components of my one-on-one coaching.  I evaluated the aspects of my 10 years of industry experience that made the most striking change in the success of my clients and I looked for a way to deliver the same mind-blowing results in an attainable and easy-to-follow format.


But, it’s more than just a course, it’s a community.  Our premium membership also includes some amazing perks:

  • One on One coaching call with Erin.
  • Live online Q&A session with a creative lawyer
  • Live online Q&A session with a small business CPA
  • Live online Q&A session with a branding expert
  • Live online Q&A session with a product and brand marketing genius.
  • Community Forum – to ask anything and get feedback from people in your same position.

…and that is all in ADDITION TO the lessons.


A Firm Foundation


The first module is all about laying foundations to achieve lifelong success.  This module has three lessons which go through:

  • Finding a Purpose for your Product
  • How to Narrow Ideas into a Cohesive Collection
  • Why the ‘Riches are in the Niches’
  • The #1 Way to Make a Product That SELLS


Profitability + Budget

You need to make money with your product and formulating a budget for what you intend to sell (and how much to charge) is the only way to ensure mind-blowing revenue! In this module, there are two lessons which go through:

  • The proven method of estimating costs (before manufacturing)
  • How to ensure you’re profitable in your wholesale or retail pricing
  • 3 reasons why you need a budget (and how to make an accurate one)
Line + Brand Building

You’re ready to get your hands dirty and the order you go about building your line is crazy important.  If you start with our templates and clear advice, you’ll build a strong, brand and product assortment.  This module contains two lessons which cover:

  • How to organize your assortment to supercharge your results
  • The top pitfall to avoid at this stage
  • The number one way to establish your timeline (so that you deliver your product on time!)
Designing a Product and a Brand

The meat of the designing happens here, but it’s not just about getting your thoughts on paper.  A huge piece of the pie in this stage is also being able to communicate your designs to whoever will be making your product.  We’ll spend one lesson on design + design communication and another lesson in this module on designing your brand.  We’ll learn:

  • The industry standard template for establishing & communicating your design
  • Why reverse engineering is a brilliant idea for small designers
  • How to leverage your prototype to catapult your sales even early on
Product Development

It’s time to take your design show on the road! We’re going to get your designs in development in these three lessons by learning:

  • 5 ways to find solid manufacturers – locally and internationally
  • How one small timing issue can ruin your whole line
  • Making your product legal to import & sell
Manufacturing + Marketing

While your products are being made is the best time to be pounding the pavement with your sales and marketing efforts.  These three lessons cover:

  • The 10 essential questions you must ask before beginning production
  • The best practices that ensure your prototype matches your end result (and you don’t get scammed)
  • What you should be doing while your product is in production to get ahead of the game

It doesn't stop here... We've got 3 SPECIAL BONUSES created especially for you!

  • #1
    How to Create an Online Shop in 10 Minutes

    This video bonus leads you through the step-by-step action to get a gorgeous online shop set up in under 10 minutes.

    Think it isn’t possible?  Think again.

  • #2
    4 Mind-Blowing LIVE Conference Calls with Industry Experts

    Wish you could ask any question to a creative lawyer?  Or a CPA?  or Branding Expert?  How about a Buyer who seeks out designers to buy for her company?  You will get it all:

    FOUR 2-hour live calls with:

    A Creative Lawyer

    A Small Business CPA

    A Branding Expert

    and… A Retail Buyer

    Hear their advice, ask your questions, and get clear guidance on some of the toughest aspects of being a creative entrepreneur.

  • #3
    Templates Galore!

    Free customizable templates for your shop budget, your collection, and your development tracking.  It is near impossible to just look at a collection and understand exactly what your bottom line is.  Tracking your product budget, development and production are some of the most confusing parts of product creation.

    These templates help give you an at-a-glance understanding of your entire assortment, when it’s arriving, what you’re paying OUT… and what your customers are paying IN.



If you're ever had a big idea for a product or collection, you know it's hard to find the right help. We might just be the help that is perfect for you and your winning design.

THE ENTREPRENEUR You see a void in the retail market and you want to fill it with a physical product, but how? You don't need to have design skills, you just need a solid idea and our training to get it done.

THE MAKER Your craft is your passion and you wish you could fill larger orders for spotlight buyers. How do you take the leap to grow your product line while staying organized, profitable, and without loosing your personal touch? We'll show you how.

THE DESIGNER You have always wanted to have your own line of fashion, home decor, or textiles, but don't know how to get that product that is in your mind, into stores.

THE INVENTOR You've had this one idea for an amazing product burning a hole in your brain for years. You're afraid to put it out there too soon, but don't have the tools to create it yourself. Hone your idea and finally start building your invention today.

DESIGN IT, PRODUCE IT, PROFIT is a detailed step-by-step guidance helping you gain all of the knowledge to start your own product NOW so that you can begin making money from YOUR ideas and living your purpose.



You’re reading this and you know you need help.  You know that what you’re currently doing is not getting you the results you want, you’re either too paralyzed with uncertainly to start, or you can’t make enough product yourself to even fill a decent order.  What if Nordstrom came knocking at your door tomorrow for your design?  Could you fill their order?

This is where I come in. I’ve designed a course to help you START and to help you SCALE.  If you haven’t taken that first step, we can do that together.  If you took the first step, but stopped short and now can’t get orders to sustain your business, we can break through that barrier.  I can get you profits for your ideas and position your business to take off and not only get major accounts, but get major money.

To hire me one-on-one would cost $4000/month and the whole process would take about 6-8 months, so $30,000 to get your line up and running.  This is what big companies pay for consultants, agents, and guidance.

To go at it alone could be worse.  I’ve had a client loose over $65,000 due to the mistake of hiring a bad agents, a shady factory, and not knowing how to navigate some of the bull$%&! of the manufacturing world.

But you’re not a big company, you’re a start-up.  You can’t pay $30,000 and goodness knows you can’t afford to loose $65,000 on a wrong move. That makes me sick to my stomach.

Good news… You don’t have to go at it alone.

One of my recent course grads had this to say:

“We found so much content that we wouldn’t have thought of by ourselves, and would have cost us months and thousands of dollars to figure out. We learned a lot of terminology and how deal with people in the industry when it comes to processes and pricing. For us, ignorance was not bliss! Erin opened our eyes on how in depth the whole product development process was, and laid it out for us in a manner that was easy to digest.” -NitoreApparel


  • 16 Video Tutorials to lead you through every step of the journey, packed into 7 modules that are released gradually throughout the eight-week course.
  • Interactive PDF Worksheets to help you translate the video content into your own actionable steps.
  • A Private Online Support Group to give you encouragement, support, ideas, and to brainstorm with.
  • 2 Live Q&A Sessions for you to ask questions, pick my brain, and hear what your fellow course colleagues are doing.
  • 4 Live Q&A Sessions with everyone from creative lawyers, CPAs, branding experts, and marketing powerhouses.
  • 1 Private One-on-One call or Skype with me to discuss YOUR businesses and break through your roadblocks.


30 DAY money back GUARANTEE

ZERO RISK. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I want to make launching your product idea as easy and awesome as possible. And I stand behind the deep amounts of clarity, information and value that I can add to your experience. Dig in for 30 days and if you aren’t happy with the insight and guidance we can offer, we will refund 100% of your money. We know you will love it, so we feel comfortable offering such a bold 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Some Common Questions:

I only have an idea, nothing else... Should I start now?

You know what they say… “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is today”.

Understanding key foundations and expectations of the product creation world – early on – is ideal.  You’ll experience smoother and quicker growth learning from the ground up.

Do you have a Guarantee?

Yes, we know you’ll find way more value in our course that what you’re investing, but if you’re not happy, we do offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Are there any special tools or tech I need to take the course?

You’ll need some simple things:

  • A computer, tablet, or device to watch the videos and download the worksheets.
  • A WiFi connection
  • A phone or Skype (if you do a live one-on-one coaching call).
  • Adobe Reader for our course worksheets – you can download it for free here.
What about the privacy of my ideas? I don't want someone else to take them and run with them.

Non-disclosure agreements are mandatory for anyone who utilizes our group support or group coaching.  Each person who you share your ideas with is legally bound to not steal or share another students ideas or product. If you can’t also sign a NDA, you won’t be able to enter into the group coaching or group support forum, but can still take the course!


Premium Membership
  • Full Access to all 16 videos
  • 16 Interactive PDF worksheets
  • Bonus Video: How to Set Up an Online Store in 10 Minutes
  • Templates Galore to keep track of your budget, timing, and development process


  • TWO live group coaching calls to help you implement and answer your questions.
  • Group Support in our private online group forum to discuss successes, roadblocks, and bounce ideas off other students.
  • 4 Bonus Calls with Industry Experts including a creative lawyer, a CPA, a branding expert, and a retail buyer



*$1497 one-time investment OR pay in 6 installments of $269/mo



"It is so hard to find someone who actually has a solid background in product development and is also using that background to help others. Erin is insightful, knowledgeable, and realistic. You know you are getting a straight answer which shows she is truly is trying to help you and your business succeed."


Premium Membership
  • Full Access to all 16 videos
  • 16 Interactive PDF worksheets
  • Bonus Video: How to Set Up an Online Store in 10 Minutes
  • Templates Galore to keep track of your budget, timing, and development process


  • TWO live group coaching calls to help you implement and answer your questions.
  • Group Support in our private online group forum to discuss successes, roadblocks, and bounce ideas off other students.
  • 4 Bonus Calls with Industry Experts including a creative lawyer, a CPA, a branding expert, and a retail buyer



*$1497 one-time investment OR pay in 6 installments of $269/mo